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Changing consumer preferences are a constant reality in the food service business, and the beverage category is no exception. Stay ahead of the curve with Sysco and our wide range of top-quality cold beverage offerings! consumer beverage trends. Consumers are becoming increasingly choosy when it comes to beverages, seeking increased variety and innovation. Novel flavors and seasonal offerings are becoming expected. Use this as an opportunity for menu differentiation and watch your profits grow!




Benefits of Growing Your Beverage Offerings


The World’s Most Expensive Beverage Iced water vs. iced tea




Flavor your Drinks with Profits! Flavored syrups


When Life Hands You Lemons... Flavored lemonade


Pretty as a Pitcher Selling drinks by the pitcher


Chilling Out Iced and frozen coffee drinks


Smooth Moves Smoothies


Offering Beverage Versatility & Newness! Fruit purées


Sunkist® Fruit Ultimates™ Winning Recipe: Superfruit Shrimp with Rice Noodle Salad and Tropical Vinaigrette


Get Your Veggies by the Glassful! Fruit and vegetable juice blends


Naked Nutrition Premium juices


Return of the Cocktail


Class Without the Glass Plasticware


Bloody Mary Mania


Dishing on Sustainability Glass racks


Get a Handle on It! Glassware handling



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There was a time when cold beverages were the most boring section of a food service menu: iced coffee, iced tea and soft drinks. What you got at one operation was almost exactly the same as another. Those days are long gone. Now, differentiation in iced coffees, iced teas, juices and smoothies has become a potent competitive tool to drive profit. At Sysco, we know how important quality and integrity are to any operation. That’s why we created this product catalog… we want to provide our operators with a beverage-specific guide to help you start up, or build business in this expanding and highly profitable category. We’ll demonstrate the Sysco advantage through identifying trends, suggesting selling techniques, providing helpful hints, and by showing you our vast variety of fine products from the most recognizable and reputable brands. You’ll see that Sysco is committed to providing the best beverage options for your needs.


Benefits of Growing Your Beverage Offerings > drink up the profits! Beverages provide high profit margins relative to product cost st and are easy adjustments to any menu, making them ideal forr at limited-time offers (LTOs) featuring new or seasonal flavors that build excitement. Clearly, it it’ss worthwhil worthwhile for any operator tto o cconsider onsider w ays tto o ssip ip ffrom rom tthe he w ell of beverage innovation. ways well

> tips to build the beverage bottom line 1. In today’s economy, customers are looking for value as a key to the beverage decision. Good, better, best size options encourage higher spending as larger sizes offer the “best deal.” Bundling beverages into combo meals can lead to add-on sales by creating an attractive value proposition. Frequent buyer promotions – such as “buy 10, get one free” cards stimulate return business and repeat sales.

2. Structure your drink menu as you do the food menu by prominently featuring high margin beverages with eye-catching pictures and graphics. Colorful table tents and attractive beverage menus, left tableside, offer subliminal suggestions to try something new and interesting.

3. Variety and differentiation are as important on the beverage menu as anywhere else. Today’s consumers like to see options. Signature beverages that can’t be acquired elsewhere are especially appealing and more likely to impact repeat restaurant traffic.

4. Seasonal offerings and LTOs can generate strong interest, particularly among women and 4

younger customers. Take advantage of shifting beverage preferences by offering LTOs based

on flavors and ingredients that have special appeal at certain times of the year – local-harvest fruits in the summertime, pumpkin in the fall, or gingerbread over the holiday season.

5. Customization options play a strong role in a patron’s beverage decision. Consider offering add-ins (such as toppings, spices, syrups, flavor shots and enhancement boosts) as menu options for beverages of all types, or as a feature of a self-service coffee area.

6. Convenience and portability can be just as important as the beverages themselves. Among the many “to go” options to offer your customers, one that’s being seen more and more are multi-portion containers. Great for AM coffee and PM iced tea service, this up-sized option is easily positioned as an ideal accompaniment to carry-out orders.

7. Snack, meal or meal accompaniment? Understanding how consumers view various beverages can help you target and market your beverage menu mix. Consumers associate water and iced tea as “refreshing” and the best options to accompany a meal. Premium juice offerings and fresh-fruit smoothies are seen as healthy snack options or light meal replacements. ssociated with milkshakes, “Fun” and “a treat” are associated ecialty coffee beverages, frozen slushies and specialty ption ns. particularly when they include customization o options.

