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12/20/12 3:34 PM

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UPF 50+

legwear & accessories To Order: 206.734.4000 or WholesaleOrders@BabyLegs.com www.babylegs.com

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Sun Protection

Breathable Mesh TM

12/21/12 8:49:31 AM

www.hawkeandco.com Hawke_and_Co_2013_FINAL_.indd 2

AVAILABLE AT SELECT STORES Distributed by Daron Fashions Group

12/20/12 1:50 PM


Noelle Heffernan Publisher Jennifer Cattaui ;Z_jeh_d9^_[\ Nancy Campbell 9h[Wj_l[:_h[Yjeh ;:?JEH?7B Angela Velasquez <Wi^_ed;Z_jeh Lyndsay McGregor 7iieY_Wj[;Z_jeh Maria Bouselli 7ii_ijWdj;Z_jeh Megan Fernandez ;Z_jeh_Wb?dj[hd

FEATURES 30 Being B Fh[i_Z[djIjkWhjFebbWYaWdZ:_h[Yjehe\IWb[i" 9^_bZh[dÊi"C_Y^W[b>ebbWdZ[h"]_l[kij^[iYeef edekj[hm[Whi[diWj_ed9ebb[Yj_ed8"j^[_h\_hij o[Wh_dY^_bZh[dÊi"WdZj^[_hfbWdi\ehj^[\kjkh[$

9H;7J?L; Trevett McCandliss 7hj:_h[Yjeh Tim Jones I[d_eh:[i_]d[h 9EDJH?8KJEHI Michel Onofrio Ijob[:_h[Yjeh

34 New Year, New Leaf ?jÊij^Wjj_c[e\o[WhW]W_d0J_c[je][joekh Xki_d[ii]eWbiWdZijhWj[]_[i_dehZ[h\ehW\hk_j\kb (&')$

7:L;HJ?I?D= Caroline Diaco =hekfFkXb_i^[h Sarah Sutphin Broglie 7Zl[hj_i_d]CWdW][h Alex Marinacci 7YYekdj;n[Ykj_l[ Jennifer Craig If[Y_Wb7YYekdji CWdW][h Steven Hemingway 9bWii_\_[ZIWb[i

38 School’s In 7iceh[iY^eebi"Xej^fkXb_YWdZfh_lWj["WZefj kd_\ehcfeb_Y_[i"[l[hoed[_dj^[Y^_bZh[di cWha[j_i][jj_d]Wf_[Y[e\j^[WYj_ed$


7:C?D?IJH7J?ED Laurie Guptill FheZkYj_edCWdW][h Melanie Prescott 9_hYkbWj_edCWdW][h Mike Hoff M[XcWij[h 9EDJ79J?D<E Sales/Editorial Offices ),9eef[hIgkWh[" *j^\beeh D[mOeha"DO'&&&) J[b0,*,(-.#'++& <Wn0,*,(-.#'++) [Z_jeh_Wbh[gk[iji6 /j^h[WZi$Yec Circulation Office ('>_]^bWdZ9_hYb[ D[[Z^Wc"C7&(*/* J[b0.&&/,*#+'+& <Wn0-.'*+)#/)./ Y_hYkbWj_ed6/j^h[WZi$Yec 9EHFEH7J; /J^h[WZi (,(&(:[jhe_jHeWZ")&& M[ijbWa["E>**'*+ J[b0**&.-'#')&& Xen Zapis"9^W_hcWd Lee Zapis"Fh[i_Z[dj Rich Bongorno"9<E

42 Hot Shot KhXWdiaWj[XeWhZijob["[WhcWha[ZXoXecX[h `WYa[ji"^eeZ_[i"j[[iWdZX[Wd_[i"_iW^ej YecceZ_jo_dj^[Y^_bZh[diekj[hm[WhcWha[j$


From top: Hawke & Co. faux leather jacket, Stella McCartney raglan T-shirt, Bonnie Young pleated skirt, American Apparel black leggings, black Obey beanie, vintage boots, skateboard by Alien Workshop; sneaker by Gotta Flurt. Cover: Peace of Cake sunglasses, Bonnie Young leather motorcycle jacket, Nixon burgundy cable knit beanie. Photography by Igor Borisov; styling by Michel Onofrio.

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;Z_jehÊiB[jj[h IdWfi^ej JWba_d]Fe_dji <h[i^<_dZi >ejFhef[hj_[i D_d[J^_d]i EdJh[dZ Ifejb_]^j ?d<eYki 8[^_dZj^[I[Wci H[jW_bje=e 9Wb[dZWh H[c_n

EARNSHAW’S INFANTS, GIRLS AND BOYS WEAR REVIEW ISSN 0161-2786 (USPS-320-090) Vol. 97 Issue 1. The business and fashion magazine of the children’s wear industry is published monthly (except bi-monthly April/May and Nov/Dec) editions by Symphony Publishing NY, LLC, 36 Cooper Square, 4th Floor, New York, NY 10003. The publishers of this magazine do not assume responsibility for statements made by their advertisers in business competition. Periodicals postage is paid in New York, N.Y. and additional mailing offices. Subscription price for one year: U.S. $48; Rates outside U.S. available upon request. Single price copy, $5. Copyright 2013 by Symphony Publishing NY, LLC. Postmaster: Send address changes to Earnshaw’s Infants, Girls and Boys Wear Review, P.O. Box 8548, Lowell, MA 01853-8548. Publisher is not responsible for unsolicited manuscripts or photos. Any photographs, artwork, manuscripts, editorial samples or merchandise sent for editorial consideration are sent at the sole risk of the sender. Symphony Publishing NY, LLC will assume no responsibility for loss or damage. No portion of this issue may be reproduced without the written permission of the publisher. Printed in USA.


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12/21/12 4:12 PM

Tag, You’re It!

Skater-style duds, cool coats and skullcaps roll in for Fall ’13.

I GREW UP thinking the New York high school backdrop to the TV show Fame was the coolest school in the world. After visiting New Design High School for our latest photo shoot, it’s E D I T O R’ S L ET T E R clear this school joins the ranks, namely for their “best kept secret” rooftop skate park. This homage to graffiti style art looks out over the Lower East Side and is dubbed “Rooftop Legends.” A couple of the blank walls, I was told, were waiting for some plum artists to return from their annual pilgrimage to the übercool Art Basel Miami festivities. Acclaimed photographer Igor Borisov captured kids showing off their freshest Fall ’13 outerwear paired with urban sportswear in our fashion feature “Hot Shot.” Like me, the kids we cast were smitten with the space and many of them brought their own skateboards to the shoot. Callie, one of our models, showed off her boarding skills atop an Andy Warhol-Marilyn Monroe board and, my personal favorite, her limited-edition Homer Simpson board. We visited another cool kid on the block, Appaman, and founders Harald and Lynn Husum filled us in on their urbanjungle ready line of boys’ and girls’ clothing and accessories. In our Q&A we spoke with trendy coat company Bernardo Fashions about their Collection B line, which expanded into kids’ coats just a year ago. The company’s fast-fashion perspective and social media prowess is launching this brand top of

mind for girls and boys looking for big sister/big brother looks at a competitive price. Speaking of “tops,” the top of the year means new plans, budgets and company directions, and in our feature, “New Year, New Leaf,” we chat with a host of store owners to find out what’s crowning the list for 2013. Some retailers might be smart to put school uniforms on that list to complement their current selection, according to our feature “School’s In,” that cites an uptick in the number of schools requiring uniforms across the United States. Whatever your resolutions for this year, make sure you keep them—we all know what can happen to the best-laid plans. Be sure you communicate these goals to your team and get everyone’s buy in—this will help them stick. Here we’ve resolved to kick it up a notch, with more offerings coming down the road this year, including new sections, helpful statistics and more, so keep a look out. Happy New Year!

JENNIFER CATTAUI jennifer.cattaui@9threads.com

Celebrate Innocence


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12/21/12 3:32 PM

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12/20/12 9:09:04 AM


THE GREAT OUTDOORS A lay of the land of the children’s outerwear business

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Warming Business: Outerwear is

just a small fraction of the $10 billion children’s apparel market, according to IBISWorld senior analyst Nikoleta Panteva, who estimates it accounts for about $200 to $500 million, or 2 to 5 percent of the whole. That being said, there’s not a kid that doesn’t need a coat seasonally, and because children grow so quickly, these jackets are replaced nearly every year. Although much outerwear manufacturing is done abroad (namely China, Vietnam and India), she notes that some is still being produced in the United States. California, New York, Texas and Florida top the list in apparel manufacturing for children’s apparel, Panteva confirms, adding that California accounts for about 40 percent of the U.S. children’s apparel production and New York about 23 percent, with factories producing everything from outerwear to underwear. Outerwear numbers are lumped by gender, so she says, about $2.5 billion of women’s and girls’ outerwear is manufactured in the U.S. and $413 million in men’s and boys’.

12/21/12 10:00 AM

Remember the Regulations: The main issues with

outerwear, as far as a regulatory point of view goes, are flammability, drawstrings and lead. All information is further enumerated on cpsc.gov. Outerwear is considered “wearing apparel” and as such is covered by 16 CFR Part 1610, which establishes the flammability standard. The standard provides a method for testing and establishes three classes of flammability performance of textiles and textile products used for clothing. It prohibits the use of any dangerously flammable clothing textiles. The CPSC has further determined that hood and neck drawstrings on children’s upper outerwear in sizes 2T to 12 years create the possibility of strangulation. Upper outerwear is considered clothing, such as jackets and sweatshirts, meant to be worn on the outside of an outfit. In addition to the neck drawstring restriction, the CPSC regulation limits the length of drawstrings at the waist and bottom of children’s upper outerwear in sizes 2T to 16 to “3-inches outside the drawstring channel when the garment is expanded to its fullest width.” For waist and bottom drawstrings, the standard prohibits toggles, knots and other attachments at the free ends of drawstrings, and requires bar tacking if the drawstring is one continuous string. Besides these restrictions, outerwear also must be lead tested, have a Children’s Product Certificate (CPC) based on third-party testing by an approved laboratory and have a tracking label permanently affixed to the product.

Fast Fashion:

Outerwear tends to be higher priced than most clothes and retail margins are tight. Because kids outgrow these expensive pieces quickly (at least seasonally), investing in a coat as is often done in the men’s and women’s markets is less practical, unless there’s a good candidate for hand-me-downs at home. For the same reason, though, notes Appaman founder Lynn Husum, parents will gravitate to more fashionable (rather than classic) coats. “People like to have fun with outerwear,” she says. Because of the high price and weather volatility, Collection B also does a swift business on their fast-fashionable coats that can hit all markets from California to the Carolinas, while the heavier, higher priced jackets are multi-layered with an inner shell and versatile, convertible from heavy to mid weight.

Offspring 1385 Broadway, Suite 1800 NY, NY 10018 212-279-4150 Mark Zelen Northeast Bill & Sandie Ellsworth 781-326-3999 Southeast Paul Daubney 404-577-6840 Caribbean/Latin America/ South Florida Rolando & Ana Hidalgo 305-266-8745 West Coast Teresa Stephen & Krystal Crooymans 866-723-KIDS Midwest Richard Finkelstein & Al Zaiff 800-935-0236 Texas/Southwest Annette Cardona-Stein 214-637-4446 International Nathan A. Mamiye 212-216-6008 See us at The Children’s Club, NYC, Jan. 13th-15th and The Kids Show, Bally’s, Las Vegas, Feb. 18th-20th

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12/21/12 3:34 PM

talking points Crowds at the popular Plush show last June.

CROWD PLEASER WONDERING WHAT YOUR Ykijec[hi YWdZe\ehoek5J^_icedj^Earnshaw’s is ^eij_d]Wi[c_dWhWjDO?=<"Ç>Whd[iiOekh 9kijec[h;dj^ki_Wic09hemZ#IekhY_d] WdZ#<kdZ_d]_dj^[@kl[d_b[CWha[j$È FWhj_Y_fWdjiYWd[nf[YjWdel[hl_[me\ jh[dZi_d\_dWdY_d]WdZfheZkYjZ[l[befc[djki_d]j^[[nf[hj_i["jWij[iWdZced[o e\oekhYb_[dji$M_j^]h[Wj[heffehjkd_jo e\\[h[ZXoj^[@E8I7Yj"icWbbXki_d[ii[i ^Wl[\ekdZWd[mY^Wdd[be\ikffehj j^hek]^i_j[ib_a[A_YaijWhj[h"F[[hXWYa[h WdZ?dZ_[]e]e$7d[nf[hjfWd[bm_bbWZZh[ii j^_ijh[dZWdZi^em^emYkijec[h#\_hijYWd meha\ehoek$


Warm up at NYIGF: Earnshaw’s will be sponsoring a hot cocoa break on Jan. 27 from 3-4 p.m.

