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Endowment Facts Synergy’s, founders started the school’s endowment when they opened the school, almost 40 years ago. The endowment is now worth about $2.3 million. In 1996, Synergy embarked on a campaign to add the middle school and purchase the building we occupy now. By 2000, the community had raised $3 million and made that dream a reality. Synergy’s endowment is money invested for the long term. A percentage of the endowment flows into the school’s budget every year. By setting that payout around 5 percent, the fund can continue to provide support in perpetuity.

Securing the Promise 40th Anniversary Campaign Our Goal: $2.5million Pledges & Gifts received to date: $1.1 million


(Securing the Promise continued) to be an accessible and diverse teacher cooperative, would lie in the financial stability that only an endowment can give. Synergy’s financial health is sustained by three sources – tuition, fund-raising, and endowment. Thanks to Russ’ foresight, year by year, our fledgling endowment grew slowly until we launched our first campaign to double its size, from $400,000 to $800,000, in 1983. We did it. Since then it has grown to over 2 million and interest from the endowment helps to fill the gap between tuition and our costs to educate our students. But we are losing ground and the road to securing our mission lies in increasing the amount of non-tuition income in our annual budget. This is why significantly building our endowment is so important. The math concept is simple, I say as a teacher who loved teaching math. More money begets more money. The money in our endowment is securely invested, and that investment grows over time and yields interest, some of which goes into the budget. Currently this is $90,000 or about 5%. If this campaign increases our 2 million to 4 million by the end of 1213, that $90,000 will be

$180,000. Imagine that 4 million growing to 8 million. It will, and 5% of 8 - here's the math again - is $400,000. Now that is securing our promise. I loved Synergy the minute I walked through the door into the small, shotgun school on Castro Street. Its mission spoke to everything I believe in as an educator. In the 34 years since then, we have grown and flourished and done something many schools do not – hold on to and deepen our core values. Synergy holds a unique and important place in the world of education in the Bay Area. It is crystal clear to me that building the endowment is the key to our future.

Save the Date Come to a celebration in honor of Arlene and 26 years of Farm School at Deergnaw. April 21, 2011 Saturday 3 pm at Synergy School

Synergy Times

| Winter 2012

Securing the Promise: The Parents’ Campaign by Ronan Dunlop At the school picnic on September 17, parent Ronan Dunlop, a member of the development committee, with co-chair Chas Edwards, explained to the assembled families why the campaign is necessary and what it will mean for parents and alumni.

today. What’s more, a lot of work has already happened these last few months and we are thrilled to say that, as of today, over 1 million dollars has already been pledged to Synergy.

The 40th Anniversary of Synergy is next year – It’s a terrific milestone.

That’s not all. You need know something tremendous — you need to know that Synergy’s teachers and staff are already 100% committed to the campaign. Every one who could has pledged $4,000, and everyone has pledged something. Let me repeat that. Your teachers have pledged 4,000 dollars each!

The funny thing about milestones is that not only do they make you realize how far you’ve come and how much has been accomplished, but they also make you reflect on the road ahead. They make you think about the 50th and 100th milestones that are to come. And we as a community have the power to help Synergy get there today. We have the power to ensure that the only teacher coop, with the lowest tuition rate, and the highest ethnic, economic, family make-up and gender diversity in San Francisco, will be a thriving community in another 40 years’ time. We are going to do this by raising over 2 million dollars by 2013, thereby more than doubling the school’s endowment fund. That’s a big number. But we’ve done it before. 15 years ago we raised 3 million dollars to build the school we have Synergy Times

| Winter 2012

some we don’t to help us reach this 2.5 million dollar goal. And Chas and I are standing before you today to say that we’re counting on you, the current parents, to help us raise at least $150,000 and hopefully as much as $300,000. We’ve already begun talking with a number of families to get us started with our parents’ campaign, and this fall we’ll keep going. We, the present Synergy families, can do it with our own gifts – especially spread out over a

“You need to know that Synergy’s teachers and staff are already 100% committed to the campaign.” We are reaching out to everyone we know in our community: alumni, local businesses, foundations and more. We’re asking everyone we know and

number of years — and with the help of our friends and relatives. We’ve done it before, and with your help, we’ll do it again. THANK YOU EVERYONE!!