8. Server suggestions are re the best marketing haave a substantial you can get; they can have orderss by by influence on beverage orders ry som meth hin ng encouraging diners to try something ff tto o kknow now new. Train your waitstaff est with with which beverages pair best ow to to certain dishes, as well ass h how sed o n provide suggestions based on the personal preferencess o off your clientele.

Top 10 Growing Beverag

(based on incremental servi es ngs) 1. Iced tea 2. Tap water 3. Iced / frozen coffee 4. Smoothies 5. Bottled water / seltzer 6. Frozen / slushy soft d rinks 7. Lemona de 8. Otther non-carbonated 9. Energy / sports drinks drinks 10. Hot chocolate

Source: N P D Crest

9. Small is BIG. On indulgent beverages, such as milkshakes, offer a mini portion to keep the caloric load at a more appealing level and create a sense of value with a budget-friendly price that matches the portion size.


The World’s Most Expensive Beverage > consumers ordering more tap water An alarming trend in restaurants today is that consumers have been ordering more tap water. NPD Crest tracked beverage servings recently and reported that tap water servings were up 2% while tea was nearly flat, coffee was down 2%, and carbonated soft drinks were down 5%. For food service operators, ice water is the most expensive beverage a customer can order – it’s pure cost (clean glass, ice, lemon, water) with no revenue! While water servings were growing 2%, total restaurant traffic was flat. This means consumers are trading out of revenue-generating drinks for the giveaway! Why this switch? The two main drivers are economy and health. Economy is clear – ordering water reduces check average. For consumers who are weary of cutting back from the recession, limiting “extras” like beverages or desserts is a way to enjoy eating out while still being thrifty. But even before the recession, beverages like carbonated soft drinks were seeing declines – and drinking water is a healthy choice consumers embrace. move from pure-cost to the most profitable beverage If a glass of ice water is pure cost to the operator, iced tea is almost pure profit. At pennies a serving, iced tea is the most profitable item a restaurant can sell. So, how do we shift patrons away from thee ng, freebie and towards profit–generating iced tea? Through training, increased awareness and targeted promotion. waitstaff training is the key g,” “The best way to combat this trading down is waitstaff training, says Smucker Region Manager Robert Fisher. He offers a few suggestive sell variations: > Set glasses at tables and have hostesses carry a pitcher of tea – not water – to the table as they seat a party > Train servers to replace “Can I get you something to drink?” with “Can I get you a glass of iced tea today?”


Smart operators are recognizing that beverage orders aren’t a given in today’s economy, so they’re suggesting tea before patrons default to water. Not everyone will take the suggestion – but many will. They’ll enjoy how tea complements their meal and operators will enjoy enhanced profits from beverage sales.

Tea: merchandising for awareness! Server buttons ask the question when your employee doesn't!

Drive sales and encourage impulse purchases with House Recipe® branded merchandising pieces. From counter cards to danglers, window clings and waitress buttons, Sysco has the merchandising tools you need to boost awareness and your iced tea sales along with it. Consider including a glass of iced tea with the purchase of a lunch special to increase the perceived value of a featured item. Offer half-priced tea with a meal during off-hours, after the lunch-time peak is over. Waitstaff incentives can also drive profitable beverage sales. Offering gift cards, or free meals, as a reward for top performers can generate big dollars for your bottom line with a minimal output for compensation. Posting results in a common area promotes healthy competition among the staff and keeps the incentive front of mind as employees start their shift.


Why Is My Iced Tea Cloudy? Here are a few tips to help you troubleshoot your tea:

water conditions: Check your water filter and replace it if needed.

bacteria: Bacteria can build up in the spray head and faucet on the dispenser so be sure to clean your equipment regularly!

temperature: Allowing tea to cool down quickly or remain sitting for a long time will cause tea to cloud over time. Do not store tea for longer than 8 hours.

tea blend: Be sure to use a tea that is blended specifically as an iced tea. Using a hot tea blend to brew iced tea will cause it to cloud.

