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images by cyril lagel December 2011


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C O n t e n t s delphian


EDITORIAL BY claire huish

EDITORIAL BY Martina Giammaria and Federico Ciamei

014 130 tzigane girl’s days 026 140 incision 040 normally important girl goes city 052 146 hold me thrill me black, white, black 062 152 kill me kiss me rosy 086 ON THE COVER: life of the loveless 094 photograph by spring cyril lagel 102 featuring Corinne Lebreton vintage feel In a dress by 110 iris Van Herpe maria by maria see the full story 120 on page 74 EDITORIAL BY merry phillips

EDITORIAL BY Matteo Felici




EDITORIAL BY elena jasic

EDITORIAL BY charlotte bibby EDITORIAL BY gareth rhys

EDITORIAL BY katie eleanor

EDITORIAL BY maria molko


STAFF editor in chief: Bethany Grace editors: Katie Eleanor Gareth Rhys photography editor: Lauryn Tomlinson fashion editors: Jade Bigwood Tashi Hanlon writers: Katie Eleanor Tahlia Pajaczkowska scouting: Tahlia Pajaczkowska


December 2011 www.thirstforvision.com

image by cyril lagel


FOrEWOrD SÝN is bigger and better (we hope) than ever. With an evergrowing number of talented staff and a world full of creative talent we’re hoping SÝN will never cease to exist. In fact we’re already making sure of it. SÝN is growing in so many different directions, there are even words of a video-only zine (Katie cam up with that one) and our blog is doing it’s best to shine. Really, this foreword should be dedicated to you, our readers and contributors, because without you this wouldn’t exist (cliché, we know). This issue has made us feel so much more confident and excited about the future, we can’t wait to get started on the March issue. Now, to introduce our theme of style, we must warn you that what we mean by style may not be what you thought we meant. We wanted stylists to shine through, sure, but really it’s all back to the basics behind SÝN; what’s your style? Now, percieve that as you like, and while you’re percieving, get stylish...


December 2011 www.thirstforvision.com

INSIDE Cyril Lagel Charlotte Bibby Claire Huish Elena Jasic Gareth Rhys Katie Eleanor Lauren Engel Lindsey Lee Maria Molko Martina Giammaria & Federico Ciamei Mathew Payne Matteo Felici Merry Phillips Rhian Cox Sasha Lytvyn Bhumika Bhatia Camille Richez Carly Zinga Cristi L贸pez James Fickling Liz Barnes Maja Alv枚ron Mariam Sitchinava Nick Shand Roni Ahn Rosie Brock Saibh Egan Natasha Thompson Kelsey Genna Stella Alexandra


James Fickling


Being raised in West Yorkshire, I have an affiliation to the rural and somewhat barren landscapes that surrounded me growing up. There are numerous novels and tales that tell of the mysticism that is associated with these landscapes, which forms as inspiration for many of the shoots I do. My background is in Fine Art, having studied both an undergraduate and postgraduate in it, which means I approach fashion and editorial photography quite differently to others. For me, location is just as important as the subject and the products being advertised, as all aspects need to be having some form of conversation between one another and form a cohesive narrative. Currently, I am juxtaposing the soft and romantic rural landscape with more edgy fashion ware.


December 2011 www.thirstforvision.com


Maja Alvoron


December 2011 www.thirstforvision.com

Maja Alvöron is a 22 year old illustrator inspired by fashion and her fascination of Sweden. She began to expand her creativity because of her boyfriend, but claims she is ‘still looking for her style.’ Maja is not a student of illustration, she enjoys drawing in her spare time and hopes one day she can live in a cabin by a lake so she can learn how to ‘weave bushy sweaters’.




