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HEY, CHICO, LEAVE THOSE KIDS ALONE! In light of recent events, Synthesis endeavors to uncover the motivation for the seemingly arbitrary anarchy firing up in the dregs of collegetown. Are these disillusioned youth making a larger statement, or are they out-of-towners with no sense of pride in our town or themselves? Maybe they just really hate sofas? Jaime O'Neill and Billy Hopkins eloquently bring us two different takes from two different sides of the generation gap.


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MIND BOGG-LING Nolan Ford interviews local jazz trio, Bogg, comprised of Chico music maniacs, Joshua Hegg, Michael Bone, and Gavin Fitzgerald. The boys are getting ready to release their debut vinyl effort, So Happy, It Hurts. You can catch these guys at Cafe Coda on Thursday, March 14th at SPM.




NOISE PROPS Noise Pop happened and the Synthesis was there to drink it all in. David Neuschatz deftly handled this frantic festival of songsters playing all over the city of San Francisco. Peep his report and DBJ because Noise Pop gets bigger and better every year, go ahead and tell Siri to put it in your calendar for 2014.

'27/365 Couch In The Field' - Eje Gustafsson (

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"If you really want to make money on the Internet, figure out how to sell discipline." -Me on Twitter, April 11th, 2011.

Have you ever gone in search of something you said a long time ago on Facebook or Twitter, spending all this time searching and searching for that little nugget of delight that you're sure was sofa king profound and hilarious that EVERYBODY would be #mindblown if only you could extract it from the cavernous archives of the intertubes? And then you find it after spending way too much time bloodying your eyeballs seeking it out only to realize it wasn't really that great, and you end up just moving on like, "Meh, nevermind'.' Well that's the story of the quote above. I started looking for that quote because I've been struggling with maintaining momentum when it comes to going to the gym. I told myself when I quit my last job that I'd be free as a bird to go to the gym every day. I'd be in such great shape! I'd have so much energy that I'd even consider volunteering in my child's classroom (if I found a hazmat suit to fit me.) I'd be up early packing nutritious lunches, waving them off to school instead of peeling myself out of bed only to throw some Cliff bars at them and drive them to school sans pants.

I'd spend my afternoons in my franchy nook with my vin tage, cursive Hermes typewriter, writing my great American novel, The Universe Conspires To Give Us Everything We Want, All We Have To Do Is Let It Happen. Thank goodness I didn't write that big piece of crap, amirite? So anyway, if you're feeling less than motivated or lacking in discipline and you'd like a buddy to chuckle with while treadmilling, send me an email. But please don't get mad if I accidentally talk you into going to eat cake instead. I'm the worst! Speaking of how I'm the worst, I'm getting ready to go on vacation. The Griswolds are going to Hawaii! If you're an expert at traveling with children, please feel free to pass on some tips to I was planning to use the large-sized pet carriers, but maybe my six-year-old could fit into a smaller one? Should I check the children with the rest of my luggage, or purchase a special tag that says, "This Side Up?" Will the snacks on the plane be enough, or should I also give them roofies? If I drink quickly, how many gin & tonics can I ingest before landing in Honolulu? Once I get there, should I just get a kiddie pool, fill it full of sunblock, and make them roll around in it so I don't hurt my wrists rubbing it all over them every second? Volcano, Pearl Harbor Memorial, or Hammerhead shark-breeding shallows - which one is the best place to "accidentally" lose your kids? How strict are people in Hawaii about wearing pants?

'Cats Are Taking Over The World' - GrimmShadow64 (


MARCH 11 - MARCH 17, 2013


Searching for Answers




Tip #4 NEVER Mix alcohol with Legal a nd Illicit Drugs! II is hard on your liver, kidneys and can be deadly. Mixing cocaine with a lcohol is much more toxic than cocaine, increasing the risk of a heart attack 25% and lowers the seizure threshold. Taking presc ription narcotics like Norco, Vicodin, or Percocet can be fatal.





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Tip #3 Drink a glass of water for every alcoholic d rink you have. It also may lessen your c ha nces of having a hangover.




Tip #2 Know how much alcohol is in your beverage of choice. The proof number is twice the percenta ge of the alcohol content measured by volume (i.e. 80 proof is 40% alcohol) .

E A p

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Tip #1 Designated drivers can still drink non-alcoholic beverages and fit in. Many non-alcoholic d rinks look like alcoholic drinks. If you feel hasseled, order a Shirley Temple or Roy Rodgers. You'll save money too.




Tips for a Successful Night of Drinking!



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P U S T N y

L 0 L 0 P T Q R U A 0 p 0 0 N C D P R R 0 R Z E P T I OWLNNA N N N W E E T L 0 p A K D R S L c L A U Y E

0 0 T F R L S I B M D R c 0 A E A W R c 0 T c E C I H 0 L E N T D A u v R L A T G D G E L L s L

u s

Take a moment to look for these words in this week's word search while The Synthesis and Chico are left to look for answers to the questions left by the now infamous, recent weekend.

Tip #5 NEVER leave a friend alone that is obviously over-intoxicated, incoherent or vomiting. Get help! The most common reason Chico Students do not call for help is because they are afraid of getting into trouble with the law enforcement. If something happens to you or your friend, you may be in worse trouble than you think. Save these numbers in your phone: Chico Police : (530) 825-45 11 University Police: (530) 898-5555





















_._-'-F-&--='-----'----'=-1-----'-'-=----1-~__,-~---1-----'-'-=----1-~'----'--~-' Intoxicated M





Fewer than 5 ersons o ut o f 100 will exceed these va lu es.

Sponsored by:























Sublract .01 % for each 40 minutes of d rinking. 1 <*ink = 1.5 oz. 80 proof liquor, 12 oz. 5% beer, or 5 oz. 12% wi ne.

Word Search created by Bethany Johnson



MAR CH 11 - MARCH 17, 2013

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Seeds Of Doom This week, I got some of my Craigslist juju back. It had been dormant for awhile, but thousands of feet of %-inch irrigation dripline and a free, pink cast-iron bathtub have turned a draught into a downpour. The irrigation line is going to open up heretofore untapped regions of the property. The farming really suits me - not that we can really call what we're doing farming just yet. Right now it is more like larger-scale gardening, but progress is being made! I enjoy the constant process of trial and error and the fumbling around. I had no idea how much irrigation line I was going to get until I arrived at the place. A local walnut farmer was completely re-rigging his lines, and the old system was coiled and piled on the curb. The couple of thousand feet I took barely scratched the surface, but it filled my truck, and then some. I had no real plan, and so I ended up more or less cramming the piles into my truck bed, then strapping it all down with ropes. After I got home, I spent the better part of a couple of hours disentangling the 20 or so individual pieces of line that comprised the overall PVC bird's nest. It is tedious work, but I'll tell you, almost nothing makes me feel better than scoring a big haul of reusable material for free. The farmer told me what didn't get taken would be going to the dump. GMO Outrage The more I learn about genetically modified foods, the more outraged I become. I am not a scientist, so I'm trying to piece this all together and give everything a fair shake. I get that there is a role for technology. If a scientist can hybridize a nourishing grain that can help to stabilize the food supply in an arid region, that is a good thing. But that doesn't seem to be what we have going on here. From what I can

see, we have an attempt by huge conglomerates to monopolize our food supply. Seeds are being trademarked, and companies are suing farmers when the genetic codes in their patented seed lines show up in the farmer's crops. On top of that, and contrary to industry claims, there is evidence suggesting that the genetically modified food is not better for us. On the contrary, it may actually be making us sick. Because our bodies do not recognize the recombinant strands of DNA in GMOs, the natural reaction is to reject them, and this may be leading to an increase in a number of physical ailments related to chronic irritation.

Often imitated, never


A final issue that really upsets me is the fact that these GMO strains have been in our food since 1992. I was working under the impression that this was a new phenomenon, and that we could avoid the GMO crops. But instead, basically all of the corn and soy-based products we eat are derived from genetically modified sources, and corn and soy derivatives are in almost everything. The close ties the Food and Drug Administration share with leading GMO producers should give even the most ardent patriot cause for concern. We don't need the Bilderbangers or the Templar Knights; this is a grand conspiracy being played out right in front of our eyes, in our supermarkets, and on our dining room tables. This is our government working hand-in-hand with industry to narrow and degrade our food supply, in order to make piles of quick cash. If this doesn't stoke the flames of revolution, I don't know what will.