K.I.D.S. GALA BENEFIT NEW JERSEY GOVERNOR 9eh[o 8eea[h"JLjWbai^em^eijM[dZoM_bb_Wci WdZ]ebZc[ZWb_ij@ehZodM_[X[h^eij[Z A_Zi_d:_ijh[ii[ZI_jkWj_ediÊA$?$:$I$ (-j^7ddkWb=WbWed:[Y[cX[h,hW_i_d] .&&"&&&\ehj^[Y^Wh_jo$J^[d_]^jÊi^edeh[[i_dYbkZ[Z7hco7_h<ehY[;nY^Wd][ I[hl_Y["dWc[ZA$?$:$I$H[jW_b[he\j^[O[Wh1 AW^dBkYWi"A$?$:$I$CWdk\WYjkh[he\j^[ O[Wh1D[mWhaDem"A$?$:$I$7][dYoFWhjd[h 7mWhZ1WdZJeo?dZkijho<ekdZWj_ed" A$?$:$I$:edehFWhjd[h7mWhZ$7if[Y_Wb f[h\ehcWdY[Xo8heWZmWoOekj^;di[cXb[ rounded out the evening.

BETTER LUXURY BABY AND toddler show Plush is poised for a bigger-than-ever [l[djed@kd[-#/Wjj^[>oWjjH[][dYo 9[djkhoFbWpW_dBei7d][b[i"97$@_dW FWha"9;EWdZ\ekdZ[he\Fbki^BB9 WdZj^[Zh_l_d]\ehY[X[^_dZj^[i^em" ^WiWZZ[ZW8(8Yecfed[djje^[h 8(9i^em"[nfWdZ_d]_jjeWj^h[[#ZWo event. “We found that a lot of retail[hiWdZXko[hi[dZ[ZkffkhY^Wi_d] j_Ya[jib_a[dehcWbYedikc[hiX[YWki[ j^[om[h[`kij_dj[h[ij[Z_dj^[i^em"È FWhaiWoi$Ç8oj^[j_c[j^_ifWij@kd[Êi

i^emmWiel[hm[Z[Y_Z[Zm[mWdj[Zje Zeiec[j^_d]if[Y_Wb\ehj^[h[jW_b[hi j^[ci[bl[i$È ?dWZZ_j_edjeWm[bYec[bkdY^[ed edj^[ef[d_d]ZWo"@[ddIXhWdj_" \ekdZ[hWdZ[Z_jeh#_d#Y^_[\e\j^[Xbe] >eij[iiM_j^j^[Ceij[ii"m_bbX[Z[cedijhWj_d]^emjeijob[XWXoi^em[hi WdZX_hj^ZWofWhj_[i"WdZh[Y[fj_ediWj d_]^je\\[hWjj[dZ[[ij^[effehjkd_joje c_d]b[m_j^a[o_dZkijhofbWo[hi$ ÇJ^[j^_d]WXekjekhi^em"m^_Y^ _idejdehcWbboj^[YWi[m_j^ceij i^emi"_ij^Wjm[^Wl[Wbeje\h[jkhd_d] [n^_X_jehi$<hecekh\_hiji^emjeekh i[YedZi^emm^[dm[ZekXb[Z_di_p[" m[^WZjejkhdWmWo)&je*&[n^_X_jehi"Èi^[h[l[Wbi"iWo_d]j^Wjed[j^_d] Fbki^fh_Z[i_ji[b\ed_i_jii[b[Yj_ed fheY[ii$ÇM[ZedÊj`kijjWa[edWdo [n^_X_jehj^WjmWdjijeXkoWXeej^1m[ cWa[ikh[m[ZedÊj^Wl[jeeckY^e\ ed[YWj[]eho$È9edj_dk_d]_jikfmWhZ jhW`[Yjeho"j^[kfYec_d]i^emm_bbX[ jh_fb[j^[i_p[e\j^[bWijed["XkjFWha _igk_Yajedej[j^Wj_jm_bbcW_djW_d_ji \eYki$ÇL[dZehih[Wbbobel[j^[[nYbki_l_jo$J^[obel[j^[\WYjj^Wjej^[h ^_]^#gkWb_jocWdk\WYjkh[hiikhhekdZ j^[c$È—Lyndsay McGregor

8 ;7HDI>7MI$9ECš@7DK7HO(&')

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12/20/12 9:45 AM


Holiday in Review By all accounts, this holiday shopping season showed an uptick in spending, breathing fresh hope for the retail sector for a solid 2013. Here’s a recap of some of the key days.

BLACK FRIDAY: According to a National Retail Federation study conducted by Big Insight, 139 million shoppers hit the stores for Black Friday this year, spend_d]d[Whbo+/$'X_bb_edX[jm[[d J^Wdai]_l_d]:WoWdZj^[\ebbem_d]IkdZWo$J^[i[dkcX[hiÆXej^ iWb[iWdZi^eff[hiÆh[fh[i[djWd increase from last year, potentially reflecting a sentiment of economic Yed\_Z[dY[Wced]iji^eff[hi$ JeoiWdZl_Z[e]Wc[im[h[X_] i[bb[hiel[hj^[m[[a[dZ"Wim[h[ gift cards, enjoying a 10 percent _dYh[Wi[\hec(&''$

SMALL BUSINESS SATURDAY: Retailers celebrated American ;nfh[iiÊicWbbXki_d[iiekjh[WY^ [l[dj"ÇIcWbb8ki_d[iiIWjkhZWoÈ \ehj^[j^_hZo[WhedDel[cX[h(*$ 7YYehZ_d]jej^[IcWbb8ki_d[ii IWjkhZWo9edikc[h?di_]^ji Ikhl[o"h[b[Wi[ZXoj^[DWj_edWb Federation of Independent 8ki_d[ii[iWdZ7c[h_YWd;nfh[ii" Yedikc[hWmWh[d[iie\j^[[l[dj mWim_Z[ifh[WZ"WdZj^ei[_d#j^[# ademif[djWjejWbe\+$+X_bb_ed m_j^_dZ[f[dZ[djXki_d[ii[ied j^WjZWj[$?dWZZ_j_ed"7c[h_YWd ;nfh[iih[fehjij^WjicWbbXki_ness card members transactions m[h[kf('f[hY[djYecfWh[Zje bWijo[Wh$ CYBER MONDAY: Edb_d[if[dZ_d]ed9oX[hCedZWomWikf',$* f[hY[djo[Wh#el[h#o[Whje'$*- X_bb_ed"h[fehjiYecIYeh[$?jmWi the top online spending day since the research firm started to track edb_d[iWb[i_d(&&'$J^[ceij fefkbWhfkhY^Wi[im[h[[b[Yjhed_YiWdZWYY[iieh_[i"\ebbem[ZXo l_Z[e]Wc[i"`[m[bhoWdZmWjY^[i$ According to shop.org"9oX[h CedZWoi^eff[hiif[djWdWl[hW][e\'/*$*,edb_d[$J^[ZWo W\j[h9oX[hCedZWoWbiefhel[Z to be popular for online shopping: Jk[iZWoiWb[ihei[)&$)f[hY[dj$

GLOBAL KIDS FASHION WEEK 2013 THE BIRTHPLACE OF mod, punk and dandy fash_edm_bbm[bYec[Wd[m generation of tastemakers during the first ever Global A_Zi<Wi^_edM[[aCWhY^ '.#(&$J^[j^h[[#ZWo London event, organized Xo7b[nJ^[ef^Wdeki"j^[ \ekdZ[hWdZ9;Ee\bknkho Y^_bZh[dÊi[#Yecc[hY[ AlexandAlexa.com and 9Wc_bW8WjcWd]^[b_Z`^"j^[ \ekdZ[he\j^[Y^Wh_joA_Zi9ecfWdo"m_bbYWijWifejb_]^jed<WbbÊ')Y^_bZh[dim[Wh\heckfje)&fh[c_kc XhWdZiikY^Wi@kd_eh=Wkbj_[h$Ç?jÊiWd[nY_j_d]c_nÆ K$A$^[h_jW][XhWdZi"fbWo\kbWdZgk_hao;khef[Wd bWX[bi"bknkh_ekiYebb[Yj_edi\hecj^[K$I$"[l[d khXWd#ijob[XhWdZiWdZijh[[jm[Wh\hecWi\WhW\_[bZWi 7kijhWb_W"ÈJ^[ef^WdekiZ[iYh_X[i$ I_dY[bWkdY^_d]7b[nWdZ7b[nW\_l[o[WhiW]e" Theophanous says the category has evolved from a \[mZ[i_]d[hi_djeWd_ddelWj_l[WdZYh[Wj_l[_dZkijho$ Ç;WY^o[Wh[l[dceh[cW_db_d[Z[i_]d[hiWh[YhW\j_d] ijWdZ#Wbed[a_ZiÊYebb[Yj_edi"j^[h[Wh[[nY_j_d]d[m brands on the scene and so many stories to tell around j^[fheZkYjiWdZj^[_h^[h_jW][$J^_i_ij^[f[h\[Yjj_c[ je_djheZkY[WY^_bZh[dÊiijob[[l[djjej^[_dj[hdWj_edWb\Wi^_edm[[aiY^[Zkb["È^[[nfbW_di$ 7\kbbiY^[Zkb[e\hkdmWoi^emi"f[h\ehcWdY[i" _d\ehcWj_l[[n^_X_j_edi"_dZkijhojWbaiWdZWYj_l_j_[i \eha_ZijefWhj_Y_fWj[_dX[\eh[WdZW\j[hi^emi_i edjWf"Wim[bbWiWfkXb_Y\Wi^_edi^em_dW_Ze\A_Zi 9ecfWdo\ehIfh_d]Ê')Yebb[Yj_edi$;l[djim_bbX[^[bZ Wjj^[<h[[cWiediÊ>Wbb"Wl[dk[ademd\eh^eij_d] iec[e\BedZedÊiceijZ_l[hi[\Wi^_ed[l[dji"WdZj^[ h[ije\j^[mehbZYWd\ebbemj^[WYj_l_joedJm_jj[hWj 6]a_Zi\m$J^[ef^Wdeki^ef[ijejWa[j^[[l[dj]beXWb _dj^[ceh[b_j[hWbi[di[$ÇJ^_i_iedboj^[Z[Xkjo[Wh WdZm[beea\ehmWhZje]hem_d]=beXWbA_Zi<Wi^_ed M[[ajefej[dj_Wbbo[nfWdZ_djeej^[hYekdjh_[i_dj^[ \kjkh["È^[WZZi$—Angela Velasquez


er_01_13_talking_points_05.indd 9

12/21/12 10:02 AM

talking points


IN NOVEMBER, ADVANSTAR Global Group, a multi-platform events and information services company, announced its acquisition of ENK International. Advanstar Global, whose programs include Project, Magic, FN Platform and Licensing International, will now incorporate ENK’s properties such as Fashion Coterie, Accessorie Circuit and Intermezzo into its event program. According to President of ENK International Tom Nastos, where Advanstar will be putting its focus on the men’s wear and footwear markets, ENK will focus on women’s and children’s wear. “As a benefit to the entire market, this partnership will allow us to coordinate dates and venues much better than before, streamline the process for buyers and make it much easier for exhibitors and buyers to be more productive at their shows,” he says. Nastos also shares that ENK is excited to be a part of Advanstar, but will continue to operate as an independent company within the group. “It’s an opportunity to continue to do what we’ve been doing and get all the benefits that come with joining the Advanstar Global Group,” he offers. One of the positive

er_01_13_talking_points_05.indd 10

additions to ENK will be Advanstar’s “Shop the Floor” digital platform that will give buyers the opportunity to shop an online marketplace. “‘Shop the Floor’ is going to be revolutionary in the children’s market and will allow exhibitors to reach out to a larger audience,” Nastos says. He also notes that “Shop the Floor” is just one of many examples of how this partnership will be positive for both Advanstar and ENK. “This marriage allows us to leverage the best of each company,” he says. “[Advanstar] developed something that is going to be so beneficial to exhibitors and revolutionize the children’s market, connecting buyers and exhibitors even more than in the past.” As for 2013’s Children’s Club editions, Nastos assures that exhibitors and buyers can expect the same positive experience as in years past. “We really haven’t made any determination to make any other changes than to grow the show and provide a greater opportunity for buyers and exhibitors,” he shares. The next ENK Children’s Club is January 13 to 15 at Pier 92 in Manhattan.—Maria Bouselli

12/20/12 9:45 AM

MEMBERS ONLY IN OUR NOVEMBER/DECEMBER issue, we told you about a new retailersâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; group called Brixy that seeks to increase the purchasing power of the independent brick-and-mortar community, foster strong relationships with manufacturers and create strategic marketing, education and advocacy programs. Brixy is funded by All Baby & Child (ABC), which is no longer providing funding for individual independent retail associations including Baby News, Baby Furniture Plus, NINFRA and USA Baby. Now that Brixy has established its membership criteria we wanted to pass along what we know and important dates to look forward to: TO BECOME A MEMBER, A JUVENILE STORE MUST:

Have owners who are actively involved in the day-to-day operations of the store.

