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Sylvania Franciscan Sisters of St. Francis OF Sylvania, Ohio Development Report WINTER 2012

Our Lady of Grace Assisted Living Facility – A Story of Growth

Sisters who have served in health and education ministries for years and are no longer able to work full time are ready to come home. They are at a stage in life where it is important for them to have others around and yet still be independent. A groundbreaking was held in July, 2011 for a 17-room assisted living facility to be called Our Lady of Grace. The single-story building will include home-like suites for residents plus a common area for gatherings and access to an outside patio. It will be connected to Rosary Care Center, the full-service nursing facility for the Sisters. This project is financially feasible because it has the capability to not only house our Sisters but in the future it could be used for lay people. This new facility got its name from the statue of Our Lady of Grace that is located just north of where the assisted living facility will be built. The statue was originally atop St. Mary’s Hospital in North Platt, Nebraska, one of our sponsored hospitals, which was sold in 1973 and the funds used to build Rosary Care Center. It is God’s coincidence that Our Lady of Grace is the name of our new assisted living building. Our Lady of Grace Assisted Living will provide Franciscan Values of spirituality, common life, stewardship and hospitality. The possibilities of growth and new life abound and we want you to be part of all of it. Sylvania Franciscan Health, our sponsored health and human services ministry, is financing the construction and operations of this new assisted living facility. Located on the east side of the grounds, the assisted living facility will be attached to Rosary Care Center and include an outdoor patio area for good weather activities. Each unit will be like a studio apartment (right) with a living/sleeping area, kitchenette and full bath. Architectural rendering (below) of what the single story, 17-unit assisted living facility will look like when completed in the fall of 2012. The statue of Our Lady of Grace (right) is located on the grounds immediately north of where the assisted living facility will be built.

Message from the Congregational Minister

To Give is a Grace Without Measure Anyone who has graciously given a gift knows the warm, deep and exciting feeling that settles within and lingers for a good long while. Perhaps this is why we often say, “It is better to give than to receive!” And don’t we treasure the moment when we are able to repay someone who has done a huge favor for us or who has sacrificed greatly in order to bring about a dream of a lifetime. It is certainly conceivable that a Sylvania Franciscan walked into your life one day, perhaps when you were a little one just entering kindergarten, lying in a hospital bed awaiting surgery or struggling through a difficult marriage. She was there to offer advice, carry the Eucharist to your elderly mother or pray for you following the news of a serious diagnosis. What a gift to the two of you – the one giving and the one receiving. Perhaps the miracle of this encounter is that we are there for each other exactly when it is needed, one as the giver and one as the receiver. Is it possible that you are at a place in your life right now where you are eager to reach out to someone who was there for you and give to someone who believes in living a mission that makes a difference in the lives of others? Many of our Sylvania Franciscans are still busy in the vineyard, carrying out the work of building the Kingdom as we remain committed, loyal, caring, and prayerful. Others are no longer able to work full time and are ready to come home and have their Sisters around them while still being independent. We broke ground last July on Our Lady of Grace, a single story, 17-unit Assisted Living Facility that will be connected to Rosary Care. The rooms will be like small apartments with a living/sleeping area, kitchenette and full bath. There will be a common area for gathering and a walk-out terrace and garden to enhance the facility. A significant part of good stewardship is making the best use of building space and sharing it when needs change. Three buildings are presently on the Franciscan Village Master Plan scheduled for renovation. Regina Hall, built in 1962 as a residency for Sisters, will be modified for office space for Lourdes University on the first floor and be updated for continued residency on the second. Maria Hall, built in 1967 and currently home to 19 Sisters, will receive updating as will Rosary Care Center, our skilled nursing care facility for Sisters that was built in 1975. This is a glimpse into our plans and we need your help to make them happen. Are you able and called to offer financial assistance? Will you make it possible to give our Sisters care and happiness in their elder years? Do you want to “give back”, “pay it forward” or simply say “thank you”? Peace and all good. Sister Diana Lynn Eckel, OSF Congregational Minister Sisters of St. Francis of Sylvania, Ohio


First Time Direct Appeal for Renovations For the first time in 50 years the Sisters of St. Francis are embarking on a major renovation project to promote education, spirituality and a more-healthy workplace and residence. Join and support us in this worthwhile investment in the future of the Sisters of St. Francis and our sponsored ministries.

Renovation of Regina Hall and Maria Hall for the Sisters of St. Francis spells: Growth and Development! How? This project will enhance the collaboration of our ministries and with everyone in the Sylvania Franciscan Village. The Lourdes University Advancement staff will occupy most of the first floor of Regina Hall. The potential for interaction with our colleagues and students will bring new life. The second floor will be upgraded for guests interested in spirituality experiences. This work will promote the hospitality of us as Franciscans and fulfill our mission to spread the Gospel. Our staff and volunteers will enjoy more efficient heating and cooling in the All Good Things workroom and Archives in the lower level of Regina.

Why? These buildings were built in the 1960s. The time for renovation is now. They have served first as residence halls for the Sisters and then some rooms as offices for ministry. They have received a lot of wear with hardly any upgrading. In good stewardship, it is time to make some changes and allow the ministries of the Sisters of St. Francis to flourish.

