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NATURAL BALANCES   A  mobile  of  double-­‐faced  elements   Leather  and  cellophane  on  hard  cardboard  

Ar"s"c approach:   My  interest  was  to  work  on  a  poe0c  and  visual  rendi0on  of  nature’s   eternal  laws  of  balance,  the  yin  and  the  yang.     The  landscape  is  pictured  from  it’s  largest  view  to  it’s  smallest  elements   and  it’s  invisible  ones  such  as  the    wind,  light  and  space.     The  eye  zooms  in  and  out  at  leisure.   Having  worked  beforehand  with  a  lot  of  color,  it  was  a  challenge  for  me  to     play  with  the  different  shades  of  white,  black  and  grey.  The  elements  are     double-­‐faced  and  each  side  is  a  complement  to  it’s  reverse.   They  gently  swivel  independently  in  space,  forming  various  associa0ons     and  changing  composi0ons.       It  was  an  exci0ng  adventure  to  mix  two  very  different  mediums,   leather  and  cellophane:  a  natural  one  and  a  man-­‐made  one,   both  crea0ng  very  dis0nct  effects.  Yet,  one  enhances  the  quali0es  of   the  other  ,  bringing  out  textures  that  the  other  doesn’t  have.  

Technical informa"on:   This  mobile  is  a  composi0on  made  of  double-­‐faced  elements,  leather    and  cellophane  on  hard  cardboard.     Each  piece  does  not  exceed  0,30cm  and  hangs  very  simply  in  space     by  strong  transparent  fishing  line.   The  hanging  possibili0es  are  mul0ple  and  diverse.  The  twelve  elements   all  work  together  but  it  is  also  possible  to  hang  fewer.   They  are  light  and  easily    hang  under  each  other  in  any  chosen  display     or  they  can  be  presented  separately.  In  all  cases,  they  move  independently.           They  have  been  conceived  to  travel  easily  and  all  fit  in  a  small  suitcase.   They  have  been  assembled  by  collage  methods  which  are  a  result  of     many  years  of  research  and  prac0ce.  Consequently,  the  pieces  are  not   fragile  and  may  be  touched.  

NATURAL BALANCES- a mobile creation  

Here is a mobile creation of double-faced elements, all made of various textures of recycled leather and cellophane. It is a poetic renditio...