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In the world of eCommerce and web-stores, why should online food be left behind! Join the web & amplify your customer-base today! Give your customers the ease of web ordering! Get a huge base of corporate orders. Manage your restaurants smartly with easy access everywhere you go!


About Foodjini Receive Orders from the Web...

We are an Online Service provider especially for Restaurants, and aim at providing innovative marketing solutions to restaurant owners. Our ready-to-use framework facilitates a fast and easy way of getting onto the Internet bandwagon...get your menus online and bring to your customers a cool interactive ordering experience. Through a virtual food court, Foodjini intends to connect millions of Indians to a national base of restaurants across the country.


The team behind Foodjini is a well established IT company that has earned valuable experience from its offshore software ventures. The idea grew out of the following thought... ...there surely had to be an easier and more convenient way to order a Pizza with mixed toppings of my choice rather than doing this over the phone! Users may now browse through menus and order food online with thus making issues such as misplaced menus, busy signals, and order miscommunications, obsolete.

Smart Manage Restaurants

Receive Orders From The Web

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Restaurant Benefits... Smart-Manage... Ä Ä Ä Ä Ä Ä Ä

Manage your Restaurants online from anywhere, by using the Online Foodjini Dashboard. You can have multiple Locations under your Restaurant Chain. Maintain a complete week's schedule using the daily open-close timings setup. Restaurant can support any or all of the delivery types...Pickup, Delivery, Curbside. Restaurant can offer any or all Payment Options...Cash, Credit Card, Paypal. Directions to the Restaurant will be shown on Google Map in the Restaurant's information tab. Delivery can be confined to a pre-defined Delivery Area setup by the restaurant.


Easy to get online, just send us your details and we will get you online. Have your own, branded, private-label, ordering space on the web! Enable your customers to order Online without having to wait on busy phone lines, or having the menu read out to them. "Receive orders as Email, Fax or SMS notifctaions” Or Tie your existing website to the online-ordering platform. Incase you do not already have a website we can give you a single web page (free of cost).

Augment Sales... Ä Serve your customer better. Increase your Sales through your online presence. Ä Enhance Corporate ordering on your restaurant by offering them the ease of use of the web. Ä You pay only a pre-fixed small amount per order apart form the CreditCard/Fax handling charges. Ä Use Reports to help in Data Analysis. Ä Leverage the web data to identify key sales areas, and perceive how to enhance sales. Highlights... Ä Search for your favourite Restaurants online Ä Easy browsing through Menus with every detail Ä No more issues such as misplaced menus, busy telephone lines, and order miscommunications. Ä Add items to your basket with a single click. Ä View all possible options available along with an item (like all available toppings) Ä View all possible promotions/discounts available Ä Order confirmation will be instantly sent to your email address or via SMS. Ä Pay by Cash or through your Credit Card Ä NEW - Place an Order from your mobile! Ä Avail of special web promotions! Ä Win Loyalty via Restaurant Coupons! Upcoming Enhancements... Ä Ä Ä Ä Ä

Restaurant Managers will have access to valuable customer information from our web site. Save Favorites orders for ordering via SMS! Enhanced Reporting and Analysis. A desktop application that can receive, print and monitor your online orders . Use Reports to help in Data Analysis.

Online Food Ordering System – Foodjini  

Online Restaurant Food Ordering Systems/Software allows restaurants to increase sales & give customers the ability to order menu/food online...