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MARCH 11 - MARCH 17, 2013

s I

PUT A FORK IN IT Jen Cartier

Dill Weed I've been craving dill. I've been eating it on my eggs in the morning, on my salads everywhere I can. Like the food spaz that I am, I've pulled it from the container (because I haven't been able to wait for local dill) and just held it up to my face to breathe in its scent, which lately has seemed so fresh and alive, I can't even stand it. It's like aromatherapy that elicits yearning for Spring.

" We'll

and lots more to our existing herb, coldweather greens, and chicken operation. Because the weather has been gracious and offered a little rain to soften the earth, the tilling can begin. Soil will be brought in, plants will grow, and I'll have a steady supply of dirt under my fingernails until fall. We'll also stay busy trying to keep the family dog from doing his business in the garden, and another year will breeze on, but this year we'll connect a little more to the soil, to each other, and to our food.

can tomatoes, pickles, and keep up with the kombucha making

I love the days when Spring slides her way into Chico and the Saturday morning farmer's market smells like dill from a block away, the morning sun warming the freshly-harvested fronds until they release their fragrance into the city air, making me happy to be alive.

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MARCH 11 - MARCH 17, 2013

"We clean to YOUR specifications!"

The smell of dill makes me want sunshine. And sunshine makes me want to hike through Upper Park all the way to the fish ladders, scaling rocks and leaping over poison oak to get there, working up a sweat and cooling off by swimming naked among the looming cliffs and playful waterfalls of the canyon. If you give a mouse a cookie, he'll want some milk to go with it, right? At my house, we've been talking a lot about transforming our double lot within the city limits into a seriously robust, produce wonderland. We have plans to add corn, cucumbers, sugar snap peas, squash, melons,


It's in my genes. I'm a farmer's granddaughter. So is my good friend, Erica, who will help us tend our garden this year. My partner, Woody, has a naturally green thumb, which makes up for his lack of ability to rest for long. We'll put him to work in the garden, where he'll put all that energy to very good use. My kids will grow up like I did, eating food grown with their own hands and the hands of the generation before them. We'll can tomatoes, pickles, and keep up with the kombucha making. Maybe they'll be lucky enough to realize it's in their genes, too. And they'll share it with their children, and their children's children. I'll hand off that thing that evolution has taught us: how to survive; and that thing our hearts have taught us: how to love.



Cats Vs. R.O.U.S. I don't like cats. Well, let me rephrase. I don't like cats in general. Sometimes, if a cat has a good personality I'll make an exception, but for the most part they suck. It probably doesn't help that I'm allergic to them too, so anytime I'm dumb enough to pet them, I'm awarded with hours of itchy eyes and constant sneezing. I don't know what it is about cats. Maybe it's the seeming indifference to everything, or that smug tail flick thing they do. I'm just not a fan.

enjoy seeing all the videos and pictures of cats you never wanted to see. The second prong of their kitty domination comes in the form of an interactive map produced by the ZSL London Zoo. You can see it at, and please enjoy the absolute weirdness that comes in learning dumb facts about someone's cat on another continent that I NEVER WANTED TO KNOW For example, "Peach;' is a mixed female cat who's "too intelligent for her own good. She's always thinking and she doesn't miss a trick. Except the one where we said we were taking her to get a new toy, and instead we had her spayed:' Ok, I made the last part of that up. But seriously, dummies, get your dumb cats spayed and neutered.

The biggest bummer surrounding cats is that they are (apparently) taking over the entire goddamn planet. For proof, we need only look to the Internet. I'm not sure when cats became such a huge deal, but I'd like to think you could trace it back to Garfield. That fat fuck, he really did ruin everything. Anyway, it seems cats have taken Lastly, to leave their plan for world domination you with some Shut up cats, you can't even play those stupid instruments. nightmare via the web to the fodder, we turn next level, and it's our attention to Iran. The Huffington Post is a two-pronged attack. reporting that Tehran's multi-decade-long struggle with rats is turning for the worse, with For their first phase, we turn to Catmoji, a rats that weigh as much as 11 pounds having site with a Pinterest-esque layout, but the the run of the city (Am I the only one who only topic at hand is cats. It feels a little like didn't know Tehran was having rat problems?). Facebook as well, with profile pages that feature International Business Times quoted Tehran city a timeline-type deal. The upside of this stupid council environment adviser, Ismail Kahram, site is that the cat people will have their own as saying, "They are now bigger and look social network. The downside is that I feel different. These are changes that normally take confident that the addition of designated online millions of years of evolution." My brain is real estate for cat lovers won't diminish their already a nightmare factory; I really didn't need presence on Facebook or other social network real-life R.O.U.S running around the Middle sites. If you'd like to see the feline dysfunction East. Dammit. for yourself, head over to and

"Am I the only one who didn't know Tehran was having rat problems?"



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the city of tree'sand couch fires Two men, from two very different demographics - Jaime O'Neill is a retired teacher and Billy Hopkins has been a DJ & Promoter.

What's the Matter With These Fuckin' Kids 1

it's usual that just under a quarter of the number of people arrested on any given weekend are Chico State students. There were 30 some arrests on the night in question. Only two of the arrestees were Chico State students:'

By Jaime O'Neill "Look out kid, it's somethin' you did, Don't know when, but you're doin' it again." - B. Dylan

Now that was the kind of softening I expected to hear from a guy whose job it is to polish the university's image, but Wills went on to add, "That said, from what I understand, there were a number of large parties. And those parties surely involved a number of our students. It was a significant event to the police. As you can see from the police report, they were attempting to respond to a large number of calls that pushed staffing beyond the breaking point. And the images on local TV were disturbing, the fires especiallY:'

Once you reach a certain age, the mere mention of drunken students evokes a knee-jerk response along the lines of "what's the matter with kids today:' I'm well into the time of life when that reaction kicks in, so I was dutifully appalled by the recent weekend in which Chico police were overwhelmed by out of control students raising hell, getting in fights, sending each other to the Emergency And then we fell into regular talk, two guys well past Room at Enloe in fairly large numbers, setting ten fires in student age who share a community, worry about young people, and wonder what to make of it all. the streets, and engaging in assorted other activities not likely to make their parents proud, or amortize the expense "I don't have as much time as I'd like to talk to people on of sending them to college in the first place. It's hard to other campuses;' he said with a sigh, "but there's a lack of read the police reports and think optimistically about the future. And, given the decorum and an excess of crappy state of the world binge drinking everywhere, a coarsening of behavior. It's my generation is leaving not just Chico. I see that:' for these young people, it's going to take more I see that, too. So did Plato, than a bunch of coarse young drunks to dig their apparently, even before I way out of the hole we're turned up on the planet. "What is happening to our leaving them in. young people?" Plato wondered some 1500 years ago. To get a perspective on "They disrespect their elders, this current spate of bad student behavior I spoke they disobey their parents. with Joe Wills, the press They ignore the law. They liaison at Chico State. riot in the streets inflamed He's a thoughtful guy, and with wild notions. What is to become of them?" he managed to squelch my high dudgeon just a bit. "We took a little time Good question. on campus on Monday and Tuesday following There was a time when the that weekend to see who experience of being a young was arrested;' he told me. scholar was referred to as "I asked the Vice President "the life of the mind:' Judgof Student Affairs what ing by Chico State's most was typical. I'd heard that recent eruption of student

I a

MARCH 11 - MARCH 17, 2013

loutishness (and its long and checkered history of such drunken debaucheries), the "life of the mindless" might be a more accurate description of what it means to be a student, both here and at most of the rest of the nation's institutions of higher learning, where a new generation of Americans now goes to gather up its lifelong burden of student debt, most of it accrued in order to gain the social skills necessary to succeed in business without really trying, the patterns of drinking and self-loathing so necessary to the lives they will lead as adults without much in the way of taste, culture, or values higher than those needed to chase a buck or impress others like themselves - the frat boys, the jocks, and the future cubicle dwellers, mid-level technocrats, and over-degreed seekers of employment in fields in which jobs don't exist. Universities are the places we go to incubate batch after batch of substance abusers and hell-raisers, where partying is primary, copulating is secondary, job training is tertiary, and actual education is embroidery; a smattering of electives that leave graduates SYNTHESISWEEKLY.COM