Make sweet tea using a fresh tea brewer Thanks to increasing availability beyond the Southern states where it originated, sweet tea is enjoying exponential growth in popularity. Here’s a simple recipe to add this beloved beverage to your menu: Start with the base recipe of ½ cup sugar for every gallon of brewed tea. On a 3-gallon brew, before hitting the brew button, pour 12 cups of pure cane sugar into the dispenser. The sugar will start to dissolve when combined with the hot tea extraction. Stir when the brew cycle has finished. For sweeter palates, try adding 1 cup of sugar for every gallon of brewed tea. For extra flavor – add a splash of lemon, lime or orange juice to the finished brew. Top off with a lemon or orange zest and a sprig of mint!


BIB Tea advantages of bag-in-box tea Sysco offers a variety of iced tea options for your operation, including fresh brewed and bag-in-box (BIB) iced tea concentrate. Each greattasting option can complement your operation, but BIB tea has specific advantages for your consideration. The quality of fresh brewed tea can’t be beat when it’s executed properly, but BIB tea offers quality and consistency without the TLC involved with brewed tea. BIB tea is an excellent alternative for fluctuating demand. You won’t be caught short during rush times, or throw out tea after it’s been sitting too long. BIB tea is ideal when beverages are available 24-7, without the worry of being staffed to re-brew and monitor for quality.

> > > > > > >

Ideal for both high and low volume 35-day shelf life once in the dispenser Consistent quality with every serving Higher price per finished ounce than fresh brewed, but with no waste Operationally efficient, closed system Equipment requires weekly cleaning only Ideal for LTOs or to complement an existing fresh brewed tea program

Coming Soon! New House Recipe BIB teas in green tea with lemon and half and half lemonade tea!


Flavor your Drinks with Profits! According to the industry experts at Technomics, the top food and beverage trend will be centered around “familiar favorites with a twist.” This general theme promotes a simple and cost effective method to maximize beverage profits – by offering flavor options with your best-selling drinks.

reducing calories, increasing profits Today’s diners are looking for healthier, lower calorie choices. Skinny cocktails and zero or reduced calorie alternatives to soda are popular with calorie-conscious consumers. Monin has flavoring options available in HFCS-free, sugar-free, gluten-free and even organic varieties to meet the growing demand for “better for you” beverages.

more beverage sales at higher margins = maximum profitability Promoting a “Flavor of the Month” or a signature drink with colorful, attractive counter cards and promotional posters is a simple yet effective way of increasing specialty drinkk sales – and at higher margins. Monin offers merchandising kits that are customizable online. Visit for more information. So, while ordering a flavored iced tea or an exotic cocktail may be perceived as a fun le indulgence to the consumer, flavored beverages are easy to create and highly profitable for the restaurant operator.

Consider this: The average cost of adding a drink flavoring is about 15 cents per serving. An upcharge of $1.00 boosts profit by 85 cents per drink!

+ = Unsweetned Iced Tea ($1.49) + flavor charge ($1.00) = $2.49

Mintel Menu Insights reports a 38% increase in flavored lemonades and a 19% increase in flavored iced teas on restaurant menus. The National Restaurant Association’s annual Chef’s Survey lists Specialty Tea and Gourmet Lemonade among the top trends for non-alcoholic beverages in 2012. 11

When Life Hands You Lemons... From roadside stands manned by adventurous kids to signature syrup blends served at upscale restaurants, lemonade is one of summer’s favorite drinks.

serve it with a twist! Customers seeking healthier, natural beverage options will appreciate a change from the norm with gourmet lemonade selections. The same syrup flavors popular in enhanced iced teas can also be used to create luscious lemonades, keeping the operators’ inventory investment to a minimum. > Try adding fruit purées with fresh fruit garnishes for a top quality presentation > Consider adding greenery to capitalize on the growing trend of infusing herbs Here are a few tried-and-true flavored lemonade recipes from Monin:

strawberry basil lemonade Ice Monin Strawberry Fruit Purée Basil Lemonade

1 oz 3 leaves 7 oz

Combine ingredients in a shaker. Shake vigorously. Pour into a serving glass and garnish with a strawberry. Serve in a 16-ounce glass.

habenero lime lemonade Ice Monin Habanero Lime Syrup Lemonade

½ oz 6 oz

Fill glass with ice. Add Monin syrup and lemonade. Stir well to mix and serve in a 12-ounce glass garnished with a slice of lemon or lime.

