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CLIENT:MORTENSON CONSTRUCTION PROJECT:OAK LODGE SANITARY DISTRICT WATER RECLAMATION FACILITY IMPROVEMENTS “In this expansion project we used Synchro for all the switch-over sequencing while running the existing plant.”-- Neil Gordon, Senior Integrated Construction Coordinator at Mortenson “We have typically used Synchro to show construction sequence but have recently found that Synchro is equally useful when illustrating start-up and testing procedures.”-- Josh Curry, Senior Scheduler at Mortenson “What has really been powerful is taking the 4D model to the operators.” -- David Lodge, LEED AP Assistant Project Manager at Mortenson Overview Mortenson Construction was improving a water reclamation facility and adding new infrastructure near Portland, Oregon, while working in an operating plant. Neil Gordon produced a detailed model from the MEP and exported it to Mortenson’s Scheduler, Josh Curry, who used it to build the start-up and sequencing plan in 4D. Because the owner needed to keep the existing plant as fully operational as possible, the start-up and switch-over sequencing plan was logistically complex for this major plant. David Lodge, LEED AP, as Assistant Project Manager recognized the ability of a 4D BIM model to communicate complex sequencing to stakeholders. Oak Lodge Sanitary District’s Water Reclamation Facility includes a new influent pump station, new headworks building, new aeration basin, odor control, upgrade secondary clarifiers, new secondary clarifiers, UV disinfection facilities, new interchange reactors, and conversion of the existing anaerobic digestion to aerobic digestions and various site improvements. Client Oak Lodge Sanitary District The Contractor Established in 1954, Mortenson Construction ranks as the 24 largest contractors in the USA. Mortenson leads the industry in use of innovative construction technologies, such as Building Information Modeling (BIM), for many of projects and customers, including the Denver Art Museum, University of Washington and the Walt Disney Concert Hall. With offices is eight US cities and one in China, Mortenson serves a wide variety of customers nationwide on projects of all sizes, and specialize in fields such as healthcare, renewable energy, sports facilities and more. The company has one of the best safety records in the industry, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Why Synchro?      

Ability to share Synchro Corporate License conveniently with Mortenson team and stakeholders Synchro enabled stakeholders to visualize complex sequencing and to test it inside a 4D BIM model Ease in creating and exporting MEP models with project colleagues to empower them in their tasks Strength in previewing the testing of the complex start-up and switch-over testing for wastewater treatment Ability to fine-tune the start-up and switch-over sequencing so that it was optimal for presentation to the owner. Clarity in visualizing the project schedule with the owner through 4D BIM.

What Synchro Ltd Provided   

Corporate Licensing Agreement with unlimited use Formal onsite day training with Synchro 1 ½ years ago Mortenson has been using Synchro Professional ever since formal training began

The Outcome The existing facility had to operate alongside the new plant with activities required throughout the plant. Testing was used in 4D BIM with Synchro to understand the effect of new activities on the existing side of the plant. Synchro’s 4D BIM enabled Mortenson to test its start-up and switch-over sequencing as well as share a single view of the construction delivery with diverse stakeholders, including the owner. Josh Curry, Senior Scheduler, liked the way in which Synchro worked as it enabled him to test complex sequencing. “It turned out to be a great tool. We took the schedule of the start-up and testing procedures, imported it into Synchro and linked it up,” he said. “Mortenson team members who have seen the final 4D model for Oak Lodge are impressed with it: start-up and testing in wastewater treatment is very complicated. It’s much easier to see in 4D with color-coding and for testing various sequence scenarios than in 2D. The 4D model is 10-times more clear than 2D.” Josh updated the schedule quickly and easily with visualization tied functionally to the schedule. In turn, the schedule could be fine-tuned and shared as a useful tool for communications with the community, the owner and the designer. “The biggest impact was using the 4D model to demonstrate the start-up plan to the client's operation staff. It turned a very complicated plan into a format that all parties could easily understand,” said David Lodge, LEED AP -Assistant Project Manager at Mortenson. What has Mortenson gained from their user experience with Synchro? Josh Curry would like to use Synchro downstream for start-up and testing of HVAC. More information about the company is available online To select and play animated movie clips in YouTube from Synchro's 4D BIM construction software, simply click here. Could 4D BIM from Synchro help with your approach to project delivery? We invite you to take our ten-day, risk-free, test drive.

Synchro Ltd Birmingham Science Park Aston Faraday Wharf Holt Street Birmingham B7 4BB United Kingdom +44 (0) 800 987 8009

Case Study -- Mortenson -- Water Reclamation Plant  

Synchro case study with Mortenson Construction on thr Oak Lodge Sanitary District's Water Reclamation Project

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