Be privately held.

Have a legitimate brick-and-mortar store (more than just a warehouse) in a retail area with a bona fide retail staff, cash wrap, exterior retail signage, etc.

Conduct business online solely under the same name as their brick-and-mortar store.

Have at least 75 percent of its square footage dedicated to an assortment from at least two of the following categories: furniture, bedding, gear, toys or gifts.

At least 90 percent of its assortment must be new goods (as opposed to used goods).

Generate at least 70 percent of its annual revenues through its brick and mortar storefront.


RETAIL TWEETS BOOST SALES According to a study released by Twitter, nearly 39 percent of Twitter users bought something after seeing a retail tweet. That is more than the 27 percent of the overall online population that makes a purchase. The study included data from 7,800 Internet users and 665 retailers such as Apple, Amazon and Wal-Mart.

er_01_13_talking_points_05.indd 11

12/20/12 9:45 AM

fresh finds


a clothing line for girls i_p[i(je,_dif_h[ZXo natural textures, shabby chic styling and the beach. The result is a collection of simple feminine pieces spanning sailor tops to flare skirts in a neutral palette with minimal trimmings like eyelet and lace. Wholesale prices range \hec(*je).$9^[Ya out www.harperkidsclothing.com.



Identifying a void in the marketplace for on-trend outerwear for kids, Elisa Dahan and Eran Elfassy (the designers behind Canadian coat label Mackage) launched MACKAGE MINI, a children’s collection of fitted, classic coats and jackets with a rock ‘n’ roll edge. Think peacoats and puffers with removable fur _di_p[i(je'($M^eb[iWb[fh_Y[i hWd][\hec'.&je(&+$9^[Ya out www.mackage.com.

offers comfy clothing for kids in sizes (Jje-%.$9h[Wj[ZXo parents of shy children, each garment has a fun character built into its pockets, designed to help kids who feel separation anxiety: All they need to do is put their hands in their pockets to find friendship and the comforts of home. Wholesale prices hWd][\hec'*je)-$ Visit www.pocketfrenz. com.

GLOSSY CHICK is a line of clothing and accessories for ]_hbi_di_p[i(je,N$ Sweatsuits, T-shirts and tote bags are emblazoned with “Glossy,” a cartoon character who observes different role models as she grows and learns, but never sacrifices her inner diva. All pieces are made in Peru using the highest quality pima cotton. Wholesale prices hWd][\hec'*je (&$=ejewww. glossychick.com.

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12/20/12 9:20 AM

New York-based



9WdWZ_WdYebb[Yj_ede\ princess-perfect pettiskirts, tutus and ruffled dresses in a rich array of jewel tones that are ideal for both day-to-day and if[Y_WbeYYWi_edm[Wh$ M^eb[iWb[fh_Y[ihWd][ \hec'/$//je+/$// and sizes range from d[mXehdjeWZkbj$=eje www.oliviarose.com.

features easy-to-wear garments made from vibrant, 100 percent cottons and fabrics that are soft to the jekY^$;l[hoj^_d]_i reversible ensuring mix-and-match, easy styling and versatility from playground to fbWoZWj[$7lW_bWXb[ in sizes 0 to 3T, styles m^eb[iWb[\eh**$ L_i_jwww.littleimbue. com.


graphic tees for kids ages 2 to 11 offering bright colors, contemporary designs and positive messages that promote self-confidence, encourage scholastic success, inspire friendly behavior and applaud ]eeZcWdd[hi$;WY^Z[i_]d_i hand drawn and silk-screened using high-quality fabrics and _dai$M^eb[iWb[fh_Y[ihWd][ /je',$L_i_jwww. thepropertproject.com.

buy-one-give-one line for boys and girls that provides parents with edgy choices and children with \kd"[nfh[ii_l[Ybej^[i$ Representing more than a movement for children, the brand wants to incite a worldwide lifestyle j^Wjfkjia_Zi\_hij$I_p[i hWd][\hec,Cje'(WdZ wholesale prices range \hec'(je)&$9^[Ya out www.toicastefan.com.

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12/20/12 9:20 AM

hot properties

Uglydoll Goes Graphic

Moshi Monsters Attack MIND CANDY, MAKERS of the ^_jedb_d[]Wc[Cei^_Cedij[hi" _ij[Wc_d]kfm_j^IY^obb_d]je Yh[Wj[Wb_d[e\jeoij^Wj\[Wjkh[i ceh[j^Wd'&&Yebb[Yj_Xb[Ó]kh[i$ Ç7jC_dZ9WdZo"m[Wh[fhekZ jeX[fWhjd[h[Zm_j^IY^obb_d] \ehj^[Z_ijh_Xkj_ede\Cei^_ Cedij[hi"WXhWdZj^Wj_iWbie Z[Z_YWj[Zjefhel_Z_d]W\kdWdZ fei_j_l[[nf[h_[dY[\ehekh\Wdi"È iWoi9W_jb_d=kj[akdij"cWdW][h e\b_Y[di_d]\ehC_dZ9WdZo_d j^[7c[h_YWi$J^[b_d[m_bbe\\[h

j^h[[Z_\\[h[djckbj_fWYaie\ Ó]kh_d[iWdZhWd][i_dh[jW_b fh_Y[\hec($//je/$//$J^[ fheZkYjim_bb^_ji^[bl[i_dif[Y_Wbjoh[jW_b[hiX[]_dd_d]_dj^[ ÓhijgkWhj[he\(&')$Ç?def[d_d] j^[if[Y_WbjoWdZ_dZ[f[dZ[dj Y^Wdd[bi"Cei^_Cedij[hi\Wdi m_bbdemX[WXb[jeYebb[YjWdZ _dj[hWYjm_j^j^[Y^WhWYj[hij^[o bel[edWceh[beYWbb[l[b"Èi^[ iWoi$9edjWYj=kj[akdijWjcaitlin.gutekunst@mindcandy.com \ehWZZ_j_edWb_d\ehcWj_ed$

PRETTY UGLY, MAKERS e\j^[K]boZebbi"_iXh_d]_d] _jifbki^Yebb[Yj_edjeb_\[_dW i[h_[ie\]hWf^_Ydel[bifheZkY[ZXoL_pC[Z_W$ÇQL_pC[Z_WSjejWbbo][jiK]boZebb"WdZ m[m[h[WXb[je^_jj^[]hekdZ hkdd_d]\hecj^[][j]e"ÈiWoi Ye#Yh[Wjehe\K]boZebb":Wl_Z >ehlWj^$>[Z[iYh_X[ij^[ XeeaiWiÇ\kdWZl[djkh[i\eh WbbW][i"ÈWdZdej[ij^Wjj^[i[ ijeh_[iÓdWbbo]_l[\Wleh_j[ K]boZebbY^WhWYj[hiikY^Wi MW]["EN"8WXeWdZ?Y[#8Wj j^[WX_b_jojeif[Wajej^[Yedikc[h$J^[Xeeai"[WY^fh_Y[Z Wj-$//h[jW_b"m_bbX[iebZ_d;d]b_i^#if[Wa_d]Yekdjh_[iWbbel[hj^[ mehbZWdZm_bb^_ji^[bl[i_dijeh[i\hecif[Y_WbjoXekj_gk[ijeX_]# XenY^W_di_dIkcc[h(&')$ÇJ^[ÓhijXeea_iWmhWfWdZj^[d[nj j^h[[Wh[Wbh[WZo_dj^[mehai"È>ehlWj^dej[i$<ehceh[_d\ehcWj_ed"[#cW_bA[l_d>Wch_YWjkevin.hamric@viz.com.

Happy Birthday Clifford! TO CELEBRATE THE+&j^ Wdd_l[hiWhoe\Clifford the Big Red Dog"IY^ebWij_Y_ibWkdY^_d] i[l[hWbd[mb_Y[di_d]fWhjd[hi^_fi"_dYbkZ_d]WYbej^_d]b_d[ m_j^>oXh_Z7ffWh[b_dj^[K$I$ Ç>oXh_Z7ffWh[bQ^WiSWl[ho ijhed]h[fkjWj_ed_dj^[_dZkijho \ehYh[Wj_d]\Wi^_edWXb[Z[i_]di"ÈiWoi=Who>ocem_jp"l_Y[ fh[i_Z[dje\Yedikc[hfheZkYji WjIY^ebWij_YC[Z_W$ÇM^Wjh[Wbbo cWZ[Qj^[XhWdZSijWdZekjje kimWij^[gkWb_joe\j^[WffWh[b fheZkYjij^[ofheZkY["j^[if[[Z j^[oWh[WXb[je][jfheZkYjije h[jW_b[hiWdZe\Yekhi[j^[ijhed] h[jW_b[hh[bWj_edi^_fij^[o^Wl[ Xk_bj$ÈJ^[>oXh_Z7ffWh[bb_d[

_dYbkZ[i9b_\\ehZj[[i"Ô[[Y[i" jWdaiWdZj^[hcWbi_di_p[i\hec _d\Wdjjec[dÊi"Wim[bbWidel[bjo jefi\eh]_hbi$J^[b_d[m_bbX[ fh[i[dj[Z\ehc_Z#j_[h"Z[fWhjc[djijeh[iWdZcWiih[jW_b[hi"Wi m[bbWiif[Y_Wbjoijeh[i"WdZ_ii[j je^_ji^[bl[i\ehIfh_d](&')$<eh _dgk_h_[i"YedjWYj>ocem_jpWj ghymowitz@scholastic.com.

Plush Pajanimals THE JIM HENSON 9ecfWdoWdZJecoWh[Yedj_dk_d]j^[_h fWhjd[hi^_fm_j^Wb_d[e\FW`Wd_cWbifbki^[i"e\ÓY_WbbobWkdY^_d]_d j^[ikcc[hWdZ\Wbbe\(&')$7febbe"IgkWYao"9emX[bbWWdZIm[[j F[WIk[m_bbWbbX[WlW_bWXb[_d/#WdZ'+#_dY^fbki^[iWjj^[ik]][ij[Z h[jW_bfh_Y[ie\'&$//WdZ'/$//$ÇM[Wh[ceij[nY_j[ZjecWhhoj^[ fefkbWhFW`Wd_cWbi\hWdY^_i[m_j^h[b[lWdj"c[Wd_d]\kbjeoi"ÈiWoi @kb_[Ic_j^"l_Y[fh[i_Z[dje\cWha[j_d]WjJeco$7ÇIdk]]b[KfIjeho CWjÈ(/$//m_bbWbieX[e\\[h[Z\ehY^_bZh[dW][i(je,$JecofbWdi ed[nfWdZ_d]j^[FW`Wd_cWbib_d[\eh\Wbbje_dYbkZ[ej^[hfheZkYjije fhecej[ib[[f$JeÓdZekjceh["YedjWYjL_Ya_[<[bZcWddWj vsfeldmann@tomy.com.

