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1 Synagogue Emanu-El Scroll February 1-28, 2014

I Adar 1-28, 5774

ANNUAL SISTERHOOD SHABBAT Saturday, February 22nd Shabbat Schedule Shabbat Terumah/Rosh Hodesh Friday, January 31st  Candle-Lighting: 5:33PM  “Late Night” & Oneg Shabbat, 8:15PM Saturday, February 1st  Danish & D’rash: 9:00AM  Services: 9:30AM  Shabbat Ends: 6:34PM Shabbat Tetzaveh Friday, February 7th  Candle-Lighting: 5:40PM  Family Shabbat, 5:15PM Saturday, February 8th  Danish & D’rash: 9:00AM  Services: 9:30AM (Anniversary Shabbat)  Shabbat Ends: 6:41PM Shabbat Ki Tisa Friday, February 14th  Candle-Lighting: 5:46PM  Tour d’Emanu-El, 7:30PM, at the Hubara home, 3 Buckingham Ct., (Parkshore III) Saturday, February 15th  Services: 9:30AM  Shabbat Ends: 6:47PM Shabbat Vayakhel Friday, February 21st  Candle-Lighting: 5:52PM  FNL, 6:00PM — “Celebrity Game Night” with YAD Saturday, February 22nd  Services: 9:30AM, (Sisterhood Shabbat, Tot Shabbat)  Shabbat Ends: 6:53PM Shabbat Pekudei/Shekalim Friday, February 28th  Candle-Lighting: 5:58PM  “Late Night” & Oneg Shabbat: 8:15PM Saturday, March 1st  Danish & D’rash: 9:00AM  Services: 9:30AM  Shabbat Ends: 6:59PM

Shabbat Vayakhel

Honoring Joan Berlinsky Please join us for this special event. We encourage all Sisterhood members to participate. If you are available and interested in taking part, please contact Elisheva Holub: 571-7322 or email:

9:00AM Danish and Drash with Ellen Miriam Brandwein 9:30 AM Shabbat services followed by a Kiddush Luncheon sponsored by Synagogue Emanu-El Sisterhood. 2014 Women’s League Theme: Mishpachah: The Modern Jewish Family Diversity in our families, communities, and synagogues We are women who have moved from observers to active participants in public rituals. We look forward to seeing you at this simcha!


F R O M T H E D E S K O F R A B B I R O S E N BAU M One episode of the TV sitcom “Friends” centers around a problem between Chandler and one of his co-workers. The co-worker started calling Chandler by the wrong name years before, and Chandler didn’t correct him. On the episode in question, Chandler resists taking on a project with this co-worker because Chandler is 5 Windsor Drive embarrassed that he never corrected him, and preferred that his co-worker never find Charleston, SC 29407 Phone: (843) 571-3264 out that he had been wrong all along. Fax: (843) 402-0844 This kind of dilemma happens in our lives all the time, especially in matters of Email: Jewish knowledge and observance. We may have gone to Hebrew school when we were younger, or we may have gone to synagogue for years, but we still have a hard time Website: remembering and understanding some of our tradition’s basic practices. And, like Chandler on “Friends”, we fear that it is too late to learn them, because we might be Rabbi embarrassed that we didn’t learn the correct way for such a long time. Adam J. Rosenbaum This is the impetus behind a new class that I am starting called “Jewish Religious School Principal Mysteries … Revealed”. On Tuesdays beginning February 18th, I urge you to come to & Ritual Assistant afternoon minyan at 5:30PM, and then stay for snacks and a discussion from Daphne Hubara 6:00-6:45PM. The topics will differ from week to week, but the constant theme will be Office Administrator learning the basics, whether you are new to Jewish observance or you have been too shy Maya Hirsch Kupchik to ask for many years. I hope for this to be an experience in which, regardless of your President age and prior knowledge, you can feel more comfortable in Synagogue and taking part in Stanley Chepenik home observances. President Elect Some of the topics we’ll discuss will revolve around morning and afternoon Jacobo Mintzer minyan and the Shabbat service, since ritual worship remains at the heart of Synagogue 1st Vice President life. But we can also discuss other questions about Jewish observances that take place at Laura Zucker home or when you go out of town. Regardless, I hope that we’ll create an atmosphere in Treasurer which no question is taboo. Michael Schwartz So please join us on Tuesday evenings (see the ad below), to remember that it’s Financial Secretary Suzanne Lynch never too late to feel connected to our beautiful Jewish tradition. Recording Secretary Linda Krawcheck Corresponding Secretary Roxann Spandorfer Parliamentarian Lydia Mandel Past President Ellen S. Steinberg Board of Trustees Sharyn Bluestein Alex Fox Marsha Gewirtzman Elisheva Holub Rachel Landis Scott LeRoy Norm Levine Cynthia Nirenblatt Scott Sternfeld Sisterhood President Roxann Spandorfer

What’s going on at morning and afternoon minyan? How can I make our next Passover Seder more creative? What can I do to make our next family milestone more meaningful? Answers to these queries and more will be offered by Rabbi Rosenbaum at

Jewish Mysteries … Revealed! Tuesdays, 6:00-6:45PM, starting February 18th Come to afternoon minyan at 5:30PM, stay for snacks and answers to Jewish questions you’ve always wanted to know but weren’t ready to ask. Topics will include: morning & afternoon minyan, Shabbat services, holiday observance, life-cycle preparedness, and more (including your requests)! ALL ARE WELCOME!


