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Corporate Presentation

Coral Springs, 2008

Bold Beginnings

Founder’s Comments Customers value a vendor relationship if it is characterized by proven leading technology, quality products, competitive prices, and above all, a passion for meeting customer expectations. That is what Optimux is all about; finding the optimum process control solution at a reasonable cost - delivered within the customer’s timetables. Simply put, Optimux was founded with the goal of meeting our customers’ needs on time, every time; a commitment that has been diluted in many of today’s large, diversified corporations.

Jaime J. Conesa

Company Mission

Optimux aims to provide customers around the world with high-quality, cost-effective Flow Control Solutions for industrial processes. We excel because of the superior performance of our products and applications, as well as our dedication to a culture committed to customer satisfaction, and responsive services.

Past and Future

Valtek Sulamericana founded in Brazil by Valtek USA


Optimux Controls is incorporated in Florida, USA and Optimux is registered as a global trademark



Valtek Sulamericana and Flowserve end License Agreement


Optimux adds new line of Trunnion Ball Valves and Triple Eccentric Butterfly valves


Assembly/Calibration facilities open in North America. Strategic Alliance established with Yamatake for smart positioners


Expanding global sourcing and distribution

Worldwide Presence

Organizational Chart President

Director, QMS

Procurement Department

Account Manager

Technical Department

Administration Department

Account Manager

Assembly Department



Core Competencies

Engineering & Manufacturing  30 years of experience in design, engineering, and manufacturing  65,000 Sq Ft manufacturing plant in Sao Paulo, Brazil  Over 8,000 valves per year  ISO 9001 Certified

Product Design TrimTeck, our sister company, is our R&D engine and specializes in control valve assemblies and component design, including Severe Service Trims

Prototypes & Patterns In-house mold and pattern fabrication

Quality Control

ISO 9001:2000 Quality Management System in place, and strict product standards applied to:  Incoming Raw Material Inspections  Hydrostatic testing of valve bodies  Metrology & X-Ray testing  Leakage & Calibration Tests

Component & Subassembly Stocks Extensive stock on-hand for JIT deliveries

Spare Parts


Assembled OpGLs

Digital Positioners

International Sales & Marketing

 Over 30 years of experience in industrial measurement and control business  Headquarters in Coral Springs, FL  Sales, marketing, and application support  Large inventory of spare parts and finished products  Staging and assembly capability for immediate response  Reliance on a system of well-connected and knowledgeable Distributors

Distribution Network North America Northern California/Nevada - Belilove Engineers Southern California/Nevada - Golden State Controls. Texas/Louisiana/Kansas/Oklahoma - EFC Alberta - Superior Controls Arizona/New Mexico - Phoenix Instrumentation

Latin America


Argentina - CV Controls

Indonesia/Thailand - Matco-Asia

Brazil - Optimux Brasil

Singapore/Malaysia - AHF Industries

Chile - Tecflow Chile Colombia - EBC Ingenieria Costa Rica - Capris S.A. Ecuador - Eteco

Australia - AHF Valves Pty Ltd Pakistan - Control Systems Engineering Philippines - Systems Control Instrumentation

Utah/Wyoming/Montana - Process Specialists, Inc.

Mexico - ProOil, ControlPro*, CYVSA, ARTec*, TechFlow

Middle East

Alabama/Mississippi/Tennessee - Marine Specialty

El Salvador - Matesa

Kuwait - Kuwait Controls

Pennsylvania/NJ /Delaware - FS Welsford Company

Peru - Controlmatic

Oman - Abu Ylias Co.

Puerto Rico - Alpha Systems

Qatar - Al Mamoon Oil Field & Ind. Supplies Co.

Virginia/Maryland - Control Corp. of America Ohio/Kentucky/Indiana - Alpha Controls

Venezuela - Valeinpro, Omicron

Minnesota/Dakotas/Iowa - Power Process Equipment Inc.


North/South Carolina - MSC Controls

Portugal - Indofluidos

New York - CV sales

UK - Kestrel

New England States - Rencor Controls Inc.

Turkey - EPA Endustri Pazarlama Ltd.

