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Better Days

New Year’s Resolutions



CEO, Birkenstock Americas To take definite steps to ensure decisions are being made both from a experiential/ insight-driven point-of-view and with any analytics that may help support a position. We have a team with great industry experience, and the more we blend that with data we receive from retail results, the better we can make smart decisions that serve our consumers. Also, to watch one TED talk every week, read Simon Sinek and Michael Lewis books, meditate five minutes twice daily and crank up music each day that inspires me to actualize myself.

President, Me Too and Adam Tucker Shoes To, in the immortal words of legendary basketball coach Jim Valvano, “Don’t give up, don’t ever give up.”

Sherwayne Mahoney Designer, Things II Come To challenge myself and the brand to test growth possibilities internationally, to learn more about diversity marketing to open new opportunities for Things II Come, and to expand my network to strengthen key relationships that will benefit our company.


Leaders across the industr y vow to make 2017 a year of improved efficiency and increased profitability, all while striking a healthier work-life balance.

Gary Weiner President, Saxon Shoes To work with old and new vendors who have brand equity at the top of their lists, while getting rid of vendors that do not focus on long-term relationships and margins for them and us. Also, to tighten inventory and turn it faster at higher margins, with a goal of buying more goods throughout the season.

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CEO, Kanner Corp., distributors of Gabor, Finn Comfort and Think! To take a little time out to try and achieve that delicate and seemingly elusive lifework balance. Or, as my father used to say: Run the business, but don’t let it run you. A little time off can revitalize the mind and spirit to tackle business with renewed vitality, whereas a tired mind and body can lead to detrimental decisions and results.

Gary Hauss Owner, J. Stephens To see vendors and retailers come together to make brick-and-mortar stronger and for it to truly work like a partnership.

BETH BARTHOLOMEW Senior Director of Sales Development, Earth Shoes To keep delivering a tremendous product of great style and comfort that is perfect for our independent retailers, whom I have a huge passion and commitment to helping succeed.

Mark Jubelirer President, Reyers Shoe Store To change our TV advertising strategy. My brother Steven and I have appeared as spokespersons in our commercials for the past several decades, but now we have hired a ringer to take our place. She’s a beautiful, young woman who used to sell shoes at Reyers. We’re going to make her a star!


CEO, RG Barry To accelerate growth and frictionless execution.

President, Genesco Licensed Brands To work inspired! Meaning, to work hard to inspire others and to be inspired by others. Life is too short to work uninspired. When we are driven by the same goals and have an open mind, we can accomplish most anything.


Karl Moehring

President, Tamaris USA To talk less and listen more! To plan less and do more! Meaning, if the wind will not serve you, take to the oars.

CEO, Washington Shoe Company To procrastinate less and to not overthink things.

Greg Tunney

Joshua Bingaman Designer, Helm Boots To get more face time with our customers at our new flagship in Austin, to visit more of our retailers and to have our staff eat more vegetables.

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