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Welcome to Sysco Portland’s Business Resources Department Seven years ago Sysco Portland embarked on a journey to help its customers increase efficiencies and profitability by offering classes in four basic areas of a restaurants operation. We began by inviting operators into the Sysco facility to show off new menu ideas and share information to help drive a stronger and more effective business operation. After thousands of customer workshops, Sysco Portland continues to bring value to its operators by offering even more targeted ideas to help the hospitality industry move through challenging economic times. Part of Sysco’s namesake is derived from efficiency design and while Sysco is big, it got that way for a reason, by bringing the products, service, and ideas that the hospitality industry needs. If you are not a current Sysco Customer we’d love to have you come by and meet the team that helps the restaurant industry grow stronger in the Oregon and Washington market. We all have something in common after all and good business partnerships rank at the top of most operators must have lists. Come let us show you why Sysco is more than a warehouse and distribution center. By continuing to listen to your needs, Sysco will work to help the industry prosper and grow. Please join us in what can only be described as the best value added benefit in the industry. Sysco, it’s where good things come from!

Randy Gehrig Manager of Business Resources

Table of Contents The Business Resource Team An introduction to our team members.

Operational Consulting · Food Cost 101 · Menu Analysis

· Employee Systems & Controls · Labor Cost Analysis/Prime Cost · Opening a New Restaurant

Customer Marketing · The Basics in Creating a Marketing Plan · Social Media Marketing

· Community Marketing · Your Brand Identity · iCare Examination

Menu Profitability and Design · · · ·

Menu Engineering - Making your Menu More Profitable The Basics of Publisher or InDesign Ultimate Kids Menu’s Develop a Seasonal Slugger

Culinary Solutions Perhaps the most enjoyed part of the profit workshop is the culinary presentation. The Sysco Chef’s put together customized presentations aimed at helping operators better understand their culinary options. From breakfast to dinner, come explore your potential!

The Business Resource Team Mark Sena

Business Resource Manager/Front of the House Specialist Mark’s foodservice career began over 25 years ago in Boulder, Colorado waiting tables during summer vacation. It was while Mark was working his way through college that he began to hone his knowledge into a formal training program. The front of the house has stuck with Mark as he now works with operators in the hospitality industry on wait staff training and occasionally dives into secret shopper excursions for customers of Sysco. When Mark started with Sysco in 1999, he came armed with the knowledge and skills that would lead him to his current status as a Business Resource Manager. Mark has a keen eye for detail and leaves no stone unturned when helping a customer create a more profitable operation.

Karen Stowell

Business Resource Manager / Graphic Designer Karen has been in the Food Service industry for over 30 years. Karen was a restaurant operator from 1978 to 1996. During that time Karen wore many hats including front & back of the house management and the responsibilities that go with restaurant management. Karen came to work for Sysco Portland in 1996 as a sales rep and was promoted to Brands Manager working to support Sales and Marketing. Karen was again promoted to the position of Business Resource Manager where she works with Food Service Operators to maximize an operations profitability. She does this by working as a secret shopper, helping operators with wait staff training, menu and graphic design, food cost management and marketing. Karen’s passion for the hospitality industry shines through her detailed presentations with her warm and engaging personality.

Becky Fleming

Business Resource Manager / Graphic Designer While attending the University of Oregon, Becky began what is now a 14 year career in the foodservice industry. Upon graduating with a degree in Graphic Design/Marketing, Becky continued to work front of the house and management at numerous restaurants throughout Oregon and the San Francisco Bay Area before relocating to Portland. Becky’s career at Sysco began in 2005 in the customer service department. Shortly thereafter, her great rapport with customers blossomed into an opportunity as a Marketing Associate in Southeast Portland. When the chance to join the Business Resource department arose, Becky knew her knowledge in the industry combined with her degree would benefit many operators. Drawing upon her experience and creativity, Becky relishes assisting Sysco customers with their daily operations, increasing sales, helping with marketing strategies and menu design.

Mark Bernetich Corporate Chef

Chef Mark comes to Sysco with 30 plus years working directly in the food and hospitality industry. Mark has traveled to different parts of the United States and has worked in the Hawaiian Islands, France, Ireland and exotic Fiji to broaden his culinary knowledge in an effort to continue to find ways to combine unique offerings and flavors. Mark has also attended the Catersource Convention, resulting in a better understanding of catering and design. Mark’s job at Sysco includes working as a resource to owners, managers and chefs to help them overcome obstacles that reduce profitability. From menu ideas to menu solutions Chef Mark works to show operators why chef is more than just a four letter word!