P R E S I D E N T – S TA N L E Y C H E P E N I K This past month we had two long-time members of our congregation die within one week of each other. These sad events, especially coming in so short a period, brought home to me just how important our synagogue community is. Make no mistake, we are a community. We draw together in times of sadness to give comfort to all of our families, all of us, not just the deceased members’ families. Not just in sad times, though, but also for joyous occasions such as Bar/Bat Mitzvah, Weddings, Baby Namings, Wedding Anniversaries, Birthdays, etc. Our synagogue is the place we come together to mourn our losses and celebrate our happiness. We all must contribute to keep the doors open. This may mean volunteering and yes, even making monetary contributions. It also means participating in events as well as attending services and Minyan. We can all do our part to keep our synagogue - our community - strong, growing and moving forward. And speaking of moving forward, the Strategic Planning Committee is up and running under the chairmanship of Scott LeRoy. This is the right time for this initiative as we have a good foundation within the synagogue with no crises that require all our energy. This is the time to concentrate on our long term goals and develop the plans needed to take us to what’s euphemistically titled “the next level.” There’s no hidden agenda here. You, our congregants will be an integral part in developing the Plan. We will seek your input and keep you informed. So please give us your insights, concerns, and feedback when asked. Just remember, this is an iterative process that will take some time. The goal is to complete it by the end of this coming Fall. If it takes a bit longer, so be it. The goal is to have a useful long range road map to the future. One that will work and that our congregation is invested in. I promise we’ll keep you informed. One of the things I find encouraging goes back to the Saturday that we filled the Bima with new members. We had a nice mix of both young, middle aged and older families being introduced to the congregation. What a wonderful way to greet our new congregants. We intend to do this whenever we have new members. Hopefully it will always be a large group! I look forward to seeing any and all of you at services and having an opportunity to speak with you when I do.

Help us welcome our newest members at our NEW MEMBER SHABBAT Saturday, March 22nd at Shabbat Services– 9:30AM New members will be introduced and receive a welcome gift. We hope you will be able to join us!

Happy Birthday: 1-Bruce Berlinsky 1-Lev Chernomordik 1-Judi Corsaro 1-David Heidenberg 1-Sonya Knee 3-Marc Levy 3-Sammy Rosenberg 4-Susie Steinberg 5-Ari Kolender 5-Sandra Lipton 5-Rachel Rosenberg 5-Debbie Toporek 6-Aliyah Ben-Yisrael 6-Diana Fishman 6-Ellen Hoffman 6-Sarah Neboschick 7-Cayden Molnar 7-Gregory Yarus 8-Laurence Hiltzik 9-Ellen Miriam Brandwein 10-Seth Pinosky 11-Scott Debrow 11-Joan Halushka 12-Renee Frisch 12-Josh Spitz 13-Adean Golub 13-Spencer Lynch 13-Boris Pekar 14-Sharon Applebaum 14-Morey Lipton 14-Frank Schwartz 15-Carrie Ben-Yisrael 15-Ryan Bluestein 15-Allen Gotbeter 15-Te Solomon 16-Murray Porath 17-Marissa Dye 17-Heather Levy 21-Abby Bluestein 21-Evaline Delson 21-Marjorie Lynch 22-Barbara Halpern 23-Philip Berlinsky 23-Julie Ellison 24-Dennis Feinberg 24-Harry Roggen 24-Lester Schwartz 25-Maxim Fisher 25-Susan Heidenberg 25-Len Lichtenstein 26-Sandy Archambault 26-Ellen Kolender 26-Sidney Shealey 27-Jason Goldberg 28-Herbert Engel 28-Felix Goldberg


S I S T E R H O O D — R OX A N N S PA N D O R F E R Sisterhood wants you to join in! There are lots of things going on this month, so mark your calendars: February 5th: Speaker Hannah Raskin-Professional Food Critic at Jody Cohen's February 11th: Southern Seasons cooking class with Nanci Kestenbaum February 22nd: Sisterhood Shabbat (with everyone) I would like to thank everyone who brought items for the mission trip to Cuba. Our very own board member Lisa Isaacson was part of the trip, and said it was very rewarding. This month there will be a bin in front of the Synagogue office collecting old towels for the Animal Shelters around our area. Joanne Schwartz, who gives her time week after week at the Animal Shelter, knows how useful these towels are to our furry community. I continue to marvel at how wonderful our Sisterhood community is and what it provides. Please be a part of this community. I promise you will get so much out of it. Thank you all for all the wonderful things you do. With Love, Faith, and Sisterhood, Roxann

Sisterhood Calendar Calendar subject to change.

