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Southwest Chicken Chili in 20 minutes? Ask your Consultant how.

start smart Start a healthy new year with savings on great soup and salad solutions.

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12/5/13 5:25 PM

light done right If it’s fast and tasty, we know it’s easier to stay healthy.

Believe it! Juicy chicken freshly steamed in your microwave.


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12/5/13 5:25 PM

Date Me and earn it free! Host a party for a delicious demo and so much more.

new! Put your resolution to eat healthy on the fast track to success. Fast-cook delicious soups and stews for the whole family. Each stain-resistant TupperWave Cook-It™ Bowl includes cover and seal.


a TupperWave Cook-It™ 2¼-Qt./2.25 L Bowl 1188 $65.00 b TupperWave Cook-It™ 1½-Qt./1.5 L Bowl 1187 $59.00



Save $56! c Tupperware® SmartSteamer You’re not just saving time—you’re preserving moisture, flavor and nutrients. Metal lining blocks microwaves from reaching foods while directing them to the Water Tray below, causing steam to rise. $139 value. Save $56! 81642 $83.00


Save 35%! d Healthy Salad on the Go Set With this all-in-one solution, you can keep salads crisp and fresh until you’re ready to get dressed. $25 value. Save $9! 81641 $16.00


Only $16! with each $80 order e Double Colander—exclusive! Two colanders in one! Use top and bottom separately or together. Limit one with each $80 order. $25.50 value. Save $9.50! 881839 $16.00 3

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12/5/13 5:25 PM

host a red hot party

date a party.

hold a party.

Ask a Consultant about hosting a party today! Pick a date to hold that party and you’ll receive the exclusive 13½-oz./400 mL Refrigerator Bowl FREE!

Host a party with $200 or more in sales and receive a FREE Date & Hold Gift of your choice from among a selection of our most popular products from the latest Tupperware Catalog.*

free! with a $650 party and 2 datings** Classy & Carefree Entertaining Set—exclusively for Hosts! Serve your sweeties with this sophisticated yet practical collection. Includes two exclusive Freezer Mates® Fresh & Pure Ice Trays along with the following exclusive Tupperware Chic Dining® items: Serving Tray, four-compartment Appetizer Tray, four 1¼-cup/275 mL Dessert Bowls with seals and four 1½-cup/350 mL Stemless Wine Glasses. $216 value! 8733 $98 in Host Credit

*Limit one Date & Hold Gift with qualifying party. **Limit one set with party sales of $650 or more and two friends who date and hold their own parties. Future datings must be held within 21 days.


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12/5/13 5:25 PM


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12/5/13 5:25 PM

Soup. Salad. Savings. These exclusive solutions can really satisfy.

Hot exclusive! Soup Server a

Save over 45%! a Unlimited Soup & Salad Set Includes items b–e plus 7½-cup/1.8 L Soup Server with Ladle. $155.50 value. Save $76.50! 81640 $79.00


Bigger family? Expand your set! b Salad Bowls 3 cup/700 mL. Set of four. 1521 $25.00

c Soup Bowls 1¾ cup/400 mL. Set of four. 1522 $20.00

d Serving Platter with Spoon Offer your lunch crowd a spectacular side dish. 1¾ cup/400 mL. $31 value. Save $9! 81644 $22.00

c d


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12/5/13 5:25 PM

Save 40%! e Maxi Salad Bowl with Serving Forks 40 cup/10 L. Includes seal. $43.50 value. Save $17.50! 81643 $26.00



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12/5/13 5:26 PM

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12/5/13 5:26 PM





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Shake up salad dressings, smoothies and more. 2½ cup/600 mL. Limit one when you attend a party. $20 value. Save $10!.50! 89439 $10.00

Quick Shake® Container—exclusive color!

only at a party!

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Mid january 2014 flyer ca  

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