Remember: When life hands you lemons, don’t just make lemonade… add some gourmet flavors and increase your profit! 12

Pretty as a Pitcher Serving drinks by the pitcher is a great option for both you and your customers! The bigger portion makes for a fun presentation and is usually served at a lower per-glass price, making it a great value option for families and larger parties. And with the myriad of operational and profit efficiencies, it’s clear that selling beverages by the pitcher is a win-win decision!

here are just a few of the selling points of serving by the pitcher: > Increase beverage sales by selling a pitcher full for the table > Decrease waitstaff labor from having to refill glasses > Customers who lean towards ordering water might partake of a community pitcher > Use pitchers to feature specialty drinks, such as flavored iced teas or lemonades, which wouldn’t normally get a free refill when ordered by the glass > Add additional perceived value by merchandising the pitcher with fresh fruit or other garnishes Plastic pitchers are likely already on hand for your ice water and iced tea service, so there’s little additional investment needed to incorporate pitcher sales into your beverage menu. If your pitchers are worn and scratched, you’ll want to replace them before setting them in front of a guest for the duration of a meal. And when pitcher sales grow to the point of needing additional supplies, remember Sysco has high-quality, durable polycarbonate pitchers to fill your beverage demands!

blackberry sangria tea by the pitcher Combine sangria with fresh brewed iced tea for a highly refreshing adult beverage! For a non-alcoholic version: Ice 7 oz Monin Blackberry Sangria Mix 57 oz Fresh brewed iced tea Combine ingredients in a 64-ounce pitcher and stir well to mix. Garnish with mixed berries, fruit, citrus wedges or cinnamon.

Chilling Out Iced and frozen coffee beverages are among the top three fastest growing beverage categories because of their broad appeal at all times of the day, but especially during breakfast and afternoon snacking. Consider this: > Nearly 60% of iced coffees are consumed during breakfast > The majority of iced coffee drinkers prefer iced coffee to hot coffee, even during winter > Iced coffee is attractive even to patrons who are non-coffee drinkers > A popular choice among 18- to 34-year-old guests Sysco’s Citavo brand iced coffees can help you benefit from this growth in popularity. Premixed and ready to pour, Citavo Iced Coffees have multiple benefits including decreased labor (no prep work), consistent product (no training) and minimal investment (no equipment required).

operators will make an average profit of 58% per cup with Citavo Iced Coffee. FINE


Made with real dairy ingredients, Citavo Iced Coffees have a smooth, creamy taste that is preferred by customers. Offered in the three most popular coffee flavors mocha, caramel and vanilla, Citavo pour-over iced coffees satisfy all consumer tastes and will drive traffic to your business, increasing check averages across the board. Here are some quick recipes that are great for marketing iced coffee drinks as multi-functional products:

traditional – Iced Vanilla Latte: Simply fill a glass with ice, fill to the brim with Citavo Vanilla Iced Coffee and top with extra creamy aerosol whipped topping and dark chocolate shavings.

trendy – Salted Caramel Iced Latte: Fill a cup with ice and add Citavo Caramel Iced Coffee topped with caramel aerosol whipped topping and sea salt.

unexpected – Mocha Barista Sundae: Give your everyday sundae a sophisticated barista makeover by drizzling Citavo Mocha Iced Coffee on top and finishing with French vanilla aerosol whipped topping.

adult – Siberian Espresso: Add some variety to your alcoholic beverage 14

by adding vodka and Kahlua to Citavo Vanilla Iced Coffee. Fill with ice, shake for 10 seconds, and pour into a martini glass.

Frozen Coffee Drinks Frozen, blended coffee drinks are a big part of the ever growing “coffee culture.” Espresso-based, smoothie-type coffee drinks such as lattes and mochas have seen the greatest growth over the past few years. Coffee shops as well as smoothie operators look to compete with offerings available at large franchises and fast food restaurants. Barista Fria’s Caffe Latte, Caramel Latte, Mocha flavors and vanilla ice cream base are the answer, making it easy to expand beverage offerings to meet the needs of the growing specialty coffee market. Simply mix Barista Fria products with ice and blend for a high quality, superior tasting frozen latte – easy to use and highly profitable. Barista Fria offers superior products as well as state of the art equipment and effective, eye-catching point of sale to generate immediate success. Contact your Marketing Associate for more information.