February 2nd: Torah Fund at the home of Liz Lynch February 5th: Guest speaker, Food Critic Hannah Raskin February 11th: Southern Seasons cooking class February 22nd: Sisterhood Shabbat March 5th: Ladies Night Out March 18th: Woman Who Makes a Difference March 13th: A Night at Finicky Filly April 6th: Sisterhood Elections April 9th: Women’s Seder with Ellen Miriam April 27th: Sisterhood Education Day May 4th: Sisterhood Installation Book Club is 3rd Wednesday each month at 7:30PM. Open Board meetings 2nd Tuesday of each month. Join us for Minyan at 5:30PM then off to the Social Hall for Dinner and Meeting.

New From Sisterhood: Interested in a Rosh Chodesh study session every month? Rosh Chodesh is the beginning of the new month. It is recognized as a women's holiday. It is considered a reward because the women in the desert refused to give up their gold for the Golden Calf. It is usually a time when women get together to have fun, to learn and/or just be themselves. If you are interested, please contact Gloria Adelson at Why not have fun while learning?

Hanna Raskin, Post & Courier Food Critic, Visits Synagogue Emanu-El Sisterhood How does someone become a food critic? How do food critics visit restaurants without getting special treatment? How is it possible to evaluate food that you grew up not liking? How does a food critic make her descriptions come to life for the reader? Please join us on February 5th for a dessert reception to hear Hanna Raskin, the new Post & Courier food critic address these questions and many more. Hanna came to Charleston from Seattle and has been widely recognized by organizations ranging from the Association of Food Journalists to the James Beard Foundation. In her early days she wrote her undergraduate thesis on “Jews and Chinese food” and is not hesitant to say she reserves her highest praise for her mom’s matzo balls. Where: Jody Cohen’s home, 1681 Southport Drive, Charleston When: Wednesday, February 5th at 7 PM Please RSVP to Marsha Gewirtzman at msgewirtzman’ (Note: Kosher parev and dairy desserts will be served.) join Sisterhood Emanu-El for an evening of conversation, cooking instructions, dinner and wine Tuesday, February 11, 2014 6:00pm at Southern Seasons 730 Coleman Boulevard, Mt. Pleasant Cost $35 per person All payments must be made in advance (your check is your reservation) and sent to Diana Cohen, 1729 Fiddlers Cove Villas, Seabrook Island, 29455 The menu will consist of chunky lentil soup, candied beets with green salad and nuts, creamy grits or polenta with mushroom ragout and shaved parmesan, rustic apple pie and two (2) glasses of wine.


RELIGIOUS SCHOOL-DAPHNE HUBARA Thank you so much to all of our BINGO sponsors, supporters and players. We had a marvelous time eating lunch and winning. prizes. Thanks so much to everyone involved in the preparations and the big day...but special shout outs to Leah Bowzard for all the administrative details, to Norm Levine for computer organization extraordinaire, to Lara LeRoy for running a smooth kitchen operation and snack bar set up, Stuart Kestenbaum for manning the registration table. and to Sierra Debrow for manning the Snack Bar. Big Kudos to all of our Kesher and Tichon students for helping to set up and for their overall enthusiasm for the game. Much appreciation to Papa Ted Levin for donating his 50/50 Raffle winnings back to the Religious School. I know everyone will join me in this last holler … BINGO!!!!!

COSY is proud to present

TOT SHABBAT!!! Saturday, February 22nd and every 3rd Saturday, our high school students will be providing the babysitting services in the double classroom from 10AM to 12PM, AND – a special From left: Cayden Molnar and Marissa Dye celebrating Tu BShvat. TOT SHABBAT PROGRAM for kids up to age 5 will take place at 11:00AM!

Rakevet Shabbat Dinner

All families are then invited to join our Congregational Kiddush Lunch following services.

Join your Rakevet friends for a fun-filled Shabbat Dinner at the Hubara’s house (kids only, no adults)

Junior Congregation Saturday, February 8th

Friday, February 7th Family Shabbat Services at Emanu-El5:15PM Dinner to follow- 6:15PM Pick up at the Hubaras (3 Birmingham Ct.) 8:00PM

All 3rd-6th graders, join USY in a fun filled Jr. Congregation! Led by Emanu-El's very own Abby LeRoy, Nate LeRoy & Anna Book! Play games, enjoy snack, and even sing along to your favorite versions of Adon Olam!

Cost $10.00 per child

Religious School Pre-Purim & Rosh Chodesh Celebration Sunday, March 2nd at the Children's Museum


COS Y– EMANU-EL’S USY CHAPTER Minute to Win it Family addition from February 2nd

Rakevet & Kadima went bowling on January 12th, a great time was had by all!

