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Who is Sylvie Chantal Humphreys? Born on the Caribbean island of Guadeloupe and raised on the Commonwealth of Dominica (West Indies), Sylvie Chantal Humphreys eventually migrated to the USA, specifically GA, to further her education. She possesses a BS in Criminal Justice and a Master of Divinity (Theology) degree. However, her love for the "Arts" has always accompanied her. Currently, Sylvie is a model, "aspiring" actress, writer, editor, motivational/public speaker, interviewer, blogger, inspirational hip hop and spoken word artist, poet, confidante, and entrepreneur, among other roles. Ultimately, it is safe to say that Sylvie is a force with which to be reckoned!!! Often complimented for her smile, poise, writing prowess, and articulate speech, Sylvie stands proudly and tall at 5' 10". Nevertheless, her physical stature cannot be compared to her immeasurable heart and passion for people. Congruently, she uses her art as a tool to empower others. From a very young age, Sylvie discovered her love for performing and comfort being in front of an audience, whether it was singing, dancing, or rapping. In high school, she formed her own song and dance groups, "Girls to Women" (emulating the "Boys to Men" group) and "Legal X-plosion" respectively, along with planning and hosting a successful talent show. She even played Mary, the mother of God in her church's Nativity Play. Her high school year book is pregnant with references of her, one day, being showcased on a reputable TV network – a remark of which she awaits the materialization. Her ultimate dream is to be eventually respected as a role model in live theater, film, television, and almost any art platform to be able to positively impact the lives of others. Since migrating to America, she has performed at various venues, ranging from a local pageant, Georgia State University, a RAW Atlanta, and the 2013 Fresh Anointings' fashion show, her country's annual cultural events, the Apache Club, the 47-Spot, the Green Room, church functions, and her local Toastmasters Chapter, and so on. Today she can be seen networking and socializing with celebrities and upcoming artists at various social events in the Atlanta, GA area. She strongly advocates studying the journeys of those who have come before her in order to enhance one's craft. She takes her craft very seriously. It is not a game; neither is it about chasing fame and fortune. Sylvie is constantly seeking ways to optimize her gifts by taking acting/modeling classes, auditioning for roles in the Entertainment Industry, finding ways to improve her business and non-profit endeavors, writing, editing, and interviewing Celebrities and upcoming talent, performing in local shows, and simply trying to improve herself spiritually, intellectually, and health/fitness-wise. All in all, Sylvie Chantal Humphreys lives to love and inspire; it is who she is! Her FAITH is the catalyst that drives her. She wholeheartedly believes that she "can do all things through Christ who strengthens" her! Moreover, she describes herself as a true artist and her life as a canvas upon which the ingredients are simply thrown randomly and are then somehow rearranged into magnificent artwork. So stay tuned for what the future holds for this "Trendsetter" and Woman of God! Follow her on FaceBook @SHEmpowerment8 and Twitter and Instagram @SHEmpowerment, read her blogs on, review her articles on, and check out her website,!

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