with an incoherent sense of the world's history, geography, arts, and letters. Ok that's a rant, and it's probably too dark, though I surely wouldn't want to be a college kid these days, even with all the sex, drugs, and rock n' roll at their disposal. But I don't want to give the impression that I think any of that bad behavior Chico witnessed on the night of February 23 had anything to do with student despair about the future they face, or the loans they're piling up. Nah. They were just raising hell and acting stupid, a time-dishonored tradition among young people. As a community college teacher, I spent a lifetime with college kids, most of them rather sweet, and lots of them more than a little lost. And, on Monday mornings, when the attendance was off and those who made it were looking a little worse for wear, my impulse was to turn paternal on them, to scold them for their excesses. I had gone to college as a married man, with a new baby my first semester, and I never faced the temptations to dick off like most college students who are not burdened by responsibilities, or otherwise clued in to adult realities. But I had no reason to assume that, had my own college days been spent as a single kid, I would have been any freer from temptations than so many of them showed themselves to be. With the allure of parties and scantily clad women everywhere, would I have been likely to hole up in a crummy dorm room hitting the books each weekend. I kinda doubt it. Still, I think I might have eschewed burning sofas, or otherwise behaving like a complete jerk, running up the costs of city government where I had been shipped by parents anxious to free up a bedroom back home. There were 22 police officers required to deal with the mayhem on that walpurgisnacht (Editor's note: look it up, sucker) last month, leaving 90% of Chico without police protection during the time the craziness was going on. Even without my own youthful exposure to the dissipa-

tion that has become the hallmark of college life, and even without the training in scrambling my brains on a weekly basis most students undergo, I still managed, nonetheless, to develop a drinking problem by the time I reached my late 40s. Many people do, though some of us find our way to our addictions without the added expense of ritualistic independent study of the subject while we're in college. Some years ago, I took a post-grad summer seminar at Cornell, a school where lots of kids' parents spend a fortune to give them a degree from an Ivy League school, and the contacts that come with time spent partying with other rich people's kids. One of the profs at Cornell told me how often he hears of former students-doctors, mostly-hooked on prescription drugs by the time they hit 40, or hopeless alcoholics, mired in patterns of boozing they acquired when they were undergrads. Chico State students don't get the same high-level contacts on which to build their careers as Cornell kids do, but they sure do get the training in dissolution. More's the pity. Ours, and theirs.

Vie Can Party Better By Billy Hopkins As a life-long local, it's almost hard to say without feeling somehow cheesy or cliche, but I love Chico. And whether you like it or not, partying is a strong part of our culture. We are a town that likes to socialize hard, usually in the company of loud music and plenty of drinks. No news there, it's been this way since before there was a college, but recently things have escalated. There's an increasing tension in the air as violent activities have become more commonplace and the average person is having to be quite a bit more cautious if they want to go out any given weekend night. As someone who has spent relatively little time partying in the notoriously rowdy blocks of student housing between Chico State and downtown, the now-infamous events of February 23 baffled me. Being personally invested in this town's nightlife and a concerned citizen, I was embarrassed and saddened that burning mattresses and couches in the streets and sporadic brawling would be considered a fun social activity, and scared at the potential


problems that could spill out from this type of pointless clusterfuck. The thought that someone across town could be left without help in an emergency situation because the police have their hands full trying to figure out whds responsible for some good-time arson in a sea of apathetic onlookers was too much. I decided to spend my weekend strolling 6th Street, the most centralized strip from the previous weekend's debauchery, to try to get a better glimpse into what it was that pushed the standard beerponging shenanigans into the lamest riot ever. Maybe it was just luck of the draw, maybe everyone was fearing serious police repercussions after the previous weekend, or maybe some people were sitting on their living room floor thinking, "Dammit. We shouldn't have burned the couch;' but this weekend was fairly quiet. As I walked back and forth between Broadway and Orange Street on Friday night, I saw the standard sights one expects in a trip through college town - a few porch parties, some early stumblers, and an occasional group of lonely bros in a yard with keg cups and cell phone in hand, rubbernecking and waiting for something cool to happen. It was the same scene rn witnessed a thousand times before, but it was early so I assumed as the night pushed on into the bars-are-closed hours things would heat up a bit. They didn't. Lights went off and most of the street was quiet. All of a sudden I felt like I was up past my bedtime. In fact, the only delinquent activity I saw over the weekend was on Sunday afternoon, when I witnessed a couple of college-aged fellows kick a few pieces of furniture out of the back of a silver pickup truck where 6th Street deadends by the train tracks, and then speed away. I thought, "Thanks for giving back, guys. I guess I should just be glad you didn't burn them:' So after some inconclusive reconnaissance, I was left even more baffled; what was the trigger that had set people off recently? I wanted to get as many opinions on the subject as I could from people involved in Chicds nightlife, so I talked to friends and strangers as I roamed. All seemed to share the same feeling of disdain for violent or dangerous partying. One of the more passionate voices was from a local business owner who asked not to be named. As a local artist and musician in his free time, he is well-invested in our town's culture. We spoke about the slippery slope we

Continued on page 10 MARCH 11 - MARCH 17, 2013

I 9


Continued from page 9 seem to be finding ourselves on now, and the complex problem of identifying and fixing the violent element. When I asked him if he could pinpoint any certain factor that seemed to push partying over the edge, he stated simply and adamantly, "Alcoholism:' Again, it's no secret that our town likes to toss a few back, but his opinion is that it's the catalyst in an already volatile scenario. "If someone is young and still has a lot to figure out, that can be the thing that pushes them over, that makes them do something they wouldn't normally do:' He takes a fairly hard-nosed approach to the situation, advocating for comprehensive crackdown on excessive drinking through strong regulation of every sort. He suggests that the school should be more dedicated to promoting expectations of a "higher caliber of student;' and have stricter penalties for those not meeting expectations due to alcohol and partying. Also, he supports the idea of the city forcing liquor stores to stop selling hard alcohol earlier in the night and more authoritative oversight on local bars profiting from dangerous levels of consumption. His hope is that our city can focus on promoting a stronger reputation for arts and culture, but believes it will require some serious confrontation of the issue and action through all organized channels. I also spoke with Coot Wyman, head of (fittingly enough) Stay Positive Productions and frontman for The Mystic Roots Band, who had more of an idealistic approach to the problem. He feels more rules and regulations aren't the answer, you need to change the attitude. "Anything you try to control, whether it's alcohol or guns,

won't help. People will still get it. It's not about control, it's about the people:' Wyman maintains that it has always been a band goal to promote positivity through their lyrics and through the atmosphere they try to culminate in their audience. He says it's worked. "There's always going to be a few people trying to cause trouble, that's just how it is. But when we see that at our shows, we call them out on it. You turn the spotlight on someone and make them realize that what they're doing isn't cool and usually they chill's about collecting that voice together;' said Wyman. It's an inspiring thought to think, "What if that mentality applied to all of Chico?" When I asked him ifhe believed it possible to spread this attitude across the dangerously rowdy party scene, he answered without hesitation, "DefinitelY:' In addition, when I asked if he could pinpoint any one factor as the root of the problem, he stated, "Out-oftowners:' Apologizing for sounding prejudiced, he explained, "If someone comes here and doesn't feel like a part of the community, even if they move here, if they don't feel like this is their community, they're a lot more likely to not care if things get destroyed." I became curious if Coot's positive peer pressure approach could possibly be instigated in



MARCH 11 - MARCH 17, 2013

a place of heavy influence such as a fraternity, so I talked with my friend, Alec Tidwell, who spent his college years as a member of a fraternity, including three years on his house's executive board. The local Greek associations are often blamed for promoting dangerous partying. Tidwell admitted that they probably partied harder than the average Chico State student, but also pointed out, "These were also some of the most productive people on campus:' He mentioned the GPA and conduct expectations necessary to be a member, and as someone who had to enforce those expectations, he believes they worked. In addition, the experience he gained through Greek life made him feel like a member of the Chico community in general. And although he recognizes the role these associations play can potentially facilitate danger, he feels they aren't truly the problem. "The problem is a greater social, cultural sickness;' said Tidwell. Recalling his own innocence when he first came to the school, he supports the idea to create a mandatory course for new students about drinking awareness, psychology of a mob mentality, and any other dangers someone should be knowledgeable about before they get in over their head. This issue of partying turning dangerous is complex, and the causes are debatable. Perhaps our reputation has finally caught up to us, and we've created a self-regenerating party monster comprised of visitors who just don't care that much. Maybe we really don't know how to hold our booze like we thought. I would like to think that whatever the root, we can address it through individual responsibility and a slow shift toward a respectful mentality, even in the most raging places. Bring back the pride in our town by letting visitors know you love your home, and by having some respect for yourself and those around you. That's how a community is built. Come on, Chico. We can party better.