SAVE THE DATES USY & Kadima Spring Sub Regional Convention March 7th-9th At Camp Ramah Darom


H AZAK- BO B LOVINGER HAZAK LUNCHEON AND PROGRAM BEST LUNCH DEAL IN CHARLESTON When: Tuesday, February 11, 2014 Where: Zucker Social Hall Time: 12 Noon PROMPTLY Cost: $ 3.00 RSVP by February 7th to the Synagogue office (571-3264) Topic: A Visit to Eastern Europe Carol Manheim’s Photo Visit to Poznan, Warsaw, & Wroclaw. Carol’s professional abilities have taken her to interesting parts of Europe, and while there she has recorded life in cities and areas that many of our ancestors knew and for some, even came from. All this and a narrative will be presented at the next Hazak meeting, so join us for an interesting travelogue without leaving home. All this will be presented at the next Hazak Program at noon, February 11th, along with a tasty lunch by James & Evelyn Dessaure, so join us then. Please make reservations by calling the office by Friday, February 7th, at 571-3264, or you can email the synagogue at

Happy Anniversary

Ted & Rose Levin Joe & Sheila Shapiro Scott & Natalie Bluestein Michael & Roxann Spandorfer Herbert & Yvonne Rephan Charlie & Harriet Goldberg Stewart & Marcia Miller

Thank you to our Circle of Light Sponsors who supported “Dancing with the Stars of David” as part of their 12-month sponsorship program:

Chet & Kathy Fischbein

Nicky and Ettaleah Bluestein David and Janet Gilston Marilyn Hoffman Olga and Jacobo Mintzer Cynthia and Bradley Nirenblatt Roxann and Michael Spandorfer Ellen and Robert Steinberg Anita Zucker Laura and Jonathan Zucker

Harvey & Marcia Spar

Thank you to the wonderful Committee of Dancing with the Stars of David 2014 For a beautiful night and a successful fundraiser!

Chairwoman Marilyn Hoffman Great Committee Ira Berendt, Eileen Chepenik, Barbara Epstein, Marsha Gewirtzman, Joan Halushka, Newt Klements, Linda Krawcheck, Maya Hirsch Kupchik, Sandra Perlitz, Karen Pinosky, Leah & Aaron Pinosky, Terry Schildcrout, Sandra Schwartz, Roxann Spandorfer, Sunny & Samuel Steinberg and Laura Zucker

Joseph & Jennifer Eisenhart Lenny & Gail Silverman Samuel & Sunny Steinberg

Please join us for Anniversary Shabbat, Saturday, February 8th

8 YAHRZEITS & CALL February 1-1 Adar Max Lauper Katie Solomon Abram Rabinowitz February 2 Adar Elizabeth Nossokoff Molly Solomon N. Joseph Sharnoff Sidney Silverman Robert Wearb Louis Toporek Rose Wyland February 3-3 Adar Yetta Kaminsky Lillian Grossman Lee Weisman February 4-4 Adar Esther Dumas February 5-5 Adar Mary Yaschik Louis Geisman Alex Hyman Conni Ackerman Anna Lea Steinberg February 6-6 Adar Ida Feinstein February 7-7 Adar Mendel Dumas David Sherman Golda Garfield Nori Sofi February 8- 8 Adar Harry Applebaum Anne Herman February 9- 9 Adar Freda Friedman Ezra Jaffe February 10-10 Adar Tertia Brock Mike Toporek Julius Cohen February 11-11 Adar Max Cohen Pauline Epstein Harry Cooley February 12-12- Adar Robert Hersh Belle Lerner Eleanor Levin Karol Kalisky



February 13-13 Adar Ben Gross February 14-14 Adar Gladys Herzman Nathaniel Weintraub Louis Lazarus Samuel Halio Celia Cohen February 15-15 Adar Manuel Barshay Sara Mindlin Lawrence Haskins Joseph Klements February 16-16 Adar Harry Berendt Israel Carney Frances Resnick Rose Cooley Bella Goldman Grauer February 17-17 Adar Leon Raffel Tessie Greenberger Bella Addlestone February 18-18 Adar George Cohen Anna Bella Steinberg Sol Cohen February 19-19 Adar Ben Epstein Samuel Shlepsin Sadie Lancer February 20- 20 Adar Abe Lipoff Milton Banov Louis Gorod February 21-21 Adar Herman Needle Alwyn Berlin February 22-22 Adar Pauline Stein Jennie Leopold Abraham Bernstein Rose Mandel Lillian Lehrer February 23-23 Adar Hannah Yelman February 24- 24 Adar Frances Rothschild Larry Kline Hattie Kronsberg Lily Brofsky

February 25-25 Adar Shirley Halpern Bernice Toporek February 26-26 Adar Mary Solarsh Meyer Bluestein Martin Forrest February 27-27 Adar Sylvia Derfner February 28- 28 Adar 1 Jacob Olshin CALL TO MINYAN

February 1st-7th Harriet Goldberg Bernard Solomon Joanne Schwartz Myra Howard Ivan Nossokoff Sanford Solomon Sally Fischbein Ruth Silverman Alan Toporek Sue Mueller Melvin Wyland Shelia Shapiro Stuart Tessler Sandra Lipton Sylvia Greene Jeanne Lieberman Warren Hyman Jerry Kaynard Alvin Steinberg Bernard Steinberg Harold Sherman Diana Fishman February 8th-14th Sharon Applebaum Jeanne Lieberman Herbert Rephan Howard Jaffe Clive Brock Edwin Toporek Stanley Toporek Marilyn Sagel Pearl Baker Ann Epstein Nancy Lerner