Illinois - Lilly Engineering Florida - Camac Georgia - Cross Instrumentation

Spain - Comeval Poland - BCE System SB z.o.o Denmark - Moller & Lynghom Proces Teknik Aps

International Client List* Hydrocarbon Processing Industry

Power Industry

Pulp & Paper Industry

Chevron - USA Exxon Mobil – USA Ecopetrol – Colombia PEMEX - Mexico Petrobras – Brazil / Colombia PDVSA – Venezuela Occidental – USA YPF Repsol – Argentina Shell Oil – USA / Malaysia / Australia

Colmac – USA CFE – Mexico Tennessee Valley – USA Brazo Valley Energy – USA Trigen Energy – USA ENELVEN - Venezuela

Procter & Gamble – USA Kimberley Clark – USA Klabin Group – Brazil Papelera del Pacifico – Chile Smurfit Group – USA International Papers – USA

Fine Chemicals

Plastic Industry

Bayer – Brazil Hoescht – Brazil Procter & Gamble – USA SteroCycle – USA

General Electric – USA Indupa – Brazil Prosint – Brazil Formosa Plastics – USA

Food & Beverages

Systems Integrators / OEMs

Bacardi – Puerto Rico Campbell Soup – USA Pesqueras Sur – Chile Ajinomoto – Brazil

ABB – worldwide Siemens – worldwide Honeywell – Argentina / Chile Foxboro - worldwide Clyde Bergemann – worldwide Selas Lynde – worldwide GEA Messo – USA

Chemical Industry Air Liquid – Brazil Air Products – Brazil Solvey – Brazil / Argentina Rohm & Haas – USA Kerr McGee – USA Praxair – Brazil / USA Dupont – Brazil Dow Chemical – Brazil Cynamid – Brazil Formosa – USA Shell Chemical – USA Grupo Penoles - Mexicp Tereftalatos Mexicanos – Mexico * Partial list

Metals & Mining Alcoa – Brazil / Jamaica Alunorte – Brazil IPSCO – USA Grupo Penoles – Mexico

Valves & Actuators

OpGL Globe Valve Specifications Diameter

½’’-42’’: ANSI Class 150-600 1’’-24’’: ANSI Class 900-4500

Body Style

Globe, Angle, Three-way, Steam-jacketed, Y-body


Separable flanges, Integral flanges, Socketweld, Buttweld


Carbon steel, Stainless steel, Chrome-molly, Alloy 20, Hastelloy B&C, Titanium, and others…

Bonnet Types

Normal, Extended, Cryogenic, Cool box extended,


Flow characteristics, equal percentage, linear, and quick-open. Seats available in metal or soft (for “bubble tight” shutoff)

 Globe control valve with superior performance  Spring cylinder actuator Vs. diaphragm operated  Interchangeable flanges for class 150, 300, and 600 thru 4’’  Easy disassembly, including removal of bonnet and bolts  Tight shut-off guaranteed  Lower lifetime cost design

“The simple, reliable, rugged, and economic globe valve”

OpDX Double Eccentric Rotary Valve Specifications Type




Nominal pressures

ANSI Class 150, 300, 900, 1500, 2500


Carbon and SS, Chrome-molly, alloy 20, Monel, Hastelloy B&C, titanium, and other casting materials


Soft closing: Teflon TFE, Teflon, PEEK, Kel-F Metal closing: SS 316, Inconel

Flow characteristics

Inherent characteristic: modified parabolic. By adding other cams, linear and equal percentage can also be obtained

 High Performance rotary valve  Eccentric cammed disc for accurate throttling  Same flangeless body (wafer) serves ANSI classes 150, 300, & 600 in 2’’, 3’’, 4’’, 6’’, and 8’’ sizes  Flow capacity greater than globe, plug, and cammed control valves  Available with Rack & Pinion or Piston & Cylinder actuators

“Pressure-assisted seating achieves bi-directional bubble-tight shutoff and low breakout torque”

OpVEE Vee-Notch Ball Valve Specifications Type

Ball valve



Nominal pressure

ANSI Class 150, 300, 600 for the diameters: 1’’, 1.5’’, 2’’, 3’’, 4’’, 6’’, 8’’, 10’’, and 12’’

Ball valve materials

Stainless steel with hard chrome plating, stellite, Hastelloy C, Hastelloy B/B-2, Monel, Alloy 20, and titanium

Seat materials

Soft seat: PEEK, Glass-filled Teflon PTFE Metal seat: SS 316, stellite, Monel, Inconel


Flowtork rotary actuator with fail safe spring and rocking piston

 Wide range of applications including: Chemical, Pulp & Paper, Energy, and Oil Industries  Flangeless design standard  Solves many long-standing, valve related challenges including: - Tensions in piping that unevenly load the seat - Small range due to limited orifice characterizations - Unsatisfactory shutoff capabilities

