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Bussines card Size 85mm/55mm

Center for Anvendt viden om Energi og Miljø John Midtgaard Jensen Tlf.: 72 69 14 80

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Folder CFEM

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 Center  for  anvendt  viden  om  energi  og  miljø Fokusområder

Center for anvendt viden om Energi og Miljø

Samspil i energiforsyningssystemet Samspil mellem lavenergibyggeri og energiforsyning Optimering af transportsektoren til lands, til vands og i luften

Centeret  tilbyder  dig Centeret  vil  løbende  udbyde: Kurser Fyraftensmøder Netværksmøder

Centerets  arbejde Kompetencecenteret vil lægge vægt på at sikre: Kompetencecenterets  arbejde  bygger   på  samspillet  mellem  uddannelse,  rele-­ vante  forskningsmiljøer  og  erhvervsliv   og  har  som  opgave  at  afdække,  samle   og  formidle  udviklingsbaseret  viden   om  Energi  og  Miljø  i  praksis.

Videndeling mellem forskning, uddannelse og erhverv. Kvalitetssikring af uddannelser indenfor energi og miljø. Deltagelse i udviklingsprojekter til gavn for studerende og erhverv

Kompetencecenteret  vil   lægge  vægt  på  at  sikre: Videndeling  mellem  forskning,   uddannelse  og  erhverv. Kvalitetssikring  af  uddannelser   indenfor  energi  og  miljø. Deltagelse  i  udviklingsprojekter   til  gavn  for  studerende  og  erh-­ verv

Konakt Centerchef John Midtgaard Jensen Tlf.: 72 69 14 80

Logo Graphic Design Company in Denamrk

parrot studio

Cover for folder size A4

parrot studio

Magazine For Art Size A4

Contents Photographer-­  portfolio:  Aiwlys  Atosal,   Body  Poetry  in  acts,   Pages  01  -­07

Every  picture  is  full  of  painting-­Bartek   Materka Pages  08-­011

Inteview  with  Joanna  Kulig,  photo  shoot   inspired  by  the  Ingmar  Bergman  movie   ,,Persona’’ Pages  012-­017

Magazine 1

Cover of magazine-first and last page

inside of magazine

International monthly magazine about art

Magazine PP OO EE TT The polish photographer Aiwlys Atosal was born in Lodz in 1983. The artist balances on the border between painting, sculpture and photography. Her series of acts brings to mind antique sculptures. Body models dancing in the light.


His fascination with the body, the celebration of human life. Although black and white colors feel the joy and energy radiating from models. At the same time the body are covered with a layer of dust or rust though.


inside of magazine



The artist tries to communicate in a subtle way, that everything passes ... and nothing is permanent. It is easy to notice a big impact on the work of Sally Mann artist.




Harmony and softness emanating from the naked bodies has been compiled with their weight, which can be easily felt by color photography.




Every Picture Picture Is Is Every Full of of Painting Painting Full

Bartek Materka 6


inside of magazine




Sylwia  Lasota I do not remember any of the Polish actress made her debut in the European cinema with such gusto.

work comprises both painting and drawing. It is personal- often

inspired by the artist’s takes on board sociological and psychological phenomena


Photographs are the starting point for most Materka’s work, but they are only rarely a mere recording of reality. The artist is fascinated by deformations, mishapings and anomalies to which images are subjected within our consciousness as well as by disturbances caused by the application of


modern optical

or by biological malfunctioning of vision. Materka’s work is exper-


        teristic for many precursors of painting, Materka takes on board


      inventions. Paintings is directed on visual adventures of everyday life, but focuses largely on the kind of deformation is a picture of reality in our consciousness. Images Materka, usually arising from their own photographs, are an analysis of the camera eye, that the impact of modern technology on it and the optical method of generating images (digital photos, TV, microscopic, ascii code). Another theme is an inspirational artist image deformation associated with neurological disorders. Constantly

Joanna Kulig

there is also the question of emotions associated with personal life - heroes Materka images are generally the form of his inner circle: his wife Joanna, son of Titus, a friend.             

In March, we’ll see it in the “Los numerosâ€? Zatorski, soon in“Million Dollars “and Kondratiuk “Dance Mara             Juliette Binoche in Szumowska movie

of paintings and images are distorted, discolored, loses control and impose on themselves, demanding the different perspectives of looking and understanding.

