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FEBRUARY ll'h, 2013



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In a Synthesis exclusive, Sheriff Jerry Smith and Undersheriff Kory Honea sit down to explain the Armed Prohibited Persons List. If you don't know what that is, I'll give you a hint, it's a list generated by the Department of Justice. And we'll tell you how many people on that list are supposedly living right here in Butte County.

BITCOIN BYTES Strap on your headlamp, it's time to go bitcoin mining. Matt Olson tells us all about this mysterious, mystical digital currency and whether or not it's gaining any traction in a global market. Don't go trading in all your dollars for bits just yet! I mean, can you tip your bartender with bitcoins? Can you order a pizza? Let's not be hasty here, nerds.







syn.the.sis The composition or combination of parts or elements so as to form a whole b: the production of a substance by the union of chemical elements, groups, or simpler compounds or by

SOMETHIN' NEW Synthesis columnist, Mad Bob Howard, recently sat down with Vincent Newsom to discuss his life as a musician in Chico, his opinions about how music should be shared and digested online, as well as some of the music that every aspiring artist should be aware of.

the degradation of a complex compound c : the

Synthesis is taking a decidedly grown up turn for the awesome. Between the weekly paper, the website ( ), and the Life In Chico Facebook page, we're able to reach more readers than ever. If you're getting to know the new Synthesis and feel like you could be a contributor, please contact with a writing sample and an idea about your ideal column. What do you want to see? The sky is the limit; we're hearing all ideas! This is a community paper and we welcome input from the members of our community. This week our cover story is about the Armed Prohibited Person's List. After you read it you may be wondering what to do with the information you've just absorbed. Contact your local and state legislators and let them know how you feel about depleted resources for law enforcement. Rally to give law enforcement the resources they need to get weapons out of the hands of dangerous people. The APPL is only a list when there aren't any officers available to work it. And whether or not you're a card-carrying member of the NRA or you'd be willing to Farenheit 451 every firearm on the face of the Earth, we should all be in agreement that bad guys with guns are a terrible idea. This week, Bob Howard brings us another installment of his ongoing Local Artist Profile series. This is such a great way to get the heads up on new and emerging local talent - who knows how many groupies we'll be responsible for creating, but mo' groupies mo' betta. Also, when I hear about Bitcoin, I get a visual of somebody running along a brick wall collecting coins and jumping into the sky with their fist up to catch extra money. I imagine that the way you get Bitcoins is by jumping up and down on a mushroom or by killing enemies and collecting their gold. Though my way sounds a lot more fun, Matt Olson tells us the real story about this alternative currency and whether or not it has a real foothold in the global economy. And last but not least, we've got a debut column from Erica Noel & Jessica Sijan called "Pedal Pushers." They're looking for a lot of crowd participation; write in, ask them some questions, start a conversation!

combining of often diverse conceptions into a coherent whole; also : the complex so formed






Crossword In the Crosshairs Take a shot at this week's crossword. Either the clue or answer will be related to firearms.

BOB•EYDAY ••••••••••••D•DDDD ••••~~~rn•••o•o•o•••

••D•D••••••D•D•D••• ••o•o••••DDD•D•D••• ••D DDDD•••o••o•o••• ••o•o•••••o••o•o••• TONY REBEL •••••o••••o••••o•o• •••••D••~DDD•D•D•D• UEEN IFRICA •••D DD••••D•••••••• HE GUMPTION BAND •~•••o•••••••••o••• ~DDDDDD••··~·••D••• S~ I •o•••••••••o•••o••• •o••••••••~o•••o••• FEBRUARY 14,2013 •o••••••••••••••••• EL REY THEATER 4PM •1OPM ••D•••••DDDDDDDDD~D


•••••~DDDDDDD••••D• •••••D••~DDDDDD~DD•



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10...:.i ?••GI


BUTTE HUMANE SOCIETY OFFERING REDUCED-COST PIT BULL SPAY/NEUTERS Only 51 Spots Remain through March 31 for GrantFunded Discount! CHICO, CA - Now through March 31, Butte Humane Society's Low-Cost Spay & Neuter Clinic is offering a $40 discount on all spays and neuters of pit bull terriers. This discount, subsidized by a recent grant, is available on a first-come, first-serve basis. Only 51 spots remain! To schedule an appointment, contact Butte Humane Society's Low-Cost Spay & Neuter Clinic at 530-343-7917 ext. 202. To see the price list for Butte Humane Society's clinic services, go online to The clinic facility is located at 587 Country Drive in Chico.

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2. .45 Maker 3. Mixologist's Measure 6. "You Can't Get A _ __ With A Gun" - Cast of Annie Get Your Gun 8. Clay pigeon shooting 9. Pilgrims' Weapon 11." In The Head" Rage Against the Machine 13. Cut out, as in coupons 14. Cigar Aficionado or Guns &Ammo 15.Gun _ __ 16. Rifle type 19." Gun Kelly" Angelic Upstarts 21. Red BB Gun 22. "The _ _ _ 's Spiral" The Shins 23." And A Gun" Tori Amos

1. "_ _ _ Is A Warm Gun" - Beatles 2. "Autumn Leaves" _ _ _ Adderley 3. Guitar and drum type 4. Janie's got one 5. Dueler's gun 7. Bandolier contents 10. Optometrist's field 12. Firearm also called 'Chicago Typewriter' 17. Has bull terrier mascot 18. Scotch container 20. Prometheus stole it

syn thesis y



remained to provide a forum for entertainment, music, humor, community awareness, opinions, and change.

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PHOTOGRAPHY Jessica Sid Vincent Latham

CALENDAR Bethany Johnson


Crossword created by Bethany Johnson

Dain Sandoval


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Farewell To A Lost Friend There are a lot of very heavy hearts in and around Chico right now. We've lost one of our own. Katie Kelley was taken from us far too soon, though she leaves behind a great impression on the town she called home. Katie played music, primarily her black Rickenbacker bass guitar, in a variety of bands. She cut a striking figure, statuesque and brilliant on stage. If you didn't know Katie, her sheer beauty could intimidate; you might think she was inapproachable, or aloof. She was anything but. Katie was an absolutely generous and wonderfully funny woman. She was curious, whimsical, and occasionally goofy. Her smile and her laughter would light up a room, and she was wickedly smart - when talking with her, I'd often find myself nodding in awe, and wondering at the workings of that powerful, complicated mind ... The human brain wants reason, but there is no good reason I can figure for this. But there are lessons we can draw from loss, and the lesson I want to encourage is simply to spend time with the people we love while they are here. We don't get to know when they will leave us. Our lives are tangled and busy. We grow tired, apathetic; we take things for granted. We assume there will be more time, until there isn't any more time. I'm as guilty of this as anyone, and now my heart is broken. Soil Therapy I've been working through some of my confusion and pain by turning earth out in the garden. Spring is around the corner, and so it

is time to organize seeds and prepare the beds. This year I went a little crazy on my seed order. If it all works out, the garden will be featuring several different heirloom varieties of the following: corn, squash, garlic, eggplant, cucumber, carrots, beans, onions, potatoes, sweet peppers, hot peppers, and of course, tomatoes. We're also going to try out a few different grains this year, including: sesame, quinoa, amaranth, sorghum, and a weird grass called chuffa that produces a rhizome known colloquially as a "ground almond." Apparently it's a staple food source in vast swaths of Asia. While I concentrate on the vegetables, Trish focuses on the ornamental plantings and the fruit trees. We're going to expand the pomegranate and persimmon orchards, and she has been planting tulip bulbs all over the place. Those are fun surprises, because they lay dormant and hidden under the soil until the ground starts to warm, and then they reveal their forgotten hiding places by pushing through the earth, and then blooming bright pink, yellow, red, or sometimes black. This is hard. I see her smiling face every time I close my eyes. I hear her unmistakable laughter emanating from the reaches of the yard. I wish she were here. I suppose she is, in our memories, in our dreams.

