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GLASS REINFORCED CONCRETES Leading the construction industry

ADDRESS 35 Street, Industrial area Musaffah Abu Dhabi


Unmatching quality Our ready-mix concrete is tested to have superior quality. This provides you value for money.


Superior strength Our glass reinforced concrete products provides highest quality and value to your projects.


Architectural values The great design values with our glass reinforced concrete provides excellent architectural values to your buildings.


Designing dreams What makes our glass reinforced concrete unique is its flexibility that gives the designers and architectures the power to design.



OUR GRC Glass reinforced concretes from Emirates mix is a truly valuable piece of art that helps you design your dream. We provide region’s most elegant and well crafted glass reinforced fiber concretes that sets the best value for your building assets. We bring decades of industry expertise and experience to design the most articulated and comprehensive GRC products. For the last 12 years, our concrete products have been the cornerstone of many iconic projects in United Arab Emirates. With our GRC, the power of choice is in your mind. The color, shape, texture and any other aesthetics design choices you have, we help you realize it. The only limit to the power of our GRC is your creativity. We help you there as well by bringing the skills of best GRC designers for your projects. Through our well established team of engineers and designers, we bring all your imaginations to life. Our GRC products sets apart from others by the quality it brings to you. Our products are extremely versatile, flexible, durable and resistant. In addition to this, we design and manufacture the one of the most sustainable GRC products with enhanced life cycle performance, environmental consciousness designs, green building performance etc.



OUR GRC SPECIALTIES Performance Non-combustible and it can withstand heavy loads. It is durable with high mechanical stability, weather proof.

Fire protection Our GRC has excellent thermal values and temperature stability up to 350 0C. This doesn’t require any additional treatments or chemical coatings.

Customized looks Extordinary level of details and customization possibilities with color, surfaces, print, perforation, shapes, reliefs). Our GRC design and production will meet all the creative requirements.

Authentic and high quality concretes Our GRC is a complete authentic concrete material. The glass fiber reinforcement and the use of mineral raw material give our GRC the highest quality.

Industrial manufacturing This means our GRC is produced with the industrial specifications of greater economic efficiency. This guarantees flexibility and spontaneity in the production.

Industrial manufacturing This means our GRC is produced with the industrial specifications of greater economic efficiency. This guarantees flexibility and spontaneity in the production.



THE ART OF DESIGN Through our unique designs we inspire designers and architectures the unimaginable power of expressing their design visions through our GRC products. Our products are versatile, incredibly flexible and durable.





Lightweight Lightweight cladding & facades

Strong High strength properties

Durable Enhanced life cycle

Beautiful Aesthetically pleasing designs


OUR GRC FACADES Our architectural GRC panels have been used successfully in the market for several years on a variety of buildings. This cladding offers numerous benefits to the architect, contractor and the owner over other types of cladding or curtain wall such as reduced structural loads, faster installation and quality. Our GRC panels allow a greater design freedom than alternate cladding materials Our products are also customized with colors, textures, shapes and designs. The design factor of our GRC keeps our products supreme in the market with highest value.




DESIGN FLEXIBILITY For designing both for interior spaces and exterior spaces, our glass reinforced concretes provide excellent design flexibility. We can practically develop any complicated and meticulous design mold to develop the corresponding GRC material. Our excellent design skills and craftsmanship allow us to develop most beautiful, strong, practical and most importantly light weight GRC that meets your technical and design specifications.



FUNCTIONAL DESIGNS Our GRC cladding is highly durable and only requires very levels of low maintenance. It also offers it owners a superior performance and resistance to external weather conditions such as rain, moisture, corrosion, smog and other eroding environmental conditions. The GRC also has additional protection against erosion caused by chemical substances.



GRC DOMES design

Lightweight Quick installation choices

Customization Customizing colors and textures

Flexible Can be cast into any shape

Fire resistant Made of minerals


OUR GRC DOMES Our lower cost GRC dome solutions provide quick on-site construction and assembly. The lower cost solutions of Emirates Mix domes give better value for money. They also show high resistance rot, fire, corrosion and they do not rust as they can be designed with no metal components. The main specialty of our domes is their environmental friendly nature. They are made of naturally occurring minerals. These are non-polluting substances. Finally, these domes are significantly resistant to flood, flame and earthquake.






Lightweight Quick installation choices

Customization Customizing colors and textures

Support structures No need of additional support

Finishes and choices Comes with various finishes


OUR GRC CORNICES Imagine being able to get the look of concrete without all that extra weight. Our GFRC cornice allows you to do just that. Most concrete is reinforced with extremely heavy materials like steel, but our GFRC cornices are reinforced with lightweight fiberglass, allowing us to give our customers the beauty of concrete at a fraction of the weight. The lightweight properties of our GFRC cornices means they can usually be installed without adding any additional supports to the structure. In addition to being lightweight, GFRC cornices have a number of other advantages.





OUR GRC SCULPTURES Emirates Mix’ s GRC sculptures are cast using molds. That means we can achieve the kind of fineness in detail and complexity in design that are impossible with other methods. Facial features can all be depicted in a life-like manner, without errors and inconsistencies. Because GRC sculptures weigh only a fraction of sculptures made of pre-case concrete, all those shapes you thought would be impossible with concrete can be achieved with ease. Our GRC sculptures are low maintenance, and can withstand the elements without swelling or cracking.