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12/21/12 3:53 PM

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*,%LVh]^c\idcHigZZi ViL=djhidc CZlNdg`!CN&%%&)

F7H?I?VcjVgn'+"'-!'%&( lll#eaVni^bZeVg^h#Xdb

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D;MOEHABVgX]."&&!'%&( lll#eaVni^bZcZlndg`#Xdb


Dg\Vc^oVi^dcE^XVÓdg>cX#:"bV^aXdciVXi5eaVni^bZcZlndg`#XdbIZa &'&'*+(,(%

EARN_15 15

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Mud Pie bib

Oots! backpack



Tree by Kerri Lee Chinese zodiac keepsake box


Elegant Baby sweater duck gift set


Ortolan pillow

Uncle Goose number blocks



MadPax backpack

8 Petit Collage stuffed toy

BabyLegs legwarmers


HERE AND PRESENT A taste of what’s to come from Baby & Child at the January edition of New York International Gift Fair. By Lyndsay McGregor

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12/20/12 3:38 PM

EARN_17 17

12/20/12 9:09:36 AM


Striped shades by Teeny Tiny Optics

Shady Business

They might be small but kids’ sunglasses make a big statement this season. Bright colors, metallic finishes and classic stripes beckon seaside fun, while glamazons can go undercover in frames decked out with Pucci-inspired prints and jewels. —Angela Velasquez

From top left: Silver aviators by Babiators, cat eye glasses by Peace of Cake, yellow sunglasses by Real Kids Shades, printed shades by Baby Banz

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er_01_13_trends_08.indd 18

12/20/12 9:46 AM

From left: Fila sneakers, Ipanema sandals, Melissa glitter skimmers, Minnetonka moccasins

Mirror No shoes are too big for little girls to fill with styles straight from their mothers’ own closets. From resort-ready sandals and cozy mocs to technical sneakers, footwear brands are turning shoe shopping into a family affair with mommy-and-me designs.—AV

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12/20/12 9:47 AM


Wholesale: $3-$21

Any way you stack it,

Dallas offers more for kids Dallas KidsWorld Market APPAREL. GIFT. ACCESSORIES. TOY.

January 24-27, 2013 March 18-21, 2013 Dallas Market Center dallasmarketcenter.com 214.744.7444

er_01_13_spotlight_04.indd 20

Hats Off

Sizing: newborn to tween

Marili Jean coins a signature look with quality winter accessories. JUST THINK OF Marili Jean as the little hat company that could. In 2009, Laurie Derickson took a leap of faith, quit her job in education and embarked on her own lesson plan, schooling herself in children’s apparel by researching companies she admired and discovering how they manufactured and distributed product. “I’ve always wanted to start my own business, but never had the financial backing to open a franchise. Then my daughter came along [and] I couldn’t believe how difficult it was to find a stylish and warm hat

for a little girl,” she recalls. “I thought, ‘I can do this.’” The company, named after Derickson’s daughter and muse, began with a few hat styles. “I just went for it and started to make hats for anyone who asked,” she says. Orders came in for one and then 200 hats. Today Marili Jean offers a complete range of boutique-quality girls’ hats, scarves, mittens, headbands, legwarmers and sweater dresses, as well as winter accessories for boys. “That’s what has helped set the company apart from other accessory brands. It’s knit and crochet, but without a homemade look,” the designer adds. Best-selling items include the plush Mini Diva hat and the vintage-inspired Snowbunny hat—both of which Derickson reports are constantly reordered. And as the mom of three points out, hats are an easy way to change up an outfit. In this economy, she believes parents are looking for items that look high quality and make an impact. Derickson has homed in on matching little sibling and big sibling looks with popular styles spanning a number of size ranges. Interchangeable knit flower clips that accent hats also key into girls’ desire to personalize. A bundle of colors allow tots to collect flowers and coordinate with a number of outfits. One thing that Derickson says she has learned is that cash flow is always an issue. “As a designer, I have a multitude of ideas, but you have to grow a company gradually and do what’s best for the business,” she explains. For Fall ’12, the company launched a sweater dress in gray and cream. “The dresses allowed retailers to show our products as a complete brand and it helped at retail,” she reports, adding that retailers can expect to see more sweater dress styles for Fall ’13. For the next few years, Derickson plans to focus on offering customers more options by expanding colors and upgrading fabrications including a line of 100 percent cotton dresses and other apparel to coordinate with her signature accessories. As a company heavy with fall product, Derickson is looking for ways to bridge that gap between seasons. “Fall is our season. July to February is our busiest time, but we’d like to build our spring line,” she says with sun hats and sundresses in the near future. —Angela Velasquez

12/20/12 9:41 AM

Wholesale: $24-$35 Sizing: toddler 5 to youth 5


Stepping FashionForward Enzo Kids downsizes the latest style trends for mini-fashionistas.

BOWS, METALLICS, WEDGE sneakers, color-accented oxfords—while these may be trending on the runway, youngsters will soon be able to sport these same looks with Enzo Kids’ Fall ’13 collection. Peter Roccamo, vice president of Synclaire Brands, parent company of Enzo Kids, says the designers follow the fashion styles in vogue when creating the season’s collection. “All of our latest ideas and latest fashions are coming directly from Europe,” he says. The fall collection offers an array of boot styles, from three-quarter length, mid- and high-boots to footwear with a Western or motorcycle-boot influence. Studs and glitter add an updated trendy-touch to the Enzo Kids’ basic ballerina style, which is a popular seller for the brand. For boys, coloraccented laces and insoles put some pop in classic wingtip, saddle and boat styles. “We’re following whatever the latest fashion trends are and translating them down into kids,” Roccamo shares. He says the platform sneaker as well as the Jumper boot, which has two different length shafts that can be interchanged, are a couple of the most popu-

er_01_13_spotlight_04.indd 21

lar designs in the collection. Roccamo says that the Fall ’13 collection has been well received so far, and that Enzo Kids counts retailers ranging from Nordstrom and Bloomingdale’s to independent specialty boutiques as loyal buyers. “Buyers and customers love it. It’s the best collection we’ve had in a long time,” he says. Parents buy shoes from the line for their children because of the brand’s attention to fit, while kids want to emulate their fashion role models. He says the shoes address both needs well. “Parents appreciate having arch support and the leather lining, and the kids like the styling because they want to look like their big sisters.” Roccamo notes that the collection has grown in the last two to three seasons and that the company is focused on creating plans that will help keep their retailers happy and reaching their sales quotas. “We’ve been fortunate enough to see some pretty steady growth,” he says. “As the economy gets better, the line gets stronger and stronger. For the future, we want to continue the growth and expand our exposure in the marketplace.”—Maria Bouselli




12/21/12 9:53 AM


TOE DIP The bottomless sand pit shoes tend to collect is a hallmark of beachside vacays, but water shoes are essential to keep tots secured on wet and slippery surfaces. Waterfriendly materials and no-slip soles makes these stretchy iPlay shoes a must-have for around pool patios and slick hotel lobbies for inevitable trips to the potty.

DIG IN Turn mini-sun worshippers into Earth babies with sand toys from eco-friendly brand Zoë B Organic. Made from corn, the biodegradable 5-piece set includes all the tools—from sifters to a shovel—a novice sand artist requires for a successful day on the dunes.

BEACH BUM A poolside nap is made safer with lightweight sun blankets. Made from bamboo cotton embedded with microparticles of zinc oxide, this blanket from Coolibar offers parents peace of mind with UPF 50+ protection and babies a peaceful, sun-kissed snooze.


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The two-piece swimsuit has come a long way since its French debut in 1947. Today’s yellow polka dot bikini from Ruffle Butts comes in “itsy bitsy” infant and toddler sizes, but is smarter than its founding mothers with rash guard tops and UPF 50+ treatments to fabrics.

Boys’ swim trunks, like these 100-percent cotton Mud Pie shorts with mesh lining, key in on a number of top spring looks, including stripes, bold color and even a shark done up in trendy chevron stripes. Paired with a preppy polo or casual tee, the trunks can do double duty as beach and streetwear.



For a quick dip or a run through the sprinkler, swim diapers from Kushies Baby make diaper changing a breeze. The quick drying, washable, nylon diaper, which can be worn alone or over a diaper, features an easy wrap style with an adjustable waist and ties for a secure fit.

Moms can protect their resort totes from wet swimwear with large waterproof bags from Itzy Ritzy. The bag’s sealed seams keep dampness and sand at bay and make traveling back from the cabana mess-free. Smaller sized bags are ideal for storing open bottles of sunscreen and bug spray.


er_01_13_in_focus_04.indd 23

12/20/12 5:08 PM


IF YOU’RE A retailer considering testing the swimwear waters, Joan Menendez, owner of Neptune Kids Swimwear has some pearls of wisdom to share. Located in the heart of Miami’s Art District, Menendez’s boutique is a go-to spot for tourists and locals seeking high-end European swimwear for both baby and mom. She says: šÇCeciWh[l[hoYWkj_eki about putting their kids in bikinis.” Suits with rash guard protection are popular for babies up to 2 or 4 years old in her store. šE\\[hWZ_l[hi[hWd][e\Yel[h#kfi$<hecaW\jWdijeYheY^[j skirts, Menendez has spied a number of women’s designer brands (such as Melissa Odabash and OndadeMar) that have perfected the formula for fashionable cover-ups for kids. š:edÊj\eh][jikd]bWii[i"^WjiWdZjem[bi$ÇM[jhojeX[W one-stop shop for a family going to the beach,” Menendez says about her mix of Teeny Tiny Optic glasses, TYR goggles and hats from Young Colors. šIm_cm[WhcWodejX[Wd[l[hoZWo_j[c"XkjC[d[dZ[piWoi parents are willing to spend a little more for quality. For example, she says her clientele love suits from Submarine because they are made with fabric that keeps its color. šIkdiYh[[d_i[ii[dj_Wb\ehWZWoWjj^[X[WY^$C[d[dZ[piWoi a bestseller is Blue Lizard because it contains zinc and titanium—two ingredients dermatologists recommend.


er_01_13_in_focus_04.indd 24

SUN SPOT NEW ZEALANDERS DON’T mess with the sun. In her native country, Snapper Rock founder Liz Eglinton compares dressing a baby in a bikini to putting a little one in a car without a car seat, but thanks to parents sharing advice online, she sees more moms in the U.S. shifting priorities from cute bikinis to safe (and still cute) UV50+ swimwear. It’s up to retailers to offer this gear, but Eglinton notes, “Basic sun safety tips are still the focus.” Retailers can start by becoming familiar with the UPF requirements. Along with tips on the Snapper Rock website, Eglinton says, “We try to provide as much information to retailers verbally at trade shows.” What makes Snapper Rock’s swimwear UPF its dense, stretchy fabric that blocks UV. No chemicals or treatments are required for a UPF 50+ swing tag, which Eglinton says is noteworthy since docs recommend babies shouldn’t wear sunscreen before 6 months. One-piece sun suits tend to be the easiest way to protect babies, Eglinton offers. “The suits take the worry out for parents because they know they are covered,” she explains. Retailers should also stock an assortment of brimmed hats that provide coverage to the ears and neck. As Eglinton puts it, “Being aware of sun protection and sun cancer is never going to go away.” By dressing in UV50+ swimwear as a baby, children are more likely to wear it as they grow older. That habit-forming approach to sun protection is the reason why Snapper Rock has expanded their sizes to tween and now offers 25 different color combinations.

12/20/12 5:08 PM


AS BETTER STORES show an increasing interest in swim, Judy Stein, executive director of the Swimwear Association of Florida says manufacturers are stepping up their designs, craftsmanship and price points for children’s beachwear. How large is the children’s swimwear market? Kids swimwear represents approximately 25 percent of the market share with girls taking up 15 percent and boys about 10 percent. What types of retailers are showing the most interest in children’s swim? There’s an interest across all retail platforms, but we are seeing a strong growth in women’s stores and higher-end department stores as more well-known designers are coming out with mother/daughter and father/son matching swimwear lines. Who are some top players in the category? Snapper Rock, Chach, Submarine, Anita G, 405 South, Girlfriends, Planet Sea, MC2 Saint Barth and Floatimini, to name a few. Are you seeing more brands add beach accessories? They are—not on the same scale as women’s brands that have developed an entire beachwear lifestyle—but the kids brands are catching up in their own way. Some are offering matching goggles, towels and cute cover-ups that double as dresses.

er_01_13_in_focus_04.indd 25

12/20/12 5:08 PM


IN ITS THIRD season offering baby swimwear, Little Me has found a sweet spot with relevant prints, easy silhouettes and a splash of cuteness. Swimwear may not be as essential to babies as it is for older children, but Little Me Vice President of Merchandising and Design, Linda Cola, sees the segment on the upswing, especially as a gift item. Earnshaw’s chatted with the exec to find out how the brand is tackling this burgeoning category. WHAT DO YOU HAVE TO SPECIFICALLY THINK OF WHEN DESIGNING SWIMWEAR FOR BABIES? We are

always cognizant of making items with soft materials, and that goes down even to our swim line. Our ballerina-inspired swimsuit has a tutu, but we use material that is unusually soft for a tutu. We have a super soft terry cover-up for girls. We also make sure the suits don’t pinch. For boys, we design rash guards that are protective, but aren’t cut too snug. WHAT COLOR TRENDS ARE YOU SEEING IN SWIMWEAR? We’re in such a huge cycle for color right

now—from the Gap and J. Crew to women’s and men’s fashion—and it goes straight down to baby. It is going beyond the obligatory pastels to lime green and bright blue and I see it continuing through ’13. WHAT IS TRENDING FOR SILHOUETTES? For boys, we

do swim trunks that are a little longer, like what we see in men’s. For girls, people still want something fashionable. Along with our popular tutu one-piece, we have a tankini and a bikini. With babies, it’s an emotional thing—it has to have an “aww” factor and melt your heart. HOW DO YOU THINK RETAILERS CAN MAKE THE MOST OF THEIR SWIM OFFERINGS FOR BABY?

