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Topics: A Journey in London A Nervous Day What Makes A Good Teacher? Reviews: Super Show 2 Resident Evil Game Pop Culture: Music Mobile Phones Interview with Miss Tsang Interview with Miss Hui Teachers in CK Life Story: Miss Man Life Story: Usain Bolt Life Story: Mother Teresa Writing a Poem School Bullying Photos at CK

• Preface • Introduction • A Journey in London ...................... P1-2 • A Nervous Day ............................... P3-4 • What Makes A Good Teacher? ......... P5-6 • Reviews: Super Show 2 Resident Evil game ........... P7 • Pop Culture: Music Mobile Phones ........... P8

• Interview with Miss Tsang ...... P9-10 • Interview with Miss Hui ...........P11-12 • Teachers in CK .......................... P13 • Life Story: Miss Man ................. P14 • Life Story: Usain Bolt .............. P15 • Life Story: Mother Teresa ....... P16 • Writing a Poem ................... P17 • School Bullying .................. P28 • Photos at CK .............. P19-20

Preface In recent years, English language teaching has had

lots of tremendous changes. For example, teachers are having more flexibility in teaching English. They no longer need to focus on grammar only. Many communicative tasks such as language arts activities are being incorporated in the lessons so as to encourage students to use English lively. Our school has also done a lot improving the English learning atmosphere. Since 2008, student teachers from McGill University have been invited to teach English for eight weeks. They were also involved in organizing lots of English enrichment activities. All these features help our students use English outside the classroom. In addition, various kinds of English activities have been implemented such as Halloween Fashion Show, English Speaking Days and English Fun Days. To further encourage students’ use of English, we are delighted that our first English magazine is published. It includes students’ essays, teachers’ interviews and highlight from activities. It is my sincere wish that the magazine will become another channel for our students to use the language in an authentic way. Mr. Ng hung-sum The Principal

Introduction by 6A Terence Our magazine is called CK-Mag. We would like to thank our teacher, Mr. Richard, and all the students who took part in creating this magazine. The readership of our magazine will be teenagers and residents Tai Wai. Our magazine is full of fashion, eyecatching items and all the latest and greatest products. Each issue of our magazine will be full of fashion tips and desirable products which teenagers would like to own. We will also feature interviews with our teachers and the most recent entertainment news. We hope that you will like our magazine. We also hope that you will read every issue of our magazine. Let’s start the journey together.

The readership of our magazine will be the students and teachers of our school. We will focus on reporting school news, like what we have done during the past few months. CK-Mag is brand new and includes colourful pictures. This will be the selling point of our magazine, as it is the first English magazine the school has ever published. This magazine will be printed in A4 size, which means students won’t lose it easily. It is important to thank all the students who read our magazine and the group who made the magazine. We hope that students and teachers will enjoy reading our magazine. by Rebecca

It was a sunny day. I walked down the street and took

the Eurostar from Gare du Nord(North Station) in Paris to Waterloo Station in London. There were thousands of clouds moving in the sky over London. Again, it was a bright day in Paris, but another gloomy day in London. After I arrived in London, I took the underground to King’s Cross Station and checked into a hotel. I had a little rest at the hotel and started my journey around London. I decided to go to the British Museum first. It cost nothing to visit. I saw many famous paintings which I had learnt about in secondary school. It was tiring walking around because it was so big.

Then I took the tube to Piccadilly Circus. I asked someone to take my photo. While I was asking that person for help, I thought I had met him before. He looked like my old best friend who always played with me during in my childhood. He had moved to London two years ago. I asked him ‘‘Excuse me, are you Peter?” He was surprised and asked who I was. After confirming


who I was, both of us were very happy seeing each other again. We walked to Westminster and got on the London Eye to enjoy the whole view of London. Suddenly, a robber took out a pistol and demanded money. We were tense and nervous. Everybody was silent. A girl stood next to me touching the diamond ring on her finger which I assured was very expensive because it was big and reflected different colours of light. I could see that she was going to hide it but there was no good place. I asked her to give it to me and I hid it somewhere where I was sure the robber wouldn’t find it. When we got to the ground, I gave it back to her and she thanked me. When I arrived at the hotel, I saw her again and we had dinner together. She said she was a student from Oxford, a place I wanted to visit, and had come to London for her vacation. She was very kind and said she would like to take me to see Oxford. To this day we are still in contact and she even helped me to apply for a good university in England – Cambridge.

by Chiu Wai Tsang


A Nervous

This morning, I went to participate in a piano

competition with my piano teacher. I had prepared for it for a year. When I arrived, I felt very nervous. We entered the hall and waited for the judge to call my name. I was very nervous. I was so panic that my hands were sweating. I saw many people who played very well. I thought that I couldn’t win the first prize. I was worried and nervous. Then, my piano teacher told me “Don’t be too nervous. It is good if you just do your best.” Suddenly I felt very relaxed. I put all my effort preparing for the competition. The judge called my name and asked me to prepare on stage. When I sat in front of the piano, I felt very happy because I could perform for everyone. While I was playing the piano, the audience was silent. I enjoyed the experience.