When? Renovation will begin in February and hopefully be completed in October, 2012. During construction, the building will be completely closed. The biggest challenge is that everyone who works in Regina must move out of the building and carry on their ministry in another place.

“The tools we need come from our very being teaching us to be grateful for the gifts we have received from God! Doing this, we have the opportunity to share with the poor and the less fortunate.”

More Growth for the Sisters of St. Francis in collaboration with Lourdes University Appeal for Regina Hall and Maria Hall Built in the 1960s, these buildings will be substantially renovated with improvements that include the addition of technological capabilities and reworking of space for flexibility and better use.

Infrastructure – Regina Hall • • • •

Asbestos removal New roof Up-graded plumbing, electric and HVAC Energy-efficient windows

New Configuration of Regina Hall • 1st Floor University Offices and Conference Rooms • 2nd Floor Retreat guest rooms and gathering spaces including private baths

Maria Hall It will receive similar improvements to roof, windows, plumbing, electric and HVAC. The interior will be re-configured to provide better adult living space for the Sisters.


YOU are invited to be part of this healthy growth of the Sisters and lay partners working together. No, you will not be working with us physically but you can support us in this effort to grow and expand. The Regina Hall renovation project is expected to cost $3.4 million. Many of you have been in the Sylvania Franciscan Village. Perhaps you have attended an event at the Franciscan Center. I invite you to call (419-824-3625) and come and visit if you want to get more information. I would be glad to hear your thoughts and talk about the growth and development of these buildings which contribute to our spiritual and educational ministries. This is a direct appeal to contribute to the renovation. The enclosed envelope allows you to choose what and where you want to contribute your support. Please take advantage of this invitation and opportunity to support us. Note: The Maria Hall renovation plans are not yet complete but will be of a similar budget. Maria Hall is home to the Sisters who are involved in our education and health ministry. Our hope is to provide better adult living space for them.

Future Residents of Our Lady of Grace Joy is Living in a Large Group Sister Ruth Marie Kachelek After teaching and administering in schools for more than 30 years in Minnesota, Michigan, and Ohio, Sister Ruth Marie Kachelek is excited to move back to the motherhouse grounds in Sylvania. The campus is not the way she remembers it when she came in 1946. Instead of the dormitories she lived in during her formation years, Sister Ruth will move into Our Lady of Grace. The new assisted living facility will provide her with the companionship she missed while working as an educator across the country for all those years. “Joy is living in a large group,” said Sister Ruth Marie. “Living in Our Lady of Grace I will enjoy the companionship from living with the other Sisters. Together there will be more opportunities for shared prayer and conversations.” The opportunity to live with other Sisters is not the only reason Sister Ruth Marie looks forward to moving home. It will let her be close to some of the things that are the most memorable from her days as a younger Sister. “In 1960 I painted the San Damiano cross that hangs in the old sanctuary in Our Lady Queen of Peace Chapel,” she said. “I was very active in those days and was able to teach during the day and paint at night. As I get older I recognize I need more support. The professional staff that will be in Lady of Grace will help me to continue to live life as fully as possible.”

Spirituality and Sensibility Sister M. Janeen Sobczak Sister M. Janeen Sobczak’s mother always told her to have a sense of spirituality and sensibility. Even in retirement Sister still follows her mother’s advice. It was these two attributes that led Sister Janeen to sign up to live in Our Lady of Grace. “I will turn 89 in August and I don’t get around like I used to,” said Sister Janeen. “Living in Our Lady of Grace was the sensible decision because I will have everything I need all in one place. Plus my new home will help me in my prayer ministry because it will give me more time to focus on prayer.” Although the move to Our Lady of Grace is still months away Sister Janeen is already preparing. She is cleaning out her current room in Maria Hall and donating clothing and other household items to charity. Once learned, sensibility is something that never leaves you.

What’s the Buzz About Sister Mary St.Paul Czaporowski After serving as a congregational counselor, teacher, and a housing specialist for more than 60 years, there are not many things that can surprise Sister Mary St. Paul anymore. That is, except Our Lady of Grace. The construction of the new assisted living facility has the congregation buzzing about what to expect. “There is a lot of mystery of what exactly is going to be in the building when it is complete,” said Sister Mary St. Paul. “That is what makes my transition to Our Lady of Grace exciting – anticipation of the unknown.” One thing that Sister can look forward to is her own private room, a support staff to help address any of her medical concerns, and the same independence she has come to enjoy during all of her years living off campus. While the extra help is great, she said she is most looking forward to maintaining her independence, just in a new setting. “This will be a community within the community,” she said. “It will be great for physical, emotional, and spiritual support. Everyone will have a chance to see what the buzz is about this fall.” 3

