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september 2018


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Hum and Silent Card Game For this musical game you will need:

A pack of playing cards

At least two people to play (the more the better)

2+ The game: • Take the pack of cards and shuffle them (leave the joker cards in). Once they have been shuffled, divide all of the cards equally between the players. Any left over cards should be discarded.

Each player then takes turns to place their top card down on the playing surface.

When a card is placed down the player has to hum a sustained sound for the number of seconds indicated on the card. (e.g. If you place down a 7 card, then you hum for 7 seconds or if you place down an Ace, then you hum for 1 second or 10 seconds). • If the card is a Jack, then you are silent for 1 second. If it is a Queen, then you are silent for 2 seconds. If the card is a King, then you are silent for 4 seconds. If the card is a Joker, then you may hum or be silent for as long as you wish to. • The two suit colours are different notes. If the card suit is red, then you hum a higher pitch, while if the card is black, you hum a lower pitch. • If the card is a heart or spade, then hum quietly. If it is a diamond or club, then hum loudly.

• After the first card had been placed onto the playing surface, the players will have to hum the full order that is represented by the chain of cards that they collect over time before the next person’s turn. • If there are two consecutive cards that are the same colour, then sustain the first row and hold until it is your turn again. If there are two consecutive cards that have the same number hum the cards in a random order until it is your turn. If there are two consecutive cards and they are the same family (i.e. clubs, diamonds, hearts and spades), then you should repeat your row until it is your turn again.

The pitch should be different for each card that is drawn and placed onto the playing surface.

• The game ends either when you run out of cards, and you have hummed the full card order, or if one of the players places three cards with the same number consecutively in their row. With thanks to: Maya Felixbrodt, Robert Crehan, Sam Leith Taylor, Martin Mayo and Andrew Dryhurst


Imagined Seconds

a sounding game for any number of players Jennie Gottschalk    Instructions  1. Take a minute or two to plan any kind of sound to play or  activate that could last between 3 and 99 seconds. (Don’t play it  yet.) If you don’t have a sound you want to make, you can still be  a contestant or the timekeeper.  2. Decide on a timekeeper (T) and any number of performers (P)  and contestants (C). Overlapping roles are fine. T writes down  contestant names on the tally sheet and assigns P1, P2, etc.  3. P1 describes their sound to the group. T writes it down in the le�  column of the tally sheet and sets up a stopwatch.  4. Each contestant guesses how long they think the sound will last.  T records each guess (y). P1 can guess secretly and/or last.*  5. P1 cues T and plays their sound. T announces the number of  seconds and writes it down in the “x” column. Repeat steps 3–5  with P2, P3, etc. (If T performs, another player can time them.)  6. T records each x-y difference as a positive value.   7. T adds up the total difference per contestant in the next open  row. (Omit each performer’s own result unless all contestants  play.*) Whoever has the lowest number wins the round.  Variations  1. Play once only, with one sound.  2. Play alone. Try each sound multiple times.  3. Guess durations a�er performance. (T cannot be a contestant.**)  4. Everyone performs each other’s sounds in the second round.    5. Change the upper limit of 99 seconds to any number as low as 15  or to the highest number that is agreeable/tolerable/possible.   

*P may have a better sense of the duration than the other players. **unless they can control the stopwatch without looking 


Imagined Seconds   tally sheet 

contestant→    sound ↓ 


y  |x-y| 

y  |x-y| 

y  |x-y| 

y  |x-y| 

y |x-y| 


1_______Broken Violas Copyright © Oene van Geel & Maya Felixbrodt 2018

5_______Hum and Silent Card Game Copyright © Patrick Ellis 2018

7_____________Imagined Seconds Copyright © Jennie Gottschalk 2018 9_____Build Your Own Piece Copyright © Sarah Claman 2018 September 2018 Available online & limited print Founded and edited by Maya Felixbrodt Co-edited by Stenton.Press contact:



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Musical games by Sarha Claman, Jennie GottschalkPatrick Ellis, Oene van Geel & Maya Felixbrodt. September 2018 Available online or printed i...

Synzine #9  

Musical games by Sarha Claman, Jennie GottschalkPatrick Ellis, Oene van Geel & Maya Felixbrodt. September 2018 Available online or printed i...

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