Smooth Moves Smoothie popularity is on the rise. From a quick cold beverage to a healthy meal replacement or a substantial snack, smoothies make a versatile and delicious beverage offering. As healthy food trends continue to grow, so do desires for healthier alternatives in the beverage category. That is why specialty beverages, like smoothies, can be the key to increasing profits.

smoothies are now found on almost ten percent of beverage menus Sysco can help you add smoothies to your menu in an easy and affordable way with shelf stable Sahara Burst Fruit Mixers and frozen Sahara Burst Cocktail Mixers. Both options feature a high fruit content for “made from scratch” quality blended drinks. All you need is a blender and we do the rest. Simply pour the all-natural, real fruit goodness of Sahara Burst Mixers into a blender with ice to create a delicious, nondairy smoothie in just a few seconds! Sahara Burst Fruit Mixers are shelf stable, ideal for catering or remote service where refrigeration is at a premium. Sahara Burst Cocktail Mixers are frozen, packed in gable-top cartons for maximum flexibility on the amount of product thawed or opened at any one time. We encourage operators to create signature creations with our mixes… there are endless combinations. We have six ready-made flavors including Strawberry, Raspberry, Lemon Ice, Mango, Peach and Banana. Below are directions for creating some of our favorite blends:


california sunset

peach banana

Sahara Burst Fruit Mixer, Strawberry Orange Juice pple Juice Pineapple Ice

Sahara Burst Fruit Mixer, peach Sahara Burst Fruit Mixer, banana Ice

3 oz 1 ¼ oz 1 ¼ oz 7 oz

3 oz 2 oz 7 oz

> take a trip to paradise! Frozen Blended Cocktails follow in the footsteps of frozen iced coffees and blended fruit smoothies. From the frosty curves of a hurricane glass to the miniature umbrella and luscious fruit garnish, pina coladas and frozen margaritas encourage the notion of an exotic vacation in a glass. Sahara Burst Frozen Cocktail Mixers offer the same pour-and-blend convenience as our Fruit Mixers. Both can be used in eye-catching granita machines, blended to perfection or simply poured over ice. From frozen, premium flavor Sahara Burst Cocktail Mixers to shelf-stable Sahara Burst Fruit Mixers, Sysco has your margarita and pina colada needs covered.

build your smoothie business The Sahara Burst program can help you create a signature frozen drink menu with our recipe booklet full of popular, great-tasting cocktails. We also offer a set of merchandising materials that will help you drive beverage sales and profits. Ask your Marketing Associate for information on how to access these helpful tools.

Sahara Burst recipe basics: non-alcoholic granitas Mix 2 cartons of water with 1 carton of Sahara Burst Frozen Cocktail Mixer and pour into a Granita freezer/dispenser.

cocktails Sahara Burst Frozen Cocktail Mixer 4 oz Ice 7 oz Alcohol 1-1/2 oz

smoothies or frozen cocktails Sahara Burst Frozen Cocktail Mixer Frozen Yogurt Ice Alcohol (optional)

5 oz 2 oz 8 oz 1-1/2 oz

Offering Beverage Versatility & Newness! Offering specialty fruit beverages like smoothies, sparkling fruit juices, hand-shaken tea and juice blends, frozen juice slushies and signature fruit milkshakes will add incremental sales and profits to your bottom line, but not necessarily to your inventory. There’s no need to add complexity to your operation by stocking lots of different ingredients. Simply add Sunkist® Fruit Ultimates™ to your pantry and you’ll have just what you need to make new and exciting beverages.

fruitful and healthful Sunkist Fruit Ultimates are a unique blend of fruit juices and purées that can be used by simply mixing with water for a delicious juice beverage. But that’s just the beginning. They can also be mixed, blended, shaken and stirred to create the wide variety of beverages that consumers expect. From smoothies and shakes to sparkling beverages and even sauces and marinades, Sunkist Fruit Ultimates come in these three fruitful flavors:

Superfruit Blend – An antioxidant-rich blend of juices and purées including pomegranate, blueberry, açai, maqui berry and more.

Tropical Blend – The perfect balance of tropical treasures like mango, pineapple and passion fruit.

Strawberry Blend – A strawberry purée featuring natural fruit juices with a boost of added B-complex vitamins. Sunkist Fruit Ultimates are the ultimate answer for your beverage menu. Variety, versatility and simplicity – all packed in 32-ounce frozen cartons with a convenient re-closeable cap for easy pouring and storing. Explore all the endless beverage creations made possible with Sunkist Fruit Ultimates… exclusively from Sysco!