Beautiful Breathtakingly beautiful

Customization Customizing colors and textures

Reliable Our designs and reliable

Life like Our designs are life like

Our GRC sculptures are water resistant. With a number of finishes available, including one that lets you paint your GRC sculpture any color you’d like, GRC is a lightweight, aesthetically-pleasing, versatile, and durable material for your architectural sculpture.




Variety designs A large number of designs

Eye catching Numerous eye catching designs

Reliable Our designs and reliable

Durable Highly durable design structures

GRC BRACKETS As the region’ s largest producer of architectural brackets, we can offer you unsurpassed quality, service, selection, and value. With over a century of combined experience on your side, you can feel confident we can complete any job to your satisfaction. Our products in brackets are characterized by availability of a large number of stock designs, selection of materials, numerous eye catching designs. We also have custom designed brackets available upon request from our clients.





We offer a large varieties of standard baluster designs, wide selection of top rails, bases, piers and finials. As special, we have several designs to meet guard rail height and spacing requirements. As additional options, you have choices for angled balustrades for stairs, spiral and curved stair balustrade designs. Our balustrades are widely used for high rise balconies, pool decks and residential building projects. Our balustrade expertise also has a number of material selection such as cast stones.



We offer the best selection of designs and the highest quality columns of anyone. As region’ s largest column manufacturer, we have the experience and expertise to make your vision a reality. Our specialties are making composite columns, base and entablature, interior and exterior columns etc. Our columns are extensively used in church, courthouse, public buildings, colleges and universities, hotels etc.




If you’re looking for a dramatic and elegant way to crown your hotel, casino, spa, or gourmet restaurant, cupolas are the perfect finishing touch. Cupolas offer a number of design possibilities. In many instances, cupolas are placed on top of domes and crowned with finials, which provides a vertical termination to structures. Cupolas can also be quaint and romantic rooms where your guests can get a panoramic view of the surrounding area. We will work with you closely throughout the process to make sure your finished cupola is exactly what you had in mind.



If you’re looking for a company that uses state-of-the-art materials and methods, is recognized for its products, and provides exemplary customer service, Emirates Mix is the perfect choice. Our fiberglass reinforced finials represent a revolutionary departure from traditional building materials that are susceptible to a whole host of problems, including corrosion and insect infestation. Lightweight, weather resistant, and versatile, reinforced finials developed by Stromberg will provide you with years of worry and maintenance-free beauty.





Our fountain pools will let you transform any area into a spectacular oasis. With the largest selection of fountain pool designs anywhere and the ability to create complex custom products, we are the best choice for all your fountain needs. Fountains are a breathtaking addition to hotels, resorts, and shopping malls. If you’re planning to add one to your commercial or hospitality location, it’s essential not to overlook the fountain pool. The edges of fountain pools provide a place for guests to sit, the water inside has a cooling effect on the surrounding area, and tossing coins into fountain pools can even bring good luck.




Plinths by Emirates Mix can be understated or extremely bold and daring. If you’re purchasing plinths to use as bases for classical columns, we can craft white plinths that will set off your Ionic or Corinthian columns and provide much-needed support. If you want your plinths to really stand out, we can make that happen too. Large or boldly-colored plinths and those that incorporate unique stone textures are sure to turn heads. You could also consider mixing and matching finishes or materials, or incorporating other elements like bas relief. Plinths by Stromberg provide support and add magnificence. Call us to get started.





Rest assured your quoins will be crafted to your satisfaction when you work with us. Emirates Mix has extensive experience developing quoins for our valued customers. We can craft structural quoins that will help support your building, or make quoins that are purely decorative. Our materials are lightweight, so your quoins won’t add extra stress to the structure, and they will stand up wonderfully to all types of climates. With quoins by Stromberg, the exterior design of your building can be strong, eye-catching, and beautiful.



Our GRC products are in line with the current design and development trends. We also invest in developing and researching new design and customization options. For instance, in the design of cladding, there are hardly no limits for planners and architects with our GRC facades and claddings. This is also true for various surfaces of design. Our product offers a wide range of possibilities for printing the surface of the panel, irradiating designs, cutting out ornaments or lettering or incorporating a relief-like surface (e.g. a wood structure). However what primarily characterizes our products are the variations in the representation of shapes. With a specially developed method, it is possible, to make glassfibre reinforced concrete flow around corners, or produce formed elements. Two-dimensional standard formed elements can be produced in real time.






CUSTOMIZATION Our GRC products offers a wide range of design options. The selection of a number of different colors in various surfaces offers a wide range of designs to meet individual expectations. Special colors can also be produced on request. We widely use three surface finishes (sand blasted, finely sandblasted or brushed). This opens up a wide spectrum of optical and tactile effects.




Polar white

Off white



Silver grey

Liquid black








CUSTOMIZATION Apart from the color customization, our GRC products can also be customized for the texture and surface materials. For instance, we have specialized sandblasted surface products giving unique rough aesthetics, whereas brushed surface represents smooth surface with mottled appearance.







Exposed aggregate


Coral stone

Wood grain



Carved detail



Glass reinforced concretes - Synaxis Readymix  

A detailed overview of our various glass reinforced concrete products and its design elements.

Glass reinforced concretes - Synaxis Readymix  

A detailed overview of our various glass reinforced concrete products and its design elements.