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FREE Biggest Challenge Intro March 12th and 14th NEW Yoga Workshop "Stiff As A Board" March 23rd NEW Personal Training Studio Opening in 2 Months! NEW l.M.F. Website and App with Incredible Features! NEW Spin Bikes and Meditation Classes! NEW Day Spa, Hair Salon, Pilates Studio & PT Center! SOON Outdoor Running Track and Parcourse with Outdoor Cardio and Weight Machines!


1n+morion F11nu1 +




1293 E First Ave, Chico I 343-5678 I


MARCH 11 - MARCH 17, 2013






&€f $2 pint/$6pitcl)€)


&€1 $6.00

Cai Bomb $4.00&ur

I1ish Whisk€ FREE POOL AFTER lOPM EVERY DAY! 344 West 8th St. Chico, Ca •



please drink responsibly!



Mon-Fri happy hour 11-2PM S2.SO Dom & Sierra

Daily Happy Hour from 4-7PM PBR S2 .2S Everyday!

Nevada Drafts

3-6PM S3.50 Dbl Wells 6PM - close S8 Dom Pitcher S9 SN Pitcher 2 DOLLAR TUESDAY! Food & Drink specials! 11AM-2PM S2.50 SN & Dom Drafts 2-close S2.SO wells &

8PM-Close S3.SO Jim Beam, Captain

11-2PM S2.SO Dom 3-6PM S3 SO Dbl Wells 8-close

fries or salad

Starts !PM All ages until lOPM Daily Happy Hour from 4-7PM PBR S2 .2S Everyday!

Mon-Fri 2-6PM Sl.SO PBR or Coors Pints S2 Kami Shooters 1/2 OFF POOL GAME NIG HT! SI PBR all night All ages until lOPM

Daily Happy Hour from 4-7PM Full Bar in Back Room

Weds, Fri & Sat Nights! PBR S2.2S Everyday!

Mon-Fri 2-6PM Sl.SO PBR or Coors Pints S2 Kami Shooters 1/2 OFF POOL

5 flavors to choose from

BACARDI PROMO S4.SO Dbl Bacardi JO-close

FREE Pool after lOPM

Daily Happy Hour from 4-7PM PBR S2.2S Everyday!

Mon-Fri 2-6PM SI.SO PBR or Coors Pints 52 Kami Shooters


Baby Back Ribs SI0.99 Philly Cheesesteak S7 8PM-Close S4 teas and SlO.SO import pitchers lOpm S2 Red Bull Party Starters


S3 All pints S4 Long Island Teas

All ages until lOPM Daily Happy Hour from 4-7PM

Sierra Nevada Drafts

Full Bar in Back Room

3-6PM S3.50 Dbl Wells 8-Close S2 .SO Dom & Sierra

Weds, Fri & Sat Nights' PBR S2.2S Everyday!



Mon-Fri 2-6PM Sl.SO PBR or Coors Pints S2 Kami Shooters 1/2 OFF POO L All ages until lOPM

10 oz. Tri-Tip Steak w/ Fries or Salad & Garlic

Bread S7.99 8pm-Close S4 J ager SS DBL Vodka Red Bull 10-Close Jr Grad Burger

Daily Happy Hour from 4-7PM

Bartenders Choice

Baby Back Ribs with

All ages until lOPM

Salad, Fries & garlic

Bread Sl0.99 8pm-Close S4 Jack & Coke SS DBLs S3 Captain 9PM-Close S2 Sierra Nevada SS Patron

Full Bar in Back Room Weds, Fri & Sat Nights!

PBR S2.2S Everyday!

Happy St. Paddy's Day Enjoy the Pub Scouts playing 2 sets

SHAMROCKF EST live misic Noon-Midnight Food and Drink Specials

ST. PADDY"S PARTY S6.SO Corned Beef Green Beer

S2 Pints/S6 Pitchers S6 Car Bombs S4 & Up Irish Whiskey


playing Cwo Sets: 1:30 - 4:30 & 7:30 - 10:30 MARCH 11 - MARCH 17, 2013

w/ fries

salad S3.99

Cbe pub Scouts 12


8-Close Pitcher Specials



w/ fries

salad S3.99

JAZZ NIG HT- Martini


S7.SO Carbomb S3 16oz Green Slushy S2.SO Green Kamikaze

Jr Grad Burger

S3 Soccer Moms

Open llAM Bloody Mary Bar Noon-6PM S8 Dom Pitcher S9 SN Pitcher 8PM-Close S6.SO DBL calls

5 flavors to choose from

Chicken Strip Sand only S6 before 6 PM


Nevada Drafts

S3 14oz Slushies S4 20oz Slushies Add shot for SI

DOLLAR DAZE 6-9pm SI Beer SI Wells S2 Doubles

SS Smirnff Blasters SS DBL Roaring Vodka Hour 11-2PM S2 .SO Dom &

S3 14oz Slushies S4 20oz Slushies Add shot for Sl

S6 Pulled pork sand w/

Signup at noon

Morgan and Jameson

& Sierra Nevada Drafts


8 Ba ll Tournament

Dom Drafts S3.SO Dbl Wells & Kami shots

WING WEDNESDAY! S2 for 3 Wings S2.SO SN Pint All Day

Mon-Fri 2-6PM Sl.SO PBR or Coors Pints S2 Kami Shooters 1/2 OFF POOL



~ ~=

8~ ~ ::i=


0 0~ ~


m c;.;





~ tM








Happy Hour ll-6PM select bottles & drafts S2.7S

Go Downlo




MUG NIGHT 7-IUO 40oz beer S2.SO or S3 S4 Dbl peach tea

Bear Burger with fries

or salad for SS.29. llam-!Opm.


Available For Private Parties . Make your reservation



S3 Fireball shot Sl SoCo pepper shot

S2 All Day

Go Downlo

S2 Select Sierra Nevada or Dom Drafts S2 Kamis -any fhvor


BEAR WEAR' 1/2 off while wearing Bear Wear.

S4 Dbl strawberry


smirnoff press

S3 Tea of the Day and Bartender Special

S2.2S PBR S2.7S Well & Dom . All day - Every day

S3 Tea of the Day S3.SO Sky Vodka Cocktails

S2.2S PBR S2.7S Well & Dom . All day - Every day

S2 Melon Kami S4 Dbl Jack Daniels

S2 Marqis


S3 Cuervo Marqis

S2.SO Corona's & Sierra Drafts Mon-Sat 3PM-6PM SI Dom draft, S2 SN draft, Sl.50 wells

Progressive Night!

8-lOPM SI Sierra Pale Ale, Domes fies & well cocktails up lOPM-dose 25¢ per hour-dose Mon-Sat free pool 6-8PM

Honey Press

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Win T-shirts and Bear

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Bear Burger with fries

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S2.2S PBR S2.7S Well & Dom . All day - Every day SlO BOTTLES OF CHAMPAGNE

S3.SO !Sl party punch S3 Fire Eater Shots S6.SO Apple Cinnamon Cider 8-9PM SI pale ale and dom draft up 25¢ per hour until

Happy Hour 4-8PM SS House Martinis 54 Glass of House Wine

S3 Well Cocktails 20% off wine by boflle SI off Call liquor and bottled beer

Happy Hour 4-8PM SS House Martinis

S4 Glass of House Wine S3 Well Cocktails 20% off wine by boflle SI off Call liquor and boffled beer

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4PM until ifs gone

Happy Hour 11-6PM

Insane Sl/S2/S3 specials '

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LGBTOA• DANCE PARTY S2 Peach sweet tea lemonade

S3 Tea of the Day S4.SO DBL Captain Morgan Cocktails SS Vodka Redbull


S4 Dbl passionfruif vodka and cran 53 Creamside shot

BACARDI PROMO S4.SO Dbl Bacardi 10-close



S3 Tea of the Day S4.50 DBL Captain plus


Sl SoCo pepper shot S2 Miller Life S4 Seagram·s dark honey and lemon press


OPEN AT lOAM St. Paddy°s food menu seNed until 8PM

53.50 Guinness pint

S3 Pot 0- Gold shot

Power Hour 8-9PM 1/2 off Liquor & Drafts 9PM-Close S3 Pale Ale Drafts S9.7S Pale Pitchers BACARDI PROMO S4.SO Dbl Bacardi 10-close

S2.2S PBR S2.7S Well & Dom . All day - Every day

Mon-Sat 3PM-6PM SI Dom draft, S2 SN draft, Sl.SO wells, Power Hour 8-9PM 1/2 off Liquor & Drafts 9-Close S3 Skyy Cocktails & Pale Ale Drafts S9.7S Pale Pitchers


S2 .50 Bloody & Mimosa SS Irish Car Bomb

Bear Burger with fries

or salad for SS.29. llam-!Opm.

