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Obama pushes universal broadband access in latest State of the Union preview Obama drives worldwide broadband access in top credit monitoring service newest state-of the Union preview

Cedar Falls, Iowa CNNSaying he needs to "remove the red-tape," and "assist communities triumph in our digital economy," President Obama traveled to Iowa on Wednesday to press for worldwide accessibility to broadband high speed Internet throughout the U.S. It is a part of his cross country tour which is laying out his priorities for the following year, forward of his state-of the Union address on Tuesday. Obama told a team of approximately 200 inhabitants and employees in the Cedar Falls Utilities business he desires to ensure communities across US have the choices that residents here have. The utility is possessed by the town and is among the very first in the country to best credit monitoring services offer speeds as high as one gigabit to each home and company in town. The President noted that web speeds here are, "100 times quicker compared to national average." And more in-line with towns like Tokyo or Hong-Kong.

Obama says one of his priorities in 2013 will be to get these regulations off-the-books. Obama included if you can find laws set up that prevent creation, "Then most of us of us including the Federal Communications Commission ... should do every thing we are able to in order to pushback on these outdated regulations. More competition means more goods and better costs." Obama also mentioned some other priorities he'll bring up in his state-of The Union address in a best credit monitoring service few days, and joked that, with just two years left in-office he, "did not need to wait to discuss my thoughts." In the past week, Obama has traveled to Michigan, AZ and TN to preview his state-of the Union priorities. In Knoxville, TN, Obama joined up with Republican Gov. Bill Haslam where he proposed a new strategy called "US's School Guarantee," which would offer high-school grads of any age two years of community school covered by the government.

Can Obama's community school strategy get through Congress? Obama made a point-of visiting TN on airforce One using the state's two Republican senators, Lamar Alexander and Bob Corker, to tout the bi-partisan character of his suggestions. In Iowa, however, the Republican governor failed to attend the broadband occasion. His spokesman Jimmy facilities tells CNN that Gov. Terry Branstad was unable to attend because of "obligations at the Capitol." Gov. Branstad created state wide broadband accessibility important in his campaign last year. He added the governor hadn't discussed with Obama. The President utilized the town public-service corporation as a good example of communities investing in broadband infrastructure -- as well as the returns. The Cedar Falls Utilities states the infrastructure for rapid Internet speeds is helping the town bring high tech businesses, as well as the President noted that web giant Google honored the town as "Iowa's leading ecommerce town" a year ago. The President is using each stop on his tour to emphasize a different legislative target for the entire year. Last week, in AZ, the President declared executive activities to cut back mortgage insurance on federally-insured loans. And, in MI the President touted the rallying American automobile market, which has added a large number of new production jobs for the reason that state. This week the President emphasized government attempts to crack-down on computer crimes, fight identity theft, hacking and protecting personal privacy on the web. At a meeting in the FTC on Monday, the President explained he intends to introduce new legislation permitting U.S. law-enforcement organizations to pursue cybercriminals overseas, and provided a suggestion to protect students' privacy while using computers in universities.

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Obama pushes universal broadband access in latest State of the Union preview  

Obama pushes universal broadband access in latest State of the Union preview