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Syracuse’s super (model) woman... emme aronson w w w. s y r ac u s e wo m a n m ag . c o m :: august 2012



For patients who can’t have open heart surgery, TAVR is more than a procedure. It’s hope. For years, inoperable patients with aortic valve disease have had no other treatment options – until now. St. Joseph’s is proud to be the first and only Central New York hospital to provide hope in the form of the new Transcatheter Aortic Valve Replacement (TAVR) procedure – a less invasive alternative to open heart valve replacement surgery. To learn more, visit, or call 315-703-2138.

301 Prospect Ave. Syracuse, NY St. Joseph’s Resource Line (Physician & Program Information): 315-703-2138 Follow us on Facebook and Twitter: stjosephshealth

St. Joseph’s is sponsored by the Sisters of St. Francis. Franciscan Companies is a member of the St. Joseph’s Hospital Health Center network.












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Letter from the editor “Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening.” — Coco Chanel As professional, educated and community-oriented Central New York women, we know we all have our own style, and it’s part of a daily mission to feel both comfortable and beautiful. With this in mind, we dedicated our August edition to fashion. You will notice the familiar and prominent face and name of Emme Aronson on this month’s cover. Emme, a Syracuse University alumna, was not only a top-notch choice for the cover woman slot because of her super model status, but because she’s a leading advocate of positive body image. Feeling good in our fashion and finding a style that suits all of us can only be positive if we’re at ease with our bodies. Good self-esteem not only helps me feel better, but it always reassures me that I look better, too. And that’s very helpful on a “blah day,” which we must all admit that we have every now and then. I invite all of you to read about Emme’s super (model) hero capabilities (page 29) but also how she was inspired by a past Syracuse Woman Magazine cover woman. Also in this edition, you will see a great spread on finding stylish pieces on a frugal budget at the Thrifty Shoppers of CNY. As you flip to page 24, you will learn that you will not only look good, but you will be doing good. Plus, we had the opportunity to shoot a spunky spread for this month’s Fashion Forward piece. Our very own Cindy Bell not only had a talented and beautiful female tattoo artist in the shot, but also a set of hot wheels, too. Check this out on page 10! And of course, what fashion edition would be complete without the mention of a fashion show? We invite all readers and fans to attend the first SWM fashion show. On Thursday evening, Aug. 16, we’ll proudly host the Syracuse Woman Magazine’s Runway Celebration in the new wing of Destiny USA. Tickets are $15 and all proceeds will benefit Ophelia’s Place in Liverpool to help support their mission to fight eating disorders and promote positive body image in our society. You will see many familiar faces on the runway as many community leaders and past cover women will be walking. Guests will see glamorous “must have” styles and also enjoy delicious hors d’oeuvres. This show is all about real women just like you and of course, we want you to have fun! Check out our Facebook page for more details because there is also a finale you will have to see to believe! Coco Chanel says it best for this month’s fabulous fashion edition: Our fashion doesn’t stop at what we wear. Rather, fashion also stems from our attitude and how we choose to lead our lives as strong, confident and undoubtedly beautiful women of CNY. As always, keep track of us and stay abreast of all our events by “liking” us on Facebook at and follow us on Twitter, @ SyrWomanMag.

Farah F. Jadran

ON OUR COVER… Tammy Swales Photography of Rochester, shot our August cover in Armory Square featuring Emme Aronson, super model, body image advocate and Syracuse University alumna. Fashion styling was by Carin Lilja of Style Clean, with hair by Tiffanie Prota of Salon Bella Vita and makeup by Industry Salon. On Emme: formal silver gown provided by Saks Off 5th; Jewelry by Kenn Kushner Designs; accessories by Francesca’s Collections.

Farah F. Jadran

Creative DIRECTOR Kelly Breuer

graphic design Jessica Bates Melissa Meritt

Photography Cindy Bell Kelly Kane Raine Dufrane Tammy Swales Jacqueline Vidler

Contributing Writers Farah F. Jadran Sue Korzenewski Amber Lynn Brenza Alyssa LaFaro Caroline Tisdell Carmen E. Zafar

advertising information: Renee Moonan (315) 657-7690

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Unlike any other publication in the Syracuse area, our feature articles address major topics that interest local women. Each issue includes articles on health, fashion, fitness, finance, home matters, dining, lifestyle and personal perspectives, as well as a spotlight on local Syracuse women. Ads are due on the 15th of the month prior to publication. The print magazines will be distributed locally in over 350 locations and will be in your inbox electronically by the middle of every month. The publication is available free of charge. Contact our home office 315.434.8889 2501 James Street, Suite 100 Syracuse, NY 13206 Download our media kit at The magazine is published 10 times a year by InnovateHER Media Group, llc. and Eagle Publications, 2501 James Street, Suite 100, Syracuse, NY 13206. Copyright © 2012 InnovateHER Media Group, llc. No part of this magazine may be reproduced or republished without the consent of the publishers. Rochester Woman Magazine is not responsible for unsolicited submissions, manuscripts, photos or artwork. All such submissions become the property of InnovateHER Media Group, llc. and will not be returned.


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Welcome to Rekall Inc., the company that can turn your dreams into real memories. For a factory worker named Douglas Quaid the mind-trip sounds like the perfect vacation from his frustrating life. But when the procedure goes horribly wrong, Quaid becomes a hunted man. The line between fantasy and reality gets blurred and the fate of his world hangs in the balance as Quaid discovers his true identity, his true love, and his true fate. Kay and Arnold are a devoted couple, but decades of marriage have left Kay wanting to spice things up and reconnect with her husband. When she hears of a renowned couple’s specialist in the small town of Great Hope Springs, she attempts to persuade her skeptical husband, to get on a plane for a week of marriage therapy. The real challenge for both of them comes as they shed their bedroom hang-ups and try to re-ignite the spark that caused them to fall for each other. The Expendables are back and this time it’s personal... Barney Ross, Lee Christmas , Yin Yang, Gunnar Jensen, Toll Road and Hale Caesar -with newest members Billy the Kid and Maggie aboard -- are reunited when Mr. Church enlists the Expendables to take on a seemingly simple job. But when things go wrong and one of their own is viciously killed, the Expendables are compelled to seek revenge in hostile territory. Charlie Bronson (Dax Shepard), a former getaway driver busts out of the Witness Protection Program to drive his girlfriend (Kristen Bell) to Los Angeles so she can land her dream job. Their road trip grows awkwardly complicated, when they are chased by the feds (led by Tom Arnold), and increasingly dangerous, when Charlie’s former gang of criminals (led by Bradley Cooper) enter the fray.


