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CREDIT ANALYSIS SUPPORT COMPLEMENTS YOUR RESOURCES Common Challenge: “We need to enhance our credit analysis and underwriting but we can’t afford a full-time credit analyst. In addition, our loan officers can’t meet our loan production needs and perform the annual reviews. What should we do?” Synergy Says: Supplementing your existing resources with expert credit analysis support can help improve the quality of your underwriting, bridge gaps in staffing, and manage loan volume. In the past 12 months, several banks implemented a “postmortem” review of non-accrual loans and charge-offs and learned some surprising weaknesses: • Analysis in the loan presentations was not commensurate with the complexity of the transactions. • Loan presentations and loan approval memos did not accurately describe the risks in the transaction being funded. They determined that using skilled, supplemental support for this function was a cost-effective, higher value alternative to hiring, training, and managing specialized in-house resources .

SYNERGY’S “SECOND LOOK” SOLUTION Synergy’s “Second Look” Credit Analysis Support provides financial institutions with a comprehensive solution that supports growth without sacrificing credit quality. On a temporary or permanent basis, we perform an analysis of the

credit-worthiness of the subject borrower and have an immediate impact on your credit risk management process by providing: • Objective pre-funding credit analysis • Early identification of problem loans through continuous portfolio reviews • Improved underwriting and credit quality for less than the cost of a full-time teller Our service may complement your existing team or act as a fully outsourced solution to replace the need for building an in-house credit staff. We adapt to your needs and provide trained, reliable personnel as your loan volume warrants. Please contact us for a free, onsite consultation or needs assessment.

ADVANTAGES OF CREDIT ANALYSIS SUPPORT • Cost-effective—variable fees adapt with loan production • Bridges resource gaps to expand capacity and accept more deals • Remote and onsite options for on-demand support • Faster turnaround and better utilization of resources • Secure, encrypted file transfer of all data

ABOUT SYNERGY BANK CONSULTING, INC. Synergy Bank Consulting, Inc., is the advisory firm financial institutions trust to manage risk and optimize performance. For more information, visit ©2012 Synergy Bank Consulting, Inc.

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Credit Analysis Services  

Synergy’s “Second Look” Credit Analysis Support provides financial institutions with a comprehensive solution that supports growth without s...

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