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Balsamic Grilled Scallop Salad Price: $6.95; Cost: $1.79; Profit: $5.16 3816535 2539732 8019978 3199627 0651828

PORTSIM Scallop Sea Dry LFRZ 20/30 Can Arugula Baby Fresh Pepper Red Yel Org Mix SYS IMP Dressing Balsamic Olive Vingrt Arrezzio Glaze Balsamic

3/EA 1/CP 1/CP .25/CP 1/TB

$1.12 $0.38 $0.21 $0.02 $0.01

2/CP 3/OZ 2/OZ 1/CP 1/EA 4/FO 2/OZ

$0.32 $0.40 $0.41 $0.27 $0.53 $0.05 $0.56

Recipe Instructions: 1. Place scallops on a char-grill and grill 30 seconds on each side. 2. Slice the peppers into thin strips about 2� long. 3. Toss the arugula with the balsamic dressing and add the peppers. 4. Place the arugula in the center of the plate, and place the scallops around the outside of the arugula. 5. Drizzle the visible edge of the plate with balsamic glaze.

Southwest Cobb Salad Price: $7.95; Cost: $2.54; Profit: $5.41

6936058 1333194 0309773 6430813 7669831 6392534 1721356

SYS IMP Lettuce Romaine Chopped Fresh SYS IMP Vegetable Blend Chuckwagon Gr A P BBRL IMP Cheese Blue Crumbles SYS IMP Tomato Diced Fresh CASASOL Avocado Hass Frsh Halves HELLMAN Dressing Ranch Ancho Cilantro HORMEL Bacon Pieces Extra Ckd 3/8�

Recipe Instructions: 1. Place lettuce in a bowl. 2. Starting on one side of the lettuce mix place a row of the cooked vegetable blend. 3. Working from the other side of the corn mixture add diced tomato in a row, then a row of diced avocado, blue cheese crumbles, and on the last row place a row of bacon bits. 7. Serve with a side of the Ranch Ancho Cilantro Dressing.

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Duck Confit Salad Price: $8.95; Cost: $2.50; Profit: $6.45 1153089 4096400 5534151 3115532 6303762 2035244 4645362 4064978 2539732

MAPLELF Duck Non-Basted Gr A SYS CLS Vinegar White Distilled 40 Grn SUPREMA Oil Olive Extra Virgin Frutato WHLFCLS Egg Hrdbld Whl Peel Pllw SYS IMP Apple Gala X-Fcy Fresh SYS IMP Cheese Chdr Mild Wht Wis Block SYS IMP Pecan Half Fcy INTLIMP Mustard Dijon W/wht Wine Tin Arugula Baby Fresh

.5/LB 1/FO 3/FO 1/EA .25/EA .5/OZ 1/TB 2/TS 1/CP

$1.46 $0.04 $0.05 $0.24 $0.09 $0.19 $0.05 $0.02 $0.37

Recipe Instructions: 1. Remove the duck from the package saving all of the juice and fat. 2. Place the duck on a bakeable tray and place in a 325 degree oven until desired temperature. 3. Mix the vinegar, oil, and duck juices together. Quickly whisk in the mustard. 4. Dice the apples and the cheese. Place the pecans on a sheet pan and put in the oven for 4 minutes at 325 degrees. 5. Toss the lettuce with the dressing, pull the meat off the bone and arrange around the salad, and quarter the egg and position on the plate. 6. Top the salad with the diced cheese, apples and pecans.

