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Before the photo session, you will be asked to sign a Notice of Copyright and Release Form. I will use images taken during photo sessions to show future clients the quality of work that they may expect. Without the ability to do so, clients would not be able to judge whether my style is compatible with their needs. Most typically, images are used in online web gallery and sometimes in printed promotional materials. Identities of the children are always kept confidential. Only first names will be used.

FAQ #1: So how does this work? Part of my job as your portrait photographer is to accommodate your vision for what you want out of your time. Since I prefer shooting in natural light, I encourage you to come up with an outdoor setting that is special to you and that you and your family feel comfortable in. Parks, (though I prefer the non-playground types), the beach, a lake, an overgrown field, or your yard are all places to think about. Urban setting are also nice, and give a very different feel to the photos. Sessions are best done in the morning or evening hours to allow for the best light. Rarely will I book a session in the middle of the day. We will also want a spot that has some good open shade. Most Newborn sessions will be done indoors, but in the summer months it would be great to take some outdoor shots as well.

FAQ #2: How long do sessions take? A typical session takes around 2 hours, depending on the location. Home sessions will normally take longer due to setup time. Newborn sessions often can take up to 3 hours, due to their ever-demanding needs. Don’t worry if you find that your baby needs to sleep. We'll listen to your baby’s cues and I'll have you respond in any way to make them content and happy. A photo session can be exhausting and stressful to them and don’t be surprised if they are not acting like their usual selves. FAQ #3: What should I wear? Dressing for a photo session means looking the best you can be, but in a casual, relaxed way. For families, pay attention to how your clothes coordinate rather than match and avoid loud patterns and colors that will draw attention away from YOU. Choose maybe 2 different coordinating colors, and try to have everyone wearing variations of those colors. Bright colors are more appropriate for children than adults and always stick to styles that are more classic and timeless rather than trendy. As for babies and newborns, a simple diaper cover or no clothes at all work the best!

There's no need to run out and buy new outfits for everyone, but a little thought can be fun and make a difference in your portraits. So, here's a list of tips to keep in mind when you are choosing clothing. 1.) Add texture and layers (a sweater over shirt, jackets, layered tees), denim, knitted scarves and hats, tutus, and fun tights. Texture adds an element of interest to a photograph. 2.) I love props!! Does your little one have a favorite umbrella or pair of rain boots? Would you rather see a whimsical shot in dress up clothes and something quirky?

3.) Avoid solid white or black clothing. Tricky to photograph, not very interesting. 4.) Avoid logos and anything else that might be distracting and date a photograph. A little trendy is ok...just don't over-do it. A large logo or graphic on a shirt or jacket is the first thing that will be noticed in a photo. I also am NOT a fan of hot bright pink on little girls. It doesn't photograph very well and creates color casts on the skin. It's ok if mixed in with other colors, just not on it's own. 5.) If I'm photographing more than one child, it's not important for them to match. Colors that work well together are appreciated however. 6.) What about shoes? Remember your feet will be in some of the photos, so think about what you want to see. Most of the time I will suggest bare feet! Bare feet in the summer look great. If you prefer shoes, I suggest something plain with only one color and no emblems/logos/cartoon characters to distract the eye. Summertime flip-flops look great too. In the cold winter months, boots are a nice look. If you aren't sure, feel free to bring a few things and we can decide together. One or two changes of clothes during the session is fine. Extra clothing is always a good idea with children in case something gets messed up ;)

FAQS and what to wear  

Faqs and what to wear