Butterfly Garden Comes to Life by Rea Inglesis, Ecoteam Advisor On October 16, Synergy’s Ecoteam held their first gardening day. Our purpose: build a garden of native California plants that will provide habitat to local butterflies. Two years of planning, researching and fundraising have resulted in a beautiful 25 square foot raised bed in Synergy’s soft yard. The workday brought 40 students and family members together to build the planter, decorate and plant pots, clean up the yard, make beaded butterflies to decorate the garden, and, finally, plant a variety of perennials in the new planter.

volunteers to one of the several activities. Annie taught students how to transplant the small plants. Siri set up paints to decorate the pots and showed children how to make beaded butterflies and flowers that could be placed in our garden. Deirdre carried down castings from Ecoteam’s worm bin that were used to fertilize all our plantings. While the large bed was being constructed, the other adults weeded, pruned and swept around the yard. Students picked ripe apples that were later used to make a celebratory apple crisp.

“Students decided to do something to help the endangered Mission blue butterfly.” Since then, Ecoteam students have been watering and tending the new plants. Ecoteam students and their families arrived eager to participate that fall Sunday with all five Ecoteam advisors on hand to help. Joan directed


After the final board was in place, everyone pitched in with wheelbarrows and shovels to fill the planter with soil and organic amendment. We sprinkled in some worm castings and transplanted carefully arranged lupines,

California daisies, asters, buckwheat, yarrow, cow parsnip, yerba buena, blue eyes, and other native California plants. While finishing touches were painted on a sign for the garden, we laid irrigation tubing, mulched and watered. As we were working that day, a butterfly flew into the science room. Tiffany brought it down to us and released it into the soft yard as a sign of butterflies to come. The idea for the garden was inspired by another Ecoteam event, a screening of “A Simple Question: The Story of STRAW” by filmmaker and Synergy parent Kevin White. The watershed restoration project highlighted in the film began with a teacher and her students deciding to help imperiled freshwater shrimp in Sonoma County. After seeing the movie, students decided to do something to help the endangered Mission blue butterfly. Students who are now in 7th grade began researching the basics of creating a butterfly garden and the specifics of what Mission blues need to breed and survive – both host and nectar plants. These students put this knowledge into (Continued page 5) Synergy Times

| Winter 2012

(Butterfly Garden continued) practice as part of our Farm School program. Arlene chose a spot near her vegetable garden and used students’ research to inform the type of plants she included there. The entire 4/5 class helped build this first Synergy butterfly garden at Deergnaw. Back at Synergy, the Ecoteam continued their research and decided to broaden the scope of the plantings. We wanted to attract butterflies all year long. We invited a parent landscaper, Elliot Goliger, to come to one of our weekly meetings and give us advice on how to proceed. He gave us lots of advice and donated all the soil for the project. This generosity was just one of many examples that made the butterfly garden come to life. After doing a presentation to the 4/5 class, Karen Gardner of Tuolumne River Trust offered to help us organize the project. The volunteers that joined her in helping build the garden made invaluable contributions. The co-chair of the Green Committee, Alan Fleming, happens to be an expert on native plants and was instrumental in selecting and shopping for plants at Bay Area nurseries.

Synergy Times

| Winter 2012

The man responsible for the lovely curved design of the garden is also our construction coordinator, Tim Barritt, a Synergy parent. Tim brought all the materials ready to assemble and all the tools needed to build the garden. He curved each recycled plastic beam in his own backyard and was a can-do leader with our volunteer crew. With help from a Sunroom student, Tim also installed the irrigation lines that will

Ecoteam and Synergy are grateful to the many people who contributed to the butterfly garden project. It is not just a symbol of Synergy’s commitment to the environment, but a valuable teaching tool. Students over the years will nurture and tend the garden, learn about native plants, butterflies and insects, and, hopefully, be inspired by the vision of a few students becoming a thing of beauty for all to enjoy.

“ It is not just a symbol of Synergy’s commitment to the environment, but a valuable teaching tool.” keep our garden going. In fact, the whole community stepped up to help make this project happen. In addition to the Ecoteam’s fundraising efforts, the garden was included in the Fund-A-Need at Synergy’s auction. We were able to pay for the building materials and plants through this fund. Lunch was generously donated by local businesses Mission Pie, Papalote’s and Muddy’s.