Franciscan Ministry

Responding to a Need

As a Sylvania Franciscan, Sister Sharon White has always lived as a ‘joyful servant among all people’, but her current ministry truly emulates the phrase in the Congregation’s Mission Statement that says to “embrace the poor and marginalized”. She works in a group of schools on the east side of St. Paul, Minnesota where 95% of the students come from families that fall below the poverty level. Ninety percent (90%) of the families are of minority descent and 50% of the children are English language learners. Many of her students are sons and daughters of first-generation immigrants who fled the war-torn countries of Vietnam and Laos. Sister Sharon is the Program Director for the East Side Learning Center (ESLC), which was established in 2001 to address the educational gaps of the residents of these neighborhoods. Reading was identified as the number one area of need because if a student can’t read, he or she won’t do well in school or be very productive later on in life. The East Side Learning Center offers students free one-on-one tutoring to help them improve their reading skills. It was started by the School Sisters of Notre Dame with one Sister and 19 students. Today it has programs in five schools and has impacted more than 1,100 students. Sister Sharon joined the East Side Learning Center in 2009 and as a native eastsider, it was a bit of a coming home. She taught school and was a principal in Minnesota and Ohio for more than 30 years, so she quickly realized the value the program offers at-risk students. “These are hard working people with a strong desire to succeed,” said Sister Sharon. “Unfortunately, many of them have low paying jobs, no cars and large families to take care of, but that doesn’t stop them from wanting to achieve. The program is geared for the early elementary grades because that is where the greatest impact can be made. Not only do we work with the students, but we also provide a network of resources for their parents. It’s not enough to help just the children. We need to include the whole family if we want to have long-term success.” One of the schools where Sister Sharon’s tutoring program is offered is the Community of Peace Academy located in the Dayton’s Bluff section of the city, three miles north of the Mississippi River. One of the teachers there is Maylee Her, who has taught kindergarten at Community of Peace for 17 years. She herself is an immigrant of Southeast Asia, coming to the St. Paul area with her family when she was six-years-old at the end of the Vietnam War. Maylee said while most of her students were born in the United States, their parents weren’t and consequently their English is limited. For her students not hearing English at home has a direct effect on their classroom abilities. Maylee noted that there are 27 students who receive one-on-one tutoring from the East Side Learning Center and she sees tangible results. “My students have more confidence in their ability to learn,” said Maylee. “They are really excited about reading and can’t wait to go when Sister Sharon shows up at the door. The ESLC staff create individual lesson plans for each of my students and help in areas other than just academics. I have seen nothing but good things from this program.” Working with the poor and disadvantaged is where the mission of the Sylvania Franciscans has come to life for Sister Sharon. Helping people find a future through education is her way of serving joyfully.


Join us, the Sisters of St. Francis, Sylvania, Ohio, missioned to: • Provide education for all ages • Assure effective health and human services ministry • Enflame humanity with a sense of the sacred

Franciscan Ministry

Respecting God’s Gifts of Creation Sister Winifred Templin spent 40 years in education and she loved every minute of it. Ask her about the three-and-a-half years afterwards that she spent as a “house mother” for HIV-positive babies in Houston and her eyes light up and she gets a really big smile. It was hard work and extremely challenging, but to this day she says she wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world. Because that was where she met Brittany, a bubbling bundle of joy all of one week old, who blessed Sister Winifred with the opportunity to share God’s love in a way she had never experienced before or since.

The late 1980’s was a time of uncertainty about the AIDS epidemic that was beginning to make itself felt in the United States. People weren’t sure how to deal with it so they wouldn’t catch it themselves. In 1986 a residential program called Casa de Esperanze – the House of Hope opened in Houston for babies and young children who had been exposed to this devastating disease. In 1989 Sister Winifred went to visit the program to see if it was the kind of ministry with which she might want to become involved. All it took was one look and she knew this was for her. Conducted in a home-like setting, six children were cared for by two “house mothers”. They did everything from dressing and feeding them to bathing and playing with them. Because of the difficult circumstances the children came from, the “house mothers” were encouraged to become close with the children so they could develop a strong personal relationship with an adult. It was during those first weeks that Brittany entered Sister Winifred’s life. Her mother had AIDS and Brittany came straight from the hospital to the House of Hope. Sister Winifred remembers her being so tiny and weak that she could barely cry. “This was very different from anything I had ever done before” said Sister Winifred. “I dressed her every day and cooked for her and the other children, but Brittany was special to me. I became very close to her as if I were her mother. It wasn’t easy. Some nights I could barely walk up the steps to go to bed I was so tired, but it was oh so rewarding.” Brittany stayed at the House of Hope for three years and then was adopted by a Houston-area family. It was about the same time Sister Winifred moved to Minnesota and began teaching again, but her thoughts and prayers were never far from Brittany. Through the encouragement of Brittany’s adopted mother, Sister Winifred stayed in touch with her over the years. When Sister Winifred was stationed at Trinity Care Center in nearby Brenham, she visited her often. When asked what Sister Winifred meant to her, Brittany said with a smile, “she’s my life.” Brittany is 23-years-old now, living on her own, working and going to school. She attributes what she has achieved to her mother and Sister Winifred’s presence in her life. They talk all the time and share cards and presents on each other’s birthday and at Christmas. Sister Winifred saw Brittany for who she was – a gift of God’s creation. Knowing that, she didn’t hesitate to do whatever it took to raise her. She gave her the same unconditional love any mother would give a daughter.


2011 Gala was a Star-filled Success

St. Francis Award recipient, Craig A. Stough, Sr.Diana Lynn Eckel, and St. Clare Award recipient Gayle Lampkowski

It was an evening of festivities, fine food, friendship, and dancing “under the stars.”