Janice Lichtenstein Evaline Delson Mildred Maier Carol Fishman Miriam Bernstein George Breibart Martin Lazarus Elliott Halio Sandra Perlitz Linda Cohen Sandra Peskin February 15th-21st Estelle Heidenberg Newt Klements Ira Berendt Miriam Cohen Mindy Seltzer Ann Epstein Sandra Grauer Susie Steinberg Pearl Baker Samuel Steinberg Linda Cohen David Cohen Sandra Peskin Howard Epstein Norman Epstein Sheila Freedman Zhenya Berenboim Michael Mills Charles Banov Herbert Gorod Nancy Mendelson Ellison Berlin February 22nd-28th Jane Mendelsohn Nancy Banov Betty Pearlman Lloyd Mandel Brenda Lederman Jerry Rothschild Allan Kline Michael Halpern Alan Toporek Sue Mueller Helen Lipsky Lisa Baron Armand Derfner


EMANU-EL HAPPENINGS WANTED! Manager of Operations and Administration A natural leader with customer service running through their veins. Both an ability to see the big picture and an attention to detail required. Strong written and verbal communications skills and the ability to keep cool under pressure and multi-task. Must have proven organizational skills and effective interpersonal skills. Able to provide support to both professional and volunteer staff. • Excellent grant writing skills • Office software and web skills • Managerial experience • College degree preferable Please help us spread the word and have candidates send resume to

Spirits To Barbara & Lowell Epstein on the birth of their grandson.

brought to you by your Men’s Club Thursday, February 13th 8:00PM Location to be announced Join us for drinks, nosh and words of Torah

Save the Date

PURIM Saturday, March 15, 2014 Megillah Reading & The Best Party Ever, Hosting KKBE here at Synagogue Emanu-El! COSTUMES * DJ * OPEN BAR And lots of Purim surprises! What else could you ask for? Stay tuned for more info…


F R I D AY N I G H T S A T E M A N U - E L We offer a changing program of Friday night services to cater to different needs and different people. We invite you to choose your favorite or try them all! "Family Shabbat,” February 7th, 5:15PM-6:00PM Services for all ages!


“Tour D’ Emanu-El”, February 14th, 7:30PM at the Hubara’s house, 3 Birmingham Ct. If you would like to host future Friday Night services in your home, contact Rabbi Rosenbaum.

Friday Night LIVE: Shabbat Dinner & Program with YAD, February 21st, 6:00PM “Celebrity Game Night” YAD and Synagogue Emanu-El are coming together for a Shabbat to remember! Services at 6pm will be followed by a meat dinner (with plenty of vegetarian options) and a program that is sure to make you laugh. Come as you are after a long workweek- no dress code required. RSVP by 2/18 at or 571-3264 “Late Night Shabbat” February 28th, 8:15PM Services followed by a potluck dessert reception. Please bring a dairy/parve item to share!

Thank you to the following congregants who are scheduled to participate in services in February: Alan Isaacson, Morey Lipton, Aaron Levine, Elisheva Holub, Ari Levine, Misha Pekar, Mitch Gilbert, Molly Hunsinger, Hannah Chase, Mindy Hawkins, Craig Browdy, Jasmine Hubara, Dan Greenstein, Ellen Miriam Brandwein, Eileen Cheenik, Brenda McCoy, Shirley Mills, Lisa Isaacson, Karen Pinosky, Ellen Steinberg, Maya Hirsch Kupchik, Sarah Book, Pam Coyle, Julie Malka, Robyn Bagg

If you are interested in leading a Shabbat service, reading Torah or Haftarah, please contact Daphne Hubara at or 843-442-6086.



January 25, 2014 was a night to remember! From top left: Our five magnificent Stars of David with their FADS partners: Ellen Hoffman who won 1st place!); Josif Tsveer; (the back of) Susan Chase; Ellen Steinberg; Susan Chase; Jacobo Mintzer. From Middle of 3rd row: Laura Zucker; Anita Zucker performed after the competition.

4th row Left: Our best looking judge, “Yetta The Yenta� aka Lisa Isaacson with surprising guest Bill Murray; All 5 competing couples take a bow. Bottom: Smiling faces at the reception, from left: Fran Gorossman, Ben Chase; Alan Rovick, Perry Halushka; Ram and Ayala Kalus; Ron Mendola, Marilyn Hoffman & Janet Mendola. Pictures by Joe and Edie Rubin, except the picture of Lisa Isaacson and Bill Murray.


AROUND TOWN Study-Tour to Central and Eastern Europe Sponsored by the S.C. Council on the Holocaust June 21-28, 2015 Subsidies available for S.C. certified teachers Open to the public Participation limited. Cost - To be announced

Learn about the Holocaust and visit major camps and memorial sites while absorbing the culture and rich traditions of Eastern Europe.

