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How Mobile Apps are Changing the Face of eCommerce Industry


Introduction Of late the Ecommerce industry has started shifting its focus towards mobiles as the number of consumers who make use of mobile phones for shopping has increased rapidly. Enhancing user experience and providing users with their exact requirements is the new challenge for the online business runners and many of them have already started working on it.

How Dependent are People on Mobiles when it Comes to Shopping? Retailnet group (RNG), in its study, has revealed the percentage in which shoppers use their mobile phones before making a purchase decision. The figures are as follows:

Key Takeaway Studies are showing that more SmartPhone owners want product information on their phones when shopping in store. They also don’t mind making large purchases through their phones but 44% of them wish they had a mobile wallet-style program to be able to pay for purchases. By combining their retail store and mobile apps.

So, is it worth it for retailers to invest in mobile applications? The answer is YES!! Without doubt. Nearly 61% of mobile shoppers installed at least one shopping application on their SmartPhones and more than 30% of them have more than four applications. Mobile shoppers in age groups 18-34 and 65+ are more likely to use shopping applications.

Turn Mobile Consumers into Mobile Customers It's the new reality; small businesses that have not yet realized the value of a good mobile Web experience need to get it done now - or risk losing customers. And those that have will need to step up their game and improve the overall experience. It also means that those walking, talking shoppers are ripe for emerging technologies such as location-based tracking and deals.

The Challenges of Mobile Ecommerce This technology makes it difficult to maintain content parity between different versions of the site, develop new features, integrate new marketing software and deliver advanced functionality to mobile devices. Businesses must weigh interoperability against functionality, and strike a balance that may leave some consumers with a less-thanideal mobile experience. ecommerce experience.

Conclusion It’s becoming increasingly clear that mobile shopping apps improve the business perspective. Are you planning to create mobile apps to take your online store front to next step? Hire a professional mobile app development company who understands your needs and work accordingly.

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How mobile apps are changing the face of ecommerce industry  

Hire a professional mobile app development company like SynapseIndia who understands your needs and work accordingly.

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