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Top 5 Advantages of having a Facebook Application for your Ecommerce Website Facebook and Ecommerce complement one another in the finest form. In the era of user engagement and social image building brands are getting more conscious about reaching more and more people through various social media platforms and what better way to do that than with Facebook. With more than 500 million users it is posed to be the strongest contended among all spaces for mass targeting. On an average a user spends 20 minutes per visit in Facebook and that’s quite some time to grab hold of their attention. Facebook for Ecommerce: Recently Forrester Research commented that Facebook is best for SMB, mid-sized retailers, niche products, or steeply discounted items. According to a Facebook spokeswoman the platform of Facebook is best fit for generating traffic for retail businesses. The referral traffic from Facebook to Amazon had grown up to 328% in the year 2010 up to October in comparison to Google which dropped by 2%. All these data points towards only one thing and i.e. ecommerce and Facebook are meant to support the online retail business of future. Facebook and its User: The social media platforms have shown quite promising rise in last few years with the arrival of names like Pininterest, twitter, Google plus along with Facebook. According to a survey the percentage of active users globally as recorded on 2013 has been the most in Facebook. A healthy 68% of active users are there in Facebook and this has grown to much more height by the binging of 2014. With such dominance over user interest, Facebook has been the main activity ground for some of the biggest ecommerce brands of the world. The prime fuel in this regards has been given by Facebook applications development companies. With the right planning of apps understating the business need and targeted consumer base apps are developed and that in the process generated high ROI.

Some Best Ways to Benefit from Facebook App: Ecommerce means user engagement as only by gaining the trust of user base one can make sure of generating good business and nowadays everything is all about brand and web presence. In this write-up major part will be covered about Facebook app benefits for ecommerce and various ways of using this technology for connecting the portal, user and social in an integral circle. As per Facebook almost 30% of users have the habit of connecting with outside website through third party apps every month. A general ecommerce business model comprises of various integral parts like discounts, offers, popular products, etc which are most appealing to consumers. Sharing all these in social media sites gains more leverage in the whole process of sales generation. Below are some of the contexts in which the app development has been utilized or can be utilized for any standard ecommerce business. a. Landing Page App: The landing page app primarily builds a Facebook ecommerce store version where all the necessary products of high popularity base are showcased. From there itself one gets redirected in the site’s dedicated page for the same or even staying over their purchases it. This bridges the gap between social media and ecommerce portal. b. Amazon Store Integration: If someone has online stores in Amazon or EBay etc and wishes to integrate those in Facebook page, the best way is to use integration app which just adds a tab in the page from where one can buy anything stored in those stores. c. Competition or Call to Action: Making something more enticing is the call of the hour and this can be catered through funny app idea integration and sometimes even app related to any competition for giving away freebies to customers for getting more loyal customer base. Also, call to action app which connects with any door that leads to the prime focus area of you portal like newsletter subscription, coupon code, discount zone, etc is most beneficial.

While the options are endless when you think about Facebook app and ecommerce integration possibilities, to ensure you gain maximum out of the integration of ecommerce features with FB you need an expert’s help.

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Facebook Application for your Ecommerce Website  

The social media platforms have shown quite promising rise in last few years with the arrival of names like Pininterest, Twitter, Google Plu...

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