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Break The Ice With I’ve Never Drinking Game Summary – In this write-up you will get some valuable information about party games. Herein you will also find information about a popular adult party game which is known as I’ve Never Drinking Game. A get-together or a party should not just be entertaining but also comforting for your guests. Its important that your guests are able to interact with each other and are having a great time. You would never want any of your guests to feel deserted and unwanted. Therefore make sure that you are having a good conversation with everyone. Socializing and talking to each other is crucially important for making your party a hit. In case the guests of your party don't know each other, it is difficult to break the ice between them. All you could do is introduce them to each other and hope that they could strike a conversation and do not feel bored. Most of us don't have the ability to strike a healthy conversation with a stranger. Therefore there are less chances that the people you are introducing would strike one. Party games are the ultimate solution for this problem. These games will keep your guests engaged and entertained while you serve them food and make necessary arrangements. Apart from this you can also participate in the game and interact with all the guests of your party. Games will surely make your party a big hit. I’ve Never Drinking Game This ultimate party game is sure to bring some life to your party. It will not just help you interact with your guests but will also help in breaking the ice between people who don't know each other. The game is very simple, all you have to do is throw the dice and move the playing piece according to the number that surfaces on the dice. After this you will just have to read the space on playing board where you have landed and follow the instructions. The instructions may be like “do a shot”, “sing a song” or “take a drink”. This game is not just fun but is also quite interactive. I’ve Never Drinking Game can reveal some shocking secrets about your friends. In every third or fourth space of the game board, there is instruction to draw one i've never card and read it aloud. These cards will have some whacky statements like “I've never cheated on my bf/gf” or “I've never had a one-night stand” etc. The players have to admit whether these statements are right or wrong. The consequence of these confessions could be hilarious or embarrassing but this game will surely raise the fun quotient of your party. If you are willing to buy this cool and fun-filled game, then you can log on to . About INI, LLC The company is known for offering creative and whacky games for kids and adults. The I've Never game series offered by INI, LLC are extremely popular amongst kids and adults. The contact information of the company is mentioned below: 7112 Cypress Hill Drive Gaithersburg Maryland 20879. United States Jay Vohra

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