Bartender Special

S2.2S PBR S2.7S Well & Dom . All day - Every day


S3 Apple, Melon, Tokyo Teas 54 Guinness & Guinness

Black S7.SO Carbombs

Saturday March 16th 5-7pm, featuring: * "CE'~ v . ~ FACEBOOK.COM/CHICOCA • SYNTHESISWEEKLY.COM


Happy Hour 4-8PM $5 House Martinis

S4 Glass of House Wine S3 Well Cocktails 20% off wine by boflle SI off Call liquor and bottled beer

Complimentary Wine Tasting featuring The Abbey of New Clairvaux Vineyards plus Lucero Olive Oil Tasting.





52.50 Green Kamikaze

S3.SO & up Irish Whiskey S7.SO Carbombs

Com e enjoy many locally produced tapas & wines paired to perfection with our complimentary tastings from local wine makers on Saturdays in February & March. Live classical piano!

MARCH 11 - MARCH 17, 2013



WEDNESDAY, MARCH 13rH Greensky Bluegrass

French Reform with Solwave


with Ryan Montbleau Band EL REY THEATER


It's time to throw on yer dancin' boots and get down to the sweet country vibes of Greensky Bluegrass. Grab your woman and head down to the El Rey Theater for an old-fashioned, foot-stompin' good time. Opening the night will be The Ryan Montbleau Band, a personal fave of managing editor, Sara Calvosa, therefore making this far and away the best show of the week. The show is open to all-ages, starts at 8:30PM, and costs $15 in advance.

Dance rock! French Reform has filled a niche in Chico that no one even knew existed until they blasted on the scene last year. Blending synthesizers and electric guitars with super-danceable beats, the Reformers have created a vibe that will have you grinning ear-to-ear as you enjoy the cheap drinks and quality live sound of La Salle's. Music starts at 9PM. $3. 21+

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

llMONDAY The Bear: Bear-E-oke! 9PM. Cafe Flo: Jazz Happy Hour with Carey Robinson Trio. 5- 7PM. Followed by Ghost Town Gospel. 7PM. DownLo: NEW 8-Ball In-House League. Ask bartender for details. Last Call Lounge: Karaoke. 8PM. Maltese: Open Mic Night - Comedy. Signups@ 8, Starts@ 9. Mug Night 7-11 :30PM. Turner Print Museum: Reception for Allison Hyde. 5:30PM. Woodstock's: Spelling Bee For the Grown Ups. 6:30- 7:30PM.

12TUESDAY IOOth Monkey Cafe & Books: Drearnwork Circle - Share dreams & explore techniques for discovering their secrets. 6:30-8PM. $10. The Bear: Bear Wear! 1/2 off while wearing Bear Wear. Mug Club 4-1 OPM. Cafe Flo: Open Mic with Aaron. 7-9PM. Crazy Horse Saloon: All-request karaoke. 21+. DownLo: Game night with DJ DannyK. 7PM



MARCH 11 - MARCH 17, 2013

LaSalle's: '90's Night. 21 +. Maltese: Karaoke 9PM-Close. Studio Inn Lounge: Karaoke 8:30PM-1AM. The Tackle Box: Karaoke 9PM. Wismer Theatre: CSU, Chico presents "12 Ophelias". 7:30PM. Woodstock's: Trivia Challenge. Call @ 4PM on date to reserve a table. 6:30 PM.

13 WEDNESDAY IOOth Monkey Cafe & Books: Open Mic. Singers, songwriters, musicians, vocalists and comedians. All ages welcome. 7PM. The Bear: Trike Races. Win t-shirts and Bear Bucks. Post time lOPM. Mug club 4- lOPM. Beatnik's: Art Reception for Caitlin Schwerin. 5-7PM. Cafe Flo: Jazz Happy Hour with Carey Robinson Trio. Followed by Way Out West with the Blue Merles. 7-9:30PM. Crazy Horse Saloon: Wild dance lessons, mechanical bull, Crazy Horse Girls, DJ Hot Rod Ent. 8-lOPM. Chico Women's Club: West African Dance with Imelda Mata. Live drumming. 5:30-7PM. $10.

Chico Women's Club: Ecstatic Dance. Live music played by the TranceFormation Band. 7:15-8:30. DownLo: NEW 8-Ball Tournament.Sign-ups 6PM, starts 7PM. Duffy's: Dance night! DJ Spenny and Jeff Howse. 9PM. El Rey Theatre: Greensky Bluegrass w/ Ryan Montbleau. Doors 7:30PM, Show 8:30PM. $15 door, $18 adv. Feather Falls Casino: Dance Club. Dress to impress! 9:30PM. $5 cover includes one drink. LaSalle's: French Reform with Solwave. 9PM. $3. Maltese: Epic Singer I Songwriter Show. 8PM. Rowland-Taylor Recital Hall: Unspeakable Awfulness: America Through the Eyes of European Travelers, 1845-1900. 7:30PM. Tackle Box: Beginner Swing Dancing Lessons. 7-9PM. Towne Lounge: Black Fong. 9PM. VIP Ultra Lounge (Inside The Beach): Laurie Dana. 7-9PM. Wismer Theatre: CSU, Chico presents "12 Ophelias''. 7:30PM. Woodstock's: Trivia Night plus Happy Hour. Call @ 4PM on date to reserve a table. 8PM.

14 THURSDAY I 078 Gallery: Martha Collins author of White Papers and Blue Front. 7:30PM. $3. Cafe Coda: Bogg (CD Release Party), Avita Treason, The Rugs. 8PM. Cafe Flo: Improv Jam - Workshop with Michael 5- 7PM. Followed by Blues Unplugged 7-lOPM. DownLo: Chico Jazz Collective every Thursday. 8PM. Graduate: Red Bull Movie Night. lOPM. Has Beans: Open Mic Night. 7-lOPM. Sign-ups start@6PM. Lakeview Restaurant (Oroville): Carey Robinson Jazz. 6-9PM. LaSalle's: Happy Hour: The Montanes. 6-9PM. No cover. Laxson Auditorium: Chico Performances presents Lula Washington Dance Theatre - Jazz, Hip Hop, & Modern Dance. 7:30PM. $25 - $12. Lost On Main: The Dancehall Ft: Mykal Rose, Sister Carol, Stay Positive Sound, Water Truck Sound, & DJ PhG. 9PM. Maltese: Karaoke 9PM-Close. Monstro's: Violation (Rosa punk), Hellbomber, The Oisters. 8PM. $5.


FRI & SAT, MARCH 15rH - 16rH


2013 Chico Bach Festival

Last Call For A 6AM Paddy's Day



The centennial pipe organ housed in Harlen Adams Theatre might just be bigger than your entire bedroom. Any utterance from such an instrument needs to be felt at least once. Friday and Saturday bring the 2013 Bach Festival, presented by the CSU, Chico Department of Music and Theatre. Your chances to experience this colossal sound will arrive this Friday and Saturday, and begin at 7:30PM. Tickets run $15 for adults, $13 for seniors, and $6 children/ students. Don't miss out!

A few months ago, Synthesis asked readers to submit their favorite Towne Lounge memories to the paper. Some of the submissions recalled fond memories of starting their day-drinking escapades at the Towne Lounge, thanks to their unhindered liquor license. This St. Paddy's day marks




n-----.1 .L..------1

the last chance for those enthusiastic enough about their Irish heritage to begin celebrations as early as 6AM. Truly the end of an era. At least there will be a few more Black Fong shows ...

DIVA WENDY'S SO's DANCE PARTY Every Friday starting March 15rn 9PM - lAM No Cover DJ RICK "O" Dress up SO's Style Special prizes for Wendy's choice male I female

• ••• • •• • • •• • ••• • •• • • • • • ••• • •• • • •• • • •• • ••• • •• • • •• • ••• • • • • Panama's: Eclectic Nights- Buck Night & DJ Eclectic spinning favorites of today and yesterday on the patio. 9PM. Quackers: Karaoke Night with Andy. 9PM-1AM. Tackle Box: St Patty's Day with The Pub Scouts. 7-11 PM. Towne Lounge: Magically Delicious Dive Bar Disco. DJ2K. 9PM. $1. University Art Gallery: Reception for Janice Porter. 5-7PM. VIP Ultra Lounge: Acoustic Performance w/ Bradley Relf. 7-9PM. Wismer Theatre: CSU, Chico presents "12 Ophelias". 7:30PM.

