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Since our establishment at the end of 2003, our company has grown from an initial staff of four to close to 100 IT professionals. One reason for this growth is our ability to maintain long-term relationships with both our clients and our staff. At Synthesis-NET we sincerely believe that the welfare of our team is as important as the satisfaction of our clients. Indeed, the two go hand-in-hand in that only a satisfied team with low attrition rates can facilitate a long, stable relationship with our clients. Synthesis-NET has a very good relationship with the IT Department of the Széchenyi University and works closely with the university’s professors to secure the most promising software engineers and IT professionals from each graduating class. This relationship is fostered by an internship program that we sponsor at the university and encourage students to participate in. Synthesis-NET is quite possibly Hungary’s largest and oldest start-up. What does that mean? At Synthesis-NET we actively try to maintain a startup mentality in our growing team with a hand’s on management style and by ensuring that they have a stake in the company’s growth. Although our staff is diverse in terms of their interests and talents, they all share a common focus on improving themselves and contributing to the success of our company.





Customized software development has

Our mobile team is experienced

Beyond being the latest buzzword in

been the bread and butter of Synthesis-

in developing apps for all mobile

tech, the Cloud now touches most

NET for over a decade now. We offer

platforms. We are always glad to

businesses in some way. Whether you

expertise in a range of areas including

help others realize their own creative

need a Cloud-based solution or are only




potential in the mobile arena. Let us

interested in learning more about what




help you develop your app, be it a

the Cloud can do for your business,

and localization using a variety of

solution for making your business

we can help you find your way in the


better or „the next big thing to rock the



mobile world�...

OUR MOBILE EXPERIENCE Our experience in mobile technologies predates the smart phone. Before the advant of the iOS and Android phones, we developed solutions for PDAs and other mobile devices. Currently, we develop apps for all major platforms. For us, mobile development has been a way of stepping away from our traditional source of revenue – outsourcing – and tapping into the creativity of our team to come up with new apps serving a variety of purposes. Despite our current focus on our own apps, we are always glad to help others realize their own creative potential. Let us help you develop your app, be it a solution for making your business better or „the next big thing to rock the mobile world”...




C# / C++ / C

Visual Studio

MS SQL Server

Core Java













Microsoft IIS

Objective C

Apache HTTP Server





WIFI Direct

Adobe Dreamweaver


Augmented Reality

Anime Studio

Web 5

Vuforia SDK

Adobe Photoshop


Bullet Physics

Adobe Illustrator



KIDS GAMES Our children’s games are designed so that even the youngest can use and enjoy the app, while remaining challenging for older children and adults. Our applications not only provides light entertainment, but also helps children develop skills, memory and knowledge. Our apps are kid-tested and approved! We test our apps with the kids of friends and families so that their reactions and feedback are integrated into our final products.


Candy Safari is a simple labyrinth game where 15 animals

several types of candies. Try to avoid the Twist Candy! If

(3 animals in the demo version) need to be navigated out of

you collect it, you have to control the animal in the opposite

various mazes. The mazes become progressively more difficult

direction. The Bad Candy is even worse, if it catches you, it will

and the animals need to be navigated out before the time runs

steal all of your remaining time, and you will run out of time.

out. You have to take every animal out of the maze in 3 levels

The videos, animations and colourful characters were designed

to return them to Candy Safari.

to satisfy everyone’s needs (whether players are children or

Try to collect all of the flashing candies in every level. But

adults). Download it and enjoy it with the entire family!

be careful, these candies will disappear over time. There are


Play, learn and have fun with us! These kids games were designed with the whole family in mind. Children and parents can test both their memories and reflexes. The kids games are fun for kids as young as 2 years old with easy to understand rules and user interface.

TEST YOURSELF IN 5 DIFFERENT GAME MODES: MEMORY GAME: Test your memory and your speed! Play all Card Pack (Letters, Numbers, Fruits, Kids Games, Flowers, Colours, Birds, Animals). FIND THE PAIRS GAME: Be the fastest matching pairs of images! Do your best to get on the scoreboard! ODD ONE OUT: Search for logical connections, challenging for the youngest gamers. SEQUENCES: Memorize the sequence of images and repeat exactly what you saw! You have 7 sequences to remember each with more images added each round. ANIMAL SOUNDS: You have to recognise the sounds and find the animals that make them! Complete all 10 rounds successfully to achieve a top ranking!