A good time was had by all at the 12th annual Sylvania Franciscan Gala Saturday, September 24, 2011 at the Franciscan Center on the grounds of the Sylvania Franciscan Village. Sylvania Mayor Craig Stough was presented with the St. Francis Award for his exemplary contributions to society and his role model of Franciscan values. Gayle Lampkowski, Chief Financial Officer for the Sisters of St. Francis of Sylvania, received the St. Clare Award for her contributions to society lived out through her modeling of Franciscan values. St. Francis of Assisi had a great love for the gift of all creation and that included, as he put it, Brother Sun, Sister Moon and the stars. In honor of the founder of their religious order, the Gala theme for this year was ”Dancing Under the Stars” and the Franciscan Center was decorated as if the participants were outside under a star “Your support is an filled sky. The energy was high with plenty of affirmation for our work as dancing courtesy of the Sylvania Franciscans and KGB Motown Dance Band helps us continue to provide and the food was delicious for our ministries,” said provided by Michael’s Sister Carol Ann Grace, Gourmet Catering.

Director of Development. “Together we can continue to reach out and help those less fortunate in today’s complex world.”

Donation Income – 2011 Through the generous support of friends, family and benefactors, the Sisters of St. Francis of Sylvania, Ohio raised the following amounts of money in 2011 to support their mission and ministries. Operating Fund $88,038 Franciscan Gala $97,916 Gifts-In-Kind $37,280 Retirement Fund * $110,717 St. Francis Guild $7,670 Facilities and Grounds $49,446 Ministry Fund $114,935 (Includes Haiti mission.) TOTAL $506,012 *Includes National Religious Retirement Office Grant.


(From left) Jim and (co-chair) Mary Pope, Sr. Diana Lynn Eckel, with Rose (co-chair) and Greg Geswein enjoyed an evening of good friends, food and music


riginal artwork, prints, cards, jewelry, prayer pillows, soaps, lotions & more.

All Good Things On the grounds of the Sisters of St. Francis 419-824-3749 Monday – Friday 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Saturday 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Visit our online store at



Sister Emily Lechlak

Sister Margaret Hall

In Memorium Sister M. Rose Angela Muskala, OSF Sister M. Rose Angela Muskala died August 15, 2011 in Rosary Care Center. Born in Minneapolis, Minnesota in 1925, she entered the Sylvania Franciscans in 1939 and made her final vows in 1948. Sister Rose Angela spent most her life in ministry teaching at elementary and high schools in Ohio and Michigan. She was one of four Sylvania Franciscans who helped found Cardinal Stritch High School in Oregon, Ohio in 1961 and taught there for 38 years. In 1995 she was inducted into the Cardinal Stritch Hall of Fame and in 2010 they named the former convent on the Cardinal Stritch campus the Sister Rose Angela Education Center. Those who knew Sister Rose Angela remember her as a “great lady” who often went out of her way to help students, even staying after school to tutor or coming in on a Saturday to help someone prepare for a math exam.

Sister M. Eugene Wilk, OSF Sister Maria Goretti Sodd

Sister Clara Kabick


Sister Brigid O’Shea Merriman

Sister M. Grace Ellen Urban

Sister Carolyn Giera

Sister Kathleen Casey

Sister M. Eugene Wilk died September 1, 2011 in Rosary Care Center. Born in Detroit, Michigan in 1919, she entered the Sylvania Franciscans in 1939 and made her final vows in 1945. Sister Eugene spent 42 years of her religious life teaching in elementary and high schools in Ohio, Michigan and Minnesota. She served as a catechist for 14 years in Mt. Clemens, Mich., and then cared for her aged brother, Rev. Edward Wilk, before entering Rosary Care Center. Sister Eugene was known for her gracious hospitality, warm smile and genuine interest in the lives of the people she encountered. Even as the self-appointed “Security Guard” at Rosary Care, she showed her love and concern for all those she met.

Sister M. Alma Zigment, OSF Sister M. Alma Zigment died November 20, 2011 in Rosary Care Center. Born in Duluth, Minnesota in 1916, she entered the Sylvania Franciscans in 1930 and made her final vows in 1939. She celebrated her 75th year as a Sister of St. Francis in June, 2011. She taught in elementary schools for 40 years in Ohio, Michigan and Minnesota and tutored in Minneapolis and Toledo for 14 years before coming to Rosary Care where she continued as an assistant at the Teachers Education Center on the Sylvania campus. For those who knew her, Sister Alma will be remembered for her lovely smile and peaceful ways. She was a resident expert in “tatting” and held many captive with stories about her life experiences. Even at the end of her life, she was gracious and accepting of her physical limitations and appreciative of all the help she received.

Sister M. Matthias Kolinski, OSF Sister Margaret Zacharias

Sister Patricia Hejna

Sister M. Rita Jane Radecki

Sister Roselynn Humbert

Sister M. Matthias Kolinski died December 27, 2011 in Rosary Care Center. Born in Minneapolis, Minnesota in 1913, she entered the Sylvania Franciscans in 1931 and made her final vows in 1937. She spent the majority of her 77 years in religious life involved in elementary education. She taught at Catholic grade schools in Ohio, Michigan, Minnesota and Maryland. At the age of 71 she transitioned in her teaching ministry and tutored for 14 years at a Catholic School in Minneapolis. Sister Matthias was known as a woman of integrity and kindness; always ready to learn new things. She understood the importance of education and could be counted of when you needed an attentive ear. She had that special ability to reflect honest humility and at the same time make life-giving decisions.