15 FRIDAY lOOth Monkey Cafe & Books: Writing Group - Write, & share. 3:30-5PM. The Beach: DJ 2K & Mack Morris. 9PM-close. $2, $10 VIP. Cafe Coda: Funky St. Patty's with Mojo Green, MIP, & Alli Battaglia. 8PM. $8. All ages. Cafe Flo: Low Flying Birds. 7- lOPM. $5. All ages. Duffy's: Pub Scouts. 4- 7PM. Harlen Adams Theatre: 2013 Chico Bach Festival - Bach's Ger-

man Organ Mass. 7:30PM. $15, $13 Senior, $6 Child/Student. Kelly's Tavern (Oroville): Karaoke with Mora Sounds. 7-11 PM. LaSalle's: The Hooliganz. 8PM. Lakeview Restaurant (Oroville): Carey Robinson Jazz. 6-9PM. Lost On Main: Fever Fridays DJ Mack Morris & guest DJ Freakbeatz. Dress to impress! 9PM Maltese: Fabulous Friday LGBTQA+ Dance Party. 9PM. Peeking: BassMint - Electronic Dance Party. 9:30PM. $3-5. Quackers: Live DJ. 9PM. Studio Inn Lounge: '80s Night with DJ Rick "O" 9PM No Cover. T-Bar: Live music 7-8:30PM. Tackle Box: Live music with McBride Brothers. 9PM. Tortilla Flats: Latin Nights. Espanol & English DJ dancing with DJ (El, Kora) de Chico. Towne Lounge: shamROCK. DJ Dan K, Vinyl Salad. 9PM. No cover.

16SATURDAY 1OOth Monkey Cafe & Books: Knitting Circle. 2-4PM. 1078 Gallery: Guitar Project with Warren Haskell & Friends. Doors


7PM, Show 7:30PM. $10, $5 seniors/students. Beatnik's: Bunch of Shamrocks Cafe Coda: Socorro, Denim Irish Songs. lOAM. Wedding, & Aamir Malik. 8PM. Cafe Flo: St. Paddy's Day Fest Cal Skate: Adults Only Skate - Molly's Favourite, Bunch of Night. 9-11:30PM. $6. 18+ Shamrocks, & Michael Springer. El Rey: Floater (Acoustic perfor12-5PM mance). Doors 8PM, Show 9PM. DownLo: Shamrockfest 2013! $12 adv; $15 door. Live music ALL DAY with Kiss Harlen Adams Theatre: 2013 Me Dead, The Cause, Still Not Chico Bach Festival - The GloriDead Yet, Shout Bamalama, The ous Baroque: Bach & Beyond. Musimians, Black Fong, Biggs 7:30PM. $15, $13 Senior, $6 Roller, Swamp Zen, Hippie Trap, Child/Student. Orin, and Sonic Gravity. Noon LaSalle's: 1980NOW! 8PM. Midnight. $2 cover Lost On Main: Swamp Zen and Duffy's: Pub Scouts. 2 sets: 1:30Dylan's Dharma. Doors 9PM, 4:30 & 7:30-10:30. ShowlOPM. Quackers: Live DJ. 8:30PM-1AM. Graduate: St Paddy's Day Bash LaSalle's: St Paddy's Day with No cover. Spy Picnic. 8PM. Studio Inn Lounge: Live Local Lost On Main: Harvestival Bands.9PM Entertainment presents: NVO Tackle Box: Live music with Flat (live electronic) plus DJ Danny K, Busted. 9PM. Towne Lounge: Palaver, Lish Bills, On the Bus Lighting Productions. Free St. Paddy's DayT-Shirts special guest. 9:30PM. FREE (limited supplies), prizes, drink VIP Ultra Lounge: Complimenspecials. Doors 5PM. $5. tary Wine Tastings featuring The The Tackle Box: Karaoke with DJ Abbey of New Clairvaux VineShelley. 8PM. yards from Vina, CA plus Lucero Towne Lounge: OPEN AT 6AM! Olive Oil tasting. 5-7PM. DJ JPEG - 2 sets: 8AM-12PM & 5PM-9PM.




We are currently looking for Social Media Interns to assist in client research, updates and more. If you're interested please contact Ashley Shaffer at or by calling 530-899-7708. All applicants must provide a resume for this unpaid position.


1s I

THE YOUNG GENTLEMEN who comprise local jazz trio, Bogg, are more than just some of the most talented and disciplined musicians in town. In the last year alone, on top of juggling multiple bands (Clouds on Strings/Pageant Dads), the musicians have performed in support of a rock musical in San Francisco (Loki Miller's The Raven), written and starred in their own musical theatre production (The Loveseat Diaries), spearheaded ambitious entrepreneurial projects such as their website, organized a local music festival (Hardly Strictly Chico), and have continuously demonstrated an inspired and tireless creative spirit. The current Chico music scene would benefit greatly by taking a page from their book. Coincidentally, Synthesis has assigned exactly one page with which to examine the brass tacks of everything Bogg. I met with Joshua Hegg (keys), Michael Bone (drums), and Gavin Fitzgerald (bass) at Has Beans Creekside to pick their musical brains and preview the release of their first-ever vinyl record, So Happy, It Hurts. Why do you play music? Joshua: In context with this project, the reason I play music and the reason I play in Bogg is that it's a chance to not only write music that's challenging, interesting, and things I've never tried before, but it's also a chance to reach out and collaborate with people I've always wanted to, and have that artistic, family-vibe in which only music can bring people together. Gavin: There's just nothing else. I could be living in a hole in West Hollywood playing music every day and if I could pay for the hole, then I'm great. It's a joy to play with these guys because it's so like-minded. They're fantastic, so you're constantly challenged to push yourself harder, learn new things, and to get all theoried out and shit. It's great. Michael: I like to make music to make people happy. I like to play music because it's always an uphill battle to get better. It's a never-ending game. What benefits have you experienced from starting a second band? J: Michael and I, when we were trying this out last summer, were listening to more jazz and really intrigued with the sounds, the theory, the ideas ... with Clouds on Strings, we

weren't doing a lot of that stuff so we figured, why not just have both?

do it because they're nice, we asked them kindly, and they're friends. It's great to see the product you can make having all your friends help you out.

M: I just wanted to play drums really bad. The benefit is that it's just nice to have a different perspective. It's different players, two completely different writing styles and practice schedules ... those kinds of things.

J: It's a testimony to Chico's vibe that there's this much talent willing to come together.

J: Playing with Michael as a drummer is a way different artistic thing than playing with him on guitar. And I've never played with a bass player like Gavin, so it's just different perspectives. Not better or worse, just different.

Why vinyl? M: It's nice to have a big physical thing, especially with all the cool art that we're getting. Andy Greer did a piece that's great. Ellen Akimoto did a really nice piece. It's something that everyone can be proud of when they have it in their hand.

Did you take any new approaches or recording methods for this album? M: We recorded in Faith Lutheran Church in this nice, wooden room. Matt Franklin and some friends from the Bay Area micCl it up, so the recording process was really natural. It sounded cooler playing the songs in there than we ever practiced it at home, so that was really inspiring. J: Not only was it more collaborative with the music, but we borrowed really nice mies from Scott Cory, Scott Barwick, and Justin Vodden - he lent us a bunch of really fantastic gear like these tube mies for the horns, so it's cool in that respect. The engineering community in Chico came through and it was that kind of collaboration. G: It's nice to see that community effort between friends; even the art of the album, these are fantastic artists that just


J: The idea was we wanted one piece of art by a different artist for every track. All the art came back and it was just so out-of-this-world. Every track will have info and then the art piece inspired by it. M: The album is super dynamic as well, volume-wise. The mastering guy didn't do any compression at all. There's really loud parts and there's really quiet parts, so it comes through on vinyl pretty well. What do you have planned to make this show special? J: Bogg, as a trio, was only the nucleus of the album. There was a ton of other stuff happening when we recorded so we wanted to mirror that kind of grandiosity in the respect of sheer number of people, sounds, and instruments. We're going to have essentially the same lineup that we had on the album represented live. It's gonna be a loud, bombastic trio plus friends.

The bombastic trio, Bogg, will perform this Thursday, March 14th at Cafe Coda with support from touring acts, Song Sparrow Research (Seattle) and Avita Treason (Oakland), as well as locals, The Rugs. SPM. $5. All-ages.