Valencia Street Mural: A Project of the Rainbow Room By Annie Aguirre, Rainbow Room Teacher

This fall the Rainbow Room embarked on a study of communities. We focused on our own classroom community by getting to know one another, learning about the agreement system, and by receiving classroom jobs. The idea was to gain a deeper understanding of how all of us play an important role in holding our own little community together. Our study led us to discuss our larger school community. As we walked around the building, clipboards in hand, students drew symbols to represent the classrooms on a copy of the school’s emergency map. It seemed only natural to take our study out in the neighborhood. Before we knew it we were on a mapping expedition on Valencia Street. Again, clipboards in hand, Rainbow Room kids studied the buildings on the east side of Valencia Street from Anthony’s Cookies (well, we had to start somewhere!) all the way to Horace Mann-Buena Vista School. It was a beautiful sunny day, but quite windy. Good thing we had those clipboards to hold our papers in place!


I must say that I was impressed with

their models became appropriately

the observations the Rainbow Room


“The idea was to gain a deeper understanding of how all of us play an important role in holding our own community together.” students made about architecture and how many symbols they were able to find on our short walk. All the while, they were busy drawing buildings and creating symbols for each of the businesses we saw. We even visited our local produce stand and spoke to the owner about his business. He was kind enough to let the entire class roam around inside and ask him questions. The following week, we began constructing a mural of Valencia Street. Getting the proportions right was probably the hardest part of the project, but once one or two kids started to understand the epic size of the mural,

Another thing that made this project challenging is that we realized that most of the buildings on Valencia Street are white or gray. How were we going to make a stunning mural made of white and gray paper? Luckily, Ezra’s mom brought in some iridescent paper to make our buildings sparkle. Our mural really came alive when the students added people and vehicles. One of my favorite pedestrians is a dogwalker and his four or five dogs. One of the trucks driving down the street is labeled “Matt’s Foods”, a tribute to the gracious owner of Valencia Farmer’s Market. Synergy Times

| Winter 2012

Hurwitz Scholarship by Connie Matthiessen Noah Hurwitz, a longtime friend of the school, established two scholarships to help make a Synergy education possible for two students. One of Hurwitz's scholarships covers the entire K through eighth-grade tuition for one student. The second is a half scholarship that will make Synergy affordable for a middle class family who couldn't afford it otherwise. In Noah’s words:

Synergy Divali Celebration By Darya Mead In November, the Middle School Humanities class celebrated the Indian holiday of Divali, to conclude their study of Hinduism. When I came to participate, the fragrant and pungent smell of simmering lentils and spices showed me the way. Colorful rangoli, a beautiful art form, are colorful designs traditionally made on floors of living rooms and courtyards during Hindu festivals, and are meant as sacred welcoming areas for the Hindu gods. The patterns are typically created with materials, including colored rice, dry flour, sand or even flower petals. We were going to use colored sand and do it in the passageway between the hard and soft yards. It was complicated and crowded, but Tammy’s seasoned skill kept me on target, and soon each kid found his or her own rhythm. They did some beautiful and collaborative work. There were geometric patterns, lotus-like flowers and even a Ganesh as the elephant … with sunglasses! Meanwhile, artistry was on display upstairs: there was henna tattooing, an Indian card game, and cooking daal and naan bread. Also, each student had made a small lantern, and we Synergy Times

| Winter 2012

ceremonially lighted the tea lights inside. One of the many things I find so inspiring about Synergy is the creativity and color infused into the learning process. I’m constantly inspired and impressed by the quality and scope of the curriculum. To me, just the scent of the lentil stew, wafting though the corridors, somehow touches the kids. Maybe the scent will spark an interest; maybe some day they will be in a yoga class or study Sanskrit… maybe just maybe they will learn to love Indian food and culture!

“I feel very fortunate to give to Synergy, and through that, to give back to the community. From the age of six to ten my family was on the receiving end of scholarships that had a positive impact on my sister and me.   It was a formative experience for me that could not have happened without the financial aid that we received. I've been on the receiving end of the equation and it's great to be able to be on the giving side. I feel very grateful to be able to give back. This is something I've wanted to do for a long time. I have seen first-hand the positive and diverse environment that Synergy provides.  Over the years, I've gotten to know several Synergy students and they are all well-rounded, interesting individuals. I know that Synergy played a major role in guiding them, that it had a powerful influence. Kids not only get a great education at Synergy, they get a lesson in values as well, and the results are impressive. San Francisco has many strong educational programs.  Yet I think Synergy excels in providing a great education and environment at a level of efficiency that very few other programs have. This allows for greater diversity, and also allows for scholarship programs to have a greater impact. With that thinking, my family and I created the Hurwitz scholarship.”