Visit us at the Chico Bridal Show! February 24th, noon to Spm Sample our dishes, schedule a complimentary tasting, and see special pricing packages for your wedding. We can't wait to serve you.

Eat. Drink. Be Merry. Locally.

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Farewell, Katie.


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Let's Talk About Sex...And Cake Farts Well kids, it's that time of year again. The infamous Day of Love, Singles Awareness Day, and Valentines - it goes by many names and, like most things, people have strong opinions about it. You can't fight it, so just sit back and relax as Cupid rears his disproportionately large raptor head and summons from the sky tiny heart-shaped beads filled with acid. As they pelt down, melting everything they touch (bums, cars, a dog here or there), Cupid throws back his head and lets out a thunderous laugh, sending a chill up the collective spine of humanity. Hmm ... this is awkward. Now that I read that last part back, I'm remembering that was actually a dream I had the other night. Well anyway, 'tis the season for love, so let's discuss some such tomfoolery. Our first story comes to us from Craigslist Manhattan Craigslist to be precise. I can only assume the poster must really care about the person whose birthday it is, because it's such a touching and heartfelt gesture. "I know this sounds bizarre, but I need someone (preferably female) to come to my friend's birthday and sit on his cake and fart on it. It will be in a public place and will not be a dangerous situation. Just for jokes. $SO:' I mean ... that's true friendship right there. $50 is pretty good for a quick squat and fart, but personally I'd be leery of any Craigslist ad where the poster feels the need to specify it won't be a dangerous situation.

Man, specifically that fancy white webbing that ol' Peter seems to have an endless supply of. An entomologist who goes by the name of"Bug Girl" and runs a blog has brought to light an uncomfortable fact about spiders that has some nasty repercussions for anyone who enjoys Spider-Man. Spiders make their webs from silk which is gleaned from glands called spinnerets. However, they're located at the tip of the abdomen, not the wrists. So what does this mean for Peter Parker? Read on, if you dare. "Male spiders have special appendages on the front of their bodies - they are really noticeable 'boxing gloves.' Those are not, however, what spiders shoot silk or webbing out of. These pedipalps have one function. SEX:' That means the white sticky stuff Peter has been shooting out of his wrists all these years is ... Oh, god. Poor Aunt May. Do you know how many times being thrown in a giant pile of that stuff has saved her? Yikes. You can thank i09 for that disgusting revelation. Lastly, and on a serious note, like everyone else I was shocked and saddened by the recent loss of one of Chico's best, Katie Kelley. Katie had such a brightness to her that was incredibly intoxicating to be around. Her enthusiasm for life was infectious, and I, like many others, am deeply struck by such a terrible loss. My heart goes out to her family. And to all her friends I ask only that we try to be easy on each other, and of course, give out hugs like it's going out of style (which it never will). image source:funnyjunk

Our next point of interest deals with Spider-




PUT A FORK IN IT Jen Cartier blushcatering@gmai l. com

Pho On the list of things I'd like to eat for breakfast, I'm with the Vietnamese. I'm a fan of pho any time of day, but I love it for breakfast. But, I'm not talking about the kind made with instant broth from a seasoning packet. I asked one local establishment if their pho noodles were gluten free (as in, traditional rice noodles without added wheat product) and they said, "I don't know, but here's the packet of instant broth we use, you can read it to see if it's gluten free'.' That's the same instant I decided they could pho(k) off. Good beef stock is not impossible to make. Bro, you put some moose knuckle beef shin in a pot with water, skim the fat, then add vegetables and herbs (although the seasonings vary with the cuisine). It practically makes itself. Plus, you can have a stock making party and make a large amount, then freeze what's left in small containers for quick soups later. So, why are we doing this? Why are we dumbing down our food culture? Settling for broth packets? Some people would say, in this economy, restaurants just can't afford to use quality ingredients because customers would be unable to pay higher prices. Lies! When the economy is down, only the best restaurants should prevail. If we're going to expect people to spend their hard earned money from jobs they probably hate and are likely underpaid for, you want them also to sacrifice pleasure and substance for some MSG-filled, overcooked, packet slop? That makes no sense.

Let me just qualify one thing: when I say only the best restaurants should prevail, I do not mean the most expensive ones. I'm talking about the ones where you can taste the difference. The ones serving real food. The ones you may visit a smidge less often because they're a dollar or two more a plate. Here's another idea: learn to cook, chumbuckets. That's how you can afford to eat well. Eat out for pleasure and socialization, not for convenience. If we compared food to sex (appropriate because the two are closely related), eating bad food daily is like taking home a random girl every week. Sure, it gets the job done, but what are you really experiencing? Eating well is like making love to someone you actually care about who is actually good in bed. You know all the good spots, and lay in their embrace afterward. See the difference?





[IDJ] ~OO[fil{ ~rnJOOOO~IB ~[Rl[ID lf[Rl~[IDOO~




Anthony Bourdain calls good pho a "Textural Disneyland" and I agree. The hot, silky broth, chewy rice noodles, invigorating spices, tender and rare beef that cooks only in the time between being dropped into the hot broth, and the time it reaches your mouth, along with cilantro, basil, and bean sprouts - it's cause for salivation. Visit us at and tell us where you go to find good pho in Chico. Ask the establishment how they make their broth. That's the first step to good pho.




l)l=lC>l-lll~ITl:ll OneBadAPPL The Armed Prohibited Person's List has been all over the news lately and it doesn't sound like a big list of winners. It sounds like a list of bad guys with guns. Who are these people? How many are in Butte County? Should we be afraid, stocking up on ammunition, and forming a mob? Who's supposed to be disarming these guys and why aren't they doing it, on the double? Those who find themselves on this list are prohibited from posessing firearms. But there aren't always resources to enforce the prohibition. Take the case of Roy Perez of Baldwin Park, who in 2008 shot his mother 16 times and then went next door, killing a neighbor and the neighbor's 4-year-old child. Perez, on the list for violent and erratic behavior and multiple 72-hour psychiatric holds, had never had his gun confiscated. He is now serving a life sentence in prison. In 2012, Senate Bill 819 was passed and the Department of Justice began releasing a monthly list to local law enforcement agencies called the Armed Prohibited Person's List. APPL, as it's known, is a list of people who have legally purchased firearms but, for any number of reasons, are no longer allowed to own them. As of February 1st, 2013 there are 170 Armed Prohibited persons listed as living in Butte County and 269 weapons associated with those people. Specifically, 268 handguns and 1 assault weapon; rifles and shotguns are not currently tracked under California law. Prior to the 2012 legislation, the Department of Justice tracked people who were convicted of felonies or misdemeanors which carried firearms prohibitions, or those who were taken into custody pursuant to a 5150 (The Welfare & Institutions Code) because they were a danger to themselves or others due to a mental health issue, or they became a restrained person (restraining order), or the firearm prohibition was a condition of probation. The