December 2011 www.thirstforvision.com


Cape: Plaque Bodysuit & Boots: Rokit Vintage


December 2011 www.thirstforvision.com


elphian PhotographeY: Merry P Model: Hannah Marshall @ Profile Make Up and hair: Chantell Simone Graham Styling: Jacqueline Any


Cape: Plaque Bodysuit & Boots: Rokit Vintage


December 2011 www.thirstforvision.com

Stockings & T-shirt: Rokit Vintage Pants: Lucivicious Hat: Urban outfitters Jacket & Shoes: Stylists own



Stockings & T-shirt: Rokit Vintage Pants: Lucivicious Hat: Urban outfitters Jacket & Shoes: Stylists own

December 2011 www.thirstforvision.com



Top, Skirt & Socks: Rokit Vintage Hat: Urban outfitters

December 2011 www.thirstforvision.com

Dress: Rokit Vintage Shoes, socks and hat: Urban Outfitters


Cycling shorts: Plaque Hat: Urban Outfitters Jacket, Socks & Shoes: stylists own


December 2011 www.thirstforvision.com



December 2011 www.thirstforvision.com


I have always found it a bewitching thought, that fact that we each are creators. In extension, the fact we each have the license to create whatever we wish, imagination, and perhaps and sky, is our own limitation. I have also always felt that it must be part of our own human nature to wish to define ourselves; even a free spirit is defined by that characteristic. I think this is where our own concept of style comes from, our freedom to create betwixt our craving to find ourselves. Two weekends ago I sat alone in my room, fastening butterflies onto safety pins and making crowns out of wire. One weekend ago I sat on the floor of a hectic London train station, cello taping autumn’s own browning leaves onto a hair band, ‘for the faeries, I thought.’ That evening my friends spilled into my room and immediately tear through my wardrobe, amused by the white tulle skirt with one hundred swan feather glued to its surface and the sets of wings I made once and hung up in a row. I am an escapist by nature; I live in the worlds I create in my mind, rather than focusing on reality for any lengthy amount of time. My friends comment on how my endless amounts of prairie dresses and dusty colours represent that on the outside, they say it helps me bring my head to earth. My sickly sweet side craves the pantomime theatrics of Meadham Kirchoff, whilst my darker fantasies lust for Alexander Mcqueen’s haunting tales. Although, is it ever so much more than simply the threads we encase bones in that defines our style. Style is expressed by a characteristic, any characteristic, a mode of living if you will. It is our thoughts, our dreams, and our wishes. It is everything we create as artists, and everything we ever desire to create. I want to give people an escape into new worlds through imagery; in the same way my own head escapes at every beckoning chance. Some wish to adventure, and to document that through their creations. Some wish to focus on the past, whilst others sprint forward toward the future. Some focus on the smallest details, whilst others see the world at a much wider angle. Our creative style is defined by the way we answer creative questions, it is nothing we can force, it is often the reason we become artists in the first place. It can never be possible to define one’s true and style; I do not think through simply words anyway, more I see it would be a collection of music, colours, patterns and raw emotions. Furthermore, we are forever stumbling through experimenting with many different styles before we can bring ourselves to accept what we really want. I have endless admiration for whenever I meet those who are so true to their own wishes and loves it is represented in their flairs. Style will forever grow and change, as we grow and change, and, such as beauty, will forever be in the eye of the beholder. It is in your both your tendency and environmental make up, your quietness or your multi-coloured screams. We live in an age where you are free to become whatever you wish to become, therefore create whatever your soul wishes to create and worry only about how you are defined later.

by Katie Eleanor



December 2011 www.thirstforvision.com



P h oto g ra p h y : C l a i r e H u i s h s tylin g : r o s i e w i l l i a m s Ma k e u p : C l a r e G r e a t h e a d Model : H a z e l @ G i n g e r s n a p M o d e l s


Headpiece: Culietta Snood: James Hock Jeans: Topshop Shoes: Emilio Pucci Rings: Dominique Lucas 28

December 2011 www.thirstforvision.com



December 2011 www.thirstforvision.com

on the left: Sunglasses: Stylist’s Own Cape: Stylist’s Own Top: Martina Spetlova Shorts: Topshop Shoes: Giuseppe Zanotti Bag: Stylist’s Own Coral Ring: Yves Saint Laurent All Other Jewellery: Alex Monroe on the Right: Hat: Helene Birman Dress: Jayne Pierson Coat: Topshop Shoes: Yves Saint Laurent Earrings: Mawi 31