Sunkist® Fruit Ultimates™ Winning Recipe To show the versatility of the Sunkist Fruit Ultimates line, Sysco had a creative recipe contest among our Chefs and other culinary employees. Be sure to check out for other delicious submitted recipes!

Superfruit Shrimp with Rice Noodle Salad and Tropical Vinaigrette 5 each Portico P&D Raw, Tail-On 21/25 Shrimp 5 oz Rice noodles 3 oz Artisan lettuce 1 cup Sunkist Superfruit Blend 2 oz Honey 1 cup Sunkist Tropical Blend 2 tbsp Lime juice 2 tbsp Jalapeño 1 tbsp Green onion 1 tbsp Shallot 1 tbsp Garlic 2 oz Champagne vinegar 4 oz Extra virgin olive oil 1 oz Roasted peanuts 2 tbsp Cilantro 1 tsp Sriracha 1. For the glaze: In a bowl, combine Sunkist Superfruit Blend, cilantro, green onion, jalapeño, honey and lime juice. 2. For the citrus dressing: In a bowl,

combine shallot, garlic, Sunkist Tropical Blend, champagne vinegar, lime juice, remaining jalapeño, green onion and cilantro. Mix in olive oil slowly. Season with salt and pepper and set aside. 3. For the shrimp: Season with salt, pepper and coat with some oil. Grill for 2-3 minutes. Once grill marks have formed, turn and brush the grilled side with the Superfruit glaze. When shrimp are almost cooked through, remove from grill to a sizzler platter. Brush again with glaze and finish in broiler. 4. For the noodles: Soak in cold water for 30 minutes. Strain and put in boiling salted water for 5 minutes. Strain and shock with cold water. Drain and coat with oil to prevent sticking. 5. To assemble dish: Dress the greens with citrus dressing and arrange in a salad bowl. Toss the rice noodles with some citrus dressing and place in center of bowl.

Arrange shrimp in a circular pattern and garnish with tomato strips and peanuts. Drizzle with Sriracha sauce and serve.

“I enjoy working with Fruit Ultimates because of their versatility and ability to be used in sweet and savory dishes.” Chris Naeff (Contest Winner!) Corporate Executive Chef Sysco West Coast Florida


Get Your Veggies by the Glassful! The USDA reports that approximately 70% of adults do not include enough vegetables in their diets. These facts have prompted many consumers to look for more ways to incorporate better food and drink choices into their daily lives. Health and wellness are top-of-mind when patrons make their dining-out food and beverage choices so they must be considered when creating your foodservice menu. Juices made with vegetables provide a convenient and satisfying way for your patrons to help close the vegetable gap in their diets. An easy way to incorporate healthier options into your menu is with healthy beverage selections from V8® vegetable-based juices. Sysco offers a variety of V8 blends to suit the tastes of any customer: V8 100% Vegetable Juice is a vitamin-rich blend of eight vegetables that offers two servings of vegetables in every nutritious 8-ounce serving. V8 V-Fusion® is a breakthrough juice that gives your patrons a full serving of vegetables plus a full serving of fruit in every 8-ounce glass. Get the veggies, taste the fruit! V8 Splash® is a refreshing vegetable juice drink that provides an excellent source of vitamins A and C. Campbell’s® Tomato Juice is America’s favorite tomato juice, and contains 2 full servings of vegetables in each 8-ounce serving. Healthy beverages are a great way to “shape up” your menu while providing the healthy choices customers demand.


V8 V-Fusion Versatility Frozen fruit, low-fat vanilla yogurt and V8 V-Fusion® Açai Mixed Berry juice are blended together to create a nutritious and delicious smoothie. Great any time of day, each serving of this smoothie provides ½ serving of vegetables and 1½ servings of fruit and is an excellent source of calcium and vitamin C.

Mixed Berry Smoothies Prep: 10 minutes Serves: 2 1 cup V8 V-Fusion® Acai Mixed Berry Juice 1 cup vanilla low fat yogurt 1 cup frozen blueberries Place the juice, yogurt and blueberries into a blender. Cover and blend until the mixture is smooth. Serve immediately. Tip: You can substitute frozen strawberries, peaches or raspberries for the blueberries.


Naked Nutrition Consumers looking to make wellness a priority will be looking for not only more choices, but also, innovation and uniqueness. An easy way to infuse healthful options into your beverage portfolio is with Naked super premium juices. Despite a sluggish economy, super premium juice sales increased a whopping 9.2% across total US retailers (source: Information Resources Inc. GDMxC), proving the growing popularity of these juices.