Kenny Morgan Corporate Chef

Chef Kenny boasts 21 years in the hospitality industry – honing his skills in Manhattan, Nantucket Island and Scottsdale, Arizona. Kenny’s formal training came at Western Culinary Institute (class of 1994) and most recently, courses at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Bangkok, Thailand. Kenny’s culinary strengths are demonstrated by his dedication to the fundamentals, plus a vast knowledge of all types of cuisines and creative presentations. Chef Kenny helps restaurateurs develop flavorful and satisfying menus, while keeping it simple and consistent.

Operational Consulting Food Cost 101 (Duration 60 min)

Take the mystery out of food cost. Let’s explore the 17+ areas that impact your food cost. From defining your inventory to understanding your food cost equation.

Menu Analysis (Duration 60 min)

Do you know your food cost on each menu item? With some help from you and your marketing associate, we will spreadsheet your menu to help you determine your theoretical food cost.

Employee Systems & Controls (Duration 45 min)

Let us analyze your procedures for hiring, training of new staff, ongoing training of existing staff & employee evaluations. Are you working with the proper tools to maintain a level of excellence in servicing your guests?

Labor Cost Analysis/Prime Cost (Duration 60 min)

Where are your labor dollars going? Do you know what your labor costs should be for all areas of the restaurant? Is your labor in the kitchen too high & why? Is your menu costing you too much in labor? Are you utilizing value-added food items to reduce your kitchen labor? What is prime cost and how to track it on a weekly basis.

Opening a New Restaurant (Duration 60 min)

For customers who have never been in the restaurant business this is an eye opening experience. You will learn what is required of you to have a successful restaurant and a true understanding of the basics of running a restaurant.

Marketing Services Boost sales and drive traffic to your restaurant with marketing and promotional resource partners

Operational Services Optimize operational efficiency, protect your restaurant’s reputation and enhance employee education with operational partners.

Green Services Go green! Help your customers and your restaurant become more environmentally sustainable with green services partners.

Financial Services Get working capital, accept electronic payments from your customers and ensure your business property is protected with financial partners

How Can

Sysco iCare Help Grow Your Business??

Customer Marketing The Basics in Creating a Marketing Plan (Duration 60 min)

Do you know your demographic? What is the best way to target yours and get your name out? Here we will discuss how to implement traditional marketing strategies into your business plan such as direct mail, newspaper, TV or radio.

Social Media Marketing (Duration 60 min)

This session explores the different types of social media within the restaurant industry. We can introduce you to or examine how you are currently using your Website, Facebook, Twitter, Yelp, Foursquare and more. Explore different ways to utilize SMM to increase revenues!

Community Marketing (Duration 45 min) Brainstorm different low cost ways to market within your community. Take advantage of local schools, churches, businesses or community causes to make your business stand out in your area and grow your business.

Your Brand Identity (Duration 45 min)

Do you have a brand? Do your menus, website, décor and marketing materials all speak to who you are? What makes you special? Let’s examine your identity and help you apply it to different avenues of marketing.

iCare Examination (Duration 30 min. each)

Is there an iCare program you wish to learn more about? Website development, online ordering, POS systems, email marketing service, grease trap and oil removal services...the list goes on. Work with your marketing associate to determine what services would be helpful to you and which iCare partners can help. We’ll invite that partner in to present how their program can help grow your success!

Menu Profitability & Design

Menu Engineering – Making Your Menu Profitable (Duration 60 min)

You should look at your menu as real estate containing prime locations, placing key items in ideal locations. Once you have your menu analysis done, you can then start figuring out which items you want to highlight and which you may reconsider keeping on the menu. Keep it fresh, current and profitable. Learn about strategic placement for profitability, techniques and tips on pricing, menu descriptions and menu item placement.

The Basics of Publisher or InDesign (Duration 60 min)

If you have a desire for an overall lesson in either Microsoft Publisher or Adobe InDesign, you don’t want to miss this! Our graphic designers, Karen and Becky, will teach you the basics that will help you navigate around either of the two programs. If you have a laptop with the program on it, that would be most beneficial so we can be hands on, but it is not required. Along with the basics, we will go over the general rules of design when creating your menu.

Ultimate Kids Menus (Duration 45 min)

Are you a Kid’s Favorite? It’s a proven fact that parents decision on where to eat is driven by where they are most comfortable bringing their children. Do you have a healthy and desirable Kid’s Menu? Combine this with the kid’s culinary segment and you’ll leave with the knowledge to become the place kids beg their parents to frequent! We can even send you home with a kids menu template so you can make your own using Microsoft Publisher.