The paintings Materka we can say that “something else is often seen in the distance, and another at 10 close range. “

inside of magazine

Then, next to Ethan Hawke and Kristin Scott Thomas in Pawlikowski and Gemma Arter 


Joanna  Kulig      Pawel Pawlikowski kept

telling me that I did not have any complexes. In the end I believed him. On the set I was proud that I’m Polish. I felt my slovian nature. I knew I was a Joanna   Kulig   Recent months have little different nature, I am different been a fantastic adventure. New peo- from others. It was the added value. A ple, foreign languages, an attempt to few people warned me against Juliette

        Bi-noche, arguing that it is overbearon the profession. ing and conceited. I did not have such an impression. Juliette is aware of his position, but also open to improvisaSylwia   Lasota On the status of the tion and madness. At one point she star? said: “Joan must have freedom, let’s do as she wants. “ I am very impressed Joanna  Kulig I understand that a joke? with it. False modesty is foreign to me, but the term “star “ is something cheesy, Sylwia   Lasota   On the plan does not paradoxically unpleasant. When I look corrects to pretend nothing. From at the sky, I smile at the sight of the the directors know that you have the stars, but reading about the “starsâ€? courage to say things are not always in cheep magazines I feel stupid. I like pleasant. the other, less fashionable phrase: the artist. I want to be an artist. Joanna  Kulig Diplomacy serves no purpose, deduction - quite the contrary. Sylwia   Lasota        - At work I try to be as sincere, even at likowski and Szumowska your profes- the cost of derision. There are various sional dossier will look very different methods of investigation for the role. than today. Some are based on emotions, I’m asking lots of questions, I want to know Joanna  Kulig    Such things can not be everything. It helps me. predicted. In college, I was wondering why the school did not try the theat- Sylwia   Lasota   Honesty is your busier scene in the English language. I ness card. thought, though it looked as if I one

       Joanna  Kulig    I do not like arrogance. heard if he was to meet me for sever      al months already, i woudn’t believe. actor is only a tool to realize their vision, but I really do not like it when we Sylwia  Lasota Binoche, Hawke, Scott are treated objectively.           were afraid to meet with such stars?






Joanna Kulig I’m a girl from the

mountains. In my village, near Krynica Muszynka, lives only three hundred people, everyone knew. Nature and people gave my spine. I got out of which to draw. My background is also a character. $     with nature.

Sylwia  Lasota In a moment in your       ognizable. I won a casting call for an international role in the high budget movie studio Paramount - “Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters. “ Play in the next Gemma Arterton and Jeremy Renner known for “The Hurt Locker’’.

Sam selects the “sponsorsâ€?, who matched her appearance, and are  !#   !  #  $%  ! risy and the hypocrisy of the French played by Binoche. !    "# stereotype of the polish emigration in Paris.

Joanna  Kulig I’m not thinking about Sylwia Lasota I  heard  that  on  the  set   it. Do not tempt me easy popularity.

     attack,  sharply  stepped  in  to  share  ...

Joanna  Kulig We are mainly men -

 $!  also physical. It’s easy to abuse. Of course, I realize that some people can afford more, others less, I be $ be the same respect.

Sylwia Lasota What was the agree-

ment between you and Ethan Hawke and Kristin Scott Thomas on the set of “Women of the Fifth District?

Joanna Kulig$  

did not have a common scene, but We saw in the dressing room. Great, witty and intelligent woman. And with Ethan made friends very much. We are constantly talking about "#$   ! a soldier, I - jazz singer in a bar.Even if it’s just courtesy, it’s an extremely nice. Maybe in next year we gonna play together in some movie, if not it was wonderfull time to play with so good acotr. For sure we will meet again at the premiere,,’’Sponsorship’’ in the Venice Film Festival this summer. So it’s just a few months.

A year ago I got married, we are very happy with Maciek. Naturally I would like as many to play, sing, meet a professional. But if there is no further proposal is not likely to break. Cinema is not everything.

Joanna Kulig % "  #!     inhibitions, sex is fun for her. There would have to do it, comes from a fairly wealthy family, but playing it constantly provoking: itself and its people.

Sylwia Lasota Are Sing forever? Joanna Kulig Weeks, months, years

Sylwia Lasota The role had to be # !   strong erotic scenes.

of practice. Only now I see how much it gave me the extent to which it helped. Good hearing and the concentration needed in the music taught me to focus appropriate, necessary role in the preparation of each $     "cally. “ The scenes and dialogues have for me, your inner rhythm and  ! works by Pawel Pawlikowski. We were in the same team.

Joanna Kulig Before the shooting for hours walking around the Musee d’Orsay. I watched the acts and repeating to myself that that’s an art. The body is beautiful. Working with  $%       challenge, but I did not feel that I was manipulated.

Sylwia Lasota In movie “Sponsorship� you are play a prostitute.

Sylwia Lasota In a moment in your       ognizable. I won a casting call for an international role in the high budget movie studio Paramount - “Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters. “ Play in the next Gemma Arterton and Jeremy Renner known for “The Hurt Locker’’.

Alice would not call a prostitute. This girl loves to love. Makes it a pleasure, but it is also a source of income. Alice is not frightened mistletoe.