Ophelia’s Place is collaborating with the NEDA (National Eating Disorders Association) to bring the first-ever Syracuse walk to help end eating disorders. The walk is scheduled for Sunday, Aug. 26, and will be held annually. Check-in will be at 12:30 p.m. for the 1 p.m. walk at Willow Bay at Onondaga Lake Park in Liverpool. “Until recently, most people have suffered in silence with eating disorders,” said Lynn Grefe, NEDA CEO. “The walk is a way of breaking the silence, creating community, and giving people the opportunity to join together and do something to help eradicate these debilitating illnesses.” As well, Ophelia’s Place hopes to help raise awareness of the walk’s mission. “I have experienced the devastating effects of this illness and also the powerful truth that recovery is possible,” said Jodie Wilson-Dougherty, Executive Director Ophelia’s Place. “There is hope and we must not give up.” Community members can join the Ophelia’s Place team or they can form their own. To register, find the Syracuse Walk at www., or call Ophelia’s Place at (315) 451-5544. Ophelia’s Place, 407 Tulip St. in Liverpool, seeks to change culture and to empower individuals, families, and communities to embrace health, beauty, and happiness at any shape and size and to share a message of body celebration. Learn more at


Women’s Day will be held on Wednesday, Aug. 29, at the 2012 New York State Fair. The morning will begin in the New Times Theater with coffee and networking followed by the 11 a.m. presentation, “Battling the Silent Killers of Women,” by the Combat Divas, Freida Weeks and Leisha Tedford. The annual Women’s Day Luncheon will be held at noon in the Empire Room. WCNY’s Liz Ayers will be host this year’s event. Joining Liz this year as keynote speaker will be Deborah Cabral, also known as the “The DeClutter Coach.” Cabral’s address will be “DeClutter and Simplify Your Life.” The Women’s Day Luncheon reservation form can be downloaded from the New York State Fair website,, under the Women’s Day listing (select the “Your Visit” menu for Special Days). Please call (315) 487.7711, ext. 1265 with questions or for more information. In addition to the Women’s Day Luncheon, many special events have been planned throughout the day. Highlighted events include the Fine Arts and Photo Exhibition on the third floor in the Art and Home Center as well as the Ghirardelli Chocolate Competition judging in the Culinary Arts area.


restaurant Fresh, divine cuisine with a laid back attitude

BY AMBER BRENZA I PHOTOGRAPHY BY KELLY KANE “People want good food, but they don’t want it to be too formal,” according to Ellen Leahy, co-manager of bc Restaurant. Luckily, bc delivers awe-inspiring food paired with a laid-back atmosphere.

Located in Syracuse’s Armory Square, bc Restaurant was established in 2004 by founding chef and partner Bill Collins with his wife, Sara — the “bc” in bc Restaurant references the initials of Mr. Collins. Though the couple has retired from daily operations a the restaurant, they have left the restaurant in very capable hands in the form of Leahy, as well as owner, Shaun Preble and head chef, Wayne Cafariella. An alum of the Institute of Culinary Education and former contestant on The Food Network’s reality show, “Chopped,” Cafariella brings his Long Island and culinary expertise to Central New York. “Everything’s been done, so he wants to make it the best you’ve ever had,” says Leahy, speaking of Cafariella. The most important component in bc’s good food is the quality of ingredients they use. Fresh is best, when it comes to what goes in and out of the bc kitchen. “We’re about fresh food and the best product we can bring in,” says Leahy. “We like to buy local. We start with fresh ingredients and talent in the kitchen.” And talent in the kitchen, there is. As head chef, Cafariella strays away from typical restaurant practices of a fixed menu. Rather, bc’s menu changes all the time. “Seasonally, the chef does a big change, but the menu can change every week,” says Leahy. And not only does Chef Cafariella make constant changes to the menu, but he also runs the kitchen as a “scratch kitchen.” “That means all our stocks and sauces are made from scratch,” says Leahy. “We don’t use bases or canned stuff or processed food — it’s all fresh.” Plus, all of the restaurant’s desserts and breads are made in-house.

The attention to detail and fresh, homemade ingredients are palpable in each meal Chef Cafariella makes. “The chef developed this cheesecake… it’s so good, I can’t even believe it,” says Leahy. Made with mascarpone cheese and topped with streusel topping and a fresh blueberry-lime sauce, the chef’s cheesecake concoction is a best-selling menu item. Other bestsellers include: the chef’s current, signature dish of a Tandoorispiced rare Ahi tuna served with sautéed tomato, pineapple, and couscous, and a green curry emulsion; as well as a pan-seared and roasted half chicken with creamy polenta, broccoli rabe, and a prosciutto, lemon, and sage white wine sauce. And if the good food isn’t enough to keep you coming back for more, the relaxed environment is. “Our environment is called ‘modern dining,’” says Leahy. “So, you come in and are treated really special, but you’re still comfortable. It’s not formal or intimidating.” Located in the Hogan block section of Armory square, with marble-top wine bar, wood flooring, very high ceilings, and exposed lighting — bc Restaurant is a perfect blend of old Syracuse and modern culture, all while being comfortable and affordable. The Armory Square hotspot also features monthly displays of local art as part of The Third Thursday gallery series. Bc Restaurant used to be open for lunch, but has recently evolved into more of a dinner house. The restaurant is now open from 5 to 9 p.m. Tuesday through Saturday with Friday night entertainment. For more information, visit their website,


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A small Koi fish lives on the outside of Jamie Santos’s left ankle. It was her own work of art; a sketch she came up with at the age of 18 as her first tattoo. Made up of mainly black line work it stands as a testament to where she’s been and where she’s going in the world of tattoo art. “I’ve always wanted to be a tattoo artist, or an artist in some right,” says Santos. Currently a tattoo artist at Scarab Body Art Studios in Armory Square, Syracuse, Santos received her associate’s degree in art from Onondaga Community College, and plans to return to school in the fall to pursue an illustration program at the State University of New York at Oswego. But just because she’ll be studying a more traditional form of art doesn’t mean she’ll give up her love of tattoo art. “Being a traditional artist is very isolating,” she says. “Being a tattoo artist kind of forced me to grow a little bit.” Having spent seven years as a tattoo artist at Scarab Studios (which also happens to be where she got that initial Koi fish tattoo), Santos has become accustomed to the “free thinking” lifestyle of a body art professional. “It’s a lifestyle,” she says. “You can be and do whatever you want, to a certain extent; you can express yourself freely.” And for Santos, a woman who has more tattoos than she can keep track of, freedom of expression is the key to happiness. Though her favoritism switches gears on a daily basis, Santos currently prides herself on a “zombies versus robots” tattoo on her right thigh. The tattoo is still under construction, but that’s what makes it one of her favorites. “I had one of my co-workers, Nick, draw everything up,” she says. “It’s his style; he does this weird, quirky, comic book style. He’s been working on it for the past few months.” Much like her co-workers, Santos also has her own style when it comes to drawing tattoos. “I have a very colorful, organic style,” she says. “I do a lot of flowers, organic shapes, and birds — it’s pretty girly.” With that kind of feminine style, Santos ends up tattooing a lot of women,


rather than men. “I don’t do a lot of masculine tattoos like flames, but I don’t ever get tired of tattooing flowers — you can do so many things with them.” Santos has drawn at least three or four tattoo sketches a day, three or four days a week, for the past seven years; so, at some point, her artwork begins to mesh together. “I have stacks upon stacks of drawings that I’ve done,” she says. But there are still tattoos and experiences that stand out in her mind — especially the awkward ones. “Anything involving the genitals is weird,” she says. “When I was first starting out, a man asked me to tattoo a smiley face on one of his testicles — it was a dare for him, but I still did it.” Aside from the occasional awkward encounter, Santos’s favorite tattoos are the ones that are the most challenging. “I can see my progress and what I’ve done through those tattoos,” she says. “A tattoo that makes me jump forward as an artist really stands out to me.” Santos is glad to be working as a tattoo artist in a society that has become more accepting of body art, but still yearns for the nostalgia of what tattoo art used to be. “Tattoos were a little more exclusive back then,” she says. “But there are a lot more kids out of art school nowadays, and a lot more kids who wouldn’t find a job anywhere else taking up tattooing.” But with more acceptance in the tattoo industry also comes a more commercialized aspect of tattoo art. “It’s definitely more accepted, but tattoos have also become more glorified,” she says. “More and more people want a tattoo for the sake of having a tattoo; it can definitely be cliquey sometimes.” Santos is a supporter of tattoo art that has a deeper meaning to the person being branded. “I think tattoos that have some sort of relevance to someone’s life will last a little longer.” Regardless of who chooses to get a tattoo, what they choose to get, or where they choose to get it, Santos is happy about where the tattoo industry is going and that she gets to be part of it. “It’s just great seeing all of these very talented artists doing these amazing things on skin,” she says. “I aspire to be like some of these masters that do their thing. There’s always going to be people who take it for granted, but in general, I love the way it’s going.” Special thanks to Lou Bregou and Terry Brennan, of Burdick Porsche at Drivers Village, for providing the Porsche 911 for this fashion shoot. Also, we’d like to thank Lee Smith, of Drivers Village, for delivering the “accessory” and assisting in the photo shoot. Jamie’s makeup and styling by Teri Nichols. :: august 2012