Synergy School 2010 - 2011 Annual Report

Securing the Promise 40th Anniversary Campaign Gifts and Pledges to the Campaign Anonymous

Jesse Kitses


Sharon and Bob Kolbrener

Nancy and Keith Anding

Carolyn Kruse

Tanya Baker

Becky and Bruce Leighton

Jana Barber

Alexis Limberakis

Sandy Barra & Peter Dardis

Cynthia Louie & Frni Beyer

Katherine Bella & John Harris

Ebony and Ray Manion

Marilyn Bancel & Rik Myslewski

Vicky Mauleon

Sogolon Best & Nicole Branch

Elizabeth McDonald & Tom Sicurella

Mahala Bundy & Steve Heminger

Natham Mellado

Vincent Campasano & Harris Meyer

Russ Messing & Arlene Naschke

Robert Carr & Andrea LoPinto

Estate of Wilma Messing

Chevron Humankind Matching Gift Program

Judy and Paul Minton

Danielle Conrad & Hemant Shah

Melanie Moore

Russell Curtis & Mark Russell

Linda Parker & Greg Pennington

Tammy Damon & Elena Dillon

Joan Pettijohn

Deirdre Devine & Al Indelicato

Eliza Robertson & Richard Lawler

Revenues & Expenses

Susanne and Joseph DeRisi

Teresa and Carlos Rodriguez

Ronan and Patty Dunlop

Laurel Schultz & Paul Linde


David Emanuel & Maria Wamsley

Jane and Tom Singer

Financial Report 2010-11 Giving Endowment Annual Fund Auction CSF Beach Clean-up Hurwitz Scholarship Scrip/Other Total Giving

$ $ $ $ $ $ $

233,952 147,209 88,200 33,515 22,200 9,692 534,768

Alan Fleming & Claudia Romero

Sonya and Melvin Smith

Tuition /Fees Fundraising Endowment Allocation Interest Income

$ 2,813,859 $ 534,768 $ 90,000 $ 9,000

Leslie Fleming & Kevin Wilcock

Tiffany Tai

Rita Franklin

Pat Tokunaga & Jeff Moad

Jill Goffstein Stocks

Samantha Tripodi & Matt Rolandson

Glenn Greenberg

Jill and John Walsh

Total Income

$ 3,447,659

Amie Haiz & Eric Wilson

Kevin White & Annamarie Faro

Michelle Hecht & Robert Redlinger

Carolyn Wilson Koerschen & William New

Fran Hegeler & Bruce Prescott

LeRoy Wise


Rea Inglesis

Salaries & Benefits Financial Aid Program Operating Reserves

$ 1,897,600 $ 571,825 $ 545,124 $ 302,495

Total Expenses

$ 3,317,044

Investment in Endowment



Investment in Plant & Equipment




$ 2,325,632


Thank you!

Synergy Times

| Winter 2012

Synergy School 2010-11 Annual Report

Gifts to the Synergy Annual Fund Thank you for your support.

We are grateful for the generosity of our donors who helped to raise $147,209 for the Synergy Annual Fund in 2010-11. Our Board participation in Annual Fund was 100 %, and Synergy families’ participation was 87%.

Ways to Give to Synergy School Synergy School is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization and gifts are tax deductible to the extent allowed by the law. Donations are accepted in the following ways:

Mail your donation to:

Donate online or download a pledge card

Many employers have a matching gift

Development Office


program that allows an employee’s gift to be

Synergy School

matched by 1:1. Ask your employer about

1387 Valencia St

Gifts of appreciated securities are gladly

San Francisco, CA 94110

accepted. For more information, please

their matching gift guidelines.

contact Liz McDonald at 415 567-6177 or

For more information about including

Synergy School in your estate plans, please contact Liz McDonald.