Thank You to our Donors

Adams, Charles & Annette Ahleman, William & Martha Ahmed, Mohd & Shaheda Aldahondo, Teresa H. Anderson, Margaret M. Andrews, Elizabeth S. Anonymous Anstine, Wanda M. Arend, David & Joanna Arend Donald & Susan Atchison, Brian & Nancy Atherton, Carol J. Bakun, Dolores Balicki, William & Doris Banks, Stephen & Lee Barba, Corey & Amanda Barrow, Bernard & Susan Becker, Leo & Theresa Belazis, Paul & Judy Belkofer, Rayman J. Berg, Dolores Belt, Jenifer A. Betley, Robert & Eileen Betzold, Margaret J. Biasutto, Edala Bielski, Ronald & Martha Birch, Emilia T. Birkenmeier, Dorothy B. Birkenmeier, Loren Bishop, Ronald C. Black, Jacqueline M. Blank, Thomas & Anne Marie Boehme, Richard Bohn, James & Nancy Bosinger, James & Linda Bothwell, Lawrence W. Boyle, Thomas & Marianne Braknis, Gregory & Maria Braun, Joanne Brazeau, James & Michele Brown, Thomas & Leona Buckenmeyer, Dean P. Buckenmeyer, Glen & Joanne Buerke, David & Joanne Burkey, Richelle Burkhart, William & Barbara Burmis, John & Heidi Burrer, Wayne Bussen, Richard & Antoinette Butwin, Frank J. Calabrese, Alice U. Call, Cheryl L. Chmielewski, Edward & Judith Chock, Veronica A. Ciancetta, Victor C. Collins, Kathryn E. Collis, John R. Columbus, John Crandall, John & Sue Crego, Nancy J. Cutshall, William & Susan Dahlquist, Angela M. Daniel, Susan E. Da Silva, Jose Davenport, Troy J. Dawson, Mary Beth DeGross, Jeffrey & Susan Dick, Mary Dawson Dienes, Teresa H. Di Loreto, Gerald Dimech Services, Inc. Dolyk, Walter & Wendy Donnelly, Most Rev. Robert W. Dooley, Steven & Joan Douglas, Henry & Mary Doyle, OP, Janet Drozdowicz, Michael & Dianne Dudek, Daniel


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Thornell, Robert & Diane Thornton, Nancy J. Tokarski, Rev. Stan Tomassini, Anne Marie Tracz, Robert & Ann-Marie Tressler, Michael & Jo Anne Trustheim, Janice K. Turner, Elena M. Urbanski, Melvin & Geraldine Van Auken, Thomas & Joan Van Koughnet, Theresa G. Varney, Lawrence F. Walczak, Valeria C. Walczewski, Gertrude Waldock, David & Kathleen Warth, M. Berenice G. Waters, William & Ann Weaks, David & Judith Weber, Mary Anne Weglinski, Rita Wehinger, Rev. Thomas E. Wehrkamp, Terry & Nancy Weide, Theresa E. Wickersham, Gail J. Wilkins, Kenneth & Michele Williams, Adelaide M. Wimmer, Diane E. Wisniewski, Thomas & Karen Wistinghausen, Allen & Susan Wittersheim, Gerald W. Wittrock, Thomas & Therese Wolinski, Gladys C. Wolock, Paula A. Wotowiec, Theodora Yeagle, Charles & Mamie Yeager, Gerald Young, Michael Zachel, Katherine A. Zalecki, Clara Zatezalo, Rose P. Zembal, Edward & Paz Zerhusen, Leo & Jeannette


Joseph and Sophie Adamczyk Lentocha, Jennifer L. Kathy Andel Beier, Mark & Debra Sister M. Avila Antczak, OSF Smith, Geraldine Herman and Eloise Arend Arend, Donald & Susan Mary Arquette Townsend, Theodore & Helen Aunt Flo Sykes, Michael E. Sister Elaine Marie Baca, OSF Baca, Bernard & Colleen Dzurnak, Catherine Troxtell, Rose Ann Elenor Baca Baca, Bernard & Colleen Motylca, Cynthia Smolak, Anthony W. Andrew Bagrowski Cox, Barbara J. Thomas Baker Schell, Kurt & Kari Carla Bayer Werner, Henry Gertrude Bednarski Bednarski Family Gose, Rita M. Ed Bialecki Bialecki, Lavonda M. Emery and Mary Biro Biro, Jeannette H. Rev. Bill Borowski Dyla, Wanda C.