Retailers should look at swim for babies as a gift component to their store. We sell to go-to gift retailers like Nordstrom and Lord & Taylor and see grandmothers and aunts pick up little swimsuits because they’re adorable. Plus, we sell items like swim trunks and rash guards separately, but consumers almost always purchase the complete set. Swim offers a great opportunity for retailers to sell a little extra.

er_01_13_in_focus_06.indd 26

12/21/12 1:38 PM


Oh Canada A closer look at our Northern neighbor’s freshest fashions from children’s apparel to shoes and accessories.

Denim Report The latest and greatest trends and styles in this tween staple.

Going Mobile With everyone on a smartphone or tablet, retailers raise their game and make mobile sites and location based features.

“It” Accessories A selection of the best new accessories for tweens.

Toys will be Toys All the top toys kids will be clamoring for all year.

So much more. . . Inspirational, informative and insightful, Earnshaw’s magazine has been the go-to resource for children’s apparel retailers for the past 95 years.

Advertise in Earnshaw’s and place your brand message in front of 18,000 childrenswear buyers and professionals. Brand impression is everything today, and we can make sure your message remains top of mind within the industry with buyers looking to fill their store shelves.

Space reservations: 1/9/13 Materials due: 1/16/13 Bonus distribution at KidShow Las Vegas, NYC showrooms and digital issue.

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Contact: Noelle Heffernan (646) 278-1531 Noelle.heffernan@9threads.com for advertising rates, sponsorships and custom publication opportunities.

12/21/12 9:44 AM





ANSWER: An effortlessly cool label for the downtown kiddie crowd—Appaman. The brand was the brainchild of Lynn and Harald Husum, born on an afternoon at Veselka, a well-known Ukrainian diner in New York's East Village. The couple spotted a father and son on a stroll, dad rebelliously donning an AC/DC band shirt and child, sweet as can be, in a teddy bear tee. Lynn and Harald laughed as they imagined a Freaky Friday moment, dad stuffed into the teddy bear shirt and kid rocking the concert tee. It was fall of 2002—the very beginning of a market growth spurt—and theirs was one of a small handful of brands bubbling up with a mind to shake up the predictably pastel baby industry. It was Harald’s own teddy bear—a monkey named Appaman—after which the brand was named, a tip of the hat to the founder’s Norwegian roots. In the early days

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12/20/12 9:18 AM


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12/20/12 9:18 AM

Q & A

BEING Bernardo Fashions Founder and President, Stuart Pollack, and Director of Sales, Childrenswear, Michael Hollander, give us the scoop on contemporary juniors’ and kids’ brand Collection B, and what it’s like to be an outerwear tween sensation fresh on the scene.

BY J ENNIFER CATTAUI IT WAS A Monday and their Facebook “likes” were going through the roof, jackets were selling out, the phone was ringing off the hook and their Google Analytics chart spiked. The folks at Collection B, a hip and contemporary division of Bernardo Fashions, had no idea what was going on, until a blogger they were friendly with contacted them. It seemed that Sookie Stackhouse (actress Anna Paquin), from the HBO series True Blood, had donned a Collection B leather jacket on the popular show for what they say was a millisecond. “I couldn’t believe they identified the jacket so quickly as one of ours,” says Michael Hollander, the director of sales for the brand. “The reaction was incredible.” Only a year in with their children’s business, Collection B’s mini-me designs are definitely turning heads of little sisters everywhere looking up to an older sibling or a favorite celeb. Takedowns of their contemporary b_d[Wh[jm[Wa[Z\ehicWbb[h\ebaiWdZhkd+&#'*+h[jW_b"cWa_d]j^[c competitively priced for the children’s outerwear market. “Everyone’s getting a jacket that’s realistically priced. It’s about the look, the color, the texture and fashion. It has to be trend-right,” Hollander notes. With the ability to offer exclusivity vis-à-vis different skins and fabric combinations, Collection B is able to reach a host of stores with unique offerings. Bernardo Fashions President, Stuart Pollack, recalls the division’s recent launch: “Two years ago, we approached Nordstrom’s children’s buyer with the idea that we make some Collection B styles in girls’. We created pieces for her and they sold out.” Even though Pollack could see it would be a good idea to expand the collection into the kids’ market, he

says he didn’t further pursue the business at the time, as he knew that the company didn’t have the in-house expertise to lay the proper foundation. As luck would have it, soon after, Pollack got news that children’s outerwear company Paramount Apparel was going out of business. He quickly snapped up Hollander, their vice president of sales, who had been working _dj^[Y^_bZh[dÊiWffWh[bXki_d[ii\eh'.o[Whi$ÇJ^[ocWZ[j^[WddekdY[ment on a Wednesday and I called him on Thursday,” Pollack says. “My entire business has been predicting trends in fashion and taking advantage of opportunity.” Opportunity seized—he now had the expertise and could strategize to build the business and become what he calls a “categohoa_bb[h"Èm_j^j^[_dj[djjeZec_dWj[j^[ekj[hm[WhYWj[]eho_dj^[K$I$ This is the heart of the business, Pollack says. “We find niches and markets that aren’t there yet.” Because the majors already have a relationship with the company through their adult lines, their reputation for quality and on-time delivery is already established. Brand-building is a key for Collection B, Pollack says, and they don’t have a track record of being tentative. “Four years ago we made a sizable investment in print adverj_i_d]"Ybei[je'c_bb_ed"jeXk_bZj^[Xki_d[iiWdZ^Wl[Zed[ieo[Whbo since then. This has helped us to produce millions of units of jackets,” he says, mindful that in this day and age of Google searches and brand-first shopping, getting the name front and center is essential. But seeing it out “in action” is the real raison d’être of course. Hollander says, “I love seeing a boy or girl wearing one of our designs—that’s priceless to me—it’s a real ‘attaboy.’”

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12/20/12 9:25 AM


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¤ ¤ ¤ How did the business start? SP: ?d '/.&" ? mWi W `kd_eh Xko[h Wj ;WjedÊi" m^_Y^ mWi Wj j^[ j_c[ j^[ X_]][ijZ[fWhjc[djijeh[_d9WdWZW$?^WZX[[dXko_d]\hecj^[bWh][ij b[Wj^[hWdZ\Wkn\khfheZkY[h_dAeh[W"@_dZe$Cob_W_iedWjj^[YecfWdo ik]][ij[Zj^Wj?]eekjedcoemdWdZiW_Z^[ÊZ\_dWdY[c[Wi?edbo^WZ '&"&&&e\coemd$?jebZ^_cj^Wj?d[[Z[Z(c_bb_edje][jijWhj[Z$>[ iW_ZdefheXb[c$M[^WZdeYedjhWYjÆ_jmWiWbbZed[edW^WdZi^Wa[$ ?ijWhj[Zj^[c[dÊib[Wj^[hYecfWdo_dCedjh[Wb$Ekj[hm[Wh_iWdWjk# hWb \_j \eh 9WdWZWÆj^_i mWi W fbWY[ ? YekbZ Xk_bZ lebkc[$ ? mWi kdZ[h de eXb_]Wj_ed je Xko\hec@_dZe"[l[dj^ek]^^[mWi\_dWdY# _d]c[$<hecc[dÊi"j^[YecfWdo[nfWdZ[Z _dje mec[dÊi ekj[hm[Wh$ ;khef[Wd _d\eh# cWj_ed mWi ijhed] _d 9WdWZW ie m[ m[h[ WbmWoi ed jh[dZ$ M[ m[h[ dej fheZkY_d] eh_]_dWbYeWjiWjj^[j_c[Æm[mekbZc_c_Y ehYefoej^[hiWcfb[i\hec;khef[$?d'/./ m[ef[d[ZWi^emheecedI[l[dj^7l[dk[$ 7 DehZijhec Xko[h iW_Z i^[ bel[Z ekh b_d[$ I^[ jebZ c[" Ç? ZedÊj ^Wl[ j_c[ dem" Xkj ZedÊji[bbjeWdoZ_l_i_edej^[hj^WdFe_dje\ L_[m^[hÊi$ÈJeZWo"m[Êh[W^k][ikffb_[hje DehZijhec$M[Xhek]^jjej^[cWha[j_j[ci j^Wj m[h[dÊj _d j^[ K$I$ Wj j^[ j_c[Æb_a[