Develop a Seasonal Slugger (Duration 45 min)

Need help with a mother’s day menu? Or an appealing valentine’s menu? Combine this workshop with the “Creative Fresh Sheet” culinary segment and you’ll leave with great culinary ideas and an attractive, professionally designed marketing tool that you can edit in Microsoft Publisher.


Sysco Portland Our Local

Tom and Panos Lampros became partners in Portland Supply Co., distributing a limited line of grocery related products to Greek restaurants. Their work was conducted from a little cubible of space on NW Couch Street, using a covered flatbed delivery truck and two hand trucks.

Company History



Portland Supply Co. moved into 10,000 square feet on NW Glisan and began to purchase on a direct basis. A new Ford truck was purchased and operated by one driver and an assistant, who began to deliver to many non-Greek customers.

Portland Supply Co. changed its name to Portland Wholesale Grocery Co. and moved into a 25,000 square feet facility on NW Quimby. There were now four trucks and $3000 was a big business day.

1974 Portland Wholesale was acquired by Internationl Foodservice Corp. and expanded into meat, seafood and poultry. Sales were approximately $14 million. About that time came the purchase of the company’s first tractor/trailer.

1975 The Company purchased IQF Foods and worked it’s way into the healthcare market and local school lunch programs.

The Company merged with Valley Wholesale and aggressively entered the Southern Oregon market.


1979 Portland Wholesale Grocery Co. and Portland Frozen Foods merged. The Company occupied 200,000 square feet of the Heleco Distribution Center and annual sales were approximately $45 million.

The Company merged with CFS Continental and became Continental-Portland.

Sysco Food Services of Portland, Inc. moved to its present facility in Wilsonville, Oregon. A new 268,902 square foot distribution center, with annual sales totaling $240 million.



1991 Expansion of the facility means improvement in sustainability programs including recycling, water use and other resources. More room is created for proper handling of local fruits and vegetables, as well as the most reliable fresh seafood program offering incredible variety all year round.

The company merged with Garden Products Company and, with the addition of produce, truly became a full service distributor.



1998 -2000

The Company moved into a modern, fully racked 60,000 square foot facility on SE 26th (off of Powell). Expansion into frozen foods followed soon after.

Continental Portland, along with 18 other CFS Continental branches, was acquired by Sysco Corporation, the largest food service distribution and marketing company in the world.


Sysco Portland is looking forward to 25 years in the Sysco Family – and 88 years serving restaurants and dining facilities throughout Oregon and SW Washington!


2008 Now known simply as Sysco Portland, the company has developed its local partnerships to include naturally raised protein and other quality assured products. More than 50% of stocked products are purchased within the Pacific NW region.

The facility in Wilsonville completes its 2nd expansion to keep up with the growth of our Oregon and SW Washington customers, and continues to further the leadership in sustainable practices. The expansion provides increased energy efficiency, improved product handling and more service reliability to our customers in supporting the sources of great, local goods.

2011 Sysco Portland adds HotSchedules to its complete line of iCare customer services and enhancements. The HotSchedules program offers street customers outstanding labor and cost controls, as well as a mobile application to increase communication between restaurant staff and management.

We are passionate about Fresh, Local and Sustainable Agriculture... Sysco Portland has supported the local farming community for years. Bringing you local fresh produce from many farms and growers, including: Howard Calcagno Farms: beets, collards, herbs, kale, leeks, lettuce, spinach, chard, cilantro

Casale Farms: Cucumbers Dickey Farms: cabbage, cherries, cucumbers, eggplant, green beans, onions, peppers, spinach, summer squash, tomatoes, zucchini

Hilltop Produce: parsnips, red and green cabbage Tualatin Valley Potatoes: all sizes of red potatoes Easterday Farms: red onions Rossi Farms: assorted squash Oregon Fresh Farms: carrots Borton Fruit: apples, pears


Walla Walla Gardeners Association: onions C & S Farms: turnips Inaba Farms: cabbage, corn, cucumbers, green beans, onions, peas, peppers, summer squash, tomatoes, winter squash, watermelon

Holbrook Farms: sweet corn Yamhilll: mushrooms Siri Farms: beets, chives, herbs, lettuce, onions, radishes, spinach, turnips, carrots Cal Farms: beets, bok choy, cabbage, cauliflower, chard, collards, herbs, kale, lettuce, mustard, onions, spinach, squash, radish

Cereghino Farms: onions, radishes Liepold Farms: strawberries

Culinary Workshops Appetizers, Starters, Small Plates & Tapas (Duration 60 min) Are you tired of the same old appetizers? During this segment we will put a contemporary spin on traditional appetizers and create various types of hors d’oeuvres suitable for your concept.