Helen Borucki Fox, Burt Tintinalli, M.D., Judith E. Diane Brown Bialecki, Lavonda M. Teresa Burns McGovern, Rosemary F. Richard A. Carpenter Yenrick, David & Carolyn Sister Helen Therese Chmura, OSF Kowalczyk, Rev. Zygmunt C. Sister M. Virgilia Choy, OSF Barone, Anthony & Patricia Ciancetta, Victor C. Gill, Ken & Gerri Gorr, Rose Marie T. Hays, Adrianne Y. Kornacki, John & Barbara Lanzinger, Justice Judith Ann Mewhort, Martha M. Mustafaga, Evelyn P. Palicki, Walter R. Peters, Rita W. Pullella, John & Pamela Swierczek, Lillian Uzendoski, Donald & Linda Zoucha, Dr. & Mrs. Adam Sophia Chylinski Chylinski, Joseph L. Dorothy E. Clunk Clunk. Kathleen L. Tom Coogan Bentley, Judith A. Bill Coy Boehk, Louis & Ruth Ann Leocadia Czajka Gearhart, Lucy A. Olena Czarnowski King, Pamela H. Sister M. Theophane Czelusta, OSF Howard, Patricia R. Stanley and Frances Daniewicz Daniewicz, Stanley T. Alice Ann De Sloover Bland, Irene Fadden, Linda A. FLS Marketing, Inc. Staff Ryan, IHM, Janet Sisters, Servants of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, Monroe, MI Casey and Rita DiMatteo DiMatteo, Geraldine Sister M. Marcelline Drewniak, OSF Koziel, Kathleen M. Schedin, Wallace & Jean Florence J. Duffy Duffy, Thomas E. William and Marion Dunn Dunn, OSF, Penny Vera Dyko Dyko, Chester Marguarite “Pety” Eckel Adams, Linda J. Boratyn, Chris Bowen, Dennis & Pamela Brock, Paul G. Buchman, Sue A. Burrer, Wayne & Gayle Ciancetta, Victor C. Covert, Larry & Faye Doyle, OP, Janet Eagles, OSF, M. Alicia Eagles, OSF, M. Lenore Eckel, Constance S. Fondren, Eugene Gallenstein, Winifred A. Haswell, Thomas & Kathryn Johnson, Virginia C.

Kolanko, Joseph & Rose Kress, Thomas & Lou Ann Lampkowski, Michael & Gayle Marsh & Marsh, Bowling Green, OH Meyer, Vincenz Marie MTD Products, Inc., Willard, OH Nowak, OSF, Geraldine O’Connell, John & Donna Peters, Rita W. Pollauf, Hazel L. Ponzi, Lawrence & Tina Rosary Care Center Schneider, Rosena E. Sheffler, Thomas & Mary Silcox-Enders, Debbie Stapleton, Suzanne E. Stickel, Mary E. Ursuline Convent of the Sacred Heart Waters, William & Ann Witt, Jeffrey & Charlene Marilyn Eckel Pietras, Peter & Cecilia Rahman, Brenda Sheffler, Thomas & Mary Wilson, Bruce & Deborah Witker, Catherine Eskra Family Members Eskra, Janet Suplica, Edward Edward L. Fackelman Fackelman, Elizabeth Joanne Fitzpatrick Apel, Mary Eugene “Tex” Fondren Anonymous Becker, Scott & DeAnna Bohland, Mary V. Bohland, Rita D. Brown, Denise K. Cobak, James & Marianne Crandall, John & Sue Cutshall, William & Susan Gembolis, Kenneth C. Huffman, Charlene Huffman, Jerilynn Manders, Rosalind A. Paetz, David & Linda Rajagopalan, K.S. & Susan Rastocan, Sara Richter, Arthur & Pamala Williams, Gary & Kathy Forest and Elizabeth Fowler Fowler, Charles & Catherine Sister M. Agneta Ganzel, OSF Ganzel, Joseph A. Sister M. Clarice Ganzel, OSF Ganzel, Joseph A. Donna Gaster Gaster, Lawrence & Debra Sister M. Gila Kowalczyk, Rev. Zygmunt C. Sister M. Eunice Golos, OSF Grozde, George & Judith Sister M. Felice Gorny, OSF Gorny, Ronald R. Masten, Philip & Amy Sister M. Bernard Gruba, OSF Rudy, Michael & Karen Stuttgen, Mark & Joanne Christine Helewski Antolak, OSF, M. Josina Fadden, Linda A. McCloskey, Kevin & Carol Miller, Robert & Heather Zak, Frank Sister M. Lorenzo Herubin, OSF Herubin, Edward & Joanne Joy, Frank & Anna