Day After half an hour, the judge announced the winner. “This person did a good job. I think she has prepared for a long time. It is Jenny Wong.” That’s not me. My piano teacher thought I would be very disappointed. But I wasn’t. She was surprised. I know I tried hard in the competition. I was very happy because I had a chance to perform. That’s enough for me. I will enter this competition every year until I win. I willm practise piano every day because practise makes perfect. I also learnt that results aren’t important. The most important thing is the experience. The experience can help me improve.

by SS2B Venus Leung


by SS2C Hon Chee Ching

In Hong Kong, every student has

the chance to study for 12 years free of charge. Education is readily available to all, but not everyone can get the best out of it, since there are different teachers in every school. However, we all need a good teacher so that we can get better academic results. Our prospects will therefore be brighter as well. There are several things that make a good teacher. They are listed below. First, a teacher must be patient, so he or she does not get tired easily while teaching. Also, he or she should not be rude and shout at the students without reason. This will discourage students from asking them for help when there is something they don’t understand. If a teacher is patient, his or her students will learn well.


Second, a teacher should have a wide scope of knowledge, so that he or she can teach students different things. He or she can answer students when they face difficulties and need an answer. Third, a teacher has to be active. He or she needs to take the initiative to take care of his or her students. Not only is it important for students to have good academic results, but good behaviovr and communication skills are equally crucial as well, so that they will be mentally healthy. Finally, a teacher has to be interesting to prevent students from feeling bored. To sum up, a perfect teacher needs to be patient, knowledgeable, active and interesting. If all teachers are perfect, our students will be more successful in the future.


by Wing Chan

Review of the concert ‘Super Show 2’ in Hong Kong’s Asia World Expo! The most popular group in Korea has finally come to Hong Kong! It was the greatest concert ever! All members of Super Juniors were dancing and singing on the stage. The audience enjoyed the music and the show, especially when they sang ‘Sorry, Sorry’, which is their greatest hit around the world. I can only describe this concert in one word---brilliant! I give this concert 5 stars!

Reviews The latest Resident Evil game was released in Hong Kong a few days ago. As a faithful fan of the Resident Evil series, I played it right after it was released. Resident Evil 5 is about a biohazard outbreak in Africa. The main character, Chris, and his partner have to contain this outbreak and find out the truth behind the whole affair. This is a brilliant, action packed game. The game has breathtaking graphics and sound effects. For example, the roar from the infectious, scary poster creates a confused, eerie and nervous atmosphere in the game. This game surprises you every minute and it’s definitely worth playing. by 7A Polly, Mok Sin Yin P.7

e r u t l u C p Po I

c i s u M usic

love music. It makes we happy. Listening to music is very relaxing. There are different kinds of music in Hong Kong. Sometimes, we can learn words from songs. Cantopop is very popular in Hong Kong. Everyone loves it, listens to it and enjoys it. Eason Chan and Andy Lau are popular singers in Hong Kong. They make great music.


by SS2B Chiu Kwan Lam

Mobile Phones by SS2A Tam Po Yi The LG G101 is the newest and hottest model of mobile phones in Hong Kong. It is not expensive and costs just $1500. It has many great new features. It comes in four fashionable colours. They are pink, blue, black and white. It is small, so many girls like it. Also, it is easy to use. Hong Kongers shouldn’t miss it. Maybe you will get a big surprise after you use it.



Q: Jason: Why do you like English? A: Ms Hui: I hate English but I am good at it. I wanted to be an astronaut when I was a kid. Compared with other jobs, a teaching job allows me to earn more money and to get along with people. Apart from an attractive salary, being a teacher gives me satisfaction. Most students are kind, friendly and nice although they are naughty. I enjoy teaching but sometimes lack patience. It is the area I need to work on.

Q: Rachel: What would you like to say to CK students? A: Miss Hui: I would just like to say that they should play hard and study hard. I am studying a part-time program after school now but also like hanging out with friends if I am free. I always believe that the best is yet to come! We know nothing about the future. Why not think about all the things in a positive way? Then, you feel hopeful about the future! That is very important to us. Therefore, when students are suffering set-back, please remember the best is yet to come and don’t give up!

Q: Rachel: Students think you look like GEM, would you like to say something about it? A: Ms Hui: She loves singing and watching movies. Some students did call me “Miss GEM” but I think GEM is not good looking at all.


Q: Jason: Who is the most important person in your life and why? A: Miss Hui: Surely my mother. When I was a little girl, I was rebellious towards her but she talked with me patiently. Also, she spent lots of her time nurturing me. That is why she is the most important person in my life.

Q: Jason: If you could go to any country in this world, which country would it be and why? A: Miss Hui: I would like to go to Egypt because I love watching “Mummy” very much.

Q: Rachel: Would you share the most important moment in your life with us? A: Miss Hui: My cousin got sick a year ago but he is getting better. I have learnt that we never know what lies ahead in life. Therefore, just like what Mr. Keating in “Dead Poets’ Society” said, we should ‘seize the day’ and treasure every minute in life. Rachel and Jason: Thank you for your time. Miss Hui: Thank you!

