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When I’m in a creative phrase I like to keep my thoughts as clear as possible. I believe creativity comes from within yourself, because it is there you de-construct and reconstruct impulses from the outer word. That is why design is so similar to traveling, you need to search for the impulses to develop your creativity. Design is also the capability to go beyond rules to create what we didn’t know we needed. Design is to take what we need into practice. Design is to shape the world. That’s why I stand for sustainability and durable eco-creativity.







• 2010: 1 Week Agency Competition, Domestic Design (arranged by NSCA) • 2011: 1 Week Agency Competition,

• Hand-drawing, colouring, sketching, research • Skilled in ArchiCAD, Artlantis, InDesign, Photoshop, Power point • In process of Learning AutoCAD, Google Sketch up • Personal Skills: Social Media, Writing, Photography • Committed, creative & quality seeking

• Web: • Email: Contact: • Phone: +47 905 46 778 •

Scandinavian design, clear thinking, fashion, Japanese culture, sustainability, architecture, Asian languages, Norway, Eco-design, yoga, coffee&tea, organic shapes, Bunnies, Photography, beanies&hats, Writing, social media, blogging

CafĂŠ Design in Birmingham, UK

Rica Hotel in Tromsø, Technical Project

20th Century Appartment re-design in Trondheim

University of Wolverhampton new Entrance and reception

Graphic Design Studio relocating to Glomfjord.

Concept Cafe design

The intention of this project was to design a modern concept café with new technology and function in the heart of Birmingham city. More Time Café focuses on recent technology providing us new ways to do a traditional leisure, reading. This café will give the younger generation a new environment to use tablets, smart phone and NFC devices. Also providing them a new community though the virtual environment of the café. The thought is that the user can access the virtual space though an app by their own log in information, either on borrowed tablets or on their own gadgets. They can also access their own eBook accounts and apps, and simply read a book, mag or journal while enjoying their cup of beverage of choice. Or they can explore the virtual space, which will be interactive in such way that the user can see recommendations other users have left by tagging it on the seat in the virtual app. The café will also be using QR code and NFC systems to share the weeks book, chapter, author, coffee receipt/offer or recommended drink e.g. Skills: • Archicad • Artlantis • Photoshop • Concept design

• Floor plan of the Ground floor (N.T.S) showing furniture layout. also shows lights and the floor design with different materials. Booths along short wall with windows is a raised flooring area.

^ View from the entrance ^> View towards the raised flooring and the booths > View of the counter desk, menu on the wall and posters with NFC tags and QR codes

• FLoor Plan of Mezzanine floor level (N.T.S.) showing furniture layout. Seating in inner corner is a staircase/theatre inspired seating. Booths to integrate columns in the design.

^ View from the elevator at Mezzanine floor level. ^> View towards the Avalon easy chairs along the balustrade > View of the individual and staircase seating.

< Section one showing the contrast wall with bookcase wallpaper. <V Section two showing the counter, staircase and seats on mezzanine floor level. V Section three showing the raised flooring with booths and the seats along the balustrades. All sections have been made with ArchiCad and coloured in Photoshop

University of Wolverhampton new entrance and reception

Designing a corner building to be the university’s new main entrance. The main concept of the design is taken from the prhase “starting with new sheets”, and is based with clean white walls. The main colour of the design is the prime colours red, yellow and blue – plus green. The colours comes in the furnitures, wall art and zone dividing. The focus of the design is the guide lines in the floor, leading to different zones. The grey ones lead from the different entrance to exit possibilities, while the coloured lines leads to different functions. Skills: • Archicad • Artlantis • Photoshop

New 2nd floor (N.T.S.)


^ Entering from the main entrance, facing the reception. ^> Looking left towards the disabled entrance > Looking right towards the cafe and side entrance

Guidelines & Cafe:

^> Cafe area by the side entrance > Signs showing which floor line that follow at the next floor.

Advisory booths:

From reception to facilities:

Here 2 help reception

University shop:

20th Century Appartment Re-design

The apartment lies in a building complex built in year 1900. The client wish was to give it a modern look but to keep it to a style from the 20 century. The client also wanted the interior design to be built up from a style icon furniture - the Le Corbusier Lc2 armchair and sofa designed in 1928. Therefore the concept has been focuses around the functional and minimalistic period. The design has been kept modern by the use of steel and high gloss transparent plastic in contrast to simple furniture and wall paint with 100 matte finish. Skills: • ArchiCad • Free hand tracing • Promarker colour techniques • Photoshop

Existing floor plan

New Floor plan

Other site: Perspective of dining room entering from the hallway. <^Perspective of dining room facing the opposite way showing the minimal fireplace and timber storage, and small area. ^ View of the kitchen from the breakfast bar. < Perspective of the living room from the balcony door. Showing shelving design, the Le Corbusier L2 armchair and sofa as wished by client. Internally lit cube puffs are movable.

All perspectives have been made in Artlantis, then traced over by hand and coloured with Promarker.

Graphic Design Studio

Office design for Clip-Art Design-lab who was moving to a new location. Client wanted a design that was simple and inspiring to work in. Clip-Art is a small firm who works with local and international clients, as well as collaboration with other studios world wide. Client wished for and open office solution, with rooms for meetings, brain storming, guest workers, project work and more. Design has been kept clean and white, with a bright colours in furniture, lighting and details. Skills: • Archicad • Artlantis • Photoshop • Technical

Floor plan (N.T.S) Showing furniture layout with measurement.

Reflected Ceiling plan with furniture layout. (N.T.S) Showing general lighting and workspace lightning.

^ Perspective of reception showing the reception desk and visitors/client waiting area. ^> View of the lunch break area entering from the reception. > View of the lunch break area entering from the staircase (secondary entrance opportunity)

^ Perspective of copy and print area between ^> View of the CEO office from the hallway. > View of the open office solution from the inner corner of the room. All perspective has been built in Archicad and rendered in Artlantis.

Technical Drawings, Rica Hotel in Tromsø, Norway

Rica Hotel in Tromsø, Norway, is a new built hotel focusing on experiencing the city and exploring the Arctic nature. The main focus is the tourism during the winter season. Client wanted a concept based on the nature of Tromsø. These are the coloured version of the technical drawings from the project. Skills: • ArchiCad • Technical • Photoshop

^ Concept Collage ^> Floor plan of Reception and restaurant. > Perspective of the reception hall from the main entrance.


This Page: < Section facing the glass wall with a view towards the city core. v Section towards the reception desk and the light design on wall. Next Page: > Floor plans of disabled(purple) and regular(blue) hotel rooms. > Section of each room. Sections and floor plan is Not to scale.

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Synnove Gardvik: Interior Design  
Synnove Gardvik: Interior Design  

Portfolio with project from my degree BA(hons) Interior Design. Containing project such as Office, Hotel, Apartment re-design, University en...