Miso Sugar Snap Salad Price: $6.95; Cost: $1.49; Profit: $5.46 4249389 5109780 8019978 1821529 5229729 2308153 4005567 6275598 5534151 6523542

SYS IMP Pea Sugar Snap Gr A USA INTLSUP Vinegar Rice Unseasoned No Msg Pepper Red Yel Org Mix SYS NAT Shallot Peeled Fresh IMP/MCC Spice Sesame Seed Whl SYS IMP Cabbage Napa Fresh KIKOMAN Sauce Soy COLD MT Paste Miso Red Sweet SUPREMA Oil Olive Extra Virgin Frutato SYS IMP Carrot Shrd Frsh Match Stk

Recipe Instructions: 1. Fill a 4 qt pot and place on the stove. Heat on medium high heat until simmering. 2. Place the peas in the water and cook for 3-4 minutes until the pea is softened slighty. 3. Drain the water and cool the peas down in an ice water bath. 4. Whisk the miso paste, vinegar, soy and oil together. 5. Combine sliced peppers, chopped shallots and peas in half of the prepared dressing. Allow to marinate. 6. Toss shredded cabbage with remaining dressing and top with the pea mixture.

8/OZ 1/TB .25/CP .25/CP 1/TS 1/CP 1/TS 2/TS 2/TB .25/CP

$1.22 $0.01 $0.06 $0.05 $0.01 $0.08 $0.01 $0.01 $0.02 $0.02

Santa Fe Chicken & Mango Salad Price: $8.95; Cost: $2.27; Profit: $6.68 6631469 1675925 6232177 3436680 3493558 8019978 0135632 4919387

SYS CLS Chicken Brst Ifz Bnls/Skls Zip SYS NAT Spinach Clipped Fresh ORVKENT Mango Sliced Ls IMP/MCC Spice Blend Santa Fe Big & Bold SYS NAT Onion Red Sli 1/4� Pepper Red Yel Org Mix MKZ IMP Cheese Feta Crumbled MARZETI Dressing Honey Mustard Dijon

1/EA 1/CP 2/EA 2/TB 2/OZ 2/OZ 1.5/OZ 2/FO

$0.76 $0.16 $0.28 $0.15 $0.16 $0.42 $0.32 $0.02

Recipe Instructions: 1. Thaw chicken and season with spice blend. Let the chicken sit for 30 minutes. 2. Slice the onions into slivers and slice the peppers into strips. 3. Place the chicken on a hot grill and cook for 31â „2 minutes on each side or until it reaches an internal temperature of 165 degrees. 4. Place the spinach on the plate, top with peppers, onions, and sliced chicken breast. 5. Next arrange the mangos, drizzle with the dressing, then finish with feta cheese.

Tempura Tuna Salad Price: $6.95; Cost: $1.58; Profit: $5.37 7965031 4948741 2102622 8019978 4311940 8958274

PHILFDS Tuna Steak 4 oz Sashimi Grade JADE MT Batter Mix Tempura Traditional SYS NAT Lettuce Organic Spring Mix Pepper Red Yel Org Mix SYS CLS Dressing Ginger Sesame Wonton Wrapper Square

Recipe Instructions: 1. Make tempura batter according to instructions. 2. Slice red, yellow, & orange peppers. Slice wonton & fry to golden brown (about a minute and a half). 3. Dip tuna in tempura batter & fry (350 degrees for approx. 4 minutes). 4. Toss lettuce, peppers, & wontons with sesame dressing and top with tempura fried tuna.

1/EA 1/CP 2/OZ 1/OZ 2/OZ 1/EA

$0.57 $0.06 $0.55 $0.22 $0.13 $0.06

Calamari Caesar Salad Price: $8.95; Cost: $2.49; Profit: $6.46 8875882 5199401 6040760 5229281 2416691 5933437 9126517 0523621

PORTSIM Calamari Ring Only Sqd Asia SYS CLS Flour H&R Tray Pack SYS CLS Salt Kosher IMP/MCC Spice Pepper Black Coarse Grnd SYS NAT Lettuce Romaine Heart Of Frsh SYS IMP Dressing Caesar Lemon Lime AUS SUN Tomato Rstd Oven AREZZIO Cheese Parmesan Shaved Domestic

6/OZ 2/CP 1/TB 1/TB 3/CP 2/FO 6/EA 1/OZ

$1.34 $0.04 $0.01 $0.03 $0.22 $0.03 $0.54 $0.28

Recipe Instructions: 1. Thaw the calamari in the cooler. Toss the flour with salt and pepper. 2. Chop the lettuce into bite size strips. Dredge the squid in the flour and fry in a 350 degree fryer for 2 to 21â „2 minutes. 3. Toss the lettuce in the dressing, then add half of the calamari to the lettuce and toss. 4. Place the lettuce on the plate, top with more squid, tomatoes and shaved cheese.