Deep Fried Appetizers (Duration 45 min)

Looking for the not-so-calorie conscious appetizer for your platters, how about for that big sports game or appetizer night? We can help you explore the deep fried world with a variety of profit making fried appetizer ideas.

Salads, Salads, Salads… (Duration 60 min)

One of the fastest growing segments is entree salads. Don’t overlook the profitability of this segment. We have solutions to help create signature salads using the latest salad blends, fresh toppings, garnishes and dressings.

Soups with a Spin (Duration 45 min)

We have a selection of fresh and frozen soups like no other. Let us help you take those soups to another level and build your soup sales with a signature line of soups you can call your own.

Say Cheese (Duration 60 min)

Domestic to imports, our Chefs will help you examine the uses of different cheeses throughout your menu. Whether it’s mac & cheese or the ultimate grilled cheese sandwich, let’s discuss different ideas to suit your needs. From France to Oregon, Spain to England, learn what cheese can do for your business.

Vegetable Sides (Duration 45 min)

Learn what there is to know about vegetables: fresh, frozen and value-added versus preparing your own. Our chefs will prepare a variety of samples for you to try, making it easy to determine what vegetables are right to accompany you meals.

Tasty Side Dishes (Duration 45 min)

It’s not all about mashed potatoes, baked potatoes and rice. Side dishes are as important as your center of the plate. We’ll show you how to create unique, signature side dishes that will have you customer coming back for more!

Culinary Workshops Burgers & Buddies (Duration 60 min)

The biggest and most popular trend we have today, the burger! Sit back as we explore different burgers, condiments and sides to complete the meal. You will be introduced to different styles of burger patties, as well as unique sides. We will work with you to develop that perfect burger and side for your menu.


(Duration 60 min)

Let us help you with one of today’s hottest trends. From quick grab & go to out of the box, we’ll show you creative & profitable ideas for your sandwich selection!

Fish & Chips (Duration 60 min)

Here is an old pub favorite that is popular in all styles of restaurant and eateries. From recipe ready to fully prepared, we explore endless possibilities starting with our seafood line-ups. Together we’ll discover the perfect “chip” for your operation or create a custom tartar sauce recipe.

Protein 101 (Duration 90 min)

Would you like to learn the basics of a certain protein? Do you need a refresher course in cutting your own steaks? Pick one of the segments below and our Chefs will teach the basics. - Portioned Steaks vs. Sub Primal - Shellfish / Seafood - Pork: Different Cuts & Cooking Methods - Cost Effective Center of the Plate: lesser known and less expensive types of protein

Bar-B-Que and Sides (Duration 60 min)

Have you been thinking about incorporating barbecued meats with side dishes onto your menu? You don’t need an expensive smoker to offer some very good options to you customers. We will also prepare semi-home made and scratch side dishes to help you customize your “Q”.

Culinary Workshops A Quick Bite at the Turn (Duration 60 min) This vital part of the golf course is an opportunity for the operator to capture quick sales on the go. We will present and prepare products that will satisfy your golfers and capture extra revenue with little effort. From clubhouse classics to new twists on the traditional, this review will focus on making your club house a must “stop” location for every golfer.

Pub & Grub (Duration 60 min) Pub favorites, with a twist! We will look at the latest trends of pairing your pub’s favorite dishes with your favorite pints!

Pizza Pizza (Duration 90 min)

We will start from the ground up and put together a wide scope of different crusts, sauces, toppings, and of course, cheeses. Our Chefs will show you unique pizza ideas including the money makers!

Pasta = Profit (Duration 60 min)

This is one of the most profitable areas on your menu. Pasta can be extremely popular with the right ingredients. We take your style of operation and combine it with varieties of pastas to build a signature dish that drives profit.

Create Your Own (Duration 60 min)

Are you having culinary challenges that we haven’t listed? Would you like to cut a specific product? Sit down with your marketing associate and customize a culinary experience to address your concerns.

Creative Fresh Sheet (Duration 60 min)

Are you having a hard time coming up with featured items? Let our culinary team share new unique ideas. We’ll take into account your concept, menu, previous challenges and successes, to come up with your own program to increase profitability and demographic.