Sister M. Assumpta Hintz, OSF O’Brien, Helen C. Tom Homa Homa, Diane S. John and Rozalia Hramiec Hramiec, Donald & Elizabeth Sophia Hudzinski Hudzinski, M.D., Leonard G. Joseph Jakviowicz Niemiec, Michael J. Sister M. Margaret Janowiec, OSF Dahl, Patrick L. Alexa Johnston Johnston, Christine Dorothy Jurski Jurski, Wallace J. Sister M. Celeste Kasprzak, OSF Kasprzak, Kenneth & Marcella Zielinski, Phyllis G. John and Rose Kijek Schaldenbrand, Florence Joseph and Louise Kijek Schaldenbrand, Peter & Florence Sister M. Laurentia Kitz, OSF Howard, Patricia R. Deloris Klimek Johnson, Sophie Sharon Kouri Dombeck, Ronald J. Robert and Victoria Kovaleski Kovaleski, Joseph & Geraldine Stanley and Patricia Kruzel Nyitray, Sharon Sister M. Gregory Kubik, OSF Johnson, Sophie G. Sister M. Gregory Kubik, OSF Johnson, Sophie G. Marilyn Kurtzman Kurtzman, John L. Agnes Kutyla Hall, OSF, Margaret Sister M. Edith Kwiatkowski, OSF Kowalczyk, Rev. Sigismund Charles Langenderfer Langenderfer, Melba J. Sister M. Clarentia Lasko, OSF Anonymous Dionisio, Marcella Koziel, Kathleen M. Stock, Frank & Camille Edna Lemm Erickson, Cecelia DuPlessis Sister M. Siena Lemm, OSF Aubart, Lawrence & Kathryne Aubart, Mary K. Louis and Phyllis Linenkugel Cappiello, Marrianne Ed and Mariette Littelmann Littelmann, Rev. Ed Sylvester Lubiatowski Lubiatowski, Marjorie A. Marvin Mandly Arend, Donald & Susan George Marshall Marshall, Marilyn McAlear Parents and Grandparents McAlear, Patrick & Marilyn Very Rev. John A. McClure Sarnowski, Eleanore John J. McGovern McGovern, Rosemary F. Sister M. Lucille Metro, OSF Kollar, Richard & Janeen Sister Mary Metro, OSF Kollar, Richard & Janeen James A. Meyer Meyer, Vincenz Marie Sophie Mientkiewski Mientkiewski, Veronica Sister M. Gemma Mikolay (Mikolajczyk), OSF Mikolajczyk, Michael & Rebecca Stuckey, Robert & Patricia

Peter Mikulak and Loved Ones Mikulak, Barbara E. Sister M. Leontine Milewski, OSF Milewski, Leonard & Josephine Sister M. Mercedes Mleczko, OSF Emon, Clarence & Rosalyn Rick Mosiniak Myers, Andrew & Peggy Dan Mossing Gaster, Lawrence & Debra Donna Mossing Gaster, Lawrence & Debra Sister M. Corinne Mroszczak, OSF Werne, Roger & Lani Ann Mucci Mucci, Dennis & Margaret Angeline Mulvihill Surma, Ann Mularski Family Members Mularski, Leonard J. Sister M. Rose Angela Muskala, OSF Ciancetta, Victor C. Gibbons, Marge Pirolli, Mary C. Gunner, Mr. & Mrs. Robert Kobylak, Mr. & Mrs. Theodore Leider, Helen M. Meyer, Paul & Joyce Misura, Myllin & Joan Mruz, Doris M. Nollenberger, William & Carol Parks, Alexander N. Pescaras Accounting & Tax Service, Northwood, OH Prebish, Scott & Georgia Procaccini, Mario & Kristie Raglow, Elaine C. Reynolds, Robert & Roberta Sarnowski, Elearnore Shanks, Julie Staczek, Mr. & Mrs. Donald J. Stites, Rev. John Winkelmann, Lynn M. Zak, Ronald & Veronica Zapadka, Eugene & Mary James Mutschler Mutschler, Susan K. Chuck Napp Poole-Nap, Phyllis E. Sister M. Faber Narog, OSF Chock, Ann M. Gargulinski, Greg & Marcy Humnick, Mary A. Joncas, Theresa J. Krocak, Thomas & Jean Thompson, Paul & Susan Sister Catherine Nawrocki, OSF Watrol, Robert P. Geraldine Sandusky Niemiec Gordon, Don & Jerri Petersen, Kris & Esta Sax, Leo & Patricia Schlieman, Dale & Joann Wehrman, David & Linda Weisser, James & Kathy Nussel Family and Friends Nussel, Edward & Lorraine Sister M. Ladislaus Oleszkowicz, OSF Bielawski, Anne V. Bielawski, Paul & Jill Helenann R. Ossler Ossler, Thomas George and Louise Quiotes Kranz, Eugene F. Sister M. Baptista Paja, OSF Votruba, Stella H. Paja Family Members Votruba, Stella H. Sister M. Roberta Pelc, OSF Peltz, Richard & Helen Mary

Sister M. Rosaria Petra, OSF Ciancetta, Victor C. Stephen and Catherine Petretich Petretich, Catherine A. Sister M. Jane Frances Pieczynski, OSF Murphy, Ann M. Michael S. Piotrowski Piotrowski, Lynn M. Sister M. Natalie Pluta, OSF Lentz, Julianne M. John Pojedynski Pojedynski, Virginia P. Marcelline R. Pollmann Pollmann, Robert A. Greg Poole Poole-Napp, Phyllis E. Nancy Poole Poole-Napp, Phyllis E.