Smoke Salmon Cobb Salad Price: $10.95; Cost: $4.08; Profit: $6.87 1290915 6647887 1724244 0309773 3115532 7669831 2202992 7413040 4919387

PACKER Lettuce Boston Fresh PACKER Salmon Smoked Sli HORMEL Bacon Layflat Apple Smk 13/17 ct. BBRL IMP Cheese Blue Crumbles WHLFCLS Egg Hardboiled Whl Peel Pllw CASASOL Avocado Hass Fresh Halves SYS IMP Tomato Plum Fresh SYS IMP Cucumber Fresh MARZETI Dressing Honey Mustard Dijon

Recipe Instructions: 1. Pull apart lettuce head. 2. Pull apart smoked salmon. 3. Cook bacon in skillet on medium heat until crisp, cool and then chop. 4. Chop the eggs, avocado, tomatoes and the cucumbers. 5. Place lettuce on the bottom and arrange the toppings in strips across the salad. 6. Serve with choice of dressing.

.25/EA 3/OZ 1/EA 1/OZ .25/CP .5/EA .25/CP .25/CP 4/FO

$0.44 $2.81 $0.26 $0.20 $0.03 $0.27 $0.01 $0.02 $0.04

Toasted Sesame Beef Salad Price: $8.95; Cost: $2.36; Profit: $6.59 0243253 8958274 6475230 2202992 3548385 8019978 7350788 4040705 7707144

SYS IMP Beef Shoulder Tender Ch WONTON Wrapper Square SYS IMP Dressing Sesame Toast FtFr Tomato Plum Fresh INTLCLS Orange Mandarin Sect Ls Pepper Red Yel Org Mix SYS NAT Onion Green Icels SYS CLS Peanut Dry Roast Sltd Blanched SYS NAT Lettuce Mix Green Cascade

4/OZ 2/EA 2/FO 3/OZ 6/EA 2/OZ 1/TB 1/TB 2/OZ

$1.06 $0.11 $0.02 $0.15 $0.08 $0.48 $0.04 $0.01 $0.40

Recipe Instructions: 1. Trim the silver skin from the beef. 2. Slice wonton wrappers thin. Place in a deep fryer for 1 minute. Remove from oil and drain on a paper towel. 3. Lay beef on the grill, grill for 3 minutes on each side and remove from heat and let rest. 4. Slice beef thin on the bias. 5. Toss all of the ingredients except the beef together and then layer the beef on top. Drizzle extra dressing over the beef.

Tuscan Caprese Chop Salad Price: $8.95; Cost: $2.09; Profit: $6.86 1391325 3629433 2416691 3199627 1552272 5889738 5429766 6160154 2325934 0651828

SYS IMP Tomato 1 Layer Fresh SYS CLS Lettuce Spring Mix Conv Pllw SYS NAT Lettuce Romaine Heart Of Frsh SYS IMP Dressing Balsamic Olive Vingrt AREZZIO Cheese Mozz Frsh Cryo Log AREZZIO Tomato Sundried Julienne INTLIMP Olive Kalamata Pitted AREZZIO Cheese Parmesan Shrd Imp Zip ABA Bread White Lavash Mini AREZZIO Glaze Balsamic

.5/CP 1/CP 2/CP 3/FO 2/OZ .25/OZ 6/EA 1/OZ 1/EA 1/TB

$0.08 $0.25 $0.15 $0.03 $0.54 $0.10 $0.19 $0.28 $0.45 $0.02

Recipe Instructions: 1. Dice the tomatoes, quarter the olives, and dice the fresh mozzarella. Soak the dried tomatoes in warm water for 10 minutes. 2. Chop all of the lettuce, add the dressing and toss everything together. 3. Toss in the tomatoes, cheese, and olives. 4. Sprinkle the parmesan cheese over the bread and place in a 350 degree oven for 4 minutes or until the cheese is melted and the bread is crisp. 5. Place the salad on the bread plate, garnish with the balsamic glaze.