Jessica Hofschulte has started three businesses in the past three years, a feat that not many mothers of two, yet alone single women, could accomplish. And her first venture, believe it or not, all began with a seatbelt. She had purchased a purse entirely made of seatbelts, and people wouldn’t stop asking her about it. “I contacted the importer and started selling them. They were selling like crazy,” she says. So in September 2010, Jessica made the swift decision to start her own business — JJ’s Creative Gifts. By January, she knew she needed some backup — someone to help her with the basics of running a business. She attended her first Women Business Opportunities Connections meeting. Just like Jessica’s business, her role at WBOC also took off quickly. “I joined WBOC in January of 2011. I religiously went to every meeting and really enjoyed it,” she says. “I was still really involved by May, and they wanted to nominate me to be membership vice president.” Jessica gladly accepted. “If it wasn’t for WBOC, I definitely would not be where I am right now. I was a teacher in Minnesota before we came here,” explains Jessica, who moved to Central New York with her husband and children in 2009. Since she had been an elementary school teacher in Minnesota, she dove into the local substitute teaching system. “I substitute taught for a year, which was horrible. Then, I started tutoring, which was flexible with my schedule. Finally, I was able to start JJ’s Creative Gifts. I knew I wanted to do something entrepreneurial on my own.” As the business continued to roll in for JJ’s and her sensational seatbelt purses, a friend and fellow WBOC member, Allison Zales, approached Jessica about starting another business. “We were talking, and she said, ‘What do you think about adding something fun to JJ’s?’ And she started telling me about this hair thing. I’m trying to picture it and I was like, ‘What does it look like? Cindy Lou Who?” ‘Yeah,’ she said. So I said, ‘Let’s call it Whoo Hair.’ That was the biggest thing about WBOC — helping me make the right decisions. And to bounce ideas off of people.” And in January 2012, Jessica added Whoo Hair to her business. But what exactly is Whoo Hair? It’s a hairstyle that involves mixing a plethora of decorative add-ins, such as feathers, glitter, and ribbons, into your hair. And it’s not just for girls. “For boys, we do Whoo Hawks. It’s like a mohawk with colors on it,” says Jessica. Whoo Hair is more than just a style, explains Jessica. When girls get this done to their hair, they become a whole different person – confident, proud, and happy. “It draws attention to them, and most little girls really love that,” she says. “The biggest thing is they stand out and feel special.” After feeling the success of Whoo Hair, Jessica no longer feared starting something new. This past March, she began yet a third business called The Main Event — a full-service event planning company for central and northern New York. She began by holding a carnival at her daughter’s school, from which she received lots of positive feedback. Today, she’s working with Turtle Landing to host a “50 Shades of Grey” party coming up in August. Although Jessica has all of these things going on in her life, she still makes time for WBOC. “You know that they have your back,” she says confidently. “That’s really great. That’s my favorite part of WBOC — it feels like family. And when the first Wednesday of the month comes, I’m excited because I get to go see my family.” The WBOC is a local non-profit organization that has been providing support to women and access to innovative events and workshops for 20 years. Whether running our own business, working for an employer or launching a new endeavor, women are connected through their entrepreneurial mindset. Syracuse Woman Magazine is a WBOC signature sponsor that aims to promote a common mission. For information on how to become a member, visit :: august 2012



Want that little extra detail to add to your fashionable style? If you’ve never tried added a large ring to accent your outfit, then you might be missing out! Try adding some pizzazz to your look with an 18-karat yellow or white gold ring with diamonds. Choose from these handmade and one-of-a-kind designs that feature brown and blue Sri Lanka zircon and orange spessartite. They’re stylish, fun and exciting pieces for your ensemble! 183 Walton St., Syracuse I (315) 475-7510


What better time to expand that dress collection than now! Choose from an array of styles and patterns and find the colors that represent your fashion personality. Once you’ve got the threads, add on some bold, colorful jewelry to accent your look. Bags, purses and clutches never hurt the ensemble so pick one of those, too, so you can step out in style! Destiny USA, Syracuse I (315) 471-0414


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When you want a special accessory to make a simple hairstyle unique, choose from an array of handmade headbands, pins and other hair jewelry. There are simple appliques that feature floral and beaded designs while others are more glamorous with sequin and sparkled detail. No matter the occasion, hair jewelry can make that down and relaxed hairdo or a smooth ponytail more than it started out to be. Destiny USA, Syracuse I (315) 254-9859


Can’t find a bra that truly fits? Once you find your correct size and style with a proper fitting, you can choose from a wide variety of pieces with cup sizes between A and K, and 30- to 46inch band sizes. This European influenced lingerie selection is designed to offer a proper fit, comfort and style. Also, if you like Python print, try a demi from CHANTELLE. And if you’re sporty, the PANACHE SPORTS BRA is the ultimate sports bra (Cups D to H) doesn’t just reduce bounce from your workout, it also adds a touch of style. THE SHOPPES AT TOWNE CENTER, 313 TOWN DRIVE, FAYETTEVILLE I (315) 637-3467


ECCE (pronounced “etch – a”) by LESLIE’S is a collection of bold designs in Sterling Silver that is imported form Italy. It has that special Italian flair which makes a stunning presentation in cuffs, earrings, rings and pendants. Created by Italian craftsmen in colors such as black, pink, yellow and white, these Sterling Silver styles are the perfect accessory to an elegant evening gown or a fashionable pair of jeans! 513 South Main St., North Syracuse I (315) 452-0744 :: august 2012


Part time, full time, daytime, nighttime … … long time, short time, online, face time.

Your time. Register Now!

Courses Begin August 27

Graduate Programs • Nursing Education and Administration • Higher Education Leadership • MBA

• Teaching and Education Leadership • Health Care Leadership Certificate • Teacher Certifications in 7-12 Students with Disabilities, TESOL, and Literacy

Evening Undergraduate Programs • Six majors • Bachelor of Science in nursing • New York state teacher certification

• Certificates in government systems management, health information systems, human resource management, information technology, and a post- baccalaureate RN to MS in nursing.

We’re military-friendly! Visit our one-stop Veterans Service Office.