By Nolan Ford



MARCH 11- MARCH 17, 2013


THE ARCHIVES Dillon Carroll

Alice Paul March is Women's History Month, and the Archivist has chosen to bring you a brief story of one of the most important women in the 20th century, who very few people know anything about. When most people think about the women's suffrage movement, they recall names like Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Susan B. Anthony, and (maybe) Lucretia Mott. These women were titans in the early women's rights movements. They had cut their teeth in the anti-slavery crusades of the 19th century. In 1848, many of them met at Seneca Falls, NY and issued a declaration of rights, symbolically proclaiming the equality of women to men. Following the Civil War, Congress granted citizenship and suffrage to black men, but left women out. Stanton, Anthony, Mott and many others were furious and started a separate campaign for female equality. By 1906, Stanton, Anthony and Mott were dead. The 19th Amendment, giving women the right to vote, was not passed until 1920. Who carried on the struggle? The most prominent figure in the movement then was Alice Paul, a woman most of you probably have not heard of. Paul was born in New Jersey and educated at the University of Pennsylvania. She traveled to England and worked on the suffrage campaign there. She was radical, even for today. For example, the Prime Minister of England was giving a speech, which Paul and associates had infiltrated and, utilizing tactics reminiscent of the famous mic checks of the Occupy Movement, Paul interrupted the PM during his speech by knocking out the windows with her shoes and screaming, "Votes for women!"

campaigns against Democrats. Suffragists lobbied Congress every day. Paul organized demonstrations where they read Woodrow Wilson's speeches and burned them, and then burned Wilson in effigy. The White House was not receptive, so Paul and her associates began picketing the White House, an unconventional tactic at the time. They continued the picket even when war broke out in Europe, even when Americans traveled across the Atlantic to fight (which was controversial, even among suffragists). Hundreds of women were arrested and, while imprisoned, started a hunger strike in protest of their treatment. Authorities at the prison put Paul in a psychiatric ward and force-fed her. News of the imprisonment, brutal treatment, and hunger strike leaked out and embarrassed Wilson and the Democrats. Alice Paul's leadership put intense pressure on Congress and on the Wilson administration to pass the 19th Amendment. Once the vote for women was secured, Paul began immediately working on the Equal Rights Amendment - an amendment which has yet to pass. Paul has been relegated to the dustbin of history, partly because she never had a skill for self-promotion like Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton. But Paul was also radical, and American history likes to remember moderates. It's why we revere Abraham Lincoln, but forget Radical Republicans. It's why we remember the Martin Luther King of 1963 who had a dream, and not the King of 1967 who was intensely critical of capitalism and the war in Vietnam. This month, while we celebrate amazing women, we should also remember and celebrate Alice Paul.

She came back to Washington in 1912 and immediately began working for an amendment promoting female suffrage. Her tactics were always nonviolent, preceding Gandhi and MLK. Paul organized marches, some of which ended violently when men attacked the female marchers. Paul organized boycott


MARCH 11 - MARCH 17, 2013



CHECK IT OUT! If you see yourself pictured here you can tag

your photo on our Life In Chico Facebook page!

It was a foggy Friday night in San Francisco's inner-Sunset neighborhood as my cohort and I began our voyage to The Independent. After some trouble at the door, we made it just in time to catch the beginning of Sinkane's second song of their set. They did not disappoint, playing their fantastic second album, Mars, in its entirety. They kept bodies writhing and swaying for the better part of an hour, sending ripples of electronic afro-funk over the swarming sea of humans that packed the sold-out show. They closed their set out with a pumped-up rendition of their single "Runnin'," sending the crowd into a frenzy.

It wasn't more than 15 minutes until the

lights were cut and Toro y Moi took the stage, whereupon they immediately broke into "So Many Details," the lead single of their January-released LP, Anything In Return. Hips were thrust, sweat was poured, and by the end of the show eggs were no doubt fertilized. Their setlist was fairly predictable, consisting mostly of songs off the new album, but they mixed it up by adding standouts from 201l's Underneath The Pine such as "Still Sound" and "New Beat." TyM kept it lively throughout and exceeded the precedent that they set at the 2011 Outside Lands Music Festival. The only disappointment came when the band didn't return for an encore. But fuck encores anyway, right? Early Saturday afternoon, a Synthesis photographer, editor, and myself ventured to the Swedish American Music Hall for Noise Pop Culture Club - an interactive workshop exploring DIY culture presented by local weekly, The Bay Bridged. Our primary objective was to see Falling Into The Sun: Meditations At Dawn, a collection of three heliocentric films, each livescored by a different member of the band, YACHT. The band's frontwoman, Claire L. Evans, whom we spoke with

briefly after the event, moni-


MARCH 11 - MARCH 17, 2013







By David Neuschatz Photos by Ben Koertge

tored the proceedings beginning with simple breathing exercises and some call-andresponse mantra repeating to fully prepare the 60 or so attendees for what they were about to experience. We left the Swedish American Music Hall imbued with effervescence - having conversed with a living, breathing goddess - to meet up with our fellow travelers in Dolores Park. We peoplewatched for a couple of hours, procured various chocolate-based marijuana edibles, and even met the aforementioned YACHT-goddess' high school prom date. Then, it was time for the main event: YACHT at Slim's. There were three open ers, and due to the entrance difficulty at The Independent, we weren't taking any chances. The openers were Shock, Future Twin, and Tussle. The only one of note, Shock, brought their en tracing brand of windchime-tinged, sleek electro-funk to the stage and instantly got the 80 people in the audience moving. Unfortunately, their set was the shortest of the night. Check out their song "Heaven'' on YouTube. It won't disappoint. After steadily drinking through the next two openers, YACHT usurped the stage never to relinquish control for the rest of the night. For 90 minutes, the sold-out crowd at Slim's were caught in a tractor beam and time ceased to exist. YACHT started the set

off with "Paradise Engineering" - an upbeat track with frontwoman Evans explaing the YACHT mission statement: "we as humans can become so blissful that we will no longer actually exist, and we will be able to gaze upon the entire universe." The talismanic enigma that is Claire L. Evans capitvated and coaxed the crowd into a euphoric, transcendent state of blissful everythingness. By the end, we were wishing that we YACHT could harness the cosmic, crystal energy carrot that was dangled in front of our noses. Then the encore came. Evans acquiesced the mic to her lifecollaborator, Jona Bechtolt, and YACHT proceeded to break into a down tempo, beefed-up version of "Ring The Bell" with the bass turned up so high, the foundations shook and arrhythmia was setting in. Next came the Chromeo-esque "Second Summer" - an autobiographical song mapping Claire and Jona's collaboration. The closer was the revved-up, self-impowering "Utopia;' which leaves us with the lines, "A higher source is calling and you don't have to commit, you don't have to submit. The future works upon us as we all work upon it'.' All in all, Noise Pop 2013 was a wonderful, transformative experience. If given the opportunity, everyone reading this should pull the trigger and go next year.


MARCH 11 - MARCH 17, 2013



V 'N ON THE T:o~ I' 'W


OFF MY LAWN! Jaimie O'Neill

Naughty Boys Club Leader Calls It Quits Sure, something that only happens once in 700 years is kind of newsworthy, I suppose, but on the day old Joe Ratzinger (AKA the ex-Pope) took his helicopter ride up to that lavish lakeshore retreat for the Catholic hierarchy, I thought I was watching the O.J. Simpson slow police chase all over again, with endless repetitions of much the same pictures and tiresome commentary as "news" chatterers tried to fill the air with diversions from the fact that the only news they had to share was "he's leaving'.'

If theyCl given it some thought, however, they might have done a little reporting on the fact that Mr. Ratzinger was a major player in the cover-up of sex crimes that has changed the "brand" of the Catholic Church, staining the bright robes and shiny rings. Or they might have delved into the mounds of money the bishops and cardinals enjoy, with their ornate and expensive costumerythe goldembroidered chasubles, and the golden chalices-all purchased with money siphoned from poor people who are desperate for the hope the church peddles, while far too many of these "spiritual leaders" are diddling boys behind the sacristy.

of the poor and ignorant. Ignorance has always been an aid to church recruitment and retention. The poor peasants of Europe built the great cathedrals with their sweat, then marveled at the majesty of stained glass windows as though those windows had materialized by miracle. Bitter criticism of the excesses of the church has a history nearly as old as the church itself, and sexual scandals are nothing new. In the 1930s and 40s, the church played footsie with the Nazis in Germany and the fascists in Italy and Spain, abandoning those people who filled their pews and their coffers to lend its imprimatur to thugs and murderers, turning a blind eye to the genocide they tacitly endorsed. Ex-pope Ratzinger was a member of the Hitler Youth. He grew up to take his place in the Catholic Church, where one of his cardinal contributions was to shelter pedophiles. Now he's off, one step ahead of the law, to a cushy retirement in that big boy's club in Vatican City. Speaking for myself, I won't be contributing to his retirement package anytime soon.