FIND VOOICE This is an exciting game designed specifically for children, but that is also challenging for the entire family. Do you know what a fox sounds like? Download this app, and you’ll find out. AVAILABLE WITH TWO GAME MODES: Sound memory - A memory game in which you need to rely entirely on your ears. There are four categories in this mode: animal sounds, instruments, notes, and mixed sounds. Can you figure out what the sound is? Who makes that sound? Identify the animal’s sound and find it in the picture! Find them in the forest, on the farm and even in the jungle!


ENTERTAINMENT Our team tries to come up with ideas for games that are entertaining for a variety of people and ideas for apps that are currently absent from the market. Although today's saturated app market is highly competitive, we have released a number of successful applications. In addition to our highly popular apps for children, we are also proud of our Hungarian Logo Quiz app, which has been downloaded and used by more than 100,000 users and even earned a place on the Google Play Top Charts.




How many Hungarian logos do you know? You have to

“Chromatic Guitar Tuner” is a chromatic instrument tuner

identify 24 logos of firms and organizations on each level,

and pitch pipe that allows you to quickly and accurately tune

based on a part of the logo. Who knows more Hungarian

your instrument using your NOOK’s built-in microphone.

logos, you or your friends? Check it on the top list! We will

“Chromatic Guitar Tuner” can tune acoustic or electric gui-

update the game regularly with new levels and new logos.

tars, bass, bowed strings, woodwinds, brass, piano, tympa-

Enjoy the original Hungarian Logo Quiz!

ni, tablas and any other instrument that can sustain a tone.



Quiz off against the best! Ten questions, two opponents.

Letterz – play with words! Be the ultimate wordsmith! Letterz

Test your knowledge - answer increasingly difficult

is a free wordgame that will put both your vocabulary and



your planning skills to the test! Your goal is to reach the

opponents! Features include statistics, cultural index,

highest score forming words from the letters spread out

opponents, play with your own questions.

on the table. You have 10 rounds to reach the top of high




score list. Hint: use tiles with rare letters for more points!


APPLICATIONS The fast-paced evolution of technology requires that businesses have a mobile presence to be successful and even survive long term. For many young people, anyone or anything that does not also have a virtual presence essentially does not exist. Businesses need to keep this in mind as this new generation of consumers comes of age. Businesses not only need a Web presence, but a mobile Web presence. Synthesis-Net LLC can help you and your company achieve your goals in everything mobile. We have a wide range of experience in mobile application development. Creating a well functioning application that meets users’ requirements depends not only on good code, but also requires careful planning and design. We guide our clients through the entire development process from the initial concept to the final product to ensure that their apps both meet their needs and stand out against the competition.

RECYCLE SMART Recycle – yes! But what, how? This app helps Hungarians find the nearest recycling collection point or drop-off center and figure out what types of waste can be disposed there. •

Map view depicting recycling collection points and relative distance from your position

Images of what kinds of materials are recyclable

Collection schedules for recycling collection points

Opening hours for drop-off recycling centers

REDBK Now RedBk makes it easier to reach everybody, anytime, anywhere. The RedBk App is a telephone directory application from RedBk Jamaica Limited which allows users to find businesses and people in Jamaica quickly and easily. The easy to use interface comes with frequently used pre-defined search categories. Features: •

Search by RedBk region and filter by their parishes

Multiple Home screen slider

Create your own Custom Searches from your search results screen

View/Edit/Delete your custom searches

In App Calling: Call numbers from listing profile screens

Send emails from listing profiles

Maps available for all listings

View company Website

Additional profile information available With RedBk, you have all the information in a telephone directory in the palm of your hands.

30KM.HU Consumers across the globe are seeking locally grown organic food with ever more frequency. Despite our increasingly connected society, it is often still difficult for consumers to obtain reliable information on locally grown organic produce. At the same time, local producers find it difficult to get the word out about their produce and compete with cheap mass produced foodstuffs sold at retail chains. Local producers find it difficult to navigate requirements and meet the standards of these retailers to get their produce on their shelves. seeks to create an online mobile marketplace to overcome these hurdles. The application displays local producers located in a 30 km radius from the user, and a search can be made on their products. It is possible to create groups where buyers can gather and organize shopping together. The application supports Facebook activities - you can share the profile of your favorite producer or like the finest apple you have ever eaten.