Coat: Stylist’s Own Dress: Rachel Friere Shoes: Zara Headpiece: Culietta Bracelet: Culietta on the far right: Hat: Zara Sunglasses: Stylist’s Own Top: Zara Shorts: Topshop Coat: Stylist’s Own Shoes: Stylist’s Own Bag: Louis Vuitton


December 2011 www.thirstforvision.com



December 2011 www.thirstforvision.com

See more of nicks’s work on his flickr: www.flickr.com/photos/40251744@N08/

“ Nick

Sh and

My name is Nick Shand, I am an 18 year old student from South Wales and am currently studying Editorial and Advertising Photography at the University of Gloucestershire. I began photography at the age of 16 whilst on a GCSE Media Studies course. I became captivated by photographers on Flickr such as Karrah Kobus, Rosie Hardy, Brooke Shaden and Alex Stoddard. I fell in love with their concepts and beautiful aesthetics and this truly made me realise the endless possibilities of photography as an art. Since then I have done many test shoots and a music video for the song Lost in the World by Kanye West which has been popular on YouTube. Since the start of University I have been introduced to many great photographers which have inspired me greatly such as William Klein and Don McCullin, as well as new talent such as Grant Thomas. I hope that by the end of University I will have found aesthetics suitable to my taste and have the knowledge to work in the creative industry as a commercial photographer. 35


December 2011 www.thirstforvision.com

Natasha Thompson www.thesecretteaparty.co.uk



December 2011 www.thirstforvision.com



December 2011 www.thirstforvision.com

photography: matthew payne Model: J.D Bain @ M+P Models Styling: Tiziana Lia

Denim Shirt: Beyond Retro Denim Shorts: Beyond Retro Backpack: Beyond Retro


Spiked bracelet: Topshop Jacket: Beyond Retro Trousers: Topman


December 2011 www.thirstforvision.com

Necklace: Topshop


Denim Shirt: Beyond Retro


December 2011 www.thirstforvision.com

Trench Coat: Beyond Retro Necklace: Topshop Trousers: Topman Boots: Beyond Retro


See more of Roni’s work on her website: www.roniahn.4ormat.com/


December 2011 www.thirstforvision.com


My full name is Veronica Ahn, but I am more commonly known as Roni Ahn. I turned 15 just about a month ago. I am originally from Korea, but I am currently living in Hong Kong and I go to school here. When I was young, I moved around from Korea to Australia to Germany to where I am living now. After I graduate university, I would love to travel once again, from town to town, city to city. I started taking portraiture of people in March, and since then, I have fallen in love with it. I love the way my camera catches light, the way the models move so naturally, and the way I am able to capture it all. When I am taking photos I never want to stop. It is the best feeling.



kelseygenna interview by Tahlia Pajaczkowska-Russell SÝN: How did you start up your clothing line? What’s the history behind Kelsey Genna? Kelsey: Becoming a designer is something I have always wanted to do. When I was at high school I started creating and wearing my own clothing. I guess the whole process started quite slowly, while I was still very much learning! I discovered Etsy several years back and started selling a little on there. Last year I graduated all launched into it full time... which is a dream come true for me. SÝN: Who’ve worked with many talented artists, such as Jeannine Tan and meeting Lina Maria Carrillo. What would you say are your most memorable experiences? Kelsey: Yes, this year especially I have been lucky to meet so many talented people! My most memorable experiences of this year would have to be two trips I took, one to Australia earlier this year and a second to New York in September. I got the opportunity to meet up and work with a lot of people who I have admired through the internet... and I made some very dear friends in the process! I hope to do a lot more of this in 2012. SÝN: You also share an interest in photography, was that a passion you’ve always had, or something that’s developed recently? Kelsey: I think my interest in the arts has certainly flourished since I started my label. It is something I have always loved, but now that I have the opportunity to create my own lookbooks etc. it is something I have become a lot of aware of.