I a


new legislation mandates that the DOJ cross-reference the database of prohibited persons with the list of persons who, at some point prior to their prohibition, purchased handguns or assault weapons. Thus creating the Armed Prohibited Persons List. I sat down with Sheriff Jerry Smith and Undersheriff Kory Honea to learn more about these bad guys with guns in our county: Do you actively work the list to retrieve these firearms? Honea provides some background, "Beginning in 2007, the Butte County Sheriff's office was part of a pilot project, along with the San Mateo County Sheriff's office, and that pilot project gave those two entities grant funding to participate in a program called the Firearms Domestic Violence Education & Intervention Program. In essence, what that program allowed us to do was fund two deputy sheriffs who were notified when someone was either the subject of a domestic violence restraining order or suffered a conviction of domestic violence that resulted in them being a prohibited person. And then these deputies would work to either 1) bring the person into compliance with the law by informing them that 'hey, you have to lawfully dispose of this firearm and we need to tell you how to do that.' Or 2) if they refused to do that, work to establish enough evidence to allow us to obtain search warrants, go in and search for the weapons and if we found them then we could seize them and request those people be prosecuted accordingly. So we had that program in place for 2 years. In 2009 the program ended and as a result we lost funding for that program:' "It's interesting;' says Sheriff Smith, "if I might add, how that funding came to be. It was a result of a lawsuit that was settled, and the defendant in that lawsuit was the WalMart company. They actually were fined a large sum of

money and that money went to the Department of Justice to fund that project:' Between 2009 and 2012, before Bill 819 was implemented, a detective was assigned the ancillary responsibility of dealing with this issue. Unfortunately, it was virtually impossible for a single detective to work the list full-time and fulfill his other job responsibilities. When Bill 819 passed in 2012, the Sheriff's department began receiving monthly updates to the list. Today, they cross-reference the list with open investigations to see if the names on the list match names involved in other cases. Those on the list not associated with an open case are then contacted by the Sheriff's department in an effort to bring them into compliance with the law. Those names are assigned to the STARS (Sheriff's Team of Active Retired Seniors) volunteer unit, who then attempt to make telephone contact with the people on the list. STARS volunteers are not responsible for collecting guns, only for making phone calls to ask the listee to comply with the law. Those that do not respond and verify that they've come into compliance are then referred back to the detective, and according to Honea, "as we have the resources to do it, then we will work those cases up:' But as we all know, law enforcement resources are spread awfully thin these days throughout California. Honea adds, "just because a person is on the list, doesn't mean we can go right out there, go inside their house and take their guns:' The Sheriff's office must verify that the person is truly on the list, their address is correct, and the weapons are still in their possession. Can you get off the list? Some of the prohibitions are limited in duration; it might not necessarily be a lifetime sentence. If a restraining SYNTHESISWEEKLY.COM

order expires or the listee goes to court and litigates their felony down to a misdemeanor and then has it expunged, they are removed from the list. Basically you either time-out or you can try to litigate your way off the list. Why aren't firearms just surrendered or collected at the time of conviction? Logistically, it's not always possible to collect the firearm at the time of arrest. The legal reason for this is traced back to the 1994 case, People v. Beck, in which it was determined that the defendant, not the state, had the right to designate disposition of the titles of their firearms in the event that the defendant became prohibited. Once someone has been convicted they first have the right to dispose of the firearm in a method that they choose. Grandad's old blunderbuss? They can sell it to a non-prohibited family member instead of surrendering it, as long as they can show proper proof and documentation of the sale.

Working the list is resource-intensive, time-consuming and complicated. Is it scary to imagine that we have these criminal elements armed and living in our community? Are we overstating the role that mental illness plays when it comes to gun violence? A study from UC Davis concludes that "among legal purchasers of handguns, the incidence of new felonious and violent criminal activity resulting in ineligibility to possess firearms is low for those with no prior criminal history but is substantially higher for those with a prior criminal record and is affected by demographic characteristics:' In other words, if you're already a criminal, you're more likely to continue your crime spree. If you're not and you've passed your background check, the possibility of committing a crime is slimmer. Comforting? And while everyone agrees that firearms should not be in the hands of irresponsible, violent or mentally ill offenders, the Sheriff has issued a further statement about gun control in general, in the wake of the Newtown tragedy: "I am a strong supporter of the 2nd Amendment and as Sheriff of Butte County took an oath to uphold the Constitution of the United States. As such, I support the rights of mentally stable, law abiding citizens to possess firearms. Our focus at the Butte County Sheriff's Office has been, and will continue to be, on keeping guns out of the hands of criminals and mentally unstable individuals. Responsible gun ownership is not the problem. Irresponsible gun ownership is the nexus to the tragedies we have seen.

requires background checks to be performed on any individual purchasing a gun, and a waiting period already exists. There has been a magazine capacity ban in effect since the 1990's and assault rifles are already highly regulated in California. Accordingly, I do not believe additional regulation is warranted in California. "When it comes to keeping our children safe, I would like to see funding made available to local law enforcement agencies so they can hire officers to be assigned to school campuses. Additionally, we need to improve our systems that identify and treat people with mental health issues. And finally, we need the resources necessary to hold criminals who use firearms accountable." I asked Sheriff Smith, a "strong supporter of the 2nd amendment" and a member of the NRA, if he's happy with the NRA response to proposed gun control legislation. He hesitated for a moment and replied, "I am happy with the NRA response:' I then asked what he thought about NRA Executive Vice President Wayne LaPierre flipflopping on the issue of universal background checks. In 1999 LaPierre stated on behalf of the NRA that he "believed it was reasonable to provide mandatory instant criminal background checks for every sale at every gun show, no loopholes, anywhere for anyone:' Fast forward to the present, LaPierre doesn't believe that "law-abiding people want every gun sale in the country to be under the thumb of the federal government:' Smith responded, "I think that's ridiculous. I think it's ridiculous for me as a private citizen, to have the opportunity to sell to somebody who is mentally ill or otherwise prohibited. I should be penalized severely for that:' He goes on to say, "Not doing background checks, in my mind, is just ridiculous ... You have to have some measure with which you can qualify.. .I am for closing the gun show loophole:' So, do you need an assault weapon to hunt? To kill a squirrel? Sheriff Smith says, "No, but people still want the option to purchase one:' Americans want what they want, right? We want assault weapons, Big Gulps and pot. Honea laughs, "Yeah, the hallmarks of freedom:'

"The State of California already has in place a comprehensive body of law intended to keep guns out of the hands of criminals and mentally unstable individuals. California already





Weapons Associated With APPL

On the list because .. .

APPL Stats for BUTTE COUNTY Number of people in Butte County

Butte County, CA

Mental Health: 18 Assaul Weapon

Qualifying Misdemeanor: 26 Domestic Violence I Restraining Order: 39

on the Armed Prohibited Persons List:


Federal Brady Prohibition: 53 I

Number of weapons associated with those people: 269


. I


Felony convictions: 140




I 11



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All 16 oz Teas or AMF S3 All Day

Go DownLo

TRIKE RACES! Post time @ !Opm.