(315) 445-4141 |

FEaturEd EntrEprEnEur Charlene Echols-Barnes Owner, Echols Gourmet Wholesale Desserts


or her entire life, owning and running a bakery was a family dream. For a natural baker and trained gourmet chef, Charlene Echols-Barnes found her passion in desserts. Originally working for a large corporation, her vision remained a dream. Due to corporate downsizing which upset her comfort zone and caused a series of undesired innercompany relocations, she decided to redirect her career. Opening a retail store didn’t work with a full-time job, so Charlene opted to pursue the wholesale industry for her baked goods. After work hours, she would bake samples and visit restaurants to sell her delicious, homemade confections. Business was soon booming. Unable to keep up with the demand and variety of products offered (or catch up on sleep), she decided to limit her supply to only a few products such as her famous pound cake. After testing recipes for caramel corn on a whim, she had

discovered her new signature specialty. Sales of the caramel corn skyrocketed and current clients include the Carrier Dome at SU, local supermarkets, and CNY distributor Deli-Boy. “Seeing your product on the shelf makes you proud—especially when you spend a lot of sleepless nights to get it there,” notes Echols-Barnes. To this day, she still makes each and every batch of caramel corn by hand. “I never envisioned caramel corn to be my niche… but I love it!” she remarks. Echols-Barnes’ next step is to find a manufacturer to help her keep up with the high demand for her product and distribute nationally. Although not intending to become a wholesaler specializing in one item, she has evolved her business model and welcomes changes that push her to that next step. “Be ready for the unknown to happen,” notes EcholsBarnes. “Business never works out as planned.”


WISE WISE HappEnIngS: HappEnIngS: The Bare Necessities of Starting a Business WHEN: August 29, 5:30 – 7:00pm WHERE: WISE Women’s Business Center You are unique! And so is your business idea! But how can you translate all of that into a business?

wise words of wisdom… “Knowledge is power. Learn all you can about what it is that you want to do.” – Charlene Echols-Barnes

WISE Launch Hours

WISE – WBOC in the House

WHEN: August 9, 12:00 – 1:30pm WHERE: WISE Women’s Business Center

WHEN: August 2, 16, 12:00 – 1:30pm WHERE: WISE Women’s Business Center

Hear how women entrepreneurs are launching their businesses to new heights! Bring your Brown Bag Lunch and hear our highlighted speaker!

WBOC (Women Business Opportunities Connections) is full of professionals ready to share their company secrets for growth! Bring your lunch and listen to a volunteer speaker ready to share her amazing stories!

A women’s business center… run for women, by women.

Dress for Success, presenter Ann Marie Stonecypher WHEN: August 13, 6:00 – 8:00pm WHERE: WISE Women’s Business Center Fashion consultant and style designer, Ann Marie will share fashion rules to make and those to break in this fun session for busy business women.

FINd uS oN:

WISE Women’s Business Center // 2610 South Salina Street // Syracuse, NY 13205 // (315) 443-8634 // A PROGRAM OF THE FALCONE CENTER FOR ENTREPRENEURSHIP AT SYRACUSE UNIVERSITY Funded in part through a Cooperative Agreement with the U.S. Small Business Administration. All opinions, conclusions or recommendations expressed are those of the author(s) and do not necessarily reflect the views of the Small Business Administration. Reasonable accommodations for persons with disabilities will be made if requested at least 2 weeks in advance. Call (315) 443-8634.

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A healthy heart requires A healthy life balance Focusing on Woman's Heart Health through: • Nutritional changes through diet and exercise • Stress management encompassing issues such as relationships, connectivity, anxiety, anger, etc. • Spiritual well-being by letting go of the past and helping to serve others • Identifying and managing your own heart disease risk factors

80% OF HEART DISEASE IS PREVENTABLE... when you achieve a healthy life balance

Straight forward advice from women's health advocate Leisha Tedford-Doherty, MSW

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A Dazzling Birthday Suit... The Wardrobe Staple Of Every Timeless Beauty


ConvenientlyÊlocatedÊinÊtheÊFingerÊLakesÊRegion,Ê inÊUpstateÊNewÊYork,ÊGreekÊPeakÊMountainÊResortÊ trulyÊhasÊsomethingÊforÊeveryone.

CASCADESÊINDOORÊWATERÊPARK NoÊmatterÊwhatÊtimeÊofÊyear,Ê yourÊfamilyÊcanÊexperienceÊ84ÊdegreesÊ ofÊyear-roundÊindoorÊwaterparkÊadventure!

WATERFALLSÊSPA IfÊyouÊpreferÊtoÊletÊtheÊkidsÊgoÊhaveÊfun,Ê youÊcanÊsitÊback,ÊrelaxÊ&ÊrejuvenateÊ atÊourÊEuropeanÊwellnessÊspa.

32nd Annual

Pottery Fair Stone Quarry Hill Cazenovia, NY

ADVENTUREÊCENTER OurÊnewÊAdventureÊCenterÊincludes Ê4ÊzipÊlines,Ê2ÊropesÊchallengeÊcourses,Ê alpineÊcoaster,ÊsummerÊtubing,Ê mountainÊbikeÊpark,ÊeuroÊbungeeÊ &Êmuch,ÊmuchÊmore!

Art Park

Sat, August 18 10:00 am-5:00 pm Sun, August 19 10:00 am-4:00 pm • Admission $5.00 / Children free • Over 30 local ceramic artists will have their work available for purchase.

OTHERÊÊACTIVITIESÊ GreekÊPeakÊMountainÊResortÊisÊcloseÊ toÊFingerÊLakesÊactivitiesÊincludingÊ wineÊtours,ÊhikingÊonÊIthacaÕsÊgorges,Ê horsebackÊriding,ÊandÊworldÊclassÊ shopping.ÊThereÊtrulyÊisÊsomething forÊeveryone!ÊÊ

• Beautiful original art & functional pieces make special wedding & holiday gifts. • Glaze a piece of pottery and watch it fire in our raku kiln • Kids can play with clay and take home their work - free



• Explore the Art Park • Refreshments available



Add a pop of color like a contrasting shoe to make standing out your mission.




129 Walton Street 475-9601

124 Walton Street 422-4848

317 S. Franklin Street



Armory Square Fashion District Downtown Syracuse (315) 472-EYES (3937) 185 Walton St., Syracuse, NY 13202 (315) 478-EYES (3937) 116 E Washington St., Syracuse, NY 13202

armory square

191 walton street syracuse, ny 13202 p. 315-426-7537

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Cover Story: Clothing provided by Saks Off 5th and Spybaby Boutique with accessories by Francesca’s Collections, Eva’s Boutique, Kenn Kushner Designs and Elsbeth Rose. Styling: Carin Lilja of Style Clean; Hair: Tiffanie Prota of Salon Bella Vita; Makeup: Industry Salon. :: august 2012


