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I nt roduct i on Duri ngmys econdyeart ravel i ngup anddownt heruggedcoas tofCal i f orni a, Ihadt hel uckt of i ndas t as hoft ruel y remarkabl ecomi cs .Thepageswere cakedi ndus tandhadt heappearenceof bei ngveryol d.Thei rori gi nwas compl et el yunknown.I ndeed,onl yanot e at t achedt ot hem wri t t eni nChi nes e hi nt edt hatt heymayhavecome f rom apl acei nhabi t edbygi bbons .But Iwasdoubt f ul .It ookt heworkt ot he Uni vers i t yofDal yCi t yt ohavet hem dat ed.Dr.St range,PHD ofRandom Occurances ,f oundt hatt heycoul dbe asol dast womont hs ,buthewass i ncere whenheadmi t edt heycoul dbemuch younger.Furt her,hes ugges t edt hat t heworkcoul dhavebeencreat edby “chi l dren. ” However,Ihavemade myownconcl us i ons .Ibel i evet hework t obet hatofhi ghl yi nt el l egentmonkeys . Oneswhocanhandl epenci l sandcal cul at e bas i cmat hemat i ca.St art l edbyDr.St range’ sf i ndi ngsIt ookt hepagest omy homet oedi tt hem andl ayt hem out . Herei st hef rui toft hatl abor.

HermeyHal f l i ngvonKöpf ke February15t h,2011

LONGER! ! ! H. H. v.Köpf ke I nt roduct i on Ri ckeyLee Advent uresOfGobo &Al l an Hanl ey Fat man Ni ckLi Mr.Di bbs &Eddi e Ryan Smas h! ! Megan Jes s i ca’ sSchool Wyat t Cas t l eAdvent ures3k Vi vi an BadDayf orShort y &Kel l y Kal s on DomoQues t Franky SuperFi s tBeanBun Tommy Shadow vs .Sun Chi efEdi t orAs s i s t antEdi t orLayoutManagersRunnerNobl eBoardCl eaners-

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One day whi le explori ng the darkwoods, GOBO saw

A boat Ti ed to the Shore

Naturally,he felt a need to i nvesti gate. . .

Belt of Shi eldi ng

Arch Gemstone of Casti ng

Staff of Fi reSli ngi ng

Techno Dance Sui t

Good ons Karks Berri esPoti Unendi ng Bowlof Ri ce

Bootsof Cli mbi ng

I tsbeen the cause of many di sasters. . .

Burni ng enti re Forestsand wrecki ng castles.

The Dragon li vesi n Yonder M ountai n. . .

3 feet

Def i ni t i on:

Pol ymorph Whenanobj ectort hi ng( s uchasa dragon)becomesanew obj ect ort hi ng( s uchasagoos e) .

Readt heconcl us i ont oFat manat i s s ue. com

Cas t l eAdv en t u r es3ooo par t1

Tas t y!

Cas t l eAdv en t u r es3ooo par tt wo

BadDay f or

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Random Cont ent Comi cs Pl ough&Feat herPubl i s hi ng pl oughandf eat her. com

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Edi t or-Ri ckeyLeeBauman ri ckeyl ee@s ynergyzi ne. com SearchRANDOM CONTENT COMI CSat i s s uu. com

Random Content Comics  

Created by students at RLS Elementary School in San Francisco. With Guidence and supervision of Rickey Lee Bauman. 2011

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