Win T-shirts and Bear

S3.SO Snakebite 53 Glass of wine S3 Prohibition Ale

Bucks. MUG CLUB 4-lOPM

53 Tea of the Day 53.SO Sky Vodka Cocktails

S2.2S PBR S2.7S Well & Dom. All day - Every day

Buck Night 8-dose

Happy Hour 4-8PM

Sl well cocktails, Sierra

S4 Glass of House Wine S3 Well Cocktails 20% off wine by bottle Sl off Call liquor and bottled beer

SS House Martinis

Nevada Pale Ale, dom draft S3 Guiness Drafts,

S2 Black Butte SS Vodka Redbull Happy Hour 11-6PM S2.7S select bottles & drafts




Bear Burger with fries

S2 Select Beers S3 Teas

or salad for SS.29. llam-!Opm.

$3 Creamsicle shot

S3 Strongbow

52 16oz Wells

Free Happy Hour Food


4PM until it's gone

Happy Hour 11-6PM select wells, bottles and pints S2.7S

S4 Sex On The Beach $4 Sierra Nevada Knightro ON TAP Sl Jello Shots 7-lOPM S3 Rumpy, Jager and Fireball

S4 World Famous Bloody Joe SS Premium bloodys your choice of vodka


Insane Sl/S2/S3 specials! VIP Bottle Service available

SS Bartender's Choice SS


LOGTA+ DANCE PARTY 9PM SS Dbl vodka rock star SS Mango cosmo S4 Dbl tequila sunrise

NEW WAVE 80S PROM 52 Bud Light 53 Cherry Bourbon Coke

53 all teas S6 Sky Vodka and Redbull BUCK NIG HT 9PM-Close Sl BEERS Sl WELLS Sl TEAS

S2.2S PBR S2.7S Well & Dom. All day - Every day

S3 Tea of the Day DBL Bacardi Cocktail Special Vodka Redbull SS

S2.2S PBR S2.7S Well & Dom. All day - Every day


Go Downlo

BURGER MADNESS! Bear Burger wifh fries or salad for SS.29. llam-!Opm .

SUNDAY SOCIAL 3-7PM TRIVIA 8PM S2 .SO Bloody & mimosas S2 Stella 53 Cranberry screwdriver


Power Hour 8-9PM 1/2 off Liquor & Drafts 9PM-Close 53 Pale Ale Drafts S9.7S Pale Pitchers

Happy Hour 4-8PM

Mon-Sat free pool 6-8PM

Happy Hour 4-8PM $5 House Martinis 54 Glass of House Wine 53 Well Cocktails 20% off wine by bottle Sl off Call liquor and bottled beer

S2.2S PBR S2.7S Well & Dom. All day - Every day

Mon-Sat 3PM-6PM Sl Dom draft, 52 SN draft, $1.SO wells, Power Hour 8-9PM 1/2 off Liquor & Drafts 9-Close S3 Pale Ale Drafts S9.7S Pale Pitchers

WINE TASTING S-8PM Happy Hour 4-8PM SS House Martinis 54 Glass of House Wine S3 Well Cocktails 20% off wine by bottle Sl off Call liquor and bottled beer

Champagne Brunch 10AM-2PM Happy Hour prices all day!





'"w'Ule vl

Saturday February 16th 5-8pm, featuring:

Mixer and DJ Following!


$5 House Martinis

S4 Glass of House Wine S3 Well Cocktails 20% off wine by bottle Sl off Call liquor and bottled beer

53 Tea of the Day S4.50 DBL Captain plus Bartender Special

LATE NIGHT EATS' BEAR BURGER AND FRIES FOR ONLY S4.99' Mon-Sat !Opm - lam. Call To Rent For Private Party

53.SO !Sl party punch 53 Fire Eater Shots S6.SO Apple Cinnamon Cider 8-9PM Sl pale ale and dom draft up 25¢ per hour until close

Thurs, February l 4th 9-11 pm

530.893.5253 134 Broadway




Come enjoy many locally produced tapas & wines paired to perfection with our complimentary tastings from local wine makers on Saturdays in February & March.

Live music TMByou by:






:i j'':.i





THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 14rH Reptilian Shape Shifters,

Valentine's Day Speed Dating

Palaver, Born Into This, & Fight Music



Well now that the cat is out of the bag and we know Beyonce is most definitely a member of the Illuminati, it's time to strike back. How can we withstand the evil consuming the planet when they have the influence of America's greatest pop stars on their side? The answer is simple - head to Cafe Coda this Valentine's Day for an eye-opening evening of adrenalineinfused math rock by Oakland conspiracy theorists, Reptilian Shape Shifters. The show starts at SPM, costs $5, and welcomes believers of all ages.

Maybe you've been thinking you just don't have the time to meet the right person. This Valentine's Day, head down to Bella's Valentine's Speed Dating for a fun and easy way to meet a lot of people in a short period time. A mixer and DJ will follow so you can keep the connections going. Signups start at 9 and there is no registration cost.


Love will be in the air and the drink specials will be flowing.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •


The Bear: Bear-E-oke! 9PM. Cafe Flo: Happy Hour Jazz. 5PM. DownLo: 9-Ball League. 9PM. Last Call Lounge: Karaoke. 8Pm. Lost On Main: The Lost Cabaret presents The Last Man, written and directed by Craig Blamer. 7:30PM. $5. 21+ Maltese: Open Mic Night - Comedy. Signups@ 8, Starts@ 9. Mug Night 7-11:30PM. Woodstock's: Spelling Bee For the Grown Ups. 6:30- 7:30PM.

12 TUESDAY Club 01 User Friendlv

Au Courant Dance Partv

DJ Set/Hosted bVJPEG

11111111111 CLUBDl

Club 01 #Twerk Abootv poppin' dance partv.

lOOth Monkey Cafe & Books: Dreamwork Circle - Share dreams & explore techniques for discovering their secrets. 6:30-8PM. $10. The Beach: Mardi Gras Masquerade - Chico's Biggest Mardi Gras Party. With DJ Mack Morris. 9PM. The Bear: Bear Wear! 1/2 off while wearing Bear Wear. Mug Club 4-lOPM. Cafe Flo: Open Mic with Aaron. 7-9PM. Crazy Horse Saloon: All-request karaoke.21+. DownLo: Game night with DJ Danny K. 7PM.

The Hub: Flip It Tuesdays - 25¢ for a drink? If you win the toss, that's all it will cost! DJ spinning 90's and today's hits. 9PM-1AM. LaSalle's: '90's Night with DJ Sana. 21+. Laxson Auditorium: Juan de Marcos & The Afro-Cuban All Stars - Hot Cuban Jazz. 7:30PM. Lost On Main: The Lost Cabaret presents The Last Man, written and directed by Craig Blamer. 7:30PM. $5. 21 + Maltese: Karaoke 9PM-Close. Sierra Nevada Big Room: The Ray Charles Project -Talented musicians pay tribute to Ray Charles. 7:30-9:30PM. $20. Studio Inn Lounge: Karaoke. 8:30PM-1AM. The Tackle Box: Karaoke with DJ Shelley. 9PM. Woodstock's: Trivia Challenge. Call @ 4PM on date to reserve a table. 6:30 PM.