What does it mean to be a “super model”? It means all eyes are on you. Also, it means you’ve been given the power to influence change. What you decide to do with that power is up to each individual. There couldn’t be a better way to describe Emme Aronson’s accepted mission. She truly is a super model with super powers. Countless women (and some men) have told her that her words, her passion and even her presence in a room, have changed their lives. A Super (Model) Hero Is Born Born Melissa Aronson, she spent the first years of her childhood in New York City, but then moved with her family to Saudi Arabia so one of her parents could pursue a career in the oil industry. Emme returned to the United States with her family when she was a teenager and attended the prestigious Kent School in Connecticut. Her Syracuse invasion began when she accepted a full scholarship to the Orange Nation for a spot on the Syracuse University crew team. She excelled both academically and athletically while rowing the waters of the Salt City. Her athletic accolades didn’t stop at SU. Emme was invited to the US Olympic Team trials, as well as several US National Team trials. She was later inducted into the Syracuse University Orange Plus Hall of Fame. In 2008, she was honored as a Letter Winner of Distinction for her significant contribution to women’s athletics and to the sport of rowing. Accepting A Super (Model) Hero’s Duty Emme’s passion to promote positive body image for all women has been an unstoppable mission from the start. “We live in a society that promotes a desire for thinness at any cost in the quest for the attainment of unrealistic beauty,” says Emme. “I want women to know their self-esteem is not contingent upon their dress size and good health is attainable by more than just one body type.” Emme became the first full figured model ever to land a spokesperson’s contract with a cosmetics company when she signed with Revlon. And of course, what superhero’s destiny would be complete without an “action figure” to show for her hard work? World renowned doll creator and designer, Robert Tonner, created the “Emme” doll, making Emme

the first full-figured model to have a high fashion collectable doll sculpted in her likeness. According to the New York Post, it was the “hottest product launched” at the American International Toy Fair in 2002. This was a doll creation that left Emme nearly speechless. Bruce Wayne might have his civic ties with Gotham’s mayor and police chief, but Emme took being a super (hero) model to an exceptional level on her own merit. In 1994, Emme was the first model to speak to these issues before Congressional Sub-committee in Washington, D.C. She continues to lobby in the nation’s capitol on body image issues, continual funding of the arts in schools and the need for healthy media images for women and youth. When did she know that being “super” was in her destiny? “It wasn’t just one moment or something that hits you in the head,” she said with a genuine laugh. “Every experience, every conversation that you’re a part of…gets you to that place.” Once Emme realized that her battle to achieve self-acceptance was a shared one, she was armed with her super hero cape and ready to conquer the evils of a negative society. “A: I was not alone, B: I had nothing to be insecure about, C: Something was going on.” Emme says she’s always been a “curious kid” and this marvel attitude grew even as she entered adulthood, and the fashion industry, too. She loves talking to people, listening to their stories and finding a common ground. “I want to understand someone else’s journey,” she said. Some of Emme’s learning happened after numerous fashion shows across the globe in places like Sweden and Germany. She would have the opportunity to have “individual time” with fellow runway women, and she would learn about their struggles and their triumphs. Some stories were in likeness to hers, while others enlightened her intellect. “Why do we have to feel so disconnected?” She would ask herself this very question every time she came across a soul that was battling him or herself internally.

“Why is a woman’s right in life defined by her body?” That’s a good question and it’s one that I know I have been asking since I realized the double standard women face as opposed to the average everyday


man. Emme says the media, in addition to our society, has a major responsibility for this body definition competition. As a former member of the media and a regular on talk television, Emme has assumed this responsibility as well. After she graduated from SU, Emme spent two years in Flagstaff, Ariz., where she was a reporter and morning anchor for the NBC affiliate KNAZ-TV. “The time has come for all media to take responsibility in the creative reflection of women and girls.” A Super (Model) Hero’s Attire Modern, clean, fresh and a little flirty. Not the typical Poison Ivy or Wonder Woman look, but Emme’s got a striking figure and all the pizzazz and charisma to back it up. Emme loves white, and she loves fresh, clean looks that reflect the simple, but beautiful lines of cotton. And she loves to wear white so much, she will even wear it after Labor Day. Also, you might find you have something in common with Emme — she loves shoes. Who doesn’t? Her affinity was not one to be reckoned with while in the ‘Cuse for her Syracuse Woman Magazine fashion shoot for the August cover. One of her glamorous ensembles inspired her to purchase the shoes she modeled from the new Saks Off 5th at Destiny USA. Without asking her if she enjoyed wearing the color of her alma mater, she beamed and said she loves orange. One of her favorite pieces in her closet right now is an orange sheer poncho. “It’s light, flowy, athletic and casual.” She loves sheer materials like that of her go-to poncho. “[Sheers] are quite lovely, hip and chic.” Knowing full well what it’s like to shop for herself, Emme knows the average woman most likely faces a challenge when it comes to shopping. “Most stores don’t do well with supply and demand,” she said. Clothing in sizes at 14 and up tends to be lacking in most department stores, which in turn could harshly discourage a full-figured woman from enjoying some retail therapy. Responding to the “Emme Signal” (Move over, Batman!) she has seen at her post at the top of the world, the unstoppable super (model) hero

is in the process of creating two clothing lines to rescue women from this dearth of supply. “I want to give fashion forward clothing to [all] women.” Also, she wants to ensure that all women have the opportunity to shop in an actual store and not just rely on the Web if they require some hard-to-find items. Super Emme’s Destiny Emme serves in more ways than one. She is the current past Chair of the Ambassador’s Council of The National Eating Disorders Association (NEDA) and is on the advisory boards of Ophelia’s Place in Syracuse, and Hearts of Gold (serving New York City’s underprivileged women and children). A fearless and tireless advocate, Emme has received numerous accolades and awards for her impact in the lives of women and their daughters in the non-profit world. Despite her fame, Emme is extremely humble. You can tell by the way she greets you and how she’s appreciative of anything anyone does for her. Leading up to this edition, Emme and I communicated via telephone and email. However, when I picked her up on the morning of Friday, July 13, at the Hancock International Airport in Syracuse, she greeted me with an absolutely genuine smile and a friendly embrace. Her aforementioned curiosity was in full gear as she asked about my first name’s origin and how I had come to live in Syracuse. She is always asking questions and always wanting to learn about the people she meets. “People are so multi-dimensional and complex,” which is something she undoubtedly loves.

Several years ago, Emme crossed paths with past SWM cover woman and founder of Ophelia’s Place, Mary Ellen Clausen, a woman who made her hopeful. Two “super women” met at a cocktail party, and this was before Ophelia’s Place even existed. However, Mary Ellen was already voicing the need for a safe place in Central New York where people could go to seek help when battling eating disorders or body image issues. At this time, the organization was in dire need of financial assistance to get off the ground. “I am asked a lot to get involved with organizations and I only get involved with those who are really the true :: august 2012


deal. “Emme said she received a call from Mary Ellen after the two agreed to stay in touch on the matter. Super Emme made a contribution and “wished her the best” in hopes that it would help. If you wander past 407 Tulip St. in the village of Liverpool, you will notice that it did help. “It’s the most beautiful and hopeful growth I have ever seen for a nonprofit,” Emme said. “It’s a beautiful contribution to Syracuse. It makes me so proud…not because of my effort, but the vision and the power.” Emme noticeably beams when she talks about Mary Ellen, and when she’s around her. The two of them were brought together for an impromptu reunion when (per Emme’s specific request) I invited Mary Ellen to the photo shoot. The two chatted inside Industry Salon in Syracuse’s Armory Square while Emme had her makeup done. “[Ophelia’s Place] is the reason why she’s here today…it’s because of this,” Emme said about Mary Ellen. “It truly is a gift to be involved [with Ophelia’s].” What’s next for Emme? Currently, Emme is the creative director of her national tour series: EmmeNation Whole You National Tour, EmmeNation Girlfriend Get Away Weekends and the EmmeNation

Whole You Cruise. Also, she’s the Brand Ambassador for Amoena Mia’s Intimate Apparel and a member of the Healthy Media Commission for Positive Images of Women and Girls. Emme’s newest business venture,, is the women’s community where one’s body, mind and spirit connection is the goal. “I feel passionate about helping women.” Whether it’s through shopping, styling, helping clean out a closet or offering advice, she’s sharing. “It comes back to me in a beautiful, abundant way.” For now, Emme says she will continue to work, keep making mistakes and enjoy how life has become a “mish-mash of trying”. “If I was filled with all this knowledge, and didn’t share it, my life would be very boring.” And as far as we can see, her super woman caliber persona, is anything but boring. I await what her next move unveils and am confident it will carry on her mission to help make all of us feel whole. In the words of Emme, “cheers”.