Teachers in CK In this school, there are lots of things that we like,

especially the teachers! The teachers in this school are kinder than you can imagine. Our teachers are friendly and kind in this school. Some of them are popular among students. For example Mr. Ng whom we call “Sam Sir”. He is my favourite teacher. I think he is popular because he is nice. He cares about, listens to and also plays with students. If there was an election for the most popular teacher, I am sure that Mr. Ng would be the winner. Different teachers have different style. I would like to tell you about the different characteristic teachers in my school! For example: Miss Lam always says ‘Cheap! Cheap! Cheap!’ to the students who are careless or do something wrong. Miss Wong likes to play with her hair when she is talking to someone. If Mr. Ho sees you sleeping or talking in his class, he will not punish you but will stare at you until you realise he is staring at you and Mr. Michael will say “okay” after every sentence. I think teachers in this school are not just kind and friendly, they have hidden characteristics too. I believe that most of them are kind-hearted. Do you think so? Of course, these are my thoughts only. Maybe one day you will find out more yourself.

Winnie Yu P.13

y r o t S Life y r o t S e f Li y M r o t S e LLiiffe Story

y r o t S Life y r to

S e

f i L

iss Man was born in Hong Kong in the late 1970s. She was born into a middle class family. She graduated from the University of Science and Technology. Now, she is a teacher at a college in Shatin, called Pok Oi Hospital Chan Kai Memorial College.

She was chubby before but she is much thinner now. She has big eyes and curly hair. She is kind to good students but strict with naughty ones. Also, she cares a lot about the results and situation of students, as you can imagine.

This is the reason why I like her and why I am writing about her in this article. When I was in Form 1 and 2, my results were bad. She was concerned about this. She talked to me a lot. She tried her best to help me at that time. After that, I tried to be more hard-working than before. I did this because of her. She is very important to me. Winnie Yu


Usain Bolt was born in Jamaica in 1986.He is

a track and field athlete. He practised 400 metres when he was young. But his coach wanted him to run 100 and 200 metres. So he changed his distance. After that, he became successful.

Usain Bolt holds the world record for the 100 and 200 metres and won both these events in the 2008 Beijing Olympics. In November, 2009, he broke the world record for the 100 metres again. After that, he became the best athlete for track and field . That was his second time to receive this award. Now, not only is he the national champion of Jamaica, he is in fact the fastest man in the world! Usain Bolt has made his life more successful by becoming famous after the 2008 Beijing Olympics. No doubt, he is the most famous athlete for track and field in the world. I think Usain Bolt should thank his coach for changing his life. by SS2B Chiu Kwan Lam


Mother Teresa’s life story Mother Teresa was born during World War I. She was kind

and helpful. Her parents were very rich and they gave the best to their daughter. They wanted her to be a successful person. They didn’t want Teresa to lead a poor life. However Mother Teresa wanted to help the poor. Her parents didn’t allow that, so she left home and followed her dream. She was concerned for the poor and orphans. After a long time many people heard about her. They began approaching her for help. Some people donated money to help her to build an orphanage. After Mother Teresa died, many people in the world knew about her achievements. She became more and more famous. Some countries built monuments to honour her contributions. Many orphans obtained help because of Mother Teresa.

by SS2B Venus Leung


Writ ing a Poem Rebecca is very crazy, She always calls me when I’m busy. Her dress is beautiful, And it’s wonderful! by Kammy

She looks like a monkey, She loves her mama. I think she is so picky, Because she doesn’t eat any fruits except bananas. by 7A Rainie, Leung Hoi Yee



Bullying School bullying is getting more

and more common and serious in Hong Kong.The number of school bullying cases increases every year.

Students bully because of many reasons.They bully because they want to show the students that they are strong and everyone should be scared of them. Some bully because they have had a bad experience in a relationship and they release their anger on innocent students. Family background is also a big reason behind the bullying.They might not get love from their parents but their parents always shout at them and abuse them so they also do that to someone else. Students get bullied because they don’t have money to buy any branded clothes and they are poor. Some get bullied because they are intelligent, clever and obedient. Just because they know more than the

others and they are helpful to others, they get bullied. I don’t think that being clever is a bad thing. In fact, everyone is different. Just because the other person is clever, it doesn’t mean that he or she is a freak or should be alienated and bullied.

by SS2B Iqra Zeenet

We should understand that everyone is different and we should learn to respect them and learn something from them instead of bullying them and calling them bad names, such as, freak, nerd, weirdo… Therefore, bullying should be stopped in schools. I think the best way to stop it is to educate students with good attitudes and behavior. Without school bullying our school life would be much more fun.



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Acknowledgement: Mr. Ng hung-sum Ms. Tsang may-may Mr. Cheung hon-fai Ms. Lam hiu-wei Mr. Gregory Bannister

Student Reporters: Jason Cheung Vivian Hon Rachel Hui Iqra Zeenet

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