Synergy Times

| Winter 2012


Synergy School 2010-11 Annual Report

Gifts to the Annual Fund Board of Trustees

Barbara Brewer & Benson Fong

Sylvia Kundig

Tanya Baker

Carolyn Brown & Michael Butler

Alexis Limberakis

Jana Barber

Ellen Bruno

Jacqui Lumer

Sandy Barra & Pete Dardis

Molly Burke & Mike Valan

Mary Lee Mackichan

Mahala Bundy & Steve Heminger

Patricia & Julio Caballero

Mitra & Faramarz Mahdavi

Vincent Campasano & Harris Meyer

Laura Cashion & Michael Hunter

Gail Mallimson & Elliot Goliger

Katherine Czesak

Christina Castillo & David Schott

Constance Matthiessen

Tammy Damon & Elena Dillon

Elizabeth & Benjamin Ceaser

Darya Mead & Douglas Crawford

Patty & Ronan Dunlop

Alice Chan

Alison Kim & Christiane Medina

David Emanuel & Maria Wamsley

Doug Chan

Trudi Michael & Bruce Cole

Alan Fleming & Claudia Romero

Alisa & Darrick Clayton

Ilsa & Tony Miller

Leslie Fleming & Kevin Wilcock

Russell Curtis & Mark Russell

Renata & Alex Miller

Rita Franklin

Hilary & Ronald Davis

Susan Mizner

Jill Goffstein Stocks

Jennifer & Mitsuo DeBerry

Elizabeth & Tom Mornini

Amie Haiz & Eric Wilson

Colleen Donovan

Jim Neiss & Marvin Segar de Cortez

Michelle Hecht & Robert Redlinger

Marian Doub & Bob Thawley

Clare & Abner Nolan

Fran Hegeler & Bruce Prescott

Audrey Driver & David Bolton

Shulee Ong & Lori Lai

Rea Inglesis

Erica & Jim Dyquisto

Kathryn & Ed Osawa

Jesse Kitses

Cynthia Eagleton

Sumi Paik & Alejandro Gutierrez

Carolyn Kruse

Pavlina Eccless & Dar Greenberg

Cynthia Louie & Frni Beyer

Tawanna Edwards

Andrea Palash & Jessica Watson In memory of Mari F. Palash

Ebony & Raymond Manion

Jeannette Eisen-Onderdonk

Simon Pargeter

Vicky Mauleon

Susana Eisen & Vincent Williams

Maggie Perkins

Elizabeth McDonald & Tom Sicurella

Keesje Fischer & Steven Horowitz

Elisha Prather

Natham Mellado

Jesse Francis

Julie and James Rice

Russ Messing & Arlene Naschke

James Freeman

Cynthia Rickert & Michie Wong

Judy & Paul Minton

Bianca Galladora

Maria Rogers Pascual & Josh Karliner

Melanie Moore

Barbara Gallios & Richard Woo

Derek Rosenfield & Jenna Schott

Linda Parker & Greg Pennington

Annelise Goldberg & Aaron Roland

Jessica Roybal

Joan Pettijohn

Carla Gomez & Sandy Feinland

Tara Rye

Eliza Robertson & Richard Lawler

Cat Gratz & Tim Barritt

Maria Sanchez & Domagoj Vucic

Teresa & Carlos Rodriguez

Beth Grossman & Storrs Hoen

Risa Sandler

Nia Ross

Ethel Guevara

Elizabeth Sandoval-Holland & Safalo Holland

Laurel Schultz & Paul Linde

Sara Hasson

Danya & Con Shegoleff

Tiffany Tai

J. Daniell Hebert

Lyn Shimizu & Silvia Castellanos

Pat Tokunaga & Jeff Moad

Rachel Heit & Michael Magnuson

Alys & Dan Shin

Kevin White & Annamarie Faro

Mary June Hernandez

Elizabeth Silver

Jill & Rem Hoffmann

Catherine Singstad & Seth Dickerman

Sarah Holcombe & Eric Weaver

Rob Tan & Richard Smith


Brenda & Andrew Hopewell

Lissa Soep & Chas Edwards

Jackie Adams & Jessica Mass

Heidi Howell

Daniel Angel & Kevin Souza

Angie Aldana & Sherman Chin

Valentina Imbeni & Andrew Ioannou

Shannon Thyne & Christopher Benitez

Kent Anderson

Joanne & Brian Jennings

Candice & Russell Tillitt

Lisa Pooley & Rebecca Barmore

Stacey Kayden

JoAnn Triolo In Memory of Anna Alfieri

Valerie Barth & Peter Wiley

Bohdanna Kesala & Jason Yurasek

Samantha Tripodi & Matt Rolandson

Laura & Emmett Bergman

Jenny & David Kiely

Aya & Ansel Van Zandt

Staci Boden & Alex Gologorsky

Anton Krukowski & Inga Davis

Thaai Walker & Michael Susor

Kathy Brennessel

Kim & Matthew Krummel

Chris Wheaton



Synergy Times

| Winter 2012

Synergy School 2009-10 Annual Report Frances White & Steve Oddo Clare Whitlam Tracy Wong Greg Yachuk Brenda Yang & Kevin Tsurutome Jinoos Yazdany & Arash Anoshiravani Diane Zacher & Howard Gelman Lorena Zertuche & Jorge Martinez