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Professor of Design, Syracuse University BY ALYSSA LAFARO I PHOTO BY KELLY KANE Even as a 13-year-old, Claudia Gervais had the stitch twitch. “I sewed like an ice skater ice skates, and I challenged myself constantly. My sisters would yell at me to go to bed,” she laughed. Even today, if you place her in front of a sewing machine and some silk fabric, you shouldn’t expect her to come up for air anytime soon. “You really have to love it when you’re doing it eight hours a day.” Today, Claudia is a part-time professor in the design department at Syracuse University’s College of the Visual Performing Arts. She began there six years ago, teaching an introductory construction class to freshmen. Now she spends her time teaching flat patterns and draping — taking muslin (a loosely-woven cotton fabric) and forming it onto the human figure — to her students. “I can’t believe how smart these students are because they never knew how to sew. Yet they have learned to sew, flat pattern, draping, and design a collection for their senior year all in four years. It’s amazing,” said Claudia, her passion for teaching is evident in the crescendo pattern of her voice. When not teaching part-time, Claudia throws her energy into designing gowns and wedding dresses. Her design style is unique — traditional looks in obscure and unique fabrics. “Right now, I’m working on a ballroom silhouette of a wedding dress made of an opalescent leather,” she detailed. “I’ll mix this with a silk chiffon top or a lace top.” Not only are Claudia’s designs off the beaten path of wedding wear, but they are created in the image of the season that’s currently occurring outside. “When I’m designing, especially bridal, I take the season into account very seriously, as well as the weather changes that can happen. I mesh them into the way the fabric will move, how it will interpret the weather and the season. Snow time needs sparkle or satin quilting — a Russian feel, like Dr. Zhivago. The autumn needs something that’s warm.” Not only is Claudia’s style unique, but so are her relationships with her clientele. She makes sure to work closely with each one to blend traits from their personality, mood, and overall demeanor into their dress design. “What my peers in the industry say is I’m good at [analyzing] a person on many levels — intuitively and physically — and I work with them to develop a look that fits them, something that complements both their figure and their personality. I have had many clients tell me that, too,” she explained. The desire to create runs in Claudia’s family. As one of nine — she has three brothers and five sisters — Claudia explained that artistic talent is not uncommon among her siblings. “We are all artists in my family. Everyone is a sketcher, drawer… We are all very teacheroriented as well.” It was her sisters, in fact, that encouraged her to go into fashion design. She attended the Fashion Institute in New York City, and after graduating in 1977, she began working as an assistant designer. She’s made sure to use that valuable industry experience to give back to the fashion world through her teaching. (continued on page 40) :: august 2012


“Soft waves, highlights, beautiful, bold colors… but you know what? Everything goes.”

LAURI FLEISCHMAN Owner & Stylist, Fringe Salon

BY FARAH F. JADRAN I PHOTO BY RAINE DUFRANE “Beautiful textures and warm modern tones with a hint of rustic are chic and sweet in this adorable space.” Lovely sentiments, indeed. Lauri Fleischman, owner of Fringe Salon, received numerous comments like this one from Salon Today, a nationally-known name in the beauty business. The intriguing part about the aforementioned judge’s comments is that the same words could be used to describe one’s style in hair and fashion. For Lauri, being named the 2012 Salon of Distinction by the panel at Salon Today means she’s inspiring hair and fashion in the right direction for her clients. Fringe, located in Fayetteville, wasn’t born overnight. Lauri has been in the beauty industry for 30 years and has been involved in ownership for almost as long. She was living in Florida for several years when a colleague advised her to return to Central New York to resume duties as the owner of Realities, also in Fayetteville. However, this still wasn’t the ticket for her. Lauri was sharing a space adjacent to Paul Karaz when it was time for both businesses to expand. “After four years, the salon needed a facelift,” she explained. “It wasn’t going the way I wanted it to go.” Since both the salon and Paul Karaz were outgrowing the space, Lauri decided it was time to move on and move forward with a salon that would truly be hers from the beginning. With great support from Jerry Cassaila, of Syracuse Beauty, and Maggie Borio, of East Lake Designs, Lauri finally made her styling passion a reality. Cassaila helped design her salon equipment and Borio aided in interior design. Both partnerships Lauri says she was grateful to have. In April 2011, Lauri opened Fringe Salon in the former Limestone Art & Framing Gallery building. Now, she feels even more grateful having been recognized by Salon Today. “I’m honor to be recognized in this community as a woman in business,” Lauri said. “I appreciate people noticing.” Was this a smooth ride? In all honesty, it was quite a challenge. “It was so hectic. It was craziness,” Lauri said. “So many people did such a great job and were so helpful. It’s been a whirlwind.” Why does she do it? “I love the people.” One of the best parts about Lauri’s job is helping people find their style, a style they will love and one that reflects their appeal to fashion. “Hair is your style,” Lauri says. “You see people and you can get a total idea of their style by their hair.” Whether that person’s style is conservative and safe, funky, plain, or trendy, Lauri says it’s something you have to love and then you’ve got to own it. “It’s your style that you wear every day.”


august 2012 ::

(continued on page 40)

“I think my style tends to be tailored, simple and on the quirky side.” AMY PATCH

Fashion Student, College of Visual and Performing Arts at Syracuse University BY CAROLINE TISDELL I PHOTO BY CINDY BELL After learning simple embroidery techniques from her grandmother, Amy Patch knew that a future in fashion was in her design. At a young age sewing sparked an interest and this continued throughout high school where Amy took several fashion-related courses. Syracuse University was the logical next step to pursue her passion for fashion. This fall, Amy will be entering her senior year at the College of Visual and Performing Arts at Syracuse University and also she’s seeking a minor in business at the Whitman School. Amy grew up in Jefferson, Mass., and was ready to go somewhere outside of the Northeast. However, she said SU was a perfect fit for her, and she decided to stay in the region. She was seeking a school with a wide variety of classes both in and outside her major. Amy said she wanted to be challenged and learn new things on various topics. While being a part of the VPA program Amy realized she enjoys the hands-on aspect of fashion. “I get a lot of joy out of the ability to design a garment and go through the steps of crafting it until it becomes a three-dimensional piece,” Amy explained. When she has room in her schedule she chooses to take classes that are in a different field of design. Exploring other fields of creativity has enhanced her own work. She recently finished classes in jewelry and metalsmithing as well as a graphic design course in InDesign techniques. The InDesign course forced her to learn a lot about the program and all that she will be able to do with it. “So far these extra classes provide a new point of view [and] skill that I can apply to my designs.” One of her favorite classes so far is draping. This class allowed experimenting with fabric as well as construction details and has helped define her style, which she’s found to be very important as a fashion student. There has been one particular illustration assignment that Amy has enjoyed doing most since studying at SU. Her assignment was to design a collection for kids ages 3 to 5 and she chose to focus on boys clothing with a slightly more “fanciful” appeal. Once she started the assignment she realized that having “Old West” as her inspiration might be a little challenging. “It was interesting to see how much I had to change my point of view to think of what a young boy would want to wear and what he would be comfortable moving around in. I think it was a good exercise and broadened my design range.” With just one year left at SU, Amy hopes to experiment with more sewing techniques and produce a senior collection that articulates her style. “I love making each look in a collection appear special enough that it can stand on its own. Even the small details can make a statement, in my opinion, I think my style tends to be tailored, simple and on the quirky side.” (continued on page 40) :: august 2012


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claudia gervais (cont)


AMY PATCH (cont)

“I love what I have learned from my past in the fashion industry and putting my students into connection there, bringing them to the industry where they can meet people working the real jobs.”