13 WEDNESDAY 1OOth Monkey Cafe & Books: Open Mic. Singers, songwriters, musicians, vocalists and comedians. All ages welcome. 7PM. The Bear: Trike Races. Win t-shirts and Bear Bucks. Post time

lOPM. Mug club 4-lOPM. Cafe Flo: Happy Hour Jazz with Carey Robinson Trio. 5- 7PM. Followed by Way Out West Wednesday w/ The Blue Merles. 7-9PM. Crazy Horse Saloon: Wild dance lessons, mechanical bull, Crazy Horse Girls, DJ Hot Rod Ent. 8- lOPM. Chico Women's Club: West African Dance with Imelda Mata. Live drumming. Fun for men, women, and kids. 5:30-7PM. $10. DownLo: 8-Ball League. 7PM. Duffy's: Dance night! DJ Spenny and Jeff Howse. 9PM. Feather Falls Casino: Dance Club. Dress to impress! 9:30PM. $5 cover includes one drink. Joe's: Karaoke. 9PM to lAM. LaSalle's: The Anti-Valentine's Metal Show featuring Death Rattle, Trash Cowboys, The Oisters, Blood Cabana. 9PM. $3. First beer free. Lost On Main: The Lost Cabaret presents The Last Man, written and directed by Craig Blamer. 7:30PM. $5. 21+ Maltese: French Reform, Zig Zag Wanderer. 9PM. $3. Towne Lounge: Black Fong 9PM. No cover.

VIP Ultra Lounge (Inside The Beach): Laurie Dana. 7-9PM. Woodstock's: Trivia Night plus Happy Hour. Call @ 4PM on date to reserve a table. 8PM.

14 THURSDAY Bella's: Valentine's Day Speed Dating. Mixer & DJ following. 9-llPM. Cafe Coda: Vrawkingtines Day at Cafe Coda feat.: Born Into This, Fight Music, Reptilian Shape Shifters, Palaver. 8PM. Cafe Flo: Improv Jam. 5- 7PM. Followed by Blue Valentine w/ Stephen Truskol. 7-9PM. DownLo: Live jazz. 8PM. Graduate: Red Bull Movie Night. lOPM. Grana: Live jazz with John Seid & Larry Petterson. 5:30-8:30PM. Has Beans: Open Mic Night. 7-lOPM. Sign-ups start@6PM. Lakeview Restaurant (Oroville): Carey Robinson Jazz. 6-9PM. LaSalle's: Happy Hour: The Retrotones. 6PM-9PM. Laxson Auditorium: Russian National Orchestra - Russia's Premier Symphony. 7:30PM.

11111111111 CLUBD l








Complimentary Wine Tastings

The Loveseat Diaries



Pageant Dads Presesnt:

Our area boasts a number of wonderful wineries and the VIP Ultra Lounge has partnered with four of them to bring you Complimentary Wine Tastings. Every other Saturday in February and March enjoy locallyproduced tapas and wines paired to perfection. This week, discover the offerings of Hickman Family Vineyards in Bangor. Following weeks will bring the viticultural array of Grey Fox, The Abbey of New Clairvaux, and Mt. Tehema Wineries. The event is, of course, 21 and over and takes place from 5 - 8 p.m.

Pageant Dads are Chico's most theatrical band so it makes perfect sense that they would spearhead this Saturday's production at the 1078 Gallery. Along with Bogg keyboardist/ 1078 Musical Director, Josh Hegg, and utilizing the set design talents oflocal theatre legend, Loki Miller, the Dads are presenting an original screenplay; the heartbreaking tale of guitarist, Ruth Wardell's quest for love - but at what cost? Speaking of cost. .. this all ages event will cost $12 at the door and begins at 6:30PM.

• •• • • •• • •• • • •• • • •• • •• • •• • • •• • • •• • •• • • •• • ••• • •• • • • • • •• • •• Lost On Main: The Dancehall Featuring - Chicds Bob Marley Night Celebration w/ Prince Alla, J Ras, Cootdog, Katherine Ramirez, Shayne T, Cali Kidd. 9PM-2AM. Maltese: Karaoke. 9PM-Close. Panama's: Eclectic Nights- Buck Night & DJ Eclectic spinning favorites of today and yesterday on the patio. 9PM. Quackers: Karaoke Night with Andy.9PM-1AM. Tackle Box: Valentine's Day Singles Party with music by Gravy Brain. Food and drink specials to everyone that wears red. No cover. Towne Lounge: ClubOl User Friendly Au Courant Dance Party. VIP Ultra Lounge: Classical Jazz w/ pianist Cooper Grant. 7-9PM. No cover.

15 FRIDAY 1OOth Monkey Cafe & Books: Writing Group - Write, share, and workshop your pieces. 3:30-5PM. 1078 Gallery: Meet and Greet Artist I Printmaker Matthew Tyson. Co-sponsored with the Department of Art and Art History, CSU Chico. 5-7PM.

The Beach: Doors 9PM, $2 cover includes $2 off drink coupons & entrance into UBar and Panama's. BMU: The Associated Students Gender and Sexuality Equity Center of Chico State presents VDay's "The Vagina Monologues''. 7:30PM. Cafe Coda: "Heart On Ball" ft. Soul Union, Big Tree Fall Down, Ira Walker, Dylan Seid Acoustic. Doors 8PM, Show 9PM. $5. Center for the Arts: CRT & Tri Counties Bank present "Into the Woods''. Proceeds go to the Torres Shelter. 7:30PM. Duffy's: Pub Scouts - Happy Hour. 4-7PM. El Rey Theatre: Kris Allen American Idol Season 8 Winner. Doors 7PM, Show 8PM. $15 adv. LaSalle's: Epic Productions present: Valentine's Ball w/Makj. 8PM. Lost On Main: Fever Fridays w/ DJ Mack Morris and guest DJ Freakbeatz. 9PM-2AM. Maltese: LQGTQA+Dance Party. 9PM. Peeking: BassMint - Electronic Dance Party. 9:30PM. $1 Quackers: Live DJ. 9PM T-Bar: Live music 7-8:30PM. Tackle Box: Live music with Chaparral. 9PM.


Tortilla Flats: Latin Nights. Espanol & English DJ dancing with DJ (El, Kora) de Chico.

16SATURDAY lOOth Monkey Cafe & Books: Knitting Circle. 2-4PM. 1078 Gallery: The Pageant Dads present The Love Seat Diaries. Doors 6:30PM, Show 7PM. $10. BMU: The Associated Students Gender and Sexuality Equity Center of Chico State presents VDay's "The Vagina Monologues". 2PM and 7:30PM. Cafe Coda: Mike Comfort & Magdalena. 8PM. $7. Cafe Flo: The Heart Art Class - A Creative Exploration. Supports Flo's Art for teens project. 1OAM3PM. Center for the Arts: CRT & Tri Counties Bank present "Into the Woods''. Proceeds go to the Torres Shelter. 7:30PM. Chico Art Center: 1st 2013 Discovery Series, four contemporary artists from around the nation. Meet artists at reception. 7-9PM. Lost On Main: Cali Fire Release Tour. $5 door. 9PM. 21 + LaSalle's: 1980NOW! 8PM.