SAVE THE DATE March 18th7:00PM- 8:30PM

at the JCC 2014 Woman Who Makes a Difference

Contact Leah F Chase/Chase Travels Tel 843.556.0

Summer Camp Scholarships PJ Goes to Camp incentive awards (scholarships) for the summer of 2014 are still available for students at public and non-Jewish private schools. Interested families should contact Incentive grants for students who attend a Jewish day school are fully subscribed. PJ Goes to Camp is no longer accepting names for the waiting list for day school students. Info and application: about-pj-library/pj-goes-to-camp


C E L E B R AT E A N D S U P P O R T E M A N U - E L Synagogue Emanu-El’s Path to The Future has been a great success! Where is your brick? Now accepting brick orders for the 2nd time!

HONOR SOMEONE YOU LOVE Purchase a Chai Leaf for the Tree of Life for $136, a memory that will last a life time!

Start thinking what you’d like your brick to say… 3 lines, 21 characters in each line

A wonderful Bar/Bat Mitzvah or wedding present, or for any other special event! $154 for one brick; $136 for each brick when you buy two; $118 each when you buy three or more. Please contact the office if you have any questions: 843-571-3264 or

Contact Leah at the Synagogue 571-3264

To honor a special simcha, consider sponsoring A kiddush on Shabbat The Kiddush is prepared for up to 65 people at the cost of $300. Your name will be listed in our weekend handout. Items Included: Coffee, Soft Drinks, Tuna Salad, Egg Salad, Green Salad, Bagels, Cream Cheese, Fruit, Chips & Salsa, Gefilte Fish, Herring, Crackers, Horseradish, 2 Dessert Cakes, and all paper goods! Synagogue Emanu-El appreciates all contributions. Donations of $10.00 and above will be listed in “The Scroll” and an acknowledgement will be sent to the recipient from the office. Appropriate funds are: Emanu-El Endowment Fund, The Banov Book Fund, Biblical Garden/Landscape Fund, Ethel & Jacob Cohen High Holiday Fund, Prayer Book Fund, Israel & Rebecca Geldbart Fund, General Fund, Lenora & Nathan Goldberg Cultural Fund, Samuel Golembe Memorial Fund, Men’s Club, Ray & Leah Greenberg Education & Endowment Fund, Bethe Rittenberg Homeless Shelter & Social Action Fund, Rose & Henry Koslow Minyan Fund, Memorial Fund, Pearlman Family Floral Fund, Prayer Book Fund, Rabbi’s Discretionary Fund, Steinberg Chapel & Torah Fund, Religious School Programs, Marvin H. Wolper Building Fund, Youth Fund, Zucker Kiddush & Oneg Fund, USY/Kadima Program, Freda & Melvin Bluestein Fund for Religious School Scholarships, Grush Shabbaton Fund, L’Dor V’Dor Maintenance Fund, Cemetery Fund, Rose & Ted Levin Children’s Library Fund, Joe Engel Holocaust Fund Sisterhood Funds: Oneg Fund, Bereavement Fund, Kitchen Fund

Todah Rabah!


D O N AT I O N S -



Emanu-El Endowment Fund

In memory of Walter & Thelma Solomon, by Steven, Phyllis, Ian & Danny Solomon

Banov Book Fund

In memory of Willy Adler, by Patti & Mickey Bagg Alvin Cohen, by Theresa & Bernard Solomon Bertha Breibart, by Theresa & Bernard Solomon In honor of Joan & Perry Halushka, by Russell & Eileen Rosen

Bethe Rittenberg & Social Action Fund

In memory of Florence Horowitz, by Linda & Maurice Krawcheck, Howard & Marilyn Brilliant Sara Rittenberg, by Linda & Maurice Krawcheck, Sandra Rosenblum, Eileen & Stanley Chepenik, Marsha Ohayon, Barry & Elaine Krell, Martin & Adel Lazarus Naftali Hirsch, father of Maya Kupchick, by Howard & Marilyn Brilliant Kaylene Schoenberg, sister of Sheralyn Rosenblum’s, by Eileen & Stanley Chepenik Bertha Breibart, by Eileen & Stanley Chepenik

Biblical Garden & Landscape Fund

In memory of Bertha Breibart, by Ruth & Eric Oser, Nancy & Gerald Sonenshine Florence Horowitz, by Ruth & Eric Oser

General Fund

In memory of Florence Horowitz, by Donna Genet & family, Lenny Genet & family, Lisa & Alan Isaacson Bertha Breibart, by Emily Sonenshine, Matiel Leffler Speedy & complete recovery of Sandy Jaffe, by Neil & Marsha Gewirtzman Barry Kalinsky, by Marsha & Bill Golod