Special Occasion Menu (Duration 60 min)

Struggling to think of new ideas for those special days? Our culinary team will help design a menu for that special occasion: St Patrick’s Day, Valentine’s Day, Birthday’s Thanksgiving, Christmas, Mother’s and Father’s Day!

Desserts (Duration 45 min)

The finishing touch to any menu is dessert. If you are looking to finish off that fantastic menu, our team can help you through the experience of testing, plating and tasting the many varieties of desserts available. Let us help you create a signature dessert. Have you ever thought of making your own ice cream, even though you don’t have an ice cream maker? Our chefs can show you how. We explore ideas to help boost your dessert sales and make the dining experience unforgettable.

Culinary Workshops Breakfast Diner (Duration 60 min)

Steer away from the traditional 2 egg breakfast. Explore a twist on Eggs Benedict, pancakes, toast, hashes and other exciting dishes. See new ethnic inspired dishes that will have your patrons coming back time & time again.

Vegetarian not just for Vegetarians (Duration 60 min)

Vegetarians have influence when it comes to dining. Let our Chefs help you go from a basic veggie burger or meatless salad to vegetarian meals that even meat lovers will embrace. Vegetarian dining has captured trendy dishes and flavors that have forced Chefs to “reinvent the wheel�. We will help you produce innovative and cutting edge dishes utilizing fresh, local and seasonal vegetables, starches, legumes and grains.

Gluten Free Cookery (Duration 45 min)

Approximately one percent of the population is affected by Celiac Disease. This disorder is triggered in people of all ages by the consumption of gluten proteins which is found in wheat, barley and rye. Here is your opportunity to work with our chefs to create some exciting menu items that cater to those vulnerable to Celiac Disease and your regular clientele alike.

Creative Catering (Duration 60 min)

Have you ever wanted to expand your business to include catering but you don’t know where to start? Or are you an existing caterer who wants to see what’s new? Let our chef’s show you the exciting and new ideas in the world of catering. We will walk you through products, evaluate pricing structure and discuss new display ideas. Both of our Chefs have attended the Catersource Convention and have lots to share!

Culinary Workshops

Kids Menu (Duration 60 min)

One of our industry’s top-10 trends this year is healthier choices on Kid’s menus. Industry experts are recommending that restaurants take a closer look at healthier options designed specifically for kids. Our team will help you build a fun and interactive kids menu that will ultimately have the kids deciding where the family will have their favorite meal. Pair this up with our “Ultimate Kid’s Menu” workshop and you’ll leave with your very own healthy, exciting kids menu!

Plate Presentation / Flavor Combinations (Duration 45 min)

Presentation is as important as taste. Learn the techniques of contemporary plate presentations and flavor combinations. Our Chefs will work to refresh your current menu or come up with some creative menu items that fit your concept.

Classic American Comfort Food (Duration 60 min)

With the roller coaster economy the Pacific Northwest has seen these past years, people are tending to opt out of the funky fusion menus and going back to the classics. Let us take you on a trip back to the future of Mom’s home cooking. We will dust off the old recipes and put a fresh, new twist on them. Classics like meatloaf, mac & cheese, pot roast, chicken fried steak, roasted chicken and mashed potatoes are all making their way back to our menus.

Nueva Cocina Mexicana (Duration 60 min)

Explore modern, but deeply rooted in tradition, Mexican cookery. We move away from chimichangas and burritos to venture into a world of exotic traditional flavors and cooking methods. As well as new and contemporary plating styles.

Flavors of Asian Cuisine (Duration 60 min)

From the Hawaiian Islands to Thailand and everything “Asian” in-between, we will explore the trends and traditions of Asian flavors. Whether it be from scratch or a pre-made option, we will show you what is available and give you tips on how to entice the exotic Asian demand.

Modern Mediterranean (Duration 60 min)

Experience our version of the healthy flavors from around the Mediterranean. From appetizers, to main courses and desserts you’re sure to find something you can add to your menu or special sheet.

Seafood from the Hawaiian Islands to the Pacific Northwest and Beyond (Duration 60 min)

Our chefs will share new and exciting ways to prepare exotic fish from the Hawaiian Islands via our specialty seafood purveyor Honolulu Seafood Company. Learn about Opah, Mong Chong and Hebi to name a few. We can also show off new twists on the wonderful bounty of the Pacific Northwest, from our comprehensive fish monger Northern Seafood.

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SERV Catalog  

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