December 2011 www.thirstforvision.com



December 2011 www.thirstforvision.com

SÝN: What would you say are your biggest influences on your designs? Kelsey: Nature is probably my greatest influence. I love everything about flowers; their colours and shapes. SÝN: Aside from fashion design and photography, what other interests do you have? Kelsey: I love to travel. Nothing out of the ordinary, I enjoy spending time with my friends, cafes and watching films. SÝN: Do you have a dream team you'd love to collaborate with? Kelsey: I have a never ending list of people I would love to work with. This year I was lucky enough to work with Caitlin Shearer... a lovely lady and one of my favourite artists. SÝN: What role does the Internet play for upcoming designers such as yourself? Kelsey: The internet has played such an important role for me personally. I have no doubt it has made launching my label possible. I guess the biggest thing for me would be that I can base myself here in New Zealand yet still reach and sell my pieces to people all over the world. It’s amazing.

see and buy kelsey gennA: www.kelseygenna.com photography: camille richez Model : Laura Batten Dress & Skirt : Kelsey Genna 51


December 2011 www.thirstforvision.com

NORMALLY IMPORTANT ‘the band of two’ PHOTOGRAPHY: Sasha Lytvyn aLEX Ikechi Radell Kane



December 2011 www.thirstforvision.com



December 2011 www.thirstforvision.com


Mariam Sitchinava



December 2011 www.thirstforvision.com



December 2011 www.thirstforvision.com

Stella Alexandra this is real style: www.stellaswardrobe.blogspot.com

Stella has a way with clothes S�N cannot comprehend. She matches things we never thought would match, combines opposites and does all of it with such elegant beauty we’re still trying to get our head around it. We insist you follow her blog, her way with clothes provides a never ending stream of inspiration.


BLACK WHITE BLACK Photographer: Lindsey Lee Model: Nicole Mason

Dress: H&M Tights: Target Shoes: Charles David


December 2011 www.thirstforvision.com


WHITE Model: Nicole Mason PhotograpHY: Lindsey Lee



Bodysuit- Urban Outfitters Hose- Model’s Own Watch-Seiko Ring- Z Gallerie


December 2011 www.thirstforvision.com

One-Piece: vintage boots: Zigisoho


Jacket: Mark Farrel Bra: American Apparel Shorts: Urban Outfitters


December 2011 www.thirstforvision.com




December 2011 www.thirstforvision.com


I was born in Waterbury, Connecticut, in 1993. My mother and father were Dominican immigrants so I am a first generation Dominican-America. My ethnic background also includes Cuban and Spanish blood. I moved to Gainesville, Florida when I was four years old and have lived here since. It is a sleepy town immersed in lush green and is a beautifully yet quietly inspirational place. I plan to move to a big city in the future to further my career in the arts.


find more of CRISTI’s work on her blog: thebirdsandthebones.blogspot.com


December 2011 www.thirstforvision.com


find more of ROSIE’s work on flickr: www.flickr.com/photos/rosietherivphotography/


December 2011 www.thirstforvision.com

I picked up a camera about a year ago and have been completely in love ever since. Photography has greatly increased my awareness of the beauty of natural light, movement, and emotion. I am inspired by film photographs from bygone eras, the rebellion of the 1960’s, and free-spirited personalities.