Haricot Vert Salad

Price: $8.95; Cost: $2.96; Profit: $5.99 1706142 7795677 7346497 9265505 5967476 5889738 4086229 5975271 2325934 1008697

PACKER Bean Haricot Vert Fresh BBRLIMP Cheese Goat Chevre Log PACKER Lettuce Frisee Lg Fresh PACKER Lettuce Mix Micro Greeens INTLSUP Oil Hazelnut AREZZIO Tomato Sundried Julienne INTLSUP Vinegar Chmpgn France AREZZIO Garlic Chopped In Oil ABA Bread White Lavash Mini Endive Belgian Fresh

2/OZ 2/OZ .5/OZ .25/OZ 1/OZ 1/OZ .5/OZ 2/TS .25/EA .25/EA

$0.43 $0.68 $0.27 $0.34 $0.47 $0.30 $0.12 $0.01 $0.09 $0.25

Recipe Instructions: 1. Snip off the sprout end of the haricot verts. 2. In boiling water, blanch the haricot verts for 2 to 3 minutes or until they still have a slight crisp texture. 3. Place the haricot verts in ice water to keep the nice bright green color and stop them from cooking any further. 4. Slice the goat cheese into 2 oz portions. 5. Place the champagne vinegar and garlic in a stainles steel bowl. 6. Slowly add the hazelnut oil while whisking. 7. Season to taste with kosher salt and fresh cracked black pepper. 8. Place the julienne sundried tomatoes in the vinaigrette to bloom or to soften. 9. Cut the core end off of the belgian endive and remove the leaves. 10. Cut the Lavash bread into triangles. 11. Brush some olive oil over bread and bake in the oven until slight brown in color and crisp. 12. Remove sundried tomatoes from vinaigrette and save. 13. In a stainles steel bowl add the frisee, micro greens and belgian endive. 14. Toss the salad mixture with half of the vinaigrette. 15. Place salad mixture on plate with a hole in the center. 16. In a stainless steel bowl toss the haricot vert and the sundried tomatoes with the remaining vinaigrette. 17. Place the haricot vert salad in the center of the micro green, belgian endive and frisee salad on the plate. 18. Sprinkle the goat cheese over the haricot verts. 19. Drizzle on the edge of the plate a little champagne vinegar and hazelnut oil. 20. Crack fresh black pepper over the entire salad.

Lamb and Feta Salad Price: $10.95; Cost: $6.52; Profit: $4.43 4022612 6475719 3629433 1391325 4093373 0135632

SYS IMP Lamb Rack Frchs Cap Off Aust SYS IMP Dressing Greek Feta Chs SYS CLS Lettuce Spring Mix Conv Pllw SYS IMP Tomato 1 Layer Fresh INTL IMP Artichoke Heart Quarter MKZ IMP Cheese Feta Crumbled

4 oz. 3/FO 2/CP .25/EA 4/EA 1/OZ

$5.12 $0.05 $0.52 $0.27 $0.35 $0.21

Recipe Instructions: 1. Thaw the lamb over night in the cooler. 2. Marinate chops for 30 minutes with 2 oz of dressing. 3. Slice tomatoes into wedges. 4. Place the chops onto a hot grill and cook for 2 minutes on each side. 5. Toss the lettuce with the dressing, arrange the chops off to the side, sprinkle the feta and garnish with tomatoes.

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