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BRAND QUALITY: High-quality for adult lifestyle PHYSICAL CHARACTERISTIC OF THE BRAND: A bunny’s head with a eye on it and bow-tie around his neck. BRAND STRATEGY/MESSAGE: People should feel free about their feelings of guilt and sex. BRAND IMAGE: Hot attractive, Half Naked Female on the Front Cover and throughout the magazine. BRAND REPUTATION: Centerfold pictures of well-built nude women BRAND PRICE: $5.99 per magazine PROMO PRICE FOR SUBSCRIPTION: (U.S Price)-12 Magazines for a year for S12 BRAND CORE VALUE: Living the good life people deserve BRAND LOGO & TAG LINE: ”Entertainment For Men” BRAND DESIGN & PACKAGING: Thematic-based pictorial on magazine that are titled Playboy’s lingerie, College Girls, and Fresh Faces. BRAND PRIMARY COMPETITORS: Alpha Media Group Inc.-Maxim Magazine Friendfinder Network Inc.-Penthouse Magazine Details Magazine Men’s Health Magazine Provided by Hoover Website

CONSUMER BUYING BEHAVIOR PRIMARY TARGET AUDIENCE: • Consumer Demographics - 18-45 urban young man, sophisticated and worldly, and interested in fancy sports cars, good food, expensive clothing, exotic wine, wi-fi equipment, and women. ONE OF OUR MARKET SEGMENT: Young Singles and Bachelor living alone, high school graduate, living alone, in college, launching their career. They love to socialize and involve in the dating life. They spend money in restaurants, on cars, clothes, travel, recreation and entertainment. Has moderate discretionary income and few obligation and they tend to save little. • Market Share Male Readers-81% Readers-19% 34 age group-50% + age group 40% _________________________________________________________________ • The buying purchase is recognize when there is a new monthly issues release • Factors of Consumer Buying Behavior: Social-peer groups & mass media Personal-age,income, personality,lifestyle Cultural-roles, women used for sex objects. Psychological-tells readers “who to be” • The user of the magazine is the one who makes the final buying decision along with the purchase. The user is generally part of the primary target audience.

EXTERNAL FACTORS AFFECTING BRAND PURCHASE: Consumer aquire values & attitude through media like magazines or television for guidance in their taste. • Usage Frequency: Monthly • User of Playboy Magazine: Bachelor or Young Singles between their 20‘s-30‘s. Usually has graduated from high school, college or living on their own. • The Playboy magazine suffer a cash cow during the 1990‘s. • Playboy is thought to be morally offensive and sexually degrading • Understanding the taste of their customers as they reach their middle aged years • Conforming to countries religious influence. EXAMPLE: The Indonesia edition has no nudity in their magazine because it is a Muslim country. • Air-brush use to edit photos. Distort the real beauty of these women.

PRODUCT PACKAGING • Placed on higher shelf to be kept from children • Wrapped in opaque Plastic Bag not to reveal the cover • Covered in paper wrapping with bunny head logo on it.

PRICING: • Suggested Retail price: $5.50 in U.S • Product value: Product Component- Erotic component and an intellectual, humorous and celebrity component Product features: Photographs of nude women, journalism and fiction Product benefit- Fun,entertainment, pretty girls

PRODUCT DISTRIBUTION Sold in 150 Countries Magazines are customized by social & cultural values, attitudes, belief of each of the 150 countries. Started in the United States • Direct: Mail Subscriptions to customers’ homes, order on, web site and company will directly ship product directly to the customer • Indirect: Product>Retail Customer(Magazines are ship to retail places such as Walmart, Target, and tabloids to be distrubuted)

PRODUCT PROMOTION ADVERTISING: • CONSUMER-ORIENTATED • PRIMARY CONSUMER SELLING MESSAGE: “WHAT IT MEANS TO BE A MAN” “EMPHASIZES ON SELF-FUFILLMENT” Playboy’s largest advertisers are retail / direct response( • Direct Mail: Playboy Subscription and information about Playboy new promotions and upcoming magazines • Television Media: PLAYBOYTV, The Girls Next Door • Radio Stream Channel: Playboy Radio-Sirius XM, Satellite Radio • Mobile Media: PlayboyMobile • Interactive Media: playboy TheSmokingJacket • Social Media: Twitter:about 180,000 followers Facebook: 4.5 million people like the company YouTube:708805 subscriber currently Metacafe

TOTAL MEDIA EXPENDITURES FOR ADVERTISING: -38.6 million -35.8 million -34.5 billion

(PLAYBOY ENTERPRISE INC. 2005 ANNUAL REPORT) SALES PROMOTION: • One Free DVD of the PlayMates from subscribing to Playboy • Magazines for $12 • Golden Ticket- A golden ticket will be placed randomly in 10 of their magazines that are sold at the new stands. The winner will gain access into Playboy’s annual Midsummer Night’s Dream Party at Hugh Hefner’s Los Angeles mansion. Also, the winner receive round-trip airline tickets to LA, and two nights’accommodation at the Petit Ermitage and dinner for two at Simon LA ( • Girl of the month contest winner will receive $140,000, an automobile, and a motorbike • Show off your pool body sweepstakes-The Black Powder presents Playboy’s sweepstakes at Las Vegas pool party with live performances free give-a-ways and a fashion show

PUBLIC RELATIONS: • Celebrities advertises brands: Kim Kardashian, Pam Anderson, Beyonce Scarlette Johanssan, and many more celebrity females are chosen to model in different playboy issues. • Positive Publicity Contracting author to write about: -social issues -supporting GAY rights -AIDS research(World’s Aid Day in Hong Kong) -plight of battered women Became a forum for dissidents for developing countries to write about: -abuses of power -government corruption

SPONSORSHIP Playmate Promotions represents the Playmates in advertising campaigns, trade shows, endorsements, commercials, motion pictures, television and videos. • Playboy Scramble (Golf Sponsorship)National Tournament partners will receive Playboy magazine advertising, hospitality and event benefits, online elements, and media benefits. VIP guests and the country’s top teams will have an opportunity to attend the Finals for celebrity-filled golf and two Playboy Mansion Parties. Locally, product placement with an affluent demographic, hospitality, course signage and the opportunity to compete are available at cities nationwide.

• The 2008 SCCA Playboy Mazda MX-5 Cup- Plans to reach racing enthusiasts and Playboy fans alike. It provides an affordable, entry-level North American professional series whereby drivers compete in identically outfitted vehicles. • Playboy Jazz Festival- a landmark event continues its rich tradition of featuring the biggest names in jazz, along with future jazz headliners delivering an exciting mix of everything from standards and blues to Latin beats and world fusion. • For the movie “The House Bunny” Hefner lent Playboy, the mansion, his girlfriends and his pajamaed self to the producers; in exchange, the studio got the verisimilitude of an authentic break-up inside the 82-year-old’s plush redoubt • Playboy participates in a variety of Trade Shows -Metro Exhibits -NACS Trade Show in Atlanta -Playboy Expo • In the Video games -”Dead Rising 2“, a copy of the magazine can be found and used to boost the in-game reward for aiding female survivors of a zombie outbreak. -”Metal Gear Solid 4” the magazine is used to distract the enemy -”Mafia II” the players is rewarded with finding all the playboy magazine issues Playboy magazine appeared in the movies/tv program • Siskel & Ebert • Home Alone • Zombieland • Southpark: make love not warcraft • Two and a Half Men • Mad Men


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