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TRACY TURNBLAD: Optimistic pudgy teen from Baltimore who wants to be a dancer on The Corny Collins Show. She has a strong sense of right and wrong and stands up for her beliefs. EDNA TURNBLAD: Tracy’s shy mother. She takes in laundry for a living. Edna is usually played by a man in drag. WILBUR TURNBLAD: Tracy’s loving father who owns a joke and novelties store, the Har-De-Har Hut. LINK LARKIN: The most popular boy on The Corny Collins Show. Tracy has a crush on him. AMBER VON TUSSLE: The resident teen queen and mean girl on The Corny Collins Show. She and Link used to date.

VELMA VON TUSSLE: Amber’s mom. She produces The Corny Collins Show.

LITTLE INEZ: Seaweed’s little sister who can’t be on The Corny Collins Show because she is not white.

SEAWEED J. STUBBS: A “Negro Day” dancer on The Corny Collins Show. He and Tracy become friends in detention.

HARRIMAN F. SPRITZER: President of Ultra Clutch Hairspray and sponsor of The Corny Collins Show.

MOTORMOUTH MAYBELLE: The host of “Negro Day” on The Corny Collins Show. Seaweed is her son.

THE DYNAMITES: a girl group.

PENNY PINGLETON: Tracy’s klutzy best friend.

MR. PINKY: Proprietor of Mr. Pinky’s Hefty Hideaway clothing store.

PRUDY PINGLETON: Penny’s prudish mother. CORNY COLLINS: Host of The Corny Collins Show. He likes Tracy and is ready to integrate the show.

PHOTO: Costume Designs by Aaron Mastin


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