c_Yhe\_X[him_j^\enjh_c^eeZiWdZmWi^WXb[ik[Z[$ ?d'//+?iebZj^[9WdWZ_WdXki_d[iiWdZcel[ZjeD[mOeham_j^co iedWdZZWk]^j[h$8[hdWhZe<Wi^_edi[lebl[Z_djeX[_d]ed[e\j^[jef j^h[[je\ekhekj[hm[WhXhWdZi$7Xekj\ekhje\_l[o[WhiW]e"m[ijWhj[Z 9ebb[Yj_ed8WiWde\\i^eej$?jmWiekhWdim[hjeXko_j#m[Wh_j#jhWi^_j" _dif_h[ZXoj^[Jefi^efceZ[b$?jÊidej`kijj^[bWj[ij\Wi^_edXkjWbieWj j^[h_]^jfh_Y[WdZedjh[dZ$ That sounds right on point for children’s outerwear, which gets replaced seasonally. Is this type of “fast-fashion” what it’s all about now? SP: ?jÊiWbbWXekjj_c[jecWha[j$M[YWdi^_f_d,&ZWoi$M[mWjY^j^[ hkdmWo WdZ j^[d m[ Z[i_]d ekh ]Whc[dji$ M[ ZedÊj Yefo dem" _jÊi Wbb eh_]_dWbÆ_d\WYj?ÊZX[^Wffo_\j^[K$I$Ze[i[dZkfZ[Y_Z_d]jeYefoh_]^j \Wi^_edZ[i_]dWi_jmekbZcWa[_j^WhZ[h\ehekhYecf[j_j_ed$7\j[hm[ Z[i_]dj^[]Whc[dji"m[i[dZj^[cel[hi[WijeX[fWjj[hd[ZWdZiekhY[Z$ ?d)&ZWoim[^Wl[iWcfb[i_dekhi^emheecj^WjYWdX[i^eff[ZWhekdZ$ EhZ[hiYWdX[i^_ff[Z\hec7i_W,&ZWoibWj[hWdZm_bbX[jej^[Ykijec[h _d/&ZWoi$J^_i_im^[h[j^[Xki_d[ii_i]e_d]$Oekd[[Zjei[jkfoekh YecfWdojeikffehjj^_i$J^[]Whc[djjhWZ[ki[ZjeX[Yedi_Z[h[ZÇhW] jhWZ[ÈXkjdem_jÊih[Wbbo^_]^j[Y^WdZief^_ij_YWj[Z$Oek^Wl[jeX[j[Y^# iWllo$J^[a[oje\Wij\Wi^_ed_ije^Wl[ckbj_fb[Z[b_l[h_[iÆoekd[[Z'& j_c[iWo[Wh_difehjim[Wh"WdZj^[ej^[hjmecedj^iWh[\ehYb[WhWdY[$ Do you have any advice for buyers? SP:8koj^[a[o_j[cij^WjoekYWhhoWdZj^[da[[fXko_d]j^hek]^j^[ i[Wied$ :edÊj i^em Wd _j[c jm_Y[ÆWbmWoi cel[ _j \ehmWhZ$ Oek ZedÊj mWdjje\hedjbeWZoekhi[WiedÆ_jÊiX[jj[h\ehoekhYWi^\bem$J^[cWdk# \WYjkh[him_bb^WdZb[j^[ckbj_fb[Z[b_l[h_[i$:[b_l[ho_iekhfheXb[c$ You say you want to be a “category killer.” What gives you a competitive edge in the outerwear business? SP:?emdcoemdYecfWdo_d9^_dWm_j^*+[cfbeo[[ij^WjZe[l[ho# j^_d]\heciekhY_d]"\WXh_YWj_edi"jh_ciWdZiWcfb[ijegkWb_joYedjheb$ M[ ZedÊj ]e j^hek]^ W][dji WdZ h[fh[i[djWj_l[i$ M^[h[Wi cWdo ej^[hi ki[ _dZ[f[dZ[dj YedjhWYjehi \eh gkWb_jo Yedjheb" m^e `kij Y^[Ya j^_d]i Wj j^[ [dZ" ekh [cfbeo[[i Wh[ Y^[Ya_d] ]Whc[dji j^hek]^ekj j^[ fhe# ZkYj_edYoYb[WdZYWd\bW]fheXb[ci[Whbo_dj^[fheY[ii$?\j^[emd[he\ j^[\WYjehoZ_iW]h[[im_j^ekhgkWb_joYedjhebf[hied"_d'&c_dkj[ij^[o YWdX[_d\hedje\j^[^[WZe\j^[9^_dWe\\_Y[jekdZ[hijWdZj^[_iik[i$ Coj[Wcademim^Wj8[hdWhZeh[gk_h[iWdZm[m_bbh[\ki[i^_fc[dje\ j^_d]ij^WjZedÊjc[[jj^[i[ijWdZWhZi$ J^_i o[Wh m_j^ j^[ c_bb_edi e\ ]Whc[dji m[ cWa[ m[ ^WZ de YbW_ci$ J^WjÊikdX[b_[lWXb[_dj^[_dZkijho$ 7bie"m[ZeWbeje\Xki_d[ii_d\[m\WYje# h_[i$M[][d[hWbbom_bbjWa[*&je,&f[hY[dj e\ fheZkYj_ed YWfWY_jo _d W \WYjeho X[YWki[ m[mWdjb[l[hW][$M[j^[d^Wl[WX_]iWo_d ^em_jef[hWj[i$ You launched your children’s line in February. Isn’t that after the traditional “buy” for the season? MH:?jmWiWie\jbWkdY^ÆWj[ijhkd$J^[h[ mWi W ]h[Wj effehjkd_jo _d ef[d_d] kf WYYekdji m^[d ej^[hi m[h[ bWj[ ed i^_f# c[dji$ M[ ^Wl[ W iceej^#hkdd_d] fheZkY# j_edj[Wcj^WjÊi\_d[#jkd[ZWdZWbmWoiZ[b_l# [hi ed j_c[$ J^_i ij[ci \hec IjkWhj$ 7\j[h (& o[Whi ekh b[\j WdZ ekh h_]^j ^WdZi meha m[bbje][j^[h$ Ed[ e\ ekh [Whbo c_b[ijed[i _i m^[d m[ ^WZ W ^Wb\#fW][ _d DehZijhecÊi XWYa#je# iY^eeb YWjWbe]Æj^[o \[Wjkh[Z W ]_hbÊi `WYa[j

MICHAEL HOLLANDER ( & ' )  @ 7 D K 7 H O  š  ; 7 H D I > 7M I $ 9 E C   3 1

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12/20/12 9:26 AM

in faux leather. It was great exposure and validation. We sold 30 percent of the product in the first week. How does the climate affect your business? MH: It’s getting harder and harder with the weather. There’s a limited wear-time. That’s why for us the mid-weights sell so well. In outerwear, consumers really react to the weather—they want to buy now and wear now. We’ve had a great reaction with our light down jackets as well as our faux leather in kids’. The flip side of those are our systems jackets—they are heavier “winter” jackets—and we’ve been very successful with these as well. The warmth of a jacket is what parents want to know first. Our buyers tell us that parents pick up the kids’ jackets by the sleeve to assess weight and do their buying by the pound. Our strategy is that we have a lot of great styles but not a lot of inventory per category. We make packable downs, faux leathers, fashion and active jackets. We keep it lean and mean. So you basically are diversifying your weather-related risk with variety. MH: Exactly. It’s nice to have variety—it’s meaningful throughout the country. In stores in the South, they don’t need systems jackets because of the climate. Some of these southern stores don’t need a large assortment, but certain styles work really well. In the Northwest, we make sure we sell rain and water-resistant styles. SP: Our business is very much a third quarter business. It’s still hot outside and our season is already done. Our success is not dependent on the weather. This makes our buyers happy—they get their bonuses. You don’t want them sitting there through the fall and winter crossing their fingers. How do you keep the line on-trend? MH: We have a lot of information from our women’s and men’s line— and tons of experience—which gives us our real competitive edge. Our adult lines really speed up the learning curve. SP: The 12 year olds want to look like their older sisters and mom has a limited budget. People have low attention spans today. If something’s not value-priced, they don’t get it. This is the concept and it has evolved—it was a junior business but then became contemporary junior fashion. Contemporary is higher priced and junior is lower priced, but lacks quality. Nordstrom recently brought in 12 Topshops as store-within-stores and they are learning about these customers. They are somewhere between junior and contemporary. A gap has opened up and there are no suppliers for this market. More than 20.3 percent of girls between 16 and 29 years old know the Collection B brand. Where do you write most of your business? MH: We do most of our business in the United States and a private label business in the U.K. and Canada. Our focus is on growing the Collection B brand. SP: We also work in Australia and New Zealand (we have licensing partners there) as well as Taiwan, Korea, Japan and Mexico. Buyers know we ship Marks & Spencer in the U.K. They have the reputation for being the most difficult factory audit in the world. We’ve built all of their standards into our process. All doors are open for us and we do a good job. What tops your 2013 to-do list? MH: We’re always looking to expand our distribution with the right retailers and continuing to grow the line. In our first year, we exceeded our three-year plan. We’re growing the kids’ business category by category and looking to cover it all. We’re very excited about our growth potential. SP: At the top of my list is our new website, which includes kids’ clothing, for direct sales to the consumer so that we can present the XhWdZjeYedikc[hi[nWYjbo^emm[i[[_j$š

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Come See Our New FW 2013 Styles Toronto Kid Show


Jan. 12-14

Feb. 4 & 5

Radisson Suites Hotel Toronto

Doubletree by Hilton Culver City, CA

Kids on 6


Feb. 9-11

Feb. 12th - 14th

Embassy Suites South San Francisco, CA

The Teaneck Marriott Teaneck, NJ


Toronto Shoe Show

National Exhibition Centre Birmingham,UK

Toronto Congress Centre Toronto

Feb. 17-19

Feb. 23-25

Atlanta Shoe Market

The Profile Show

Cobb Galleria Centre Atlanta, GA

Toronto Congress Centre Toronto

Feb. 23-25

March 2-5

pedipedâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s flexible footwear ranges from age 0 to 8 and has been awarded the seal of acceptance by the APMA.


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12/20/12 9:10:30 AM


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12/20/12 9:29 AM

“You always have to be ahead of the game.”

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12/20/12 9:29 AM



There’s nothing that drags down a store more than an overstock of old inventory. As Hayon says, “I believe in life that you have to learn to give in and realize that sometimes you will lose money,” and Eyler agrees. “I’ll probably do a big sale in January just to try to start the year with as clean a slate as possible. It’s difficult to mark down stuff, but you have to realize that you’re not married to it and it opens up revenue to reinvest in products that are really working.” Once the big holiday window is done, a snappy new window display should be fast on its heels—as windows make the first impression. To that end, Lloyd is planning to pick up things at a gift market to refresh her window display, while Eyler is aiming to change hers up once a week. “We have one window, but it’s a lot of work—it’s hard to do four weeks of Halloween themed windows!” she laughs, but says that reflection is the key. “We take a look at what we’ve done in the past and make adjustments based on what’s worked and what hasn’t.”

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Customer service has the power to make or break a small business. It’s essential that you establish a good policy both for yourself and for any additional staff to adhere to. “Customer service is always something that can be improved. We’ve tried different things, being a small business, but I think one of the things we keep working on is really listening to our customers—that’s key. It’s not a difficult thing to do, but it’s not something everybody does,” Eyler says. A recent Forbes article reports that 80 percent of future revenue comes from 20 percent of current customers, something Hayon wholeheartedly believes. “Many times I will stop a customer making a mistake for his kids. If someone is spending too much money I will stop him and say ‘OK, $1,000 is enough for today.’ At first they get offended and think that I don’t want their money, but then they understand. The long run is really worth it.” Yenne shares this sentiment. “My biggest priority for the coming season is to keep my employees happy, and to keep my customers Yec_d]XWYaWdZXh_d]_d]_dd[med[im^[d?YWd$Èš

