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FERIA DE ARTESANÍA ESKUTARTIE (ESKUTARTIE CRAFTS FAIR) + FAMILY PLAN Last day of this fair, which is in its second year and offers the opportunity to discover and admire products made using traditional Basque skills and techniques. The event will be open throughout Holy Week. Place: Paseo del Arenal (Arenal walkway) Time: 11:00 to 14:30 and 17:00 to 21:00. WALKING TOURS + FAMILY PLAN Get to know Bilbao accompanied by professional guides along two representative routes: Casco Viejo (old town) and Ensanche-Abandoibarra. -

Casco Viejo at 10:00. Meeting point at the Bilbao Tourism office located on the ground floor of the Arriaga Theatre. Price: 4.50 €.


Ensanche-Abandoibarra at 12:00. Meeting point at the Bilbao Tourism office located alongside the Guggenheim Museum Bilbao. Price: 4.50 €.

Length: 90 minutes. Languages spoken: Spanish,-English. VISITS TO THE CITY HALL AND IBAIGANE PALACE + FAMILY PLAN Discover the detail of two landmark buildings in Bilbao: the City Hall and the Ibaigane Palace, the official headquarters of Athletic Club. During the visit to the city hall, you will be able to go into spectacular rooms like the Arab Hall or the Plenary Hall. Moreover, visiting the Ibaigane Palace will allow you to wander through a key building in the neo-Basque style. Time: 11:00. Length: Approximately 2 hours

Languages: Basque,-Spanish and-English. Price: 3 € Ticket sales: The Bilbao Tourism office located on the ground floor of the Arriaga Theatre.

VISITS TO THE ARRIAGA THEATRE + FAMILY PLAN Walk behind the scenes of the Arriaga Theatre. This is a unique opportunity to find out about one of the most important buildings in Bilbao from the inside. The inside of this building, considered to be one of the most important places in the country on an artistic level, can only be visited during Holy Week.

Time: 17:00. Length: Approximately 45 minutes Languages: Basque,-Spanish and-English Price: 3 €. Ticket sales: The Bilbao Tourism office located on the ground floor of the Arriaga Theatre. NAVEGANDO BILBAO (SAILING BILBAO) + FAMILY PLAN Get to know the history of Bilbao by travelling along the estuary and discover a splendid view of the city. With Bilboats, you will be able to sail through cutting-edge architecture and landscapes, immerse yourself in the industrial past of the city and get to know the real Bilbao: the facts and events, traditions and landmarks of a city that has grown hand in hand with its estuary. Navegando Bilbao (Sailing Bilbao) Timetable: 13:00 – 16:00 – 17:30 – 19:00. Sailing to the sea Time: 10:30

Tel: 94 642 41 57 and 644 442 055

PANORAMIC VIEW OF THE CITY + FAMILY PLAN One of the best panoramic views of Bilbao can be found on Mount Artxanda, which we can ascend using a historic funicular railway that dates from 1915. From here, we can see all of the architectural landmarks in the city and the winding course of the estuary. It is also an ideal place to enjoy green spaces, play sports or sample traditional dishes.

EXHIBITIONS + FAMILY PLAN “BRANCUSI-SERRA” GUGGENHEIM MUSEUM BILBAO “Brancusi-Serra”, the artistic dialogue between two of the greatest exponents of 20th century sculpture and "The Inverted Mirror: Art from the collections of La Caixa Foundation and MACBA" with funding from two of the most important contemporary art collections in Europe.

"LA MALETA MEXICANA" MUSEO DE BELLAS ARTES DE BILBAO (THE BILBAO MUSEUM OF FINE ARTS) "La maleta Mexicana" (The Mexican suitcase), an unmissable exhibition which, for the first time, is displaying photographs taken by Robert Capa, Gerda Taro and David Seymour “Chim” during the Spanish Civil War. They come from three boxes of negatives, which had been given as lost and reappeared in Mexico City in 1995. ALHÓNDIGABILBAO AlhóndigaBilbao presents the exhibition "Topografías de la Memoria" (Topographies of Memory). This a selection from the funding of the COFF-TORCH Foundation which brings us reference works from some of the most prominent photographers and visual artists who, with

their vision, have laid the conceptual foundations of contemporary photography and videocreation.


Set in a baroque building in the Casco Viejo (old quarter) of Bilbao, the exhibitions in this museum display the historical and cultural evolution of Basque society. As well as the permanent collection, currently on show is the "Wilder Mann" exhibition, a selection of the work of the French photographer, Charles Fréger, which shows carnival personalities in Europe.

MUSEO MARÍTIMO RÍA DE BILBAO (RÍA DE BILBAO MARITIME MUSEUM) Located in the dock area of the old Euskalduna shipyards in Abandoibarra, the Maritime Museum offers the following programme: “BOGA. El desafío con el mar” (Rowing: the duel with the sea) Through interactive videos, this exhibition gives us a tour through the world of rowing from the origins of fishing boat races in their seafaring occupations up to the present day. “Bikondoa, homenaje a Paul Valery” (Bikondoa, a tribute to Paul Valery) The Basque artist Alfredo Bikondoa mixes sculptures, photographs and mixed media inspired by the poem "Le Cimetière Marin" (The Marine Cemetery) by Paul Valery" .

ATHLETIC CLUB MUSEUM Located in the heart of San Mames, the museum provides an insight into the history of our centenary club. The museum also has other exhibitions: “Un siglo de Cromos”. (A century of football cards) This memorable exhibition reviews football cards in our country since 1911. "Lezama". The Lezama facilities, the training ground of the first team and football school for reserve of young players, are the heart of Athletic.


This museum has the best collection of reproductions in Europe. It has copies of the most important sculptures of all time. In Holy Week, the temporary exhibition "Greziar simetría, belleza al desnudo" (Greziar symmetry - the naked beauty) is on show.

MUSEO DIOCESANO DE ARTE SACRO (DIOCESAN MUSEUM OF SACRED ART) About 500 pieces can be seen, ranging from Romanesque to contemporary art, which gives a very complete overview of religious art in the Biscay region.

EDIFICIO ENSANCHE (ENSANCHE BUILDING) The Diocesan Museum of Sacred Art has prepared a photographic exhibition on religious architecture in Biscay over the last sixty years and this will be on show in the atrium of the Ensanche Building during Holy Week. Place: Edificio del Ensanche (Ensanche Building). Time: 11:00 to 14:00 and from 16:00 to 19:30 More information: 94-479.57.60

ARKEOLOGI MUSEOA (MUSEUM OF ARCHAEOLOGY) The museum organises visits to the temporary exhibition "Caminando entre las Bestias" (Walking Among Beasts) and to the reference exhibition of the museum "Raíces de un pueblo: Bizkaia, de la Prehistoria a la Edad Moderna" (Roots of a people: Biscay, from prehistory to the modern age).


This museum contains lustrous paintings and important bronze sculptures inspired by the paintings of the maestro Benedicto.

REKALDE HALL (ADD FAMILY PICTOGRAMS) In this hall the exhibition "Sonidos del Agua" (Sounds of Water) by Rufo Criado is on show, as well as the work of Rose Parma.


WALKING TOURS Discover the detail of two landmark buildings in Bilbao: the City Hall and the Ibaigane Palace, the official headquarters of A...