RESTAURANT ASSISTANT The Restaurant Assistant System client application has been granted an „Excellent status� by the Hungarian Gastronomy Association. Restaurant owners can log in to their restaurant assistant system from any location on any Android device and check their data on sales, inventory, and even view feeds from live webcams to keep track of activity at their establishments. It is a convenient, quick and handy application that allows restaurant owners to keep a close eye on their businesses 24-7.

INNOVATIVE IDEAS Our team keeps up with developments in the mobile world and creates innovative beta applications that give an insight into the opportunities available through certain technological innovations. We try to find a solution to problems for which a perfect alternative is still missing. This is how our Stereo 2 Go application that implements network synchronization between different types of mobile devices, or our BlockMastAR application, which is a collaborative three-dimensional building game using augmented reality, were created.


Listen to your favorite music with your friends by synchronizing





Stereo2Go allows you to create your own hi-fi system by setting the channels of your devices (left, right, stereo) based on their positions. All you need is a shared Wi-Fi connection, some cool tunes and your good to go! The current version of Stereo2Go is a beta version, has been tested on a large number of devices and supports simultaneous playback on up to four phones. Significant differences in computing power, the number of apps running on the phones and the quality and traffic on the Wi-Fi network can impact sychronization. Stopping and starting the app usually helps resynch the phones should you experience any „slippage”. We are trying to improve the app and welcome your feedback.Enjoy! BTW if your friends have an iPhone – we will soon be releasing an iOS version. Into streaming music? Working on that too...




3D BLOCKMASTAR BlockmastAR 3D is a physics-based game that allows players to build structures using virtual building blocks. Players can use their phones to simultaneously work on the same structure which they view from their own physical vantage points through their phone’s camera. The game offers a taste of the huge potential underlying the combination of augmented reality with collaborative interaction. Currently only available for Samsung phones that support the Samsung Chord SDK.





HADUR Attention fans of location-based strategy games, we are happy to present you Hadúr. Named after the God of War from Hungarian mythology, Hadúr allows players to conquer territories formed by a virtual grid spread across a map of the world. The game combines the idea of “checkin” apps and strategy games. The primary objective of Hadúr is to discover and conquer as many territories as possible. To do that, first you need to form (or join) a clan and then, together with your clanmates, register the highest number of check-ins in a territory to seize it. As with other location-based games, after a certain number of check-ins you win awards. The game has strong Facebook support, so players can share their victories with friends who might also get motivated to join the fun. Unite and conquer!




NEW TECHNOLOGIES Every once in a while a new revolutionary technology comes along. We have seen such innovations a number of times in the past decades. Now it seems to be happening again with a new technology called iBeacon. This protocol has been recently developed by Apple, and introduced in iOS 7. It makes use of a new standard, Bluetooth Low Energy. This technology allows devices to communicate with each other while consuming significantly less power than previous Bluetooth standards. We have developed an application that builds upon, and demonstrates the power of iBeacon and Bluetooth Low Energy. Our application connects our computer to a smartphone, so they are able to communicate with each other without relying on a WiFi connection. Once the phone goes out of range, the computer will automatically lock itself, so the user does not have to worry about his/her privacy. When the phone is near the computer again, it turns back on - just like magic.

GYRO MOUSE GyroMouse is an application that turns an Android smartphone into an intuitive pointing device (mouse). It uses the device’s sensors to determine the movement of the device. Gestures are also supported. Furthermore, it uses Bluetooth Low Energy technology for communication. This app is in an early prototype state, but we’d like to extend the range of devices that it will be able to work with in the future (computers, smart TVs, etc...).




MICROCONTROLLER The mobile client version of the application written for sensors connected to a Raspberry Microcontroller. In our demo version of the app, the Raspberry device sends humidity and temperature data at a predetermined time to a server that will process it and store it in the cloud. The mobile application retrieves this information and displays it to the user. The application warns the user if the data exceeds the predefined limit. The changes are indicated on a graph.




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