12/20/12 9:30 AM

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12/21/12 9:50 AM

FOUR YEARS AGO"ikf[h_dj[dZ[dje\IjhekZiXkh]IY^eeb:_ijh_Yj_d j^[FeYedeCekdjW_di"F7"@e^dJeb[deWdZ\[bbemWZc_d_ijhWjehifkj je][j^[h]k_Z[b_d[i\eh^_]^iY^eebijkZ[djije\ebbemWijh_YjZh[iiYeZ[ feb_Yoj^Wj[ckbWj[iWiY^eebkd_\ehcÆa^Wa_"XbWYaehdWlofWdji1W m^_j["cWheed"]h[oehXbWYafebeehm^_j[en\ehZi^_hj1WdZXbWYa"Xhemd ehjWdi^e[i$Ç?mekbZjWa[j^_im^[h[l[h?]eÆj^WjÊi^emckY^?X[b_[l[ _d_j"ÈJeb[deiWoie\j^[Zh[ii]k_Z[b_d[i$M_j^_dj^[\_hijo[Whe\_cfb[c[dj_d]j^[fhe]hWc"^[dej[ij^Wjj^[iY^eeb^WZ'"&&&b[iiZ_iY_fb_dWho h[\[hhWbij^Wdj^[fh[l_ekio[Wh$8[YWki[e\_jiikYY[ii"Wbb]hWZ[i\hec a_dZ[h]Whj[dje'(dem\ebbemj^[feb_Yo$ÇEd[e\j^[j^_d]im[mWdj[Z je[b_c_dWj[mWij^[_iik[e\j^[^Wl[WdZ^Wl[deji"È^[iWoie\j^[Zh[ii YeZ[$ÇQKd_\ehciSfkj[l[hoXeZoedj^[iWc[fbWo_d]\_[bZ$È8[YWki[e\ j^[iY^eebÊiZemdjemdbeYWj_ed"iW\[jomWiWdej^[hYedY[hdj^Wj[dYekhW][Zj^[Zh[ii]k_Z[b_d[i$ÇM[ademm^e_iikffei[ZjeX[edekhYWcfki WdZj^Wj^Wih[Wbbo^[bf[Z"È^[WZZi$ J^[fefkbWh_joe\iY^eebkd_\ehciWdZZh[iifeb_Y_[iel[hWbb_ih_i_d] WYheiij^[Yekdjho$7YYehZ_d]jej^[K$I$:[fWhjc[dje\;ZkYWj_ed"\hec (&&/je(&'&Wffhen_cWj[bo'/f[hY[dje\fkXb_YiY^eebih[gk_h[ZiY^eeb kd_\ehciÆWd_dYh[Wi[\hec'(f[hY[djZkh_d]'///je(&&&$7dZo8[Wjj_[" ][d[hWbcWdW][he\9bWiiheecKd_\ehci"^Wim_jd[ii[Zj^_i]hemj^\_hij ^WdZZkh_d]^_id_d[o[Whi_dj^[kd_\ehcXki_d[ii$ÇJ^[h[ÊiX[[dWYedi_ij[dj_dYh[Wi[_dj^[Wcekdje\iY^eebij^WjWh[[dWYj_d]Wijh_YjZh[ii YeZ[ehWdWYjkWbkd_\ehcfeb_Yo"È^[e\\[hi$Ç<hecd_d[o[WhiW]e"_jÊi ]ed[\hecWXekjWd'.f[hY[djjeW(+f[hY[djf[d[jhWj_ede\WbbiY^eebi _dj^[K$I$ÈCWh_[@e^died"a_ZiÊm[Wh][d[hWbcWdW][hWj:_Ya_[i"[Y^e[i ^_iijWj[c[dj$ÇIjWdZWhZ_p[ZZh[ii_d][d[hWbi[[cijeX[[nfWdZ_d]_d cWha[jiceh[gk_YaboQj^WdSkd_\ehci"Wbbem_d]ceh[\h[[Zec\ehijkZ[djiWdZfWh[djijei[b[YjWffWh[bm_j^_dj^[Yed\_d[ie\j^[_hiY^eebÊi ]k_Z[b_d[i"Èi^[iWoi$ 7ij^[fefkbWh_joe\kd_\ehciWdZZh[iiYeZ[iYedj_dk[ije[nfWdZ"ie Ze[ij^[Wcekdje\h[jW_b[hiYWhho_d]kd_\ehc[ii[dj_Wbi"\hecijeh[iikY^ WiAe^bÊi"@$9$F[dd[oWdZJWh][jje_dZ[f[dZ[djh[jW_b[hie\\[h_d]_j[ci$ JWh][j^WiiebZkd_\ehci\ehWdkcX[he\o[Whi_dijeh[WdZedj^[_h m[Xi_j[$ÇM[X[]WdYWhho_d]Qkd_\ehciSX[YWki[m[ademj^Wj\ehcWdo Yedikc[hi"iY^eebkd_\ehciWh[Wd_cfehjWdjfWhje\j^[XWYa#je#iY^eeb i^eff_d]fheY[ii"WdZekh]eWb[WY^ZWo_ijeZ[b_l[hedekhÉ;nf[YjCeh[$ FWoB[ii$ÊXhWdZfhec_i["ÈiWoi;lWdC_bb[h"ifea[icWd\ehJWh][j"m^e Wbiedej[ij^Wjj^[h[jW_b[hi[bbii[b[Yjf_[Y[io[WhhekdZ_dif[Y_\_YcWha[jiWdZedb_d[$ Cec#WdZ#fefijeh[iWh[YWj[h_d]jej^[_hbeYWbYkijec[hiWim[bb$Ç? mekbZ[dYekhW][icWbb[hQh[jW_b[hiSjeYWhhoi[b[Yjkd_\ehc_j[ci\eh j^[_hWh[WiY^eebi"ÈiWoiIj[f^[JWd_Z`W`W"fh[i_Z[dje\IjWd_9ehfehWj_ed$ Ç8ko_d]\hecWbeYWbijeh[YWdX[ceh[Yedl[d_[dj\ehfWh[dji$Q7dZS icWbbijeh[iYWdYWhhokd_l[hiWbkd_\ehcij^Wjm_bbX[WZlWdjW][ekijeWbb fWhj_[i$ÈJWl_dFehjcWd"cWdW]_d]Z_h[Yjehe\iWb[i\eh=[dk_d[IY^eeb Kd_\ehci"WZZij^Wj_dZ[f[dZ[djh[jW_b[hii^ekbZZej^[_h^ec[meha X[\eh[YWhho_d]kd_\ehcWjj_h[$ÇJ^[h[ÊiWbeje\ced[ojeX[cWZ[\hec j^_iXki_d[ii"Xkjj^[cec#WdZ#fefijeh[i^Wl[je\_]kh[ekjm^Wjj^[ iY^eebiWh[h[gk_h_d]WdZYWhhoj^[_dl[djeho"È^[iWoi$ DehcW=k_bbeho"emd[he\J^[L_bbW][8ekj_gk[_dEf[bekiWi"B7" iWoibeYWbWh[WiY^eebih[Yecc[dZ^[hijeh[jefWh[djiX[YWki[i^[ mehaiYbei[bom_j^j^[WZc_d_ijhWj_edje[dikh[i^[i[bbiWffhel[Z fheZkYjije^[hYkijec[hi$7dZW\j[h]h[Wjbo_dYh[Wi_d]^[he\\[h_d] i_no[WhiW]em^[dj^[iY^eebXeWhZWffhel[Zkd_\ehci"Wffhen_cWj[bo*&f[hY[dje\j^[ijeh[ÊijejWbXki_d[ii_i\heckd_\ehciWb[i$ ÇM[\ekdZj^Wjj^[XWYa#je#iY^eebXki_d[ii_ijh[c[dZeki$J^[cedj^ e\7k]kij_iX_]][h\ehkij^Wdj^[cedj^e\:[Y[cX[h"Èi^[iWoi"WZZ_d]j^WjiY^eebkd_\ehci_iWdWbb#o[Wh#hekdZXki_d[ii\ehj^[ijeh[$ ÇQ9kijec[hiSb_a[j^[_Z[We\^Wl_d]j^Wjefj_edj^Wjj^[oYWdYec[ _dm^[dj^[Y^_bZ_i]hem_d]eh_\j^[o\[bbWdZjeh[j^[_hfWdji"ehj^[ c[hY^WdZ_i[^Wi\WZ[Z"Èi^[iWoi$ Jhkij[ZXhWdZiikY^WiHWbf^BWkh[dWdZBWdZiÊ;dZcWdk\WYjkh[kd_-

From left: Lands’ End plaid jumper and polo; Lands’ End polo and plaid skirt.


school_uniform_feature_01.indd 39

12/21/12 9:50 AM

From left: Eddie Bauer mixed media jumper; Lands’ End orange and pink polos, yellow polo by Classroom Uniforms.

form pieces as well. Adam Weil, senior director of Lands’ End, says the brand started carrying uniforms in 1997 due to customer demand. “It was parents and those that loved Lands’ Ends kids’ [apparel] who asked if we could also do school uniforms,” he says, adding that parents felt comfortable outfitting their children in a brand they trusted. Weil notes that the brand works together with the schools to make the shopping experience as painless as possible, with each school having its own customized

page on Lands’ End’s website with the ability to save information for each child such as sizes or items purchased. Customers can also purchase Lands’ End school uniforms in more than 200 Sears locations across the U.S. The brand works with approximately 5,000 schools throughout the country, supplying about 1.5 million children with uniforms. Weil attributes their success to listening to two key parties: parents and the school. “We think of quality of product; it has to

be stain resistant, shrink resistant, and pill resistant because that kid is going to wear [the uniform] every day,” he says. “And mom is going to check them on their way out the door and the school’s going to check them on their way in.” Lands’ End also offers customizable plaid patterns and embroidery. “Some schools for the last 60 to 80 years have had the same plaid. That’s their brand, it means everything to them,” Weil notes.

School Uniforms for every student body!

Our 2013 Line is now available. See your local sales representative

or call Bill Bosch - National Sales Manager 888-671-8754 ext. 2142 www.Classroomuniforms.com

school_uniform_feature_01.indd 40

12/21/12 9:50 AM

SCHOOL UNIFORMS 101 If you’re thinking about carrying school uniforms in your store, here are some helpful tips from Norma Guillory, owner of The Village Boutique in Opelousas, LA. Space. Because most uniform orders are pre-booked, products begin to arrive in store around March. Guillory advises retailers to make sure they have enough space to store the products on and off the floor. “I find that if [retailers] have the room to keep [uniforms], I would encourage [them] to sell them,” she says, adding that she has a large warehouse that is adjoining to her store, which she uses for storage. From left: Classroom Uniforms boys’ khaki Bermuda shorts, girls’ navy skinny pants by Classroom Uniforms.

Branding was important to Stroudsburg’s Toleno, as he chose the school colors, maroon and white, to incorporate into the uniform. And as for what the kids think, he sees students embracing the dress code and still finding ways to express themselves. “The young ladies have done a wonderful job accessorizing the school uniforms and the young men have really stepped up to the plate,” he says. “We’ve never claimed our kids are getting smarter from it, but it’s defid_j[boY^Wd][Zj^[iY^eebYb_cWj[$Èš


Competitively price your items. Guillory states that she is careful about cost and what items she brings into her store in order to turn a profit, and that customers enjoy supporting neighborhood businesses, especially when the price is right. “A lot of people like shopping local and we have found that when we are careful about when we purchase, if we pre-book, then we have a very good chance at competing price-wise with the big-box stores,” she says. Follow school guidelines. Work in tandem with the schools to ensure children are buying properly fitted uniform pieces that fit dress-code regulations. “The school board will send a child and the parent here when they have gone to school with something that is not in code,” she says. “At our store, it’s all in code—we only sell approved uniforms.” Accessorize. “[Accessories] are one thing where the schools generally give students a little freedom to do something that is more individualized,” Guillory says. She names neckwear, hair bands, bows and belts as popular items students buy to make their standard uniform stand out from the crowd.

i n

800-99-STANI / 909-390-4890 come visit us at www.universaluniform.com

school_uniform_feature_01.indd 41

c o m f o r t


12/21/12 9:50 AM

Alpha Industries jacket, Appaman hoodie, Chaser T-shirt, Munster Kids trucker hat. 42

er_01_13_hot_shots.indd 42

12/21/12 12:37 PM


er_01_13_hot_shots.indd 43

12/21/12 12:38 PM

From left: Collection B faux leather jacket, Trunk Ltd. AC/DC cropped sweatshirt, Bonnie Young leather jeans, trucker hat by Mini & Maximus, vintage motorcycle boots, Bart Simpson skateboard by Santa Cruz Skateboards; Scotch Shrunk red hoodie and woven sweatpants, Appaman beanie, Converse sneakers; Munster Kids bug print hoodie and trucker hat, Scotch Shrunk cargo pants, Converse sneakers, skateboard by Element; Element navy hoodie, Nukutavake tee, Levi's 511 by Haddad Brands skinny jeans, olive Nixon hat, Converse sneakers. All black Puma socks by United Legwear.


er_01_13_hot_shots.indd 44

12/21/12 12:38 PM

Wes & Willy olive cargo jacket, Scotch Shrunk sleeveless hoodie sweatshirt, La Miniatura graphic T-shirt, black beanie by Obey. 45

er_01_13_hot_shots.indd 45

12/21/12 12:38 PM

Scotch Shrunk knit sweatshirt, La Miniatura woven pants, hat by Spacecraft Mfg., Converse sneakers. Opposite page, from left: Mini & Maximus trucker hat, Chaser T-shirt worn under grey Appaman sweatshirt, black corduroy pants by Appaman, Converse sneakers; Brixton beanie, Wes & Willy raglan, Nukutavake jeans, Converse sneakers; Spacecraft Mfg. beanie, Appaman motorcycle tee, La Miniatura jeans, hi-tops by Y-3; Spacecraft Mfg. beanie, Chaser shark T-shirt layered over American Apparel thermal shirt, La Miniatura plaid pants, Y-3 cleats; A. Reynolds Signature beanie, La Miniatura hoodie layered over American Apparel thermal shirt, Little Mouse Brown black jeans, Converse sneakers. 46

er_01_13_hot_shots.indd 46

12/21/12 12:38 PM

er_01_13_hot_shots.indd 47

12/21/12 12:39 PM

Obey beanie, Element hoodie, Lucky Brand cargo jacket, jeans by Levi's 511 by Haddad Brands, Evos sneakers.

er_01_13_hot_shots.indd 48

12/21/12 12:39 PM


er_01_13_hot_shots.indd 49

12/21/12 12:39 PM


er_01_13_hot_shots.indd 50

12/21/12 12:39 PM

From left: Chaser tee layered over Stella McCartney raglan, Appaman black jeans and charcoal beanie, Y-3 cleats; Appaman bomber jacket and beanie, La Miniatura plaid pants, Converse sneakers, skateboards by Element. Opposite page: Nukutavake jean jacket, Trunk Ltd. T-shirt, Hollyworld New York black skirt, spiked headband by Xser.

er_01_13_hot_shots.indd 51

12/21/12 12:40 PM


er_01_13_hot_shots.indd 52

12/21/12 12:40 PM

From left: Obey black beanie, Bonnie Young leather coat dress worn over leather jeans, Chaser T-shirt, vintage combat boots; Spacecraft Mfg. beanie ESP No. 1 jumpsuit, Appaman plaid button-down shirt tied around waist; Nixon beanie, Alpha Industries bomber jacket, Trunk Ltd. T-shirt, Lrg jeans, Converse sneakers; Element hoodie, Charlie Rocket skateboard shirt, jeans by Leviâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s by Haddad Brands, Evos sneakers, skateboard by Element, Spacecraft Mfg. beanie. Location: New Design High School, NYC Style director: Michel Onofrio Make up: Yuko Mizuno at Rona Represents Kids' grooming: Gigi at Fort Artists


er_01_13_hot_shots.indd 53

12/21/12 12:40 PM


Retailer Resolutions

Start 2013 On the Right Foot Every January we resolve to better ourselves in the New Year— retailers should be no different. York Rasmusson, management consultant at The Parker Avery Group in New York, shares his tips for a prosperous 2013.