Maltese: New Wave 80s Prom. Dress up, elect non-gender King & Queen. 9PM. No cover. Quackers: Live DJ. 8:30PM1AM. No cover. Tackle Box: Live music with Driver. 9PM. Towne Lounge: ClubOl #Twerk A Booty Poppin' Dance Party. VIP Ultra Lounge: Complimentary Wine Tastings featuring Hickman Family Vineyards Bangor, CA. 5-8PM. FREE

17 SUNDAY 5th Street Steakhouse: Holly Taylor & Eric Peter Jazz Duo 6-9PM. Center for the Arts: CRT & Tri Counties Bank present "Into the Woods". Proceeds go to the Torres Shelter. 2PM. Crazy Horse Saloon: Sunday Fun day. LaSalle's: Karaoke. 8PM. Laxson Auditorium: Eric Bibb & Habib Koite - Brothers in Bamako. Maltese: DJ JPEG-01 Sunday Social. 3-7PM. Trivia 8PM. The Tackle Box: Karaoke with DJ Shelley. 8PM.

We are currently looking for Social Media Interns to assist in client research, updates and more. If you're interested please contact Ashley Shaffer at or by calling 530-899-7708. All applicants must provide a resume for this unpaid position.


STARTER Antipasta & Tin Roof Sourdough Bread APPETIZER (C HOOSE ONE PER COUPLE)

Calamari Originale Sauteed Mushrooms Fettucine Alfredo SOUP OR SALAD (CHOOSE ONE)

Traditional Minestrone, Roasted Chicken Caesar Salad, Candied Walnut Bleu Cheese Citrus Salad, House Mixed Greens Salad ENTREE (CHOOSE ONE)

Fresh Sea Bass with risotto Milanese and spinach, Chicken Saltimbocca, Four Cheese Tortellini with pesto creme & toasted pinenuts, Seafood Fra Diavlo, Scampi, Pasta Primavera Ross DESSERT (CHOOSE ON E)

Petite Warm Espresso Brownie, Vanilla Ice Cream with sweet Marsala, House-baked Ricotta Cheesecake

$37.50 /WL~



530.345.2233 1020 MAIN STREET CHICO FEBRUARY 11 - FEBRUARY 17, 2013

ts I


Bitcoin - Don't Believe The Hype Bitcoin, the new decentralized digital currency that's rapidly gaining popularity, was invented in 2008 by a mysterious hacker named Satoshi Nakamoto. He published the original paper describing the protocol, developed the initial implementation, and remained active on the mailing lists until mid-2010, but then vanished. He was presumed to be an individual from Japan, but nobody by that name actually exists, so many now assume Nakamoto is a pseudonym for an individual or group that wished to remain secret. So what did this mysterious person/group/ghost create, and why is it taking the world by storm?

" It

can be stolen, in the same way that someone can steal cash out of a safe if your house is not properly secured. These are the features of the currency from a user perspective, but what about from a systemic perspective? The primary feature that bitcoin advocates are excited about is the absence of any central authority. There is no central bank managing the currency, as opposed to virtually every government currency, where a national or regional bank, such as the Federal Reserve or European Central Bank, controls the amount of money in circulation. Proponents are excited by this because of perceived mismanagement of U.S. dollars by the Federal Reserve, in conjunction with out-of-control government spending that has led to unprecedented levels of"printing" in recent years. Fears that the government will be unable to control its spending, leading to high rates of inflation, make a deflationary currency scheme like bitcoin seem very attractive.

is anonymous, so you can buy and sel I whatever you want without leaving a trace ... d rugs, weapons, stolen credit cards, assassination contracts ... "

Bitcoin is essentially a new form of money, purely digital and stored on your computer. It can be treated like cash, and payments in any denomination can be made securely and instantly around the world. It is managed and operated by a peer-to-peer network, so no central authorities or banks are involved in these transactions. It is anonymous, so you can buy and sell whatever you want without leaving a trace. This has led to its popularity in underground markets such as Silk Road, where bitcoins are used to buy drugs, weapons, stolen credit cards, assassination contracts, basically whatever you can think of. Because of this anonymity, bitcoin transactions are not generally reported to tax authorities, making them tax-free (at least for now). Transactions are secured by strong public-key cryptography, a very secure mechanism, although it does ultimately depend on the security of your individual computer. If someone hacks your computer, your bitcoins




So how do bitcoins get created? The technical details of the money creation process are a little too arcane to describe quickly or easily, but if you're technically minded, the protocol is open source and available online. Bitcoins are created in a controlled fashion, at a predictable rate, essentially as a reward for the computational work required to keep the system running. Since this is a peer-topeer network, it requires a large number of computers running at the same time to keep things running smoothly. This means capital and electricity costs for the participants, so as a reward, new bitcoins are given on a somewhat random basis to those doing the work.




This is what puts bitcoins into the system. This process is called "bitcoin mining;' due to its similarity to gold mining-work is done to produce something of value and put it in circulation. Bitcoin mining is one of the primary drivers of the hype behind bitcoin. Unsuspecting newcomers are led to believe that all they have to do is run a computer program 24/7, and it will essentially print money. There are numerous sites and blogs describing "mining rigs" - people building out elaborate specialized computers and networks for the purpose of capturing this money as it is created. Now, before you go out and waste your money, I should tell you that the facts do not support the hype. There is so much computational power in the network at this stage that the likelihood of capturing any new coins is very low unless you have an enormous pool of computers at your disposal, and the costs of building and operating such a network will likely outpace your return. If you want to use bitcoin, do it for its utility, not out of hope of getting "free" coins. The other way to get bitcoins is to trade national currencies for them. There are several online currency exchanges available, such as Mt. Gox, that allow you to trade dollars for bitcoins and vice-versa. This is

another driver of the hype behind bitcoin - speculators that are essentially investing in bitcoins, hoping the value will go up, as it has been. The value is extremely volatile, and traders are capitalizing on that, but overall the value has been going up as more people buy into the hype. As of the time of this writing, one bitcoin is worth $22.76. My analysis of bitcoin has led me to believe that the money creation process is flawed, and the system rewards early adopters to an unfair degree. It has some of the characteristics of a Ponzi scheme as a result. Early adopters have already captured about half of the total number of bitcoins that will ever be generated, and as the rest of us scramble, their value will increase. The deflationary aspect of this virtual currency is also troubling-it doesn't account for the fact that, as the number of participants increase, the value of the overall economy also increases, but the money supply does not reflect that. Bitcoin is a very interesting experiment, but I believe it is the first of many, with much left to be desired. I'd love to hear from you. Go to and comment on this article, or email me.





PEDAL PUSHERS Erica Noel & Jess Sijan

Pedal Pushers Those of us who traverse this city on two wheels know how lucky we are to live here. The abundance of bike lovers, shops and of course the beautiful Bidwell Park trails make Chico the perfect place to call home. But for a town with such a passion for cycling we feel there is a lacking acknowledgement of how vastly diverse the biking community actually is in Chico. Never fear, your ever-faithful columnists are here!

the need for a fender. Some of us (like Erica) don't like the way permanent fenders look. To save her back side from looking like a muddy skunk, she bought a removable, plastic fender from For around $40 she got a sweet fender and a dry behind.