“A rugged Ball Valve designed to overcome the problems of hard-handling and particle entrained processes”

OpEXC Eccentric Plug Valve Specifications Type

Eccentric Plug Valve



Nominal pressure

Flanges: ANSI Class 150,300 & 600 & Flangeless: ANSI Class 150 & 300

Plug Materials

A 564 Gr 630 (17-4PH), 316 w/Stellite #6

Seat materials

Metal: AISI 316 with Stellite # 6


Flowtork rotary actuator with fail safe spring and rocking piston or OpTK Fail-safe Rotary Actuator

 Characterized by its innovative Eccentric Plug  Optimal performance in a wide array of process control applications  “Not-through” shaft allows uninterrupted flow of fluid  Maintenance cycle surpasses five years of use for most applications

“The ability to handle large CVs makes the OpExc the Valve of choice for many process control engineers”

OpTE Triple Eccentric Butterfly Valve General Characteristics •Sealing ring uniformly wedges onto seat due to elasticity of composite materials • Elasticity of sealing ring creates spring-like effect ensuring zero leakage • Lack of body cavity impedes build-up of solids, unlike in Gate Valves • High torque seal ensures persistent two-way zero leakage • The OpTE right-angle rotation design assures zero friction between the seat and the disc • Long life even under high repetition process cycles • Easy maintenance • ISO5752, ASME B16.10 and API609 face-to-face dimensions, allows for easy replacement of other high-performance butterfly and other type valves • Fireproof • Anti-blowout stem feature conforming to API609 • One-piece shaft connected to disc by key or pin-key combination, allows for differential temperature expansion

OpTB Trunnion Ball Valve General Characteristics • Rugged three-piece and two-piece construction • API 6D Standard • Fire Safe tested to API 607 and 6FA • Sphere tolerance of the balls: 0.0008” surpassed • Lower operating torques • Positive position indication • Meet NACE MR01.75 for Sulfide cracking resistance • Suitable for block and bleed applications • Forged and cast models • Class 150, 300, 600, 900, 1500

Field Instruments

Optimux & Yamatake  A strategic relationship  Private label agreement for positioners  Master Distribution Agreement  All Latin American countries  Field Instruments

Yamatake Products

Flow Meters Pressure & Temperature Transmitters

Private Label for Digital Positioners

Optimux HPP3000 / HPP3500 HART速 Smart Valve Positioners

Positioner Features & Advantages State of the Art Technology, Compact, rugged and Lightweight ______________________________________________________ Improves Process Control Communications High Accuracy and resistance to vibration Improves control valves performance with Tighter process control reducing industrial Production waste and increasing quality and Throughput

Improves Productivity Ease-to-use fully automatic set-up and Calibration with diagnostics makes these Tasks easier and less prone to error

Spare Parts reduction Single universal model applies to most valve Applications reducing spare parts stock Requirements

Easy to Adjust Externally accessible swith for auto set-up Configuration and auto calibration with A simple screwdriver

Compatible with HART®, DE® and FOUNDATON® Fieldbus

Configurable Valve Output Allows for user-definable, customized Flow characteristics for unique control Applications

Positive Shut-Off Configuration By cutting off unnecessary output pressure To actuator at specific point, it assures Valve’s original shut-off performance Continuously

Smart Configuration Easily performed by our SFC Smart Field Communicator, or in the case of the AVP302 a Standard HART® communicator

Final Points

Sampling of Installed Base

Pemex Oil Production

Sandia Labs Nuclear Research

Papelera Nacional Chile

Tereftalic Acid Plant Mexico

PDVSA Skid Gas Production

Alunorte Alumina Production

Competitive Differentiators  Technology & Know How Pedigree  Stock Availability: ½” – 4” OpGL, ½” – 6” OpEXL  Wide choice of actuators: Piston, Rack & Pinion, Scotch Yoke, Electric  In-house machining of Trims  Faster deliveries from stock  Process applications’ know-how  Special hardening processes  Special severe services applications  Consistent model for world wide distribution  Broad Products/Solutions portfolio

Our Pledge to the Market

 High Tech Process Control Solutions  Lowest cost-of-ownership in all our products  Efficient supply chain for faster delivery  Best Customer Service in the industry  Personalized relationships with customers

Optimux Corporate Presentation 072008  

Optimux Corporate Presentation 072008

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