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[BUILDING A VISUAL PORTFOLIO ONLINE] If you are learning a trade—especially in an artistic field like cosmetology, fashion design, interior design, or barbering—you’re going to want to develop a portfolio. Increasingly, the best place to do that is online. That’s because an online portfolio is a powerful way to “hook” a potential employer into scheduling an interview with you. A great portfolio can often make up for a mediocre resume, but if employers don’t have immediate online access to your work you may never get your foot in the door. Here are some resources to get you started:

Creating a Successful Online Portfolio: Smashing Magazine If you’re interested in showcasing your portfolio online, this article is a great place to start. It has valuable information about how to structure your portfolio, what portfolio communities are worth your time, and how to market your portfolio to employers. Portfolios for Employment is always a straightforward, simple place to start for information. The article itself is great, but the links at the bottom are even better.

Top 10 Website to Submit Your Design Portfolio This is a great list of websites (many of them free) that allow you to create an online portfolio within their website and share with others. There are many sites that are specifically geared toward one industry (such as fashion design). Generally, the more targeted your audience, the better chance you have of connecting with employers who will be interested in your work.

Build a Killer Online Portfolio in 9 Easy Steps Once you get your basic portfolio put together, read this blog post by “Freelance Switch.” It’s all about how to tweak and improve your portfolio so that it screams “hire me!” to potential employers.

Building a Visual Portfolio Online