Staff & Former Staff Deirdre Devine & Al Indelicato Siri Scull Sonya & Melvin Smith Carolyn Wilson Koerschen & William New

Grandparents and Friends

LeRoy Wise Diane Ventre & Mitch Genser

Alumni & Alumni Parents Janet Arnesty & John Good Marilyn Bancel & Rik Myslewski Cheryl Barth Carol & Michael Blecker Ricki Boden & Andrea Lyons Robert Carr & Andrea LoPinto

Ruta Allen In honor of Annabel & Sanders Tillitt

Ruth and Ed Mortenson In Honor of Anabella Mortenson

Frances Bowes

Mary Nee In honor of Harriet Damon

Theresa Bruno

Mr. John S. Osterweis

Joan Campagna & Alan Markle

Mrs. Dorothy Redlinger

Katherine Carroll

Cecile & Bernard Silver

Kathleen & Greg Cartine In Honor of Katherine Czesak

John Schulz, D.D.S.

Larry Chazen

Carolyn Zecca Ferris In Honor of Steve Grand-Jean

Beatrice Coxhead & Gerald Anderson Patricia Dinner In Honor of Steve Grand-Jean

Eugene Cash

Nancy and Jim Edwards In Memory of John F. Devlin

Susan Caston In memory of Michael Schweizer

David Gast

Janis Cooke Newman Julie Graham & Candace Thille In Honor of Sairus & Spencer Graham-Thille Donna Guyot Johnson Estella Habal & Hilton Obenzinger Gail Fratar Kessler Linda Marietta Jessica & Eric Metoyer Kim Ridinger & Nancy Healey Lois Scott & Bernie Choden Sol Solomon Christine & Lane Tanner Helen Wood

In honor of Tammy & Elena

Foundations & Corporations Clorox Company Foundation Jewish Community Endowment Fund

Glenn H. Greenberg

St. Francis Lutheran Church

Noel and Terry Hefty

The Swig Foundation

Beverly Hines

John Wiley & Sons, Inc.

Mr. & Mrs. Maurice Hirsch

Kevin Kennedy, LLC

Ellen Joy

Oracle Corporation

Adela & Joel Karliner

Visa GivingStation

Leslee & Lewis Levey

Wells Fargo Community Support Campaign

L.H. Linde Bonnie Mackenzie & Art Tressler Mr. & Mrs. G.C. Matthiessen Tessa McDonald Richard Mead Jake Messing In Honor of Wilma Messing

| Winter 2012

Shonni Silverberg & John Shapiro

Steve Grand-Jean

Carolyn Michel & Howard Millman In Honor of Russ Messing Synergy Times

Shirley & Howard Miller In Honor of Emily Miller

Donors who made gifts to the school between September 1, 2010 and August 31, 2011 are listed in this annual report. We have tried to provide accurate and complete information for this report. Our apologies for any names omitted or listed incorrectly. Please contact the Director of Development, Liz McDonald, to correct any records.

Thank you


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Mission Statement Synergy Times is published twice a year by Liz McDonald, Director of Development of Synergy School. Feedback and story ideas are welcome. Editor: Jenna Schott Design: Sam Tripodi Photography: Russ Curtis, Rea Inglesis, Annie Aguirre, Darya Mead

Synergy Annual Fund

The mission of Synergy School is to provide a quality education by empowering children to flourish academically, to blossom as individuals, and to become self-confident, creative learners.

Synergy School was founded in 1973 and is a non-profit teacher cooperative, wherein students, parents, and teachers cooperate together to further a rewarding education for each child. We are a vibrant, diverse community with 190 students in kindergarten through eighth grade located in San Francisco’s Mission District.

Every Gift Counts The Annual Fund helps to bridge the gap between tuition and the actual cost of educating a student at Synergy School for a full year. The support we receive from our community of parents, friends, alumni and grandparents helps Synergy to maintain the strength of our program while keeping our tuition affordable and offering financial aid more than a third of our community. Every gift counts. It’s not too late to contribute to the fund.

If you have any questions about donations, please contact Liz McDonald, Director of Development, at

Synergy Times: Winter 2012  

Securing The Promise Campaign is featured in this latest edition of Synergy School's newsletter. Also stories about the Eco Team's Butterfly...

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