What sets super premium juice apart from refrigerated juice? Super Premium Juice tends to be blends of multiple fruits and vegetables while regular refrigerated juice often contains a single fruit. Regular juice is traditionally perceived as a part of breakfast routines while super premium juices remain desirable throughout the day. Morning and afternoon snack times are equally important times of the day for super premium juice sales (38% morning, 36% afternoon).

What makes super premium juice premium? Prepared from fruits and vegetables, super premium juices often contain nutrients and vitamins such as vitamins A, C, E and omega-3 fatty acids. Some Naked juice varieties also boast no added sugar or water, and no preservatives to reinforce the health advantages of their drinks. With two to three daily servings of fruits and/or vegetables in a grab-and-go package, super premium juices fit into the “on the go” lifestyle of the younger, healthconscious generations – Gen Y and Gen X. The popularity of nutrient and protein enhanced nced super premium juices suggests that consumers rely on these juicess to help maintain a healthy lifestyle, rather than use it as a thirst quencher er or a simple source of vitamin C. Protein-enhanced offerings are popular opular and healthful meal replacement choices. The super premium juice category is experiencing encing unprecedented growth. Food service operators have an opportunityy to take advantage of this trend and meet their consumers’ increasing desire for healthier products by incorporating Naked juices into their beverage age offerings!


Make a Splash with Coconut! Naked 100% Coconut Water Another hot item to hit beverage menus is coconut water. Coconut water is a healthy hydrating liquid that is harvested from young coconuts. It’s low in calories, fat and cholesterol, contains antioxidants and electrolytes, making it popular to those seeking a health-infused alternative to tap water. It’s also tasty, with a slightly sweet and nutty flavor. Coconut water is gaining in popularity quickly, so you’ll want to jump on this opportunity and add Naked Coconut Waterr to your beverage selections.


Return of the Cocktail

Of many changing beverage trends in recent years, few are more marked than that of classic cocktails. Capitalize on this renewed interest by expanding your menu with a range of different cocktails to drive higher beverage profit margins. And for added versatility and appeal, offer your cocktail options in non-alcoholic “mocktails” that all ages can enjoy!


Here are just a few mocktail / cocktail ideas to help reinvigorate your drink menu and jumpstart your profits: Splashy Red Sangria with equal parts tropical fruit juice and dry red wine, served chilled with sliced fresh fruit (oranges, berries, etc.); Frosty Berry Martini with equal parts Sunkist® Fruit Ultimates™ strawberry purée and vodka, shaken and served in a martini glass with a fresh strawberry for garnish.

Class Without the Glass A new emerging restaurant trend is replacing glassware with plasticware. Advances in design have given plastic the ability to mimic the look of fine stemware and everyday tumblers, with the durability of plastic. Servers also find that plasticware is lighter weight to carry, reducing server fatigue. Your waitstaff can carry more glasses on a tray, reducing the number of trips taken back and forth from the beverage area and increasing labor efficiency. In an effort to stay environmentally-friendly, many food service establishments are switching from disposable cups and plastic bottles to reusable plastic, thereby reducing landfill waste. Gain repeat traffic and increase profitability by promoting your restaurant’s “green” practices.

Versatility. Durability. Beauty. You’ll find them all in Carlisle Foodservice’s Alibi™ Drinkware. Alibi™ is a full line of plasticware that resembles fine glass stemware, tumblers, and more. You’ll find just what you need to complete your beverage service. Select with confidence – we take pride in delivering the perfect combination of functional beauty and lasting value.

P lasticware used to be viewed as solely for patio or poolside service outdoors, but the benefits of chip, shatter and breakresistance are making their way indoors.

Bloody Mary Mania!