ROSIE BROCK 16 year old aspiring photographer


Jacket: Christophe Lemaire TROUSERS: theyskens theory


December 2011 www.thirstforvision.com

Photography: Cyril Lagel Realisation: Benjamin Armand Make up : Corinne Lebreton @ B4 agency Hair : GASPARD @ B4 agency Manucurist : Kamel @ B agency Lisa Dommerson @ City models



December 2011 www.thirstforvision.com



December 2011 www.thirstforvision.com



December 2011 www.thirstforvision.com



December 2011 www.thirstforvision.com



December 2011 www.thirstforvision.com

Dress theyskens theory



December 2011 www.thirstforvision.com

rosy photography: elena jasic model: megan hostetter make up: eliza davila hair styling: brittany wohkittel



December 2011 www.thirstforvision.com



December 2011 www.thirstforvision.com



17 year old aspiring photographer from Melbourne

Every time I pick up my camera I get a thrill, the thrill of creating something beautiful and something people can connect to. I’m inspired by the human figure; the beauty found in the expressions and shapes made by the union of face and body. I’m also inspired by landscapes and the nature around me which is the reason I shoot mostly outdoors. The whole process of creating photographs is something I hope to continue in the future as a job or for pleasure, but right now, I just hope to continue learning, growing and refining to see where it takes me.

find more of LIZ’s work on her website: lizbarnes.carbonmade.com


December 2011 www.thirstforvision.com



Tiered Vest: River Island Triangular Necklace: Urban Outfitters Floppy hat: Primark Beads: Stylists own Skull ring: Stylists own

December 2011 www.thirstforvision.com



Photography & STYLING: Charlotte Bibby Model: Gaby @ Bookings Make up: Miyuki Ishizuka



December 2011 www.thirstforvision.com

Star Necklace: Urban Outfitters Bunny ears: Top shop Slitted skirt: River Island Skull top: Urban outfitters Skull ring: stylists own Heels: Models own


Gem Necklace: River Island Cameo necklace: Stylists own Shirt: Urban Outfitters Tights: Stylists own Boots: Models own


December 2011 www.thirstforvision.com

Tassle Necklace: River Island Skull T-shirt: Urban Outfiters Leather Leggings: Topshop Bird Wings: Stylists own


Gem Necklace: River Island Cameo necklace: Stylists own Shirt: Urban Outfitters Tights: Stylists own Boots: Models own


December 2011 www.thirstforvision.com

Bracelet: Urban outfitters Lace overlay top: Urban outfitters Lace leggings: Urban outfitters Bow: Primark Wing ring: Stylists own



December 2011 www.thirstforvision.com

Saibh Egan (pronounced S-I-V-E, like five) a 25 year old fashion and portrait photographer from the west of Ireland.


Strong, bold imagery, typography and media have always been my greatest interest. When I was a child I loved to look though her mothers old photos. Photos of people and places, chronicling the beauty of Irelands olden days, mixed with captivating shots of my father’s student days in Saudi Arabia. I became intoxicated. Their look, their feel, even the way they smelled, I was drawn even to the imperfections, the under and over exposed qualities.



PRING pHOTOGRAPHY: GARETH RHYS Model: Signe Springe @ Gingersnap Make-up: Katy Jones clothING from Looby Loo’s boutiquE


December 2011 www.thirstforvision.com



December 2011 www.thirstforvision.com



December 2011 www.thirstforvision.com



December 2011 www.thirstforvision.com



To me, photography is a way of showing the world brief moments of beauty and unconstrained youth. I am inspired by finding beauty in strange places, and the changing seasons. It is this unpredictable nature of life that has stirred something inside of me, willing me to travel the world, and explore the ideas and dreams racing through my mind. In the past year, my photography has allowed me to share my thoughts and imaginings across the world, opening opportunities and creating memories I will never forget.

find more of carly’s work on her website: http://cargocollective.com/carlyzingaphotography


vin tage feel Photography: Katie Eleanor Hair/make-up: Amber Scarlett Model: Annie Mcfadyen Styling: Katie Eleanor and Annie Mcfadyen


December 2011 www.thirstforvision.com

Dress: Beyond Retro


Dress: VINTAGE TIGHTS: MODEL’s own hat: model’s 2011 own www.thirstforvision.com 114 wedding December

wedding hat: model’s own

Dress: Beyond Retro


COAT: Vintage, Model’s Own


December 2011 www.thirstforvision.com

wedding hat: model’s own


find more of veskov’s work on his blog: vnickolov.blogspot.com

“ 118

I’m originally from Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria and I’m currently in my second year of a photography degree in the UK. I love doing fashion and portrait photography. I find inspiration everywhere, and sometimes ideas just come to me out of the blue. I’ve been doing fashion photography for 3 years now and I like it because I think that photography is not representative of the real world, but of a different world; a world we can dream of, or be afraid of, or just be curious of. The most important thing in photography for me is to try to capture the spirit, because it gives life to the picture.