Freda & Melvin Bluestein Fund for Religious School Scholarships

In memory of Naftali Hirsch, father of Maya Hirsch Kupchick, by the Hubaras

Joe Engel Holocaust Education Fund

In memory of Florence Horowitz, by Ruth Silverman, Eileen & Stanley Chepenik Willy Adler, by Jane Kelly, Eileen & Stanley Chepenik Bertha Breibart, by Jane Kelly Frank Kipnis, by Valerie Eisenstein Naftali Hirsch, father of Maya Kupchick, by Eileen & Stanley Chepenik

Lenora & Nathan Goldberg Cultural Fund

In memory of Dinah Banner, by Theresa & Bernard Solomon Sylvia Lipman, by Dora & Herbert Rovick Arthur Rovick, by Dora & Herbert Rovick

Ray & Leah Greenberg Education & Endowment Fund

In memory of Maya Kupchick’s father, by Marilyn Hoffman Willy Adler, by Marilyn Hoffman, Theresa & Bernard Solomon, Leah & Ray Greenberg Florence Horowitz, by Marilyn Hoffman, Patti & Mickey Bagg Sheralyn Rosenblum’s sister, by Marilyn Hoffman Joseph Levy, by Marjorie Lynch Isadore Solomon, by Bernard Solomon Mose Banner, by Theresa Solomon Betty Dacus Woodward, by Leah Greenberg Speedy & complete recovery of Janet Friedman, by Marilyn Hoffman

Marvin H. Wolper Building Fund In honor of Shirley Fages, by Linda Bergman

Memorial Fund

In memory of Florence Horowitz, by Cindy & Joe Brams, Cindy Brams, Gertrude Solomon, Sam Solomon & Lisa Koonin, the LeVine family, Sheva Cohen, Amy Genet & family, Marion Goodman, Theresa & Bernard Solomon, Dr. & Mrs. William Fogle, Aaron & Leah Pinosky, Neil & Marsha Gewirtzman Willy Adler, by Anita Zucker, Neil & Marsha Gewirtzman Bertha Breibart, by Linda & Richard Jaffe, Kenneth Hauck, Abram Kronsberg & Robin Kaplan, Frances & Joseph Chase, Sidney & Bernice Breibart, Sanford Shulman, Andrew Breibart, Debbie & Barry Lash, Rhonda & Ivan Nossokoff, Ann & Jon Stein Naftali Hirsch, father of Maya Kupchick, by the Pinosky & Perlitz families Kaylene Schoenberg, sister of Sheralyn Rosenblum’s, by Sonia & Jerry Rothschild

Rabbi’s Discretionary Fund

In memory of Edna P. “Sugar” Scherr, by Marty Scheer Minnie Mazo Meislin, by Owen Meislin & Susan Meislin Naftali Hirsch, father of Maya Hirsch Kupchik, by Linda & Maurice Krawcheck Kaila Peltz, by Inessa Tsveer Florence Horowitz, by Carol & Stephen Leit Bertha Breibart, by Miriam Wilchanovsky, Cantor Kim & Brian Harris, Martin & Adel Lazarus Willy Adler, by Cantor Kim & Brian Harris Beatrice Kipnis, by Valerie Eisenstein Sylvia Lazarus, by Martin & Adel Lazarus Morris Lazarus, by Martin & Adel Lazarus In honor of Mike Engel receiving the Zucker Award, by Debbie Engel & Newt Klements Ellen Miriam Brandwein leading High Holiday services, by Debbie Engel & Newt Klements Nathlie Delson’s Bat Mitzvah, by Debbie Engel & Newt Klements David Sherman’s Bar Mitzvah, by Debbie Engel & Newt Klements


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Rose & Ted Levin Children’s Library Fund

In memory of Macey & Adele Kronsberg, by Rose Levin Florence Horowitz, by Margie Lynch, Elisheva Holub, Rose & Ted Levin Avraam Mikulinskiy Kaye Ginn, by Sharon Toporek Kaylene Schoenberg, sister of Sheralyn Rosenblum’s, by Rose & Ted Levin, Janet & Carl Masonberg Ken Goodman, by Rose & Ted Levin Sydney Bagg, by Patti & Mickey Bagg Naftali Hirsch, father of Maya Hirsch Kupckik, by Janet & Carl Masonberg, Marsha & Neil Gewirtzman Willy Adler, by Rose & Ted Levin Bertha Breibart, by Rose & Ted Levin In honor of The engagement of Marsha & Neil Gewirtzman’s son, Eric, by Linda & Maurice Krawcheck, Patti & Mickey Bagg The marriage of Mindy Seltzer & Bob Lovinger, by Rose & Ted Levin, Janet & Carl Masonberg Speedy and complete recovery of Sandy Jaffe, by Rose & Ted Levin

Rose & Henry Koslow Minyan Fund

In memory of Bertha Breibart, by Sharon & Dennis Feinberg, Margie Lynch, Ann Epstein, Stanley & Debbie Sonenshine, Owen & Ellen Grush, Ed & Pam Coyle Rabbi Klein, by Ed & Pam Coyle Willy Adler, by Ruth & Eric Oser, Owen & Ellen Grush, Sunny & Samuel Steinberg, Judy & Charles Kaiser, Joe Engel Joseph Sokol, by Valerie Eisenstein Naftali Hirsch, father of Maya Kupchick, by Lisa & Alan Isaacson In honor of Beth & Kirk Matener’s new baby boy, by Ann Epstein Barbara & Lowell Epstein’s new grandson, by Ann Epstein Our Minyanaires, by The Feinberg & Draisin families