Bloody Marys are a beverage staple for daytime entertaining, and featuring a Bloody Mary bar is an easy to way to entice the brunch and lunch crowds. Offering a spread of delicious accouterments to this spicy, savory cocktail is an easy way to allow customers to tailor their own drinks while cutting down on the time and effort of your waitstaff. The more variety you offer the more of a unique and memorable experience you will create for your customers.


bloody mary bar Here are a few ideas for different options to include as part of a Bloody Mary bar:

spice it up! Not all Bloody Mary mixes are created equal. Customers often enjoy experimenting with a variety of flavors, spice levels and consistencies. Original Juan™ Specialty Foods has been perfecting Bloody Mary mixes for decades. Bringing together a mouth-watering blend of spices with the rich flavor of fresh tomatoes, their Pain is Good brand of Bloody Mary Mix makes the ordinary extraordinary. With three varieties (Cajun, Jamaican, and Zesty Garlic), these newly offered Bloody Mary mixes are sure to be a hit! There are also many pepperinfused vodkas on the market that are the perfect fit for a kicked-up Bloody Mary.

great garnishes Get creative with your garnish options. Try replacing the traditional celery stalk with a pepperoni stick. Provide short wooden skewers with an assortment of cubed cheese and cold cuts for customers to create their own edible swizzle sticks. Consider offering a spread of pickled vegetables, like green beans, asparagus or even okra.

finishing touches Allow your customers to add their own personality by having a full array of spices to top things off. A dash of Worcestershire sauce, olive or clam juice adds a savory note that many customers are looking for.

Also, offering a selection of sauces like steak, soy and hot sauce are perfect for brave taste buds. Have spices on hand like celery salt, garlic salt, seasoning salt or fresh ground pepper to create a flavorful rim for glasses. Featuring a Bloody Mary bar is a sure way of giving your customer a unique and memorable experience they’ll they ll want to come back for.

Dishing on Sustainability Staying environmentally-friendly can be tough to accomplish in the kitchen, especially when it comes to dishwashing. Restaurants are constantly trying to streamline their dishwashing practices to be more eďŹƒcient while still providing the highest quality and fastest service to their clientele. One solution we oer, is large capacity glass racks from Vollrath.

With their increased load capacity, Vollrath’s Lemon Drop and Rack Max glass racks reduce dishwashing cycles, saving time, labor and water by cleaning more glasses at once. Vollrath racks have individual compartments that help prevent chipping and breakage, reducing replacement cost. Their open design promotes complete rinsing, rapid drying and quick cooling for spot-free glassware.

Stained glasses often require multiple washes to maintain cleanliness... Vollrath makes dishwashing efficient!


Incorporating high capacity glass racks into your ware washing practice leverages back-of-house costs and delivers sparkling clean glassware to the front-of-the-house, driving success on both sides of your business.

Increased capacity racks reduce water usage and save labor!


Get a Handle on It! One of the most important merchandising tools for beverage category profit-gain is the use of proper glassware. While this may be a big investment initially, glassware can easily be handled and treated properly in order to maintain a long shelf life. Improved handling means less breakage and damage, which translates into higher productivity and lower incidences of injury.

most common causes of damage thermal shock – Thermal shock is the result of glass experiencing a sudden temperature change. Glass holds temperature, and a rapid change can cause enough stress to result in breakage. In all cases, the glass needs to reach room temperature before being taken to the other extreme.

mechanical shock – Mechanical shock is the direct result of contact with another object, such as a spoon, a beer tap, another glass, or a piece of china. This kind of contact can cause a minute abrasion, invisible to the eye, but a source of weakness in the glass making it more susceptible to breakage from impact or thermal shock.

do’s and don’ts Bartenders, servers and busboys alike all need to keep in mind the do’s and don’ts for handling glassware. Below are handling mistakes you should NEVER do, and handling protocol you should ALWAYS follow. NEVER


Pick up glasses in bouquets

Use a plastic scoop

Stack glasses

Pre-heat glasses with hot water when pouring hot drinks

Contact glasses with the beer tap

Have adequate back-up supply of glassware for rushes

Create glass-to-glass contact

Handle glassware gently and quietly

Put flatware in glasses

Dump ice out of glassware before sorting into bus trays

Overload bus trays

Bus glassware directly into divider racks

Scoop ice with glasses

Sort items in bus trays Remove glasses from bus pans one at a time Use correct racks for stems and tumblers


handling guidelines > Keep adequate supplies of glassware in order to prevent recently washed items from going directly into service. > Place guides on scrap tables for busboys to place glass, china and atware in separate areas. > Check dishwasher temperature twice daily. > Replace worn glass washer brushes. > Instruct busboys to BE QUIET. No one wants to eat in a noisy place. > Never put cold water or ice into a warm or hot glass. > Bus glassware directly into racks, or use divided bus trays with atware baskets. > Remove severely abraded glass from service.


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