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yracuse Stage is committed to providing students with rich theatre experiences that explore and examine what it is to be human. Research shows that children who participate in or are exposed to the arts show higher academic achievement, stronger self-esteem, and improved ability to plan and work toward a future goal. Many students in our community have their first taste of live theatre through Syracuse Stage’s outreach programs. Last season more than 30,000 students from across New York State attended or participated in the Bank of America Children’s Tour, artsEmerging, the Young Playwrights Festival, and our Student Matinee Program. We gratefully acknowledge the corporations and foundations who support our commitment to in-depth arts education for our community. Children’s Tour Naming Sponsor

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Lori Pasqualino as “Annabel” in the 2010 Bank of America Children’s Tour: Annabel Drudge... and the Second Day of School. Photo by Michael Davis

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Wajdi Mouawad t r a n s L at e D b y

Linda Gaboriau DirecteD by

Marcela Lorca scenic Designer

costume Designer

Lighting Designer

sounD Designer

John Arnone

Paul Tazewell

Chris Akerlind

Jonathan R. Herter

D r a m at u r g

s ta g e m a n a g e r


Kyle Bass

Laura Jane Collins

Harriet Bass

Timothy Bond

Jeffrey Woodward

Producing Artistic Director

Managing Director

SyracuSe Stage dedicateS the 2013 – 2014 SeaSon to arthur Storch, 1925 – 2013: founding artistic director of Syracuse Stage and chair of Syracuse University Department of Drama 1974 – 1992.

presenting sponsor

sponsoreD by

meDia sponsors

Daniel Bingham & Gail Hamner


Scorched is produced by special arrangement with Simard Agence Artistique, Montreal, Quebec. October 23 - November 10, 2013

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Synopsis On the death of their mother, who has remained in determined silence for many years, adult twins Janine and Simon receive a very strange bequest. She has asked that they return to their Middle Eastern country of origin and deliver letters to a brother they never knew existed and the father they thought was long dead. What they find leads us to an uncompromising look at the horrors and savagery of war, delivering a shocker of an ending. Written by Lebanese-Canadian playwright Wajdi Mouawad and first produced in French, Scorched is a brutally poetic look at the ravages of sectarian strife.

The Syracuse Stage production will feature music by the renowned Kronos Quartet.

Kronos Quartet links: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1w13pgqTwFA http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qj_MzFstr6c

Points of interest Scorched is rich in symbolism and irony and is a bold look at themes of loss, redemption, and reconciliation. It also takes a hard look at the psychology of revenge. Another focus might be identity, as Janine and Simon are confronted with the evolving redefinition of who they are. In referring to his work, playwright Wajda Mouwad has said, “I always have Sophocles in my head.� With Scorched, an obvious reference is Oedipus Rex, and the play would be well paired with that classic. Because of the mature themes, implications of violence and vulgar language, Scorched is recommended for mature high school audiences, who will find food for thought in this exploration of the ravages of sectarian violence.


Character Names and Meanings Alphonse (German, French): noble; Chamseddine (Muslim) sun of the ready for battle faith Lebel (Alphonse’s last name): “a surname which in most cases is of Roman or later French origins. It probably has two origins, both nicknames. The first is from “abeille”, a word which has or had, the literal or transferred meaning of “busy bee”, and hence was given to a good worker, or perhaps a good person, one who got on with life, whilst the second is from the word “beau”. From the pre 10th century Olde French word “bel” but ultimately the Roman (Latin) “bellus”, meaning fair or lovely, it was used to describe a handsome man, or in some cases, and given the robust humor of the medieval period, the reverse!” (http://www. surnamedb.com/Surname/Lebel)

Elhame (Arabic) inspiration; revelation Janine (French): God is gracious. Malak (Muslim): angel Nawal (Muslim): gift Nihad (Arabic): height Nizira (Muslim): onlooker Sawda (Muslim): black Simon (Biblical): hear; listen; obey Wahab (Muslim): giver

Antoine (French, Latin): worthy of praise


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Scorched Study Guide  

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