Much of that money washing into the Vatican comes from blighted places in Latin America and in Africa where, far too often, the Catholic Church is in league with the oligarchs who are riding on the backs



MARCH 11 - MARCH 17, 2013




March 11th, "Floater And Hyde" Welcome! This is your biweekly primer on all things weird, artsy, and local - things you should know about, but don't. This week marks the arrival to Chico of Allison Hyde, a printmaker and artist born and raised in Tacoma, WA. Her prints are cool, but her strangeness really comes through in her installation art. What she offers isn't so much a beautiful image or a deep message, but a personal moment for you to experience. A moment in which you may feel any number of things in response ... A moment that could only occur in the unique space Hyde creates. See her work March 7th - 30th at 1078 Gallery, and see her prints March 11th - 30th at the Janet Turner Print Museum (that's a museum in the CSU library). On the aural side of experience, Floater is returning to give two more of their signature mind-blowing performances. The first being a rock show at The Senator on March 15th, and a second acoustic show at the El Rey on March 16th. I know we all see their name quite regularly on the Senator billboard, but what do you really know about this remarkable band? I hit up Rob, their singer/ songwriter, to see what he had to say. What were you going through when you created your latest LP, Wake? Wake represented a lot of change for the band on a lot oflevels. We were all going

through a lot in our personal lives and that made its presence known pretty dramatically in the music. The process of change has been a theme for me over the years, and I've only recently really noticed that. Wake was a reaction to a lot of changes and was really cathartic on many levels. When it was finished, I really knew that it would take some time to process, and I think I'm still doing that. Are you planning on dropping "Cinema" at the show? The St. Paddy's weekend shows will have some surprises and some songs you can count on, but I'm not going to ruin the fun by spilling the beans. If Floater were a Pokemon, which one would it be? The one that very few people have heard of, but that has the power to dim time, whichever one that is. "Title " by Allison Hyde

Have anything to say to your Chico fans? There'll be a few musical surprises you won't want to miss. After these shows we'll be vanishing for an undetermined amount of time, and you may not see Floater for quite a while. So hopefully we'll see you there! I encourage readers to email me (howl@ projects, news, or stories you'd like me to write about. Art, music, theatre, installation art, performance art, or any other weird thing that's important and as-of-yet unknown. It's all fair game.


Nolan "Doubt Full Of Love" - Bogg Sara "Little Mother" - Bogg Paige "Suit & Tie" - Justin Timberlake Kathy "Love Sosa" - Niykee Heaton covering Chief Keef

Lilly "Girl, You'// Be A Woman Soon" - Neil Diamond Pauline "Strange Overtones" - We Barbarians Michaela "Bury Me Beneath The Willow" - Chris Thile



from our life in chi co face book pa-1-.e

Craig Blamer A Macbeth t-shiirt from the 197 Shakespeare in the Park. It's pretty ratty ... Monday at 1:46pm · Unlike ·&!! 3 Shelby James Donahue A thimble and a ring my pa gave me. Monday at 1:47pm • Like Patricia Kelley I don1 t have one, but if pressed ..... definite y my husband. Monday at 1:49pm · Edited· Like Warren Vern Leathers My Celtics hat ... Although it hasn't done much for them. Monday at 1: 52pm · Like · &!! 1 AJ. Jacobs My red hair Monday at 2:07pm via mobile · Like Robert T Chew Attitude baby, respect, and be respect, it''s call Iove ! ) Monday at 2:18pm v·a mobile · Unlike &!! 1 Jake Nolen Dios Monday at 2:35pm v·a mobile· Like

MARCH 11 - MARCH 17, 2013


ARIES Things begin to change for you this week The new moon has you looking at your spiritual life and personal karma. Your sense of isolation seems blown up during this period. Practicing good karma is a must. You can no longer live happily with a "me first" philosophy. Mars moves into your first house Monday night and will be there for the next six weeks. You feel more ready to take risks and to set off on an adventure. It would be wise to wait till next week before taking on anything new.

GEMINI It's hard to see the forest for the trees these days. There are many needs at work that people are expecting you to fulfill. Mercury retrograde doesn't let go of its confusing grip until Sunday afternoon. Relax and let go. Take care of the important things. The new moon puts a major focus on your career life. You're likely to be more in the public eye. People are listening to what you have to say. Continue to work on your leadership qualities. Be thoughtful and sensitive in the workplace.

LEO When life gives you lemons, you make lemonade. There is a wealth in every disaster area. You may also be experiencing a pre-spring libido boost. Get rid of as many things that you don't need as possible. This is a time where you are likely to be in debt to someone or someone is in debt to you. The new moon rules birth, sex, and death as well as other people's property and occult studies. Traditionally, this is a difficult transition for most people. Be patient with yourself and others.

LIBRA There has been a major push in your life, either to get things done or to recover from an illness. Charitable causes are easier to get involved with during this period Most projects seem to require extra effort. Finances appear to need total revamping. Working with other people takes more effort than going at things alone. You wish to bring harmony through your efforts. Pay attention to improving team spirit. The new moon helps you get betterorganized and helps you through

SAGITTARIUS Family and creating stability at home is your number-one job. In order to be lucky, you 11 have to experience some bad luck as well as good. I guess we can be grateful that life isn't boring. You may need to move with this coming new moon. Pay attention to your parents, particularly your mother. Rely more on your memory and less on your phone or computer. Do something to honor your ancestors and the people that came before you.

AQUARIUS "The love of money is the root of all kinds of evil:' This bible verse explains some of the struggles you've been through as of late. You are having your values and patience put though a test. How you spend your cash is more important than how you vote or whom you vote for. Issues involving your throat and voice are more in focus. The other area of emphasis is what you put in your mouth. Eat local, organic, and sustainable. You only hurt yourself with crappy beverages and fast food.

health issues.

TAURUS Are you grateful for your friends and the people that helped you? You have helpful friends all around you, pay attention to them. You are freer now to do good than you have been in a while. Venus in the eleventh house implies good female friends as well as creative people in your life. The new moon gives you a glimpse into the future. This is also a good time for political action or an organizational review. Your vision for the future is important.

CANCER Life's rich pageantry of adventure has taken you by the short hairs. Your quest for knowledge is never-ending, while your thirst to explore new territory is stronger than ever. If you were able to travel, now would be a great time to go. You are luckier than usual as well. If you wanted to get published, this is a great time for that. The new moon in your ninth house rules exotic cultures, foreign languages, being a winner, and taking on higher learning.

VIRGO Not all things in life are fair or equal. Some people would like to use deception to get the upper hand of you. "Be wise as serpents, but harmless as doves;' is a quote from the gospels from Jesus to his disciples. Creating harmony requires tact, grace, and a friendly smile. Romance and secret affairs can develop during the Mercury retrograde confusion. The new moon rules contracts and partnerships as well as romance and marriage. Love takes things deeper.

SCORPIO Your key phrase is, "I create:' Never has there been such an opportunity to be creative as there is now. You're finally getting serious about your life, its limits, and long-term goals that you would like to fulfill. Write a new song or begin a new art piece. Stop worrying about failure and begin artistic experimentation. There is no limit as to what you may find. Teaching, fathering, clowning around, and being a better performer are some of the gifts that this new moon will bring you.

CAPRICORN You find joy in working with your hands these days. Mercury retrograde has been somewhat good for you. Even during a crisis there is an opportunity for strengthening friendships and deepening relationships. The new moon has you running around like a chicken with its head cut off. You have places to go and people to see. Get things down in writing. The new moon will help you be a better neighbor, a nicer cousin, and more compassionate person when it comes to the local environment.

PISCES This new moon is all about you. Monday's new moon in Pisces allows you to be the flavor of the month. You feel strong, conscious, and ready to tackle anything. Faith without action is dead. You are all about the action principle these days. Take care of as many personal matters as you can. Jupiter in the fourth house makes family issues and your living situation the only stumbling block for getting ahead Bloom where you are planted before moving ahead

HAPPY BIRTHDAY: Ed the Dread 3/17/52, Liza Tedesco 3/17/71, Bobbie Tryon 3/14/48 Koz McKev is on You Tube, on cable 11 BCTV. is heard on 90.lFM KZFR Chico, and also available by appointment for personal horoscopes. Call (530)891-5147 or e-mail

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MARCH 11 - MARCH 17, 2013

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Synthesis Weekly March 13-17, 2013  

Vol. 19 Issue 28

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