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Monthly Rate  (1   month)  Promo   Rate  

Monthly Rate  (3   months+)  Promo   Rate  

Monthly Rate  (6   months  +)  Promo   Rate  

Horizontal Banner  

6500/6000 THB   per  month    

5500/5000 THB   per  month  

4500/4000 THB   per  month  

Featured Articles   (4  articles)  

7000/6500 THB   per  month  

6000/5500 THB   per  month  

5500/4500 THB   per  month  

Side Ads  

2000/1800 THB   per  month  

1500/1000 THB   per  month  

1000/900 THB  per   month  

Bottom Ads  

1500/1200 THB   per  month  

1000/850 THB  per   N/A   month  

Horizontal  Ad:  This  ad  will  appear   on  the  very  top  of  the  homepage,   making  it  visible  to  all  visitors  of  the   website.  It  is  also  the  biggest  ad   available.  Also,  this  plan  is  ideal  for   businesses  looking  to  stamp  their   authority  in  their  respective  markets  

Featured Articles:  By  purchasing   this  advertisement  package,  the   articles  you  select  about  your   business  appear  at  the  very  top  of  the   homepage  as  featured  articles.   Visitors  will  not  miss  this  section  for   sure.  

Side Ads:  These  ads  will  appear  on   the  very  side  of  every  page.  However   unlike  the  horizontal  ad,  space  is   limited.  This  is  ideal  for   businesses/services  that  are   operating  on  a  budget  

Bottom Ads:  These  ads  are  very   similar  to  side  ads  except  these  ads   will  be  placed  on  the  bottom  of  the   website.  Generally,  this  type  of   package  is  ideal  for  budget   advertising.  


Advertisement Banner  Designing  Service:  In  case  your  company  does  not  have  an   ad  banner  or  you  are  looking  to  allocate  a  new  one,  we  offer  our  services  in  designing   your  ad  banner.    With  our  experienced  and  professional  team  of  graphic  designers,  we   promise  to  produce  eye-­‐catching  and  premium  quality  banners.    All  that  you  have  to   do  is  either  fill  out  our  inquiry  form  or  drop  us  an  email  at    

How to  order:  Before  ordering,  customers  are  encouraged  to  send  an  inquiry  form   regarding  the  package  they  are  interested  in.  After  the  inquiry  is  sent,  we  will  be  in  touch   with  the  customer.  Another  way  to  order  is  to  simply  contact  us  at       Terms  &  Conditions:  After  details  regarding  the  banners  and  package  are  sorted  out,   customers  will  be  entitled  to  make  a  50%  upfront  payment  before  the  advertisement  is   posted  up  on  the  website.  Only  then,  we  will  post  the  advertisement  up.  By  making  the   50%  payment,  the  customer  is  agreeing  to  pay  the  remaining  50%  within  7  days  of  the   expiry  date  of  the  advertising  duration  (1  month=  30  days)  without  any  conditions  and   with  immediate  effect.  We  also  reserve  the  right  to  reject  any  advertisement  deemed   offensive,  illegal,  or  demeaning  to  our  website.  It  is  assumed  that  the  customer  has  full   liability  incase  their  advertisement  banner  is  in  violation  of  copyright  rules,  image   rights,  any  form  of  plagiarism,  and  basically  every  aspect  of  the  banner.  The  same   complies  with  featured  articles.  As  for  the  advertisement  banner  designing  service,  once   the  customer  makes  the  order,  they  will  be  entitled  to  a  50%  upfront  payment  as  per  the   quoted  price.  Once  the  banner  is  designed  to  the  customer’s  satisfaction,  the  final  50%   payment  will  be  completed.    

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Advertisement Brochure  

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