It’s about making people feel good and confident, she said. “I just love to make people feel good,” she said. When a client comes in, nothing else matters to her at that moment other than making sure that person is happy. “People are so busy in their lives and I want them to sit back and relax and show them how beautiful they are,” Lauri explained. “When you feel great, you’re happy.”

Throughout her journey with the VPA program, Amy’s favorite piece that she ever sketched was her first attempt at a menswear collection. Her inspiration varies depending on what she is working on that day. “I typically like to include some structured element, even details in menswear.”

For the future, Claudia strives to make a small niche for her designs at a local boutique. She feels she’s ready to start doing her own thing on her own time. “I feel more confident in my designs as I’ve gotten older,” she explained. “I just want to do them and put them in boutiques because they are the kinds of things you can wear as a wedding dress or not a wedding dress.” Outside her world of needles, thread, and tailor’s chalk, Claudia looks forward to the prospect of a genetic design — grandchildren. And she has found herself madly in love. She’s getting married June 1, 2013. And yes, she is designing her own dress. A typical designer, she won’t reveal any hints outside of the fact that it’s going to be “non traditional.” She wants to wait until the big day to unleash her final work of art. One statement she said to me that stuck out most applies to her life as well as those of all the women in the world: “Everybody deserves a beautiful dress one time in their life.” And now it’s Claudia’s turn to have that beautiful dress — one she will create for herself.


august 2012 ::

What’s this savvy stylist’s personal style? “My style… I’m a little bohemian and more natural, not made up, flowy…” Lauri said. “My vision for clients in general is achieving a ‘natural pretty’ approach.” She laughed, but admitted, she was not a fan of putting hot pink streaks in someone’s hair. “It’s important to look age appropriate, too.” Lauri says your style should not only reflect your personality, but also help you achieve a professional look that will work for every day of the week. While Lauri says she’s a very natural 48-year-old, she’s into some modern trends, every now and then. “I think I have a trendy edge, too.”

After graduation, she aims to gain some more industry experience so that she will have everything she needs to open her own store. “I would love to open a store filled with my designs for both men and women,” said Amy. The clothes that she wants to focus on are “ready-towear” because she loves daywear. With her standout style she hopes to bring confidence to women in what they wear on a daily basis. It is because Amy is a strong believer in “not wanting to look like everyone else in what she wears,” that she has been able to express herself through fashion. “I want to be unique. That is a belief I try to bring into my designs. I want the things I make to look different while speaking to my sense of quirky style.” Amy plans to find her own niche in the world and have her surroundings match her style and target market, wherever that place might be.

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august 2012 ::

also makes suggestions and tells the patient when a specific treatment might not be the best option.” Common aesthetic treatments offered at Living Proof Longevity Centre are Botox and fillers, and laser skin rejuvenation. Botox is injected into facial muscles to temporarily treat moderate to severe frown lines between the brows of adults 18-65 years of age. It works by blocking nerve impulses effectively reducing muscle activity that causes those lines to form between the brows. Botox injections typically last for 3 months but can last longer when used in conjunction with other treatments such as lasers. Sculptra is a facial injectable initially approved for lipoatrophy in men and now more recently approved for cosmetic correction of deeper facial wrinkles and volume loss. Sculptra is a filler that aids in the stimulation of your own collagen with the results lasting up to 20 months. Dr. Sue has great some advice for people who are nervous or scared to get an aesthetic procedure. She says, “Go slow, start with something little. You can always add to what you have done but you can’t take away.” In addition, she states that the treatments are completely safe. She adds, “I encourage patients to see a licensed professional to administer the treatment. The treatments are very safe when used in the correct environment but can be dangerous when used incorrectly.”

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Want to get away, but not have to travel too far away? Well, Syracuse Woman Magazine and Rochester Woman Magazine were pleased to send four lucky ladies to a special relaxation day at the Skana Spa at the Turning Stone Resort and Casino in Verona. The Rochester winner, Angella Luyk, and her guest, Paula Regalla joined Syracuse winner, Erica Moeller, and her guest, Stephanie Buis, for a day that included several relaxation experiences. The ladies arrived to The Lodge in the morning on June 20 to be greeted by valet so they could begin their retreat right away! The ladies began the day with joyful renewal during a session of Good Morning Yoga. Thanks to the Balancing Waters Ritual, the four spa guests experienced relaxation and balance with a tranquilizing effect. This unique experience is noted to be a perfect prelude to Skana Signature spa services, which included a Natural Face Lift Facial, Skana Signature Sage and White Pine Massage. Under the intuitive touch of Skana’s highly skilled therapists, Angela, Paula, Erica and Stephanie were lavished with the ultimate experience of revitalization and well being in the specific spa therapy. Next, they were wrapped in a cozy robe and led to the Skana Café for a healthy spa lunch chosen from The Lodge’s gourmet Wildflowers menu. After lunch, it was time to indulge in more pampering! Because the day was highly focused on achieving an overall level of rejuvenation, the spa guests had yet another spa therapy to enhance their bodies, minds and spirits. And of course, what woman doesn’t enjoy having her hair and makeup done every once and a while? Well, it beats doing it yourself, but also the skilled artists and stylists at Skana were able to show the spa guests new tips on makeup application and hairstyling.

By the end of the spa day, the four lucky ladies had experienced several relaxation treatments to make any worry simply drift away. The daylong journey was completed by the chef’s surprise dessert prepared for this memorable occasion. Every now and then, there comes a time when stress builds up and we forget to indulge and relax. But for the days we do remember to slow down and take care of ourselves, there is a place just down the road from both Rochester and Syracuse that can aid in putting worries aside — Skana Spa. “I really enjoyed the mineral pool. The natural lighting and gorgeous fountain brought peace to the room,” said Erica, of Syracuse. “The staff excelled in preparing for our arrival and anticipating our needs. Michel DiGiorgio (head chef at Wildflowers) catered both an eye pleasing and delicious meal while preparing flavors I haven’t experienced before. Thank you Skana and Syracuse Woman’s Magazine!” Rochester winner Angella Luyk said that upon arriving to Skana, she was stressed and tired. “Every detail of our stay was thought out and carefully planned,” she said. “Each attendant was well trained in their area and extremely helpful. The food provided was beyond our expectations. When I left after a full day of treatments I was invigorated and energized.” Both Syracuse Woman Magazine and Rochester Woman Magazine want to congratulate the lucky winners again, Angella and Erica. And who knows, you could be the next lucky winner for the next big giveaway from your favorite women’s magazines in Central New York!






It’s your turn to make a splash!

Top 100 Spas of 2011 –Spas of America

Look your best for summer parties, outings and vacations with the Splash into Summer Package from Skaná Spa. Our beauty consultants will show you how to create the perfect sunny glow and introduce you to the season’s hot new colors and fun trends like wet-look eye glosses. Treat yourself to the trendsetting luxury of our Top 100 spa.