"We love bike porn."


see yourself

pictured here you can tag your photo on our Life In Chico Facebook page!


We hope to appeal to those of you who currently ride, who once did or are looking to pick up the lifestyle of a cyclist, be it casual or competitive. From the latest gear to our favorite cycling gadgets we wish to share our obsession with you: the commuters, the touring cyclists, the cruising college students, the fixie aficionados, the BMX riders and everyone in between. Expect to find our thoughts on bike lane etiquette, as this seems to be the talk of the town. Not sure how to safely navigate through Chico, choose the right transport bike or kindly tell the Roto-Rooter guy to stay the fuck out of the bike lane when you're in it? We can offer advice. Want to be updated with need to know recalls and releases of equipment? Care to laugh at silly'oh shit I'm on a bike and shouldn't be' stories? Tune in! We will also have some awesome DIY projects for your bike (or someone else's), and will provide some really helpful tips regarding seasonal wardrobe for guys and gals who commute on the daily.

For those of you on a tighter budget, try the Ass Saver. This handy little fender fits under your seat and in a matter of seconds it is on your bike protecting your rump. Pick one up at Greenline Cycles for about $10. On an even tighter budget and feeling crafty? Try making a fender using a cereal box. For instructions on how to recycle your cardboard and stay dry: Consider a disclaimer; we are not experts. We love bike porn. We like hills, spandex and clearly marked bike lanes. We can change a tire, convert to fixed gear and adjust a derailleur and together we have pedaled through our fair share of cities. We are both equally enamored with life on two wheels, experienced enough to say that we are serious committed cyclists who ride casually, who find ourselves in constant conversation about. .. bicycles. Have technical questions, concerns or thoughts on all things bicycle related? We have several friends who could be considered experts standing by to answer your cycling questions. Write in and ask and we'll get you the answer! We promise.

For all you commuters out there, enjoy these nice days we've been having, but don't forget it's almost spring and rain is still in the forecast. Expect wet streets, bike paths and




Reutews Pat Hull


Shed Skin Self-Released by Jack Knight Recorded and mixed in Bennington, Vermont, Pat Hull's latest East Coast studio album, Shed Skin, immediately pulls the listener into a textured groove on the opening track, "Going Mad" and never lets go. Guitar, bass, and percussion construct a warm foundation, bedding lyric and harmony, while an electric guitar trills away in the distance, adding depth to the song.

is purely Hull. The lyrics are vague, bringing you somewhere you've never been, that you understand completely. Hull's voice is unaccompanied and utilizes the space within the song, displaying patience and tenderness.

Shed Skin is graceful and full of tact. Nothing is there that doesn't need to be, and nothing is left wanting. The unique blend of electric Especially delightful is Hull's once-again collab- and acoustic guitars, bass, and percussion, come together to create music that refuses to oration with vocalist Michael Chinworth. His additions are bold, yet tasteful, complimenting conform to any solitary genre or categorization (a la In Rainbows). To quote the record, "This and contrasting Hull's voice simultaneously. Chinworth takes the reigns on "Mother Mary;' place is true, this place is free'.' I would say the same of Shed Skin. It has been a great pleasure giving a performance that the song deserves, albeit a step away from Pat Hull's vocal timbre. getting to know the man behind this music and "Private Love, Public Places" is a visceral and I'm happy to see a local musician recording emotive song which smacks of Thom Yorke, yet albums of this caliber.

The Growlers Hung At Heart Everloving Records by David Neuschatz The Growlers can best be described by a 1950'sera after school PSA as five dirtball tumbleweed psych/surf rock revivalists spreading the devil's music to America's impressionable youth. In their first two LPs, they touched on overpopulation, abandonment, acid trips, death, and Tijuana in their own nonchalant, nihilistic way. But with their third album, Hung At Heart, the blase quintet from Dana Point add a touch of sap, moisturizing their previously hardened aura. A lot of hype surrounded this project due to the announcement that The Black Keys' Dan Auerbach was set to produce, but the partnership proved short lived due to creative differences. The Growlers' label released a statement on the scrapped project saying, "Indie Iron Chef, Dan Auerbach, had initially tried his hand in the kitchen but when the dish ended up overcooked, The Growlers brought it back to the home kitchen, drank the juice, and started over'.' I guess the band didn't want to deviate from their self-coined "Beach Goth" sound just yet.



I .I







The album's opening track, "Someday;' finds principal vocalist/lyricist Brooks Nielsen deep in the well of love, serenading a woman and making promises of grandeur that one day he will "give you everything you ever want instead of take ... when tall boys turn into champagne, when baloney turns into steak'.' Hung At Heart's standout track, "One Million Lovers;' is a beautiful tune about becoming immediately smitten and changing one's ways of casual trysts for the perfect lover. Nielsen aptly describes the "four months feels like two weeks" feeling of whirlwind love in the line "some things don't need words, you know you're livin' when it all becomes a blur'.'

"Living a Memory" comes from a bitter, wounded state and provides the best opening line with "your face is cloggin' up my dreams, smiling so goddamn tenderly'.' This is a great album overall, filled with a pulsing reverbed organ accompanied by woozy surf guitar licks akin to something like Dick Dale filtered through a bottle of Robitussin.





Vincent Newsom is another musician I first heard last October during the month of SOTA songwriting contests. He is part of the organization, and as such, his performance was what you might call an exhibition - he wasn't permitted to compete. This was good fortune for the actual contestants. The song Newsom delivered was simple, melodic, and beautiful. His voice matches naturally with the vibrations coming from the wound steel strings of his Fender acoustic guitar.

Newsom illustrated the idea by explaining an exercise he and his roommates sometimes take part in. In this game, person A draws the head of a figure, then folds the paper over so that person B is drawing the torso of the body, but without being able to see what person A started with. Then, person C draws the lower half of the figure's body. The collaborative effort can yield creations an individual would never have thought up on their own. Newsom is also studying creative writing, and spoke with affection about the process of storytelling. He mentioned Stephen King's non-fiction work, On Writing, and we discovered a shared mutual respect for the master of horror's literature.

It was a pleasure to find that Newsom is gracious and engaging. We met over beers at Joe's Bar on 5th Street to talk about music, creation, the road to Chico, and fiction writing.

The evening I met up with Newsom, he'd just come off helping put together the talk given on campus by guitarist and seminal member of the legendary Dead Kennedy's, East Bay Ray. It had been a long day. Newsom's task was to create the Power Point presentation East Bay Ray was going to flip through as he lectured. It should have been no problem, but at the last minute, Ray decided he wanted to change everything, and Newsom had spent the day, right up until minutes before the presentation, putting together the new slideshow. Nevertheless, Newsom was in good spirits and generally satisfied with how the presentation unfolded, though not unwilling to quaff a couple welldeserved brews after a stressful day. Joe's is essentially Newsom's neighborhood bar, and also nearby is the lOOth Monkey Cafe, where he regularly takes part in the Wednesday night open mic events.