December 2011 www.thirstforvision.com

Vesselin Nickolov aka. veskov

creative director: Melissa 119 Peck

model: Gloria@Ivet Fashion jewellery design: Milko Boyrarov


December 2011 www.thirstforvision.com

styling: Erin Gil & Kiristie Pitt

model: Mila Sinervo


Bodysuit & SKIRT: American Apparel


December 2011 www.thirstforvision.com

maďż˝ ria BY maďż˝ ria

Model: Maria Marti Photography: Maria Molko


Bodysuit & SKIRT: American Apparel


December 2011 www.thirstforvision.com

Green Suit: Vintage Christian Dior


White Shirt: Vintage Trousers: American Apparel


December 2011 www.thirstforvision.com


Style was so prominent in the 1940’s. After finding my great Grandmother’s photos I was sure of it; she was just 17 years old when Christian Dior introduced the New Look. Women wore these looks around the world; feminine flow of fabric, smaller waist lines and dresses particularly shorter than those previously worn. What interested me most about the 40s fashion, was the fact that there was just one overall set trend. Today, we see trends repeated and recycled from previous years and generations. On the catwalk, we see simplistic trends like block colours or particular methods of draping and layering repeated but in different ways. There is no longer one set look that unites the stylish of the world. I interviewed my Grandmother about her thoughts and feelings of the differences and similarities between the 40s fashion trends and those of today.


December 2011 www.thirstforvision.com


by Jade Bigwood

SÝN: Describe the style of clothing worn in the 1940’s. Joyce: Shirt waister dresses were a popular style. Women also wore tailored trousers. SÝN: When the New Look was first introduced in 1947, would you say that everyone took a while to adapt? Joyce: No, everyone went straight into wearing the New Look style. I went straight out and bought the new items of clothing. SÝN: Who were your style icons? Joyce: Definitely the film stars or celebrities of the 1940s. Nobody particularly rings a bell for me, but definitely those I saw at the cinemas. I would dress in their type of style, as they were the main women who knew the popular styles. SÝN: What was your favourite item of clothing? Joyce: When the New Look first came out, I went straight out and bought a green coat. It was beautiful. SÝN: Was there anybody who wore something particularly different? Joyce: No. Everybody wore the New Look. SÝN: Where were the places you got your clothing from? Joyce: Mainly the high street shops or markets. SÝN: What did you accessorize with? Joyce: Pearl necklaces were big at the time; I often used to wear a necklace with red gemstones in. SÝN: Would you say it was easier to dress now or in the 1940s? Joyce: Definitely now, there’s so much to choose from! You can wear whatever you want really! 129

SÝN: How would you describe today’s fashion in comparison with 1940s fashion? Joyce: Today’s fashion isn’t boring, is it? For those who make effort with the way they dress. Everyone is so different, you can be so expressive in terms of your clothing. You can wear what you want, when you want! Not like the 40s, we all had that selected style. SÝN: So would you have preferred to have the openness to choose the style of what you wanted to wear? Joyce: Yes, definitely. I mean, once, a friend and I got draped suits made because it was different to what everyone else wore. I don’t remember any other women wearing those. Only the men wore the draped suits. SÝN: Whose style from today would you say you would be most likely to follow? Joyce: I love Kate Middleton, her femininity in dressing is beautiful; and her McQueen wedding dress… it was stunning!