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It’s never too late to make positive changes for a better lifestyle. How would we feel if we could go back in time to reverse all the movements that caused our body pain? Our bodies are made up of systems that enable us to function effientiently. To keep the body healthy, we need to MOVE! Our choice of movement or exercise is critical to our longevity. The benefits of Pilates provide optimal musculoskeletal performance-strength, flexibility, and endurance, without risking injury. With a focus on core stability, including pelvic and shoulder girdle stabilization, neutral alignment and breathing, the Pilates method of exercise helps restore the natural curves of the spine relieving tension. The result: a balanced and aligned body that looks fit feels revitalized and moves with ease.


The skeletal bones have many functions providing levers for muscles to control movements. Keeping proper structure alignment will prevent joint dysfunction. Pilates encompasses a repertoire of exercises that prevent joint injuries or rehabilitates existing injuries. To maintain or restore pain-free dynamic posture and movement of the body, stability and strength most be obtained. In more simple terms, Pilates is a way to keep our spine, shoulders, hips, knees and ankles in the most anatomically correction position for living healthier. With back, hip and knee surgery on the rise, it only makes sense to be proactive against injuries and increase our overall wellness. Correcting all abnormal biomechanics and muscles imbalances will ensure better balance as we age and make us stronger athletes. More than 20 million American women have osteoporosis, a preventable disease. Hip fractures kill more women than breast cancer because 20 percent who fall down from a broken hip die within the year. When we stop moving and the body becomes rigid, it starts to shut down. Consider giving your joints the care and attention they so need to keep you MOVING!

ASSAULT CITY ROLLER DERBY Time: Doors open 6 PM; Bout begins 7 PM & 9 PM What: Assault City Roller Derby (ACRD) and Battery Brigade Teams will take on the GTA Roller Girls - G- Stars and Derby Debutantes Teams. Where: Greater Baldwinsville Ice Arena, Baldwinsville Website: SWM RUNWAY CELEBRATION Time: Welcome reception 6 PM; Show begins 7 PM What: A runway celebration with 100 percent ticket proceeds to benefit Ophelia’s Place Where: Destiny USA’s newly expanded wing! Tickets: Presale $15; At the door $20; Purchase at Café at 407 (Ophelia’s); SWM Office or at Destiny Guest Services Information: Visit our Facebook page, syracusewomanmagazine, & look at our Events section! LADIES SPA & CASINO NIGHT II Time: Friday and/or Saturday What: Come for an evening, stay the night or the entire weekend! Barbecues both evenings, gambling tables, mani’s, pedi’s, massages, shop till you drop at vendor booths, entertainment, gifts, prizes and more. Bring your girlfriends! Where: Turtle Landing Retreat, 130 Millard Bassett Road, Fulton Cost: $55 dinner includes Friday or Saturday evening fun. Limited overnight accommodation. Contact: Reserve your spot early, call (315) 440-6340; 52 august 2012 ::


I remember that day - the day I found out. I was devastated and terrified. Thoughts of my children started racing through my head. “I can’t let them all down. I’ve got to fight!” HOA seemed to know everything I was feeling. When my doctors laid out my treatment plan in terms I could understand, I felt more determined with every word. I was amazed that HOA had treatments unavailable anywhere else in all of upstate NY! Your confidence, experience and inspirational outlook gave me such courage. Now here I am a year later, contemplating my daughter’s graduation and our upcoming family vacation. I had cancer, but because of HOA, cancer never had me.







“I had cancer. Cancer never had me.”

Exercise is an essential component of any plan to get healthier. Women who want to lose weight or change their lifestyles to reduce their risk of falling into poor health know that diet and exercise go hand in hand. As intimidating as beginning a new exercise regimen can seem, it can also be dangerous, especially when individuals fail to approach physical activity with a degree of caution. Effective, long-lasting results won’t come overnight, so there’s no reason to throw caution to the wind when starting a new exercise regimen. Patience and prudence should reign at the onset, and there are several precautionary measures to take that can ensure a commitment to a healthier lifestyle starts off on the right foot. No matter what is motivating you to get healthier, speak to a physician before beginning a new exercise regimen. Your physician will likely want you to get a full physical just to make sure you don’t have any existing conditions that might preclude you from certain activities. Part of proceeding with caution is knowing if you have any limitations, and certain health conditions can prove quite the hurdle to an exercise regimen. Patience is essential when beginning an exercise regimen. Many people grow discouraged if their workout routine doesn’t produce jaw-dropping results overnight. But an effective and healthy exercise regimen will gradually produce results, leading to long-term health, as opposed to an overnight fix with minimal long-term effectiveness. When beginning the regimen, do so slowly and allow for gradual progress. As your body grows more acclimated to physical activity, you can begin to challenge yourself more and more, and that’s when the results are likely to be most noticeable. When beginning an exercise regimen, particularly one that involves weightlifting, master the form of each exercise with low weights. At this point in the routine, the primary goal should not be to strengthen your muscles, but rather to master the form of each exercise. Form includes everything from how you breathe during the workout to your posture to how smoothly your body moves during the exercise. Master the form first, even if it means lifting without any weight, before you start focusing on adding more weights and strengthening your muscles.

Whatever the size of your business, if you need a loan we have the funds to lend. Adirondack Bank has been serving the business community for over 100 years and understands the needs of businesses of all sizes and types. Across the North Country and Central New York, we have invested in local communities and are proud of the positive impact our business lending activities have made in the development and redevelopment of the markets we serve. As a locally owned and managed bank, we believe that success is built by getting to know our clients and building businesses of every size through loans and lines of credit that promote growth and offer new opportunities. How can we make your business another “Adirondack Success Story?” A variety of commercial and business lending-related services are available, including:  Short Term Loans  Lines of Credit

For more information contact:

 Equipment Lines of Credit  Term Loans

 Real Estate Loans  Construction Loans

 Letters of Credit  Business Credit Cards

Mary Beth Mumford or Shelley Smith 120 East Washington Street Syracuse, NY 13202 Office: (315) 471-7232 :: august 2012


The highly intelligent Audi A6 is here. And not a moment too soon. After all, the roads aren’t getting any smarter. That’s why we engineered a car that makes 2,000 decisions a second. With features like the Audi quattro® all-wheel drive system and Google Earth™ navigation, you’ll be able to effortlessly navigate almost anything the road throws your way.* Add in Audi drive select, which allows you to adjust the car’s handling and responsiveness, and maybe you won’t even notice the giant hole in the road maintenance budget. We’re on a mission to smarten up the roads, and engineering the Audi A6 is only our first step. Learn more at

The road is now an intelligent place.

Burdick Audi is the only New York State dealer to have earned entry into the Audi Magna Society for 2011 Visit or Stop by our showroom and experience all that Audi has to offer

*Audi quattro and Google Earth navigation features are not standard on all trim lines. “Audi,” “A6,” “quattro,” “Truth in Engineering,” the Audi Singleframe grille design, and the four rings and Audi emblems are registered trademarks of AUDI AG. Google Earth is a trademark of Google Inc. ©2011 Audi of America, Inc.


The roads are underfunded by $450 billion. With the right car, you may never notice.


august 2012 ::

Profile for Barbara McSpadden

SWM August 2012 Issue  

Our August Issue features an exclusive cover story on Super Model Emme Aronson

SWM August 2012 Issue  

Our August Issue features an exclusive cover story on Super Model Emme Aronson