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Upgrade to Tyros3 made easy!

Upgrade to Tyros3 – Things to know about files and formats Can I adopt my software from Tyros2? Yes! But since a few voices of the Tyros2 occupy different places in Tyros3, there is a PC-Program “File Converter”. This program converts Tyros2 data for the use in Tyros3. The conversion is fast and easy: STEP Download the “File Converter” from under Tyros3 STEP Open program and choose the source and target directory STEP Confirm the paths and select “Exec”.

User manual for “File Converter” A detailed user manual can be found in the downloaded ZIP-file, the “FileConverter.pdf”.

Which Tyros2 files can be converted by the “File Converter”? The “File Converter” upgrades the following data to Tyros3:  Registration-Memories (*.rgt-format)  MIDI-files (Songs) (*.mid-format)  Style-Data (*.sty-, *.sst-, *.pcs-, *.pst-, *.prs- und *.bcs-format)  Multi-Pad (*.pad-format)  Custom-Voices (*.tvn-, *.tvd- und *.tvi-format)


Upgrade to Tyros3 made easy!

Can I also use additional voices, e.g. the Alps Voices of Tyros2 on Tyros3? Yes! Once the data of Tyros2 “Super Edition” is adapted to Tyros3, these voices can be used without any problems. Important: In order to use these registrations on Tyros3, the file structure has to be retained on the hard disk.

Is it possible to convert data from older instruments? Yes! Even data from PSR-9000, 9000Pro or TYROS (1) can be used in Tyros3. However the data has to be adapted to the Tyros2 format by using the Tyros2 “File Converter”. After that the data can be converted into the Tyros3 format as described above. The “File Converter” for Tyros2 can also be downloaded from under Tyros3 => Downloads.

What 9000/9000Pro data can be used for Tyros3? The Tyros2 “File Converter” upgrades the following data of the 9000 Series models:  Registration-Memories (*.reg-format)  MIDI-files (Songs) (*.mid-format)  Style-Data (*.sty- -format)  Multi-Pad (*.pad-format)  Custom-Voices (*.vic-format; this affects exclusively Custom Voices that are based on Wave-files) Afterwards the data has to be upgraded to the Tyros3 format via the Tyros3 “File Converter”.

What is the best way to transfer my data? The transfer of the Tyros data (T1 or T2) to the computer is the easiest in HDD Storage mode. Connect the instrument via a conventional USB cable through the USB-to-host connector to the pc and switch the instrument on while holding the “MUSIC FINDER” button. The keyboard hard disk will be identified as a device in the “Windows Explorer” under “My computer”. Now you can copy the data to your computer and convert it. Afterwards connect Tyros3 in HDD-Storage mode to the computer and copy the data from your pc to the hard disk of Tyros3. This way you can be assured that all data will be transferred and the file structure will be kept intact.

How can MIDI-files (songs) be optimized for Tyros2? Sweet!- Cool!- Live!-Voices: Whilst the “Song Auto Revoice” is active within the Mixing Console Tyros3 plays older MIDI-files automatically with the best possible Sweet!-, Cool!- or Live!-Voices. The sound of the MIDI-File will automatically be improved.


Upgrade to Tyros3 made easy! Quick Guide to activate “Song Auto Revoice”:  Control Panel-switch “MIXING CONSOLE”  Control Panel-switch “TAB”  Display-side “VOL/VOICE”  Display-switch “F”  “SONG AUTO REVOICE ON” Mega-Voices: MEGAEnhancer Version 1.2 converts MIDI-files that are programmed without Mega-Voices into Mega-Voice MIDI-files. This way the MIDI-file accomplishes the ideal Mega-Voice sound for Tyros3. The MegaEnhancer 1.2 can also be downloaded from under Tyros3. Drums: Tyros3 contains two new “Acoustic Power Kits”. You may exchange the previous Drum Kit into a new one. This is very easy through the Mixing Console of Tyros3 and can subsequently be saved in the MIDI-file.

Can I adapt my hardware from Tyros2? Yes! Since Tyros2 and TYROS (1) use so called IDE-hard disks, they can be built into Tyros3. It does not make sense thought to replace the already built-in hard disk of Tyros3 by an older hard disk.

What hard disks can be used in Tyros3? Tyros3 can manage a 2.5” IDE-hard disk with a size of up to 200 GB. On our homepage please find a compatibility list with a table of storage media which have been checked and approved as compatible. Instructions regarding the exchange of the hard disk can be found in the user manual starting on page 104.

Can I also transfer my Sample-RAM-memory? Yes! The modules of Tyros2 can be used in Tyros3 without difficulty. The internal Sample-RAM with 4 MB can be extended to a maximum of 1 GB (2 x 512 MB). When inserting the modules please always make sure that two modules of the same size are being used and correctly inserted into the corresponding slots. For this please read the instructions in the user manual starting on page 102.

Does the speaker system TRS-MS02 fit Tyros3? Yes! The speaker system TRS-MS02 works also with Tyros3. The connection plug of the speaker holder are identical, however the speakers are now refitted more to the sides of the instrument to create an even better stereo sound.

What Sample formats can be imported into Tyros3? Custom Voices: Tyros3 can import Wave- respectively AIF-files (even with different sampling frequencies) and save them as Custom Voices. This happens within the Custom VoicesCreators. The following points are being supported:  1 Audio Loop pro Audio File  Max. 8 elements


Upgrade to Tyros3 made easy!  Key Assign within the Custom Voice  4096 mono or 2048 stereo Wave-files Please note:

AIF-files have to be stored with the extension (.aif)! Waves are storable on the internal and external storage media.

What does the improved Hard Disk Recorder accomplish? The Hard Disk Recorder of Tyros3 disposes of a main track (“MAIN”) and a sub track (“SUB”), which can be added to the main track later on. The recordings are being saved on the built-in hard disk. The hard disk is included in the delivery contents of Tyros3 and has a size of 80 GB.

What Audio format is generated during Hard Disk Recording of Tyros3? Tyros3 creates an audio file with the extension .AUD. During audio export Tyros3 “writes” the files as WAV-files (44.1 kHz, 16-bit, Stereo), therefore in the format of an audio CD.

Importing of WAVE-files and generation of Playlists The Hard Disc Recording-Player uses Stereo-Wave-files with 44.1 kHz Sample Rate and 16 bit-Resolution. Such WAV-files can be imported and the replay chronology can be determined and saved.

Does Tyros3 Yamaha read DOC-Software? Yes! Tyros3 can replay DOC-floppy disks and save them on the internal drives. The copying to other media is not possible after re-saving on the song creator. The message “SMCS is switched on” refers to the copy protection in the boot sector of the disk, which cannot be switched off.

Where do I receive further information around Tyros3? Please ask your specialist dealer about Yamaha product workshops and visit us at!




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Upgrading to Yamaha Tyros 3  

Brochure on compatibility, comparison and information on the Yamaha Tyros 3 keyboard for previous Yamaha users.

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