Brands to scale back on:___________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________

Alternative vendors:______________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________

Provide outstanding customer service. The customer comes first. That’s Retail 101. Hiring and recruiting is a lot more costly than training. Understand that customers’ demands are changing and be able to listen and share that knowledge with staff. Have a contingency plan in place. “Retail for 2012 was steady, but the overall economic outlook is tough,” Rasmusson reports. Every plan needs a backup. Establish clear alternatives to top products up front and create sourcing contingencies like diversified vendors. Make successionplanning part of the annual operating strategy by penciling in top candidates for potential promotion. Strategize your investments. The economic outlook is uncertain, so it’s imperative that investments are prioritized and targeted. Or, as he puts it, “What you need to have versus what’s nice to have.” Prioritize given resource constraints and take steps in investing versus leaps. Embrace new technology. Rasmusson urges retailers to stay consistent with their brand image in 2013. “Don’t be afraid to get involved in social media but make sure you’re staying true to your brand,” he says. “There’s a balance to be had between what level of involvement you have in social media and how you monetize it.” How does it improve your store? Is it brand-right? What kind of return are you getting out of it? Flawless execution. Establish return and report mechanisms to track progress against plan. Whatever decisions you make this year will affect you next year. Remember that and finish 2013 smart.

er_01_13_retail_to_go_01.indd 54

______________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________

Trade shows to check out:__________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________

Ideas for in-store promotions:_______________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________

Stores that inspire you:____________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________

Top priority store improvements:_____________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________

Social media marketing ideas:_______________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________

Consumer trends: ________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________

12/20/12 3:21 PM



Kalulu Kids is a distinctive clothing line that crosses cultural boundaries through the founders’ blending of their American, East African and British heritages. The collection introduces the East African kikoy fabric to the market, which flaunts bright colors and plaid or striped border prints. The fabric is made from 100 percent cotton and becomes softer with each wash. The simple yet traditional designs give kids an unfussy way to look pulled together. Wholesale prices range from $22 to $32 and the line comes in sizes 2T to 10. For more information, please contact info@kalulukids.com.

A Lifestyle Brand for Boys, newborn through size 7. See us at ENK Children’s Club in NYC, January 13-15, booth #1470 To see a full listing of our reps and international distributors please visit:

WWW.ANDYANDEVAN.COM contact: (212) 967-7908/info@andyandevan.com


Tiny Threads, established in 2012, has one main goal: To dress and accessorize your baby from head to toe with fashion-forward, yet tasteful, items. With each program comes a lot of thought so that your baby is comfortable while looking stylish. The pieces are practical and the fabric is soft and cozy. Every program has coordinating pieces so you can mix and match within the color schemes. Tiny Threads... “Spreading love one thread at a time.” sales@tinythreadsusa.com www.tinythreadsusa.com

er_01_13_style_incubator.indd 55

Petites Frites is a line of ultra-chic baby accessories with a bohemian twist, locally produced with love right here in the U.S.A. The opposite of fussy, trendy or too cutesy, our colorful versions of everyday staples like the bib and burp cloth represent timeless style and enduring quality. The foundation lies in our custom-designed cotton-blend knit that feels even more luxurious than it looks, and is eco-friendly, ultra-soft, 100 percent washable and 200 percent giftable.

sales@petitesfrites.com Tel: (800) 878 2153 www.petitesfrites.com Come visit us at ENK Children’s Club, NYC, January 13-15, Booth 1265, or at NYIGF, NYC, January 27-30 in the Baby and Child section at Booth 6518.

12/21/12 4:33 PM



January 9-16

Atlanta International Gift and Home Furnishings Market AmericasMart Atlanta, GA (404) 220-3000


ENK Childrenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Club Pier 92 New York, NY (212) 759-8055 www.enkshows.com


LA Kids Market California Market Center Los Angeles, CA (213) 630-3683 www.californiamarketcenter.com



Pitti Bimbo Fortezza da Basso Florence, Italy www.pittimmagine.com

Atlanta Apparel Market AmericasMart Atlanta, GA (404) 220-3000 www.americasmart.com



The Chicago Market The Merchandise Mart Chicago, IL (312) 527-7561 www.shopchicagomarket.com


North Branch Kids Show North Branch Kids Building Chicago, IL (312) 266-0600 www.northbranchkids.com

Dallas Apparel & Accessories Market Dallas Market Center Dallas, TX (214) 744-7444 www.dallasmarketcenter.com


Playtime Paris Route de la Pyramide Paris, France +33 014 3727537 www.playtimeparis.com

fall 2013 booth #1263 REPLENISHABLE GOODS keep mama coming back

prestige skin care for baby and mama clinically formulated with natural ingredients

mackandco.com 510.533.6545 oakland, ca

er_01_13_calendar_01.indd 56

Receive 10% off your opening order with code: earn0113

noodleandboo.com | 888.400.5454

12/20/12 3:26 PM



Kidz at Stylemax Merchandise Mart Chicago, IL (312) 527-7759 www.kidzatstylemax.com


NYIGF Javits Center, Piers 92 & 94 New York, NY (212) 204-1060 www.nyigf.com


27- 28


Mid-Atlantic Children’s Apparel Sales Organization Doubletree Suites Hotel Plymouth Meeting, PA (215) 782-9853

February 4-8


Playtime Tokyo Belle Salle Shibuya First Tokyo, Japan +81 03-6418-2611 www.playtimetokyo.com


Mid-Atlantic Children’s Apparel Sales Organization Embassy Suites Linthicum, MD (215) 782-9853


Kids Market NYC 34 W 33rd Street, New York, NY www.nykidsmarket.net

KIDShow Las Vegas Bally’s Hotel and Casino Las Vegas, NV (305) 663-6635 www.kidshow.cc

Editor’s Note: Show details are subject to change. Please call the phone numbers or visit the show websites for up-to-date schedules. Show sponsors may send updates to webdesk@9threads.com.

Bows Arts

GLM 70330 NUGGETS STUFFED TOYS Ad for Earnshaw’s 1/4 page ad — T: 3.75w x 4.75h, 4C

driven by



JANUARY 26-30, 2013

new rules.



Design for children. It incites imagination. Engages the senses. Harnesses a love of exploration and play. Design is what inspires today’s discerning young families to embrace the new. Meet the market’s most innovative newcomers at Baby & Child, our comprehensive collection of design-driven clothes, toys, games and gear. Discover why new is here. New is now. New is New York.

The Indy Children’s Show Embassy Suites Indianapolis, IN (317) 872-7700 www.midwestchildrensapparelgroup.com

The Children’s Show at Deerfield Embassy Suites Deerfield, IL (847) 945-4500 www.midwestchildrensapparelgroup.com

Bubble London Business Design Centre London, England www.bubblelondon.com



Kids On 6 Embassy Suites, San Francisco, CA www.kidson6.com

is proud to introduce at

NYIGF #6212 Atlanta Gift #13S-336A Chicago Gallery North branch


Dallas #8076 LA Kids #A680

OPENS 1/27/13

San Francisco #240



Tween jewelry sets

The Colorful World of Nuggets by happyfunny. ©GLM 2012

70330_GLM_NYIGF_NuggetsStuffedToys_Earnshaws_Qrtpg.indd 1

er_01_13_calendar_01.indd 57

Pop initial onto bow or headband silver-coated necklace to match CPSIA Certified. 800-828-2697


12/13/12 4:08 PM

12/21/12 11:22 AM


er_01_13_marketplace_01a.indd 58

Earnshaw's Marketplace maximizes small budgets for emerging infant and toddler companies. Tout your apparel or juven

12/20/12 9:22 AM

apparel or juvenile product collections to retailers looking for new resources targeting newborns through pre-schoolers. Call (646) 278-1510 Alexandra.Marinacci@9threads.com

er_01_13_marketplace_01a.indd 59

12/20/12 9:22 AM



On Tyler (left): Desigual jacket; shark print tee, pants and hat by Mini & Maximus. On Tristin (right): The Proper T Project shoelace tee; Munster Kids hoodie, jeans and cap; K-Swiss sneakers.

You’ve interviewed so many cool people. Who was your favorite person you met? Tristin: My favorite was when we interviewed Sarah from Swell Bottle. She was really nice and I like that she is trying to save the Earth by getting rid of plastic bottles. Tyler: My favorite was Carmelo Anthony because I love playing basketball. It’s such a cool sport. I am a big fan of his. What is a fun eco-friendly thing for kids to do in the city? Tristin: Instead of going in a car, you can ride a bike and not put pollution in the air. Tyler: Donate old clothes to people who need them. What tip do you have for kids who want to help save the Earth? Tristin: Don’t throw out things that can be recycled in the trash. Find a recycle bin. Tyler: Stop using plastic bags. You guys are super-stylish. How do you describe your style? Tristin: Bright and crazy. I don’t like to match. Tyler: One-of-a-kind. Which brand has the coolest threads? Tristin: The Gap because they have nice style and I love their sweaters and jeans. Tyler: I love Munster Kids and Rocawear. They both have cool stuff. What is your favorite item in your closet? Tristin: My green jeans from H&M because I like bright splashy colors. Tyler: I have a T-shirt from The Children’s Place that has a burger with eyeballs, guts and worms coming out of it. It’s gross, but awesome!


Stars of the web series Tristin and Tyler Tales from the City carved out time in their jampacked schedules—which includes craft time and saving the planet—to stop by the Earnshaw’s fashion closet and prove that twins can indeed have individual style. The guest stylists congratulated one another on a job well done with a five-step handshake that only twins could master. On weekends the brothers catch up with city dwellers to learn tips of the trade. From recycling old items into new treasures with Brooklyn furniture makers to whipping up healthy snacks with chef Giada De Laurentiis, the mini movers and shakers share their adventures online and inspire kids to get out and learn about ways to improve the planet. Here, they share advice on everything from shopping to recycling. —Angela Velasquez

60 ;7HDI>7MI$9ECš@7DK7HO(&')

er_01_13_Remix_01.indd 60

12/20/12 9:27 AM

Why Hotslings? • Guaranteed to outsell any competitors brand or we’ll buy your stock back! • Easily adjustable; multiple carrying positions! • Super lightweight and compact! • Quick & easy to slip on and off

It’s all about the buckle! Two dummy-proof buckles allow the Hotslings AP™ to be adjustable. The Hotslings AP™ sling is a safe continuous loop – it cannot detach or break apart.

Just adjust and go! It’s that easy!

Includes a Matching Diaper Pod!





12/20/12 9:08:30 AM


Little Me

1385 Broadway Suite 1800 NY, NY 10018 212-279-4150 Mark Zelen

www.littleme.com Northeast Bill & Sandie Ellsworth 781-326-3999 Southeast Paul Daubney 404-577-6840 Caribbean/Latin America/ South Florida Rolando & Ana Hidalgo 305-266-8745 West Coast Teresa Stephen & Krystal Crooymans 866-723-KIDS Midwest Richard Finkelstein & Al Zaiff 800-935-0236 Texas/Southwest Annette Cardona-Stein 214-637-4446 International Nathan A. Mamiye 212-216-6008 See us at: The Children’s Club NYC, Jan. 13th-15th KIDS Show, Bally's, Las Vegas Feb. 18th-20th


12/20/12 10:01:44 AM

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Layer Up; Retailer Resolutions; Fall 2013 Outerwear Preview; Coat Sensation; Collection B; Uniform Opportunities - Earnshaws Magazine: Infan...

Earnshaw's | November/December 2012  

Layer Up; Retailer Resolutions; Fall 2013 Outerwear Preview; Coat Sensation; Collection B; Uniform Opportunities - Earnshaws Magazine: Infan...