Back to the subject of music, we talked influences. Newsom sites an album by Thrice called Artist In The Ambulance. He revealed admiration for the complex chord progressions of Elliot Smith, and the whispering sonic forays of Iron and Wine. He gave Grizzly Bear's, Shields, a glowing review, and also spoke highly of Sufjian Stevens, particularly his album, Come On! Feel The Illinoise! When I asked him about his approach to crafting songs, Newsom talks about finding the poignant melody lines that are hiding inside every chord progression. He said he works "to make something memorable out of simplicity:' presentation he'd just put together for East Bay Ray - that downloading music is theft, and that music should be fiercely guarded intellectual property - Newsom holds a much more open vision of how music should be disseminated and utilized.

We talked about a project Newsom's been working on. He's finished organizing nine songs for a solo album tentatively titled Long Time, No See. It sounds like something of a concept album.

"On the new album the songs are more simplistic and simiNewsom made his way to Chico from his hometown of "I think music is something that everyone should have lar;' Newsom opined. "But the idea is that they are all sort Newport Beach, where at the age of thirteen he started of one long song - choices to go backwards ... or forward; to at hand, at all times;' he explained, and then took a step singing, playing guitar, and drums. By the age of fourteen further. "Everybody needs to trade around their ideas, and breathe." he was already recording, working with the oft-sited and user-friendly GarageBand multi-track recording program. make something great, collectively:' We hashed this idea Check out Newsom's available music creations at: We spoke about the genuine wonders of the digital realm, around - with modern technology it would be no great and the countless doors it has opened for music-creators, feat to create a riff, or a lyric, or a passage, and then put it both in terms of music production and distribution, and in out there, allowing anyone to build and expand on it, remix it, or reinterpret the original theme. It's something like usseeking out and being exposed to new artists and influences. Contrary to much of the message contained in the ing crowdsourcing to create music.





Wondering where to find

The Synthesis? At these fine purveyors of cool things and stuff:

NOW HEAR THIS! STAFF PICKS Nolan ''.An Affair To Remember" - Harry Warren Bethany ''The Book. of Love" - Peter Gabriel Tanner "Love Song" - Andrew Jackson Katya "Dance Me To The End" - Madeline Peyroux Dain "I Want You Around" - Ramones

Tin Roof

Melody Records

Kinder's Deli



Monstros Pizza

The Graduate

Down Lo

Liquor Bank Cafe Coda

Eye Of Jade Tattoo (LOST)

La Familia

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ARIES The week begins with what appears to be some sort of karmic assault. A barrage of questions need answering. Most of the messages you're getting are from your dreams. Your social life is still somewhat in focus, but by next week it will be all about karma and your subconscious. Feel the earth and practice being more grounded The moon will be in Aries Tuesday evening through Thursday. Reconnect with yourself and begin to feel better about life.

GEMINI Gratitude has the power to bring more good things into your life. Explore new ways to be loving. It might be easy to have a long distance relationship during this period. Borrow creative techniques from other cultures. Good fortune is still smiling on you so take advantage by putting dreams into action. You'll find yourself more in the public eye. Career responsibilities may seem too demanding towards the beginning of the week. By Sunday afternoon, you11 be ready to take on more with the moon in Gemini.

LEO You love children and you love romance. This has been a time to discover harmony through contracts, agreements, and confrontations. Tuesday night through Thursday are lucky days for you. These days are good for travel and spiritual development, as well as education and risk taking. The weekend looks good for displaying your many talents and skills. If the weather is nice, you could garden or prepare beds. Otherwise, do some cooking,

TAURUS The responsibilities of work turn into time to socialize with friends eventually. I would begin the week with the focus of making new friends. It's also a good time for future planning. Continue to maintain your career responsibilities. People notice your talents and skills. The moon will be in Taurus Friday morning until early afternoon Sunday. Think of this as a time for restoration and recovery as well as affirming new business ventures and taking risks.

CANCER Monday and Tuesday feel good with the moon in Pisces. You're ready to tackle deeper problems with a modest sense of confidence. Transformation is hard work. You make a plan to get out of debt. You resolve to have better sex the next time you get a chance. Ask others for help when you need it. You may make some new friends this way. The weekend looks good for socializing and hanging out with friends. If you have children or are making art, initiating discipline is the big challenge.

VIRGO Contentment is not defined by the toys you have, the relationships you cultivate, or the places you've been. Contentment comes from being able to adapt and find value in any situation. Challenges tend to come and go. The sense of grace that we bring to challenging times contributes to a calmer and safer navigation of obstacles and setbacks. If you need something done, do it within the next two weeks. Mercury doesn't go retrograde until Saturday; February 23rd.

make art, or play music.

LIBRA Heart-opening creativity and the chance for good romance is not yet over for you. Venus in your fifth house inspires the artist within. You feel happy and joyful over simple gifts. Pay attention to the gifts and talents of your children. Love comes easily to you, especially on Wednesday and Thursday while the moon transits your seventh house. Discover your inner teacher as well as your inner clown. Be relaxed and at ease in every way. Be generous with your resources.

SAGITTARIUS It's time to learn, study, and share. It could be easy to become the neighborhood gossip, as you dispense information. Take into account other people's feelings. Incomplete information can only lead to an inaccurate conclusion. This is a week of personal discovery for you. Tuesday night through Thursday, the moon is in your fifth house of playfulness, love, and heartfelt projects. The weekend looks good for being organized and helping with a community project.

AQUARIUS The Aquarian reign of renouncement, invention, electricity and rebellion finishes this week. Strike while the iron is still hot. Move freely while the universe is supporting you. We need more freedom and tolerance in the world The cost of freedom can be alienation, rejection, and isolation. The gifts are independence, self authority and your natural moral compass. Your work is cut out for you. The weekend is good for tending to family matters.

SCORPIO Do things to build your own personal confidence. The voices of your parents and/or ancestors have been fairly strong over the last several weeks. Look at their talents and skills and see how they've been adapted to suit your needs. Monday and Tuesday are good for restoring your creative juices. The weekend looks good for romance, partnership, and learning to be diplomatic. Follow through on your hunches. Be ready to give more love.

CAPRICORN Make up your mind and stay committed to the decision you make. You'll need to be a little more mobile this week. Values, finances and food are still in your headlines. Take care of your hair, teeth, and bones. Be aware of how you spend your money and whether or not you're supporting local ethical businesses or slutty corporate big box stores. The other thing is you are what you eat. Eating for good health is especially important this time of year.

PISCES Safety nets are non-existent in this world To be truly alive requires that you experience some sort of danger. One of my favorite biblical quotes is "perfect love, casts out all fear." With Mars in your first house, you are braver and stronger than usual. With Mercury in Pisces, you are aware of what you are communicating. With Neptune in Pisces, you believe in agape love. The moon will be in Pisces Monday and Tuesday. Be ready to promote your sensitive agenda.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY: Lani Lila 2/15/56, Scott Richman 2/12/55 Koz McKev is on You Tube, on cable 11 BCN, is heard on 90.lFM KZFR Chico, and also available by appointment for personal horoscopes. Call (530)891-5147 or e-mail


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Synthesis Weekly Feb 11-17, 2013  

Vol. 19 Iss. 24

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