Steinberg Chapel & Torah Fund

In memory of Ken Goodman, by Ruth Silverman Willy Adler, by Ruth Silverman Florence Horowitz, by Libby Soffar Naftali Hirsch, father of Maya Hirsch Kupchick, by Libby Soffar Michael Rosenberg’s father, by Libby Soffar

Sisterhood Emanu-El Kitchen Fund

In memory of Freda Wasser Herman, by Terry & Dean Schuyler Ken Goodman, by Margie Lynch, Linda & Maurice Krawcheck Ruth Berlinsky, by Linda & Maurice Krawcheck Florence Horowitz, by Arthur & Sheralyn Rosenblum, Linda & David Cohen Bertha Breibart, by Patti & Mickey Bagg, Linda & David Cohen Willy Adler, by Elisheva Holub, Gail & Lenny Silverman, Joan & Perry Halushka Sara Rittenberg, by Sunny & Samuel Steinberg, Linda & David Cohen Kaylene Schoenberg, sister of Sheralyn Rosenblum’s, by Sunny & Samuel Steinberg Naftali Hirsch, father of Maya Kupchick, by Linda & David Cohen In honor of Spencer Lynch’s birthday, by Margie Lynch The marriage of Mindy Seltzer & Bob Lovinger, by Linda & Maurice Krawcheck, Linda & David Cohen Carol & Berry Baker on their daughter Jana’s engagement, by Linda & Maurice Krawcheck All the donations and well wishes I received, by Sandy Jaffe Marsha & Neil Gewirtzman’s son’s engagement, by Linda & David Cohen Speedy and complete recovery of Bobbi Spitz, by Linda & Maurice Krawcheck Janet Friedman, by Joan & Perry Halushka

Sisterhood Emanu-El Bereavement Fund

In memory of My mother, Marie Snyder Marks, by Charlot Karesh Bertha Breibart, by Charlot Karesh Sara Rittenberg, by Charlot Karesh Kaylene Schoenberg, sister of Sheralyn Rosenblum’s, by Charlot Karesh

Sisterhood Emanu-El Oneg Fund

In memory of Joan Hoffman, by Laurie Roshfeld Dorothy Kipnis, by Valerie Eisenstein

Youth Fund

In memory of Irwin Kalik & Anna Cohen, by Joanne Kalik Naftali Hirsch, father of Maya Kupchik, by Patti & Mickey Bagg

Zucker Kiddush & Oneg Fund

In memory of Daniel Adam Heidenberg, by Susan & David Heidenberg Florence Horowitz, by Anita Zucker

For a list of our funds, please see page 13. Thank you!


February 2014 — Calendar Subject to Change Morning Minyan Schedule: Mon-Fri 7:15AM Sundays 9:00AM; Rosh Hodesh & Hol HaMoed 7:00AM Afternoon Minyan Schedule: Mon-Thurs 5:30PM Friday Night Services: See below for different times Saturday Morning Service: 9:30AM Sun






Sat 1

Rosh Hodesh Danish & D’rash, 9AM Shabbat Services, 9:30AM USY “Minute to Win It”, 7:00PM

2 Religious School


World Wide Wrap 9:30AM

4 Emanu-El University Table Tennis

Sisterhood Torah Fund

5 Religious School Sisterhood Food Talk

6 Talmud class 9:30AM Table Tennis

Table Tennis

7 8 Family Shabbat, Danish & D’rash, 9AM 5:15PM Shabbat Rakevet Shabbat dinner Services, 9:30AM Jr. Congregation Anniversary Shabbat

9 Religious School/Kesher


11 HAZAK Sisterhood Southern Seasons Cooking Class

12 13 Religious School No Talmud class Table Tennis

Emanu-El University

MC Spirits 8PM-Location TBD Table Tennis

14 15 Tour d’ No Danish & Emanu-El – D’rash 7:30PM at the Shabbat home of Services, 9:30AM Daphne Hubara, 3 Birmingham Ct.

Table Tennis 16 No Religious School

17 Presidents Day Office Closed

18 Jewish Mysteries … Revealed! 6:006:45PM

19 Religious School Table Tennis

20 Talmud Class 9:30AM Board Meeting 6:00PM

Emanu-El University

21 22 FNL, 6PM — Danish & D’rash, Celebrity Game 9AM Night with Shabbat YAD Services, 9:30AM

Table Tennis

Sisterhood Shabbat

Table Tennis 23 Religious School/Kesher


25 Jewish Mysteries … Revealed! 6:006:45PM

Tot Shabbat 26 Religious School Table Tennis

27 Talmud Class 9:30AM Table Tennis

28 Late-Night Shabbat, 8:15PM

Emanu-El University Table Tennis

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February 2014  
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