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Oklahoma Personal Injury Lawyer – Joe Carson Sometimes when a car has an issue, it can lead to an accident. But this doesn't necessarily mean that the driver or other people involved were at fault. Accidents can happen due to faulty equipment. Having a faulty or malfunctioning part in your car is the sole responsibility of the manufacturer. Sometimes not everything is properly inspected the way it should be before the car leaves the lot. Now if you can prove that the car company was at fault, you might have a case. But you need to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the car company was at fault. You need to prove that the car left the lot before being properly inspected. An improper inspection can happen while the car is being built. It can happen while the car is being designed. It can also happen during shipment. If a car is being shipped with other cars, the travel time can cause a part to malfunction. This is true, especially if the part was not properly placed in the car. Sometimes the manufacturer makes mistakes. They either put the wrong part in. Or they might put in the right part, but it wasn't installed correctly. If a part was not installed correctly, it can cause the car to shut down in some way. Now these cases need to be well researched. You need to dig in deep to find out what has malfunctioned and why. Take a good look at the car and see where the problem is coming from. Talk to the car company that you bought the car from. Ask them if anything was weird to begin with. Now you may or may not get a straight answer out of them. But you need to find out as much as you can. Also, look at the recall list. There are many cars that have been put on the national recall list. This can also be a proven case. If you can prove that your car was supposed to be recalled and it left the lot, then the car company is at fault. It is up to the manufacturer to guarantee safety. If you’ve been injured because of a faulty vehicle, then you can claim compensation for your injuries. Car manufacturers must be held accountable. Joe Carson is an Oklahoma personal injury lawyer who specializes in product liability litigation. If you need legal representation or just need your case reviewed then you can seek counsel from Carson and his team. Submit your claim online or contact Carson’s staff directly by going online to

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