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SCXVPOS Mobile POS Terminal Highlighted Features        

IC card reader Magnetic card reader Thermal Printer GPRS Linux OS Optional Configurations: RFID,GPS,WIFI, 1D/2D Barcode Scanner Power Adapter

Performance Parameter CPU

32/64 bit CPU Security and Crypto Processor




Windows CE

Magnetic Card Reader

ISO7811 Triple Track PCI 3.1 certified, duplex reading

IC Card Reader

EMV 2000 Level 1 and Level 2 certified

Contactless Card Reader

14443 A/B EMV Level 1 and Level 2 certified Users Monitor 320x240 Color TFT-Graphic LCD up to 4”

Monitor Clients Monitor 2x20 LCD character height min 7 mm PCI-PED compliant, alphanumerical keys // Cash Register Function Keys // Section keys // Subtotal Key Keyboard

Payment Keys (Credit card, Foreign currency, Cash) Credit Card Application Keys Cash Drawer connector : RC11 // USB x 2

Peripheral Connection Electronic Log Unit Connector : SD // At least two SAM slots Wireless Units

RF module or wifi 802.11./b/g/n


10/100Mbit internal Ethernet interface

Serial Port

One asynchronous communication port(max.115200 bps) preferable


Internal GPRS and GPS modem (data mode, GPRS TCP/IP model) and internal GSM/GPRS and GPS antenna 2’’ Thermal printer feature

Printer 58 mm paper width DES, TripleDES, RSA, AES encoding Security

Master/session and DUKPT key management PCI 3.1 certified security architecture

SCXVPOS Mobile POS Terminal