Joann Kulig I still will not associ-

ate. Maybe someone out there saw me on the show “Time of honorâ€?, the “Wednesday, Thursday morning, “ Grzesiek Packa or “Dr. Halinaâ€? in the Television Theatre, but the vast majority of my name does not say anything. Did anything change? I’m not thinking about it. Do not tempt me easy popularity. A year ago I got married, we are very happy with Maciek. Naturally I would like as many to play, sing, meet a professional. But if there is no further proposal is not likely to break. Cinema is not everything. . Sylwia Lasota Winter in Krynica you took me to your music school. Do you like to go back to that time? Joann Kulig Very. I have music in the genes. My grandfather carved violin alone. I come from a poor family, so moonlighted as a teenager myself, where I could, for example, appearing at various events. I played key   #   #ano in Krynica, then high school class of vocal singing in Krakow. In Krynica every day after class hospitality at a technical college for a few hours until late at night practicing the piano and sang.

girl from from the themountains mountains I’m aa girl


inside of magazine

All photos were taken by Sylwia Lasota

CD Cover One Stop Noise Shop First prize in the competition for the band cover

CD cover back

CD cover front

CD cover inside

One Stop Noise Shop

CD cover inside

CD cover inside

All photos were taken by Sylwia Lasota

Posters Noc muzeów Size A0

Poster for competition night of museums in Warsaw poster competition night of museums in Warsaw to promote the 100th anniversary of birth Marie Curie-Sklodowska


o c M uzeów 17 maj 2011

Wstęp Wolny w Warszawie start godz.19


Prezydent Warszawa


Add for magazine Size A4



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uhj jh pkj khl


Maria Curie-Sklodowska Size A0

Poster for competition in Warsaw to promote the 100th anniversary of birth Marie Curie-Sklodowska

Eye for sounds Size A1

Eye for Sound-Graphic design promotes the artistic achievements Viggo Steincke on the borderline of painting and music

,,Pulsen’’ Size A4

,,Pulsen’’Danish magazine about knowledge (UCN)

VOL. 3 NR. 3 2012

Næste nummer af Pulsen udkommer snart

Cover for magazine ,,Pulsen’’ Size A5

VOL. 3 NR. 3 2012

Cover for magazine ,,Pulsen’’ Size A5

Alice in Wonderland Cover for book Size A4

Alice in Wonderland by Lewis carroll

Illustrations Sleeping girl Size A5

Inside Size A3

Portrait of man Size A4

Dancing body Size A3

In the garden

Father Size A1

Crucifixion Size A1


Size A3

Portrait of K. Size A1

Portrait Size A4

Man and glasses

Perfect Housewife poster A4

Project for Juliusz Slowacki Theater in Krakow Poster for Father

Juliusz Slowacki Theatre in Krakow

Size A0

,,Father’’theater play tells the story of woodcarving master, who receives an order made sculptor crucifix for St. Mary’s church in Gdansk. Play talks about the murder of a man, to create a perfect work in the name of art and struggle of the artist and his ineptitude create sculptures representing the great death

script, direction and set design

Agata Duda Gracz second semester exam

Ticket for Father size 148mm/53mm




back Front page of ticket

Price : 45pln




Back page of ticket



Size A5

Father Based on themes from the story of Oskar Tauschynski This time one of the most interesting contemporary Polish directors has been working on little-known short story by an outstanding Austrian writer and poet of Galician descent. Tauschinsky’s work which deals with such issues as relation between art and life, sacrum and profane becomes a point of departure for a deeply individualistic and creative vision of Agata Duda-Gracz, hailed by critics the heir of the total theatre.

Premiere: 27.11.2010 in Krakow

Running time: 1 godz.40 min.

Flyer for

Back page of cover

Front page of cover

Flyer inside 

size A5

)( '* (* &%%)*) %*+ (/ $+)      "+)*)/-)" )*$&,$%*   $ # %"&-)" )*$&,$%*    *&# +(- / # * % (* &%   *(/.%+)//."  (*&(0))) )*%*  *(/.%(- %)" )*$%(    -&% )# "

)* &*(  -&(.*" - / +*(  (&# %&$ %"

*( &$)/ / " +(   (/.)/*& *"&-)" &+(%.$% &$)/.)&"  * &% ) )  #-&$ (&" * *)* %   !("&-)" * +# %  () ' %)"

Reviews Some are frightened and some people are feel disgust, $"# !"##  "*$ % # $ #!$  ata Duda-Gracz, an artist who is not afraid of provocation, irritation, shock the viewer. She does it for something.

$ %") "$ $$" $( $"   # $ $ # (   !$" #$ signer. Moves to her quivering their emotions, it imposes  $ "#  "( #% "$  ( &  is not afraid of provocation, irritation, shock the viewer.

)$ ) $" $" ' 

page 1


Information and tickets booking :       tel. 12 424 45 28, 12 424 45 25; fax 12 422 40 22 e-mail:  tel: 12 424 45 16 fax: 12 424 45 06 e-mail:

page 2

All photos were taken by Sylwia Lasota

Box for clothes ,,Zebra’’ Bag Packaging of children’s clothes for the Kabooki,Lego wear. Packaging / box that can also be used as a plaything / toy. The packaging will initially be used in connection with a campaign leading up to Christmas. But it may also be reused in other campaigns.

Children in age:4-7 years Girls Inspiration from Duplo Zoo

Presentation ,,Zebra’’ Bag

Presentation ,,Zebra’’ Bag



How to put clothes inside

Lego Backpack

Children in age:4-7 years Girls, boys

Presentation Backpack

How to put clothes inside



Photography Somewhere



,,King Lear’’

From The Water

Charlie Chapline

Portfolio Graphic Design