December 2011 www.thirstforvision.com

From my personal point of view, I think that the women of the 40s made so much more effort with their clothing. Every day, they would make an effort with what they were wearing, no matter where they were going. Today, in the 21st century, we have had so much fashion recycled and reused that there is plenty of choice. Perhaps this is why we end up wearing something as typical and obvious as jeans. Just looking at my Grandmother’s photos makes me feel bad about how I dress, (she writes whilst wearing pair of baggy tracksuit bottoms and slouchy v-neck tee) because I feel as if I don’t put in enough effort into what I wear. Although, I believe in this day and age, that we should use fashion as a way of speech, not to be herded into following a trend or wearing what someone else wears. Let fashion be your personality, dress accordingly. For everyone, fashion should be individual, something that you would not expect another to wear. 131

Jack Photography: Matteo Felici Styling: Umberto Sannino Make Up: Lucia Ferraro Hair: Sharon Carbonari Jack H @ Urban Management

All accessories by Piera Castellan (www.pieracastellan.blogspot.com)


December 2011 www.thirstforvision.com



December 2011 www.thirstforvision.com



December 2011 www.thirstforvision.com


Bhumika Bhatia


December 2011 www.thirstforvision.com

21 year old photographer Bhumika Bhatia started photography 2 years ago, and there was no stopping her. Bhumika wants people to connect with her pictures, she wants them to inspire. She started with a point and shoot, and eventually saved enough money to purchase the Canon 500d. “I want people to fall in love with my pictures. I will do and everything, but best of all I will work hard to achieve where I want to be and use my passion to do it.�


“ 140

December 2011 www.thirstforvision.com

I have been trying hard to achieve my dreams. My pictures have been published and recognized internationally in Paris fashion week and at Selfridge’s London as a part of jimmy choo project. My work has also featured in various magazines in the USA, Spain and Colombia and I have even been interviewed for art magazine vanity teen.

See more of Bhumika’s work on her flickr: www.flickr.com/photos/bhumikabhatia/


Girl’s days

photography: Martina Giammaria and Federico Ciamei styling: Maela Leporati make up and hair: Maria Alessia Colombo model: Adka @ Ice Models


December 2011 www.thirstforvision.com

top: vintage jacket: Sessun skirt: stylist's own hat & tights: H&M shoes: Dr. Marten


leather jacket: Vintage Recycled hand made by Alice Cipriani skirt: Pimkie top: Zara tights: H&M shoes: Dr. Marten


December 2011 www.thirstforvision.com

shirt and socks: H&M shorts: Sessun hat: vintage shoes: Dr. Marten


gilet: H&M pullover: Sessun skirt: Terranova socks: H&M headband: H&M shoes: Dr. MartEn


December 2011 www.thirstforvision.com

t-shirt: Nike vintage cardigan: H&M skirt: Surplus vintage tights: H&M hat: H&M shoes: Dr. MartEn



December 2011 www.thirstforvision.com


Corallin Cao @ Cal-Carrie Models Photography by Lauren Engel


December 2011 www.thirstforvision.com



December 2011 www.thirstforvision.com



December 2011 www.thirstforvision.com

hold me thrill me kill me kiss me

Photography: Rhian Cox Model: Stacey F @ Oxygen Make up and Hair: Jessica Hunte Jewellery and glasses: Love Laced Arsenic



December 2011 www.thirstforvision.com



December 2011 www.thirstforvision.com


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December 2011 www.thirstforvision.com

THE EHT NEX XEN T/IS SI/T SUE EUS m a rch 2 0 1 1



THE 162

December 2011 www.thirstforvision.com

style ISSUE

Profile for SÝN Magazine


Issue two of Volume 2, SÝN Magazine. Featuring artists: Charlotte Bibby, Claire Huish, Elena Jasic, Gareth Rhys, Katie Eleanor, Lauren Engel...


Issue two of Volume 2, SÝN Magazine. Featuring artists: Charlotte Bibby, Claire Huish, Elena Jasic, Gareth Rhys, Katie Eleanor, Lauren Engel...