John Paul II commissioned us, “Rebuild a new civilization of love” in the world – a re-echoing of St. Francis’ words from Christ: “Francis, go rebuild my house which you see is falling down.” John Baptist Andrew Powell Dzotsi, Mrs. H. Powell Alphonse and Adele Pozdol Pozdol, Alphonse Natalie Radzio Williams, Adelaide M. Ollie Raszka Raszka, Eleanor R. Corrine L. Reineke Reineke, Sr.,William F. Michael Reiterman Romanczuk, Paul & Kathleen Frank and Mary Reucher Reucher, James Janet Reucher Reucher, James Robert and Angeline Ripsin Ripsin, Eileen M. Dolores Rochelle Spillis, Ronald & Florence Edwin and Irene Rogalski Overberg, Dorothy James Henry Rokicki Rokicki, Richard & Leatrice Frank J. Rudzki Rudzki, Catherine W. Henry Rumschlag Alvarado, Rebecca Sister M. Clementine Rybinski, OSF Rybinski, Agnes Rybinski, Joseph A. Sister M. Paschal Rybinski, OSF Rybinski, Agnes Rybinski, Joseph A. Mother Mary Adelaide Sandusky, OSF Ciancetta, Victor C. Maria Aurora Santos Sebastian, Felicitas Sister Maria Kempis Satkiewicz, OSf Satkiewicz, Jeffery & Lana Kathy M. Belanski Schimmel Yenrick, David & Carolyn Henry Schmenk Schmenk, Msgr. Cleo S.



Justina Sebastian Sebastian, Felicitas Miquel Sebastian Sebastian, Felicitas Olga Seliski Seliski, Ronald & Bernadette Parents and Siblings of Mary Senko Senko, Mary Bernard Seibenick Johnston, Christine Sister M. Sheila Shea, OSF Jex, David & Jori Sister M. Antonelle Slostech, OSF Lanzinger, Justice Judith Ann Ronald C. Smith Smith, Janice M. Bea Smitkowski Dombeck, Ronald J. Ben and Fern Sobczak Sobczak, OSF, Rosine Sister Ethelbert Solnik, OSF Trif, Viorel & Phyllis Raymond A. Sotkiewicz Sotkiewicz, Carol A. Philip and Sadie Spino Roome, Robert & Carolyn Sister Jeanne Stack, OSF Riems, Elizabeth A. Wanda Stodolak Anonymous Stan and Helen Stopczynski Stopczynski, Thomas E. Suplica Family Members Eskra, Janet Suplica, Edward Stanley Swierczek Swierczek, Lillian M. Sylvia Family Members Lompis, Elaine A. Phylip Szymanski Marks, Emil & Penny Sister M. Inez Tabaka, OSF Ogdahl, Brian & Charlotte Tabaka, Heidrun G. Max Timperley Sloan, Timothy & Laura Tomaszewski Family Members Tomaszewski, Robert & Pamela Rosemary Tomaszewski Tomaszewski, Gerald Stephen and Eleanor Trzesniowski Trzesniowski, Stephen M. Edward and Sophie Urban Urban, OSF, Adrienne Urban, OSF, M. Grace Ellen Vensel Family Members Mularski, Leonard J. Stanley J. Walicki Walicki, Donna M. Sister Alice Warrick, OSF Ciancetta, Victor C. Comes, Charles & Ann Raths, Elizabeth Sauvey, Gary & Roseann Donna Wasielewski Gearhart, Lucy A. Sister Lois Wasielewski, OSF Norbeck, Frances H. Shelland, John & Patricia Stanley Wasielewski Norbeck, Frances H. Anthony and Julie Wawrzyniec Hoorinks, Alfonse & Delphine Pearl M. White White, Richard E.


Sister Rosemarie Fredericks, OSF Smith, Michael & Geraldine Sister M. Eileen Golos, OSf Funtash, Paul & Mary Sister M. Eugene Wilk, OSF Sister Margaret Hall, OSF Baran, Alfred Rocheleau, Linda M. Basta Family Smith, David & Sarah Basta, Lottie J. John Hirsch Jozefczyk, Arthur & Lottie Thomas, Dale & Janice Julian, Jean Jablonski Family Konicov, Marie S. Wodarski, Barbara Nyiri, Erma Sally Jenkins Our Lady of Fatima Association Johnson, Jennifer Palicki, Walter R. Julkowski Family Sarnowski, Elearnore Julkowski, Helen M. Swierczek, Lillian M. Sister Joan Jurski, OSF Tuczak, Joseph & Felicia DuCharme, Ed & Melissa Leon Winn Sister M. Angelita Kaczmarzyk, OSF Koziel, Kathleen M. Reardon, Vivian R. Richard Wise Eli Katona Wise, Elizabeth T. Crawford, Ildiko E. Gertrude A. Wisniewski Sister Patrice Kerin, OSF Wisniewski, Thomas & Karen Schuessler, Terence & Jane Mary Jane Wold Klisz Family Members Wagemaker, Jane E. Kupka, David & Linda Sister M. Justin Yourish, OSF Sister M. Rosalma Kmiec, OSF Frame, Charles & Martha Rocheleau, Linda M. Maurer, David & Diane Ed and Mary Kolinski Sister Elaine Zablocki, OSF Edstrom, Terry & Annette Ottrock, OSF, Kathleen Sister M. Norbertine Zacharias, OSF Kolinski, James & Susan Sister M. Matthias Kolinski, OSF Ciancetta, Victor C. Busch, Richard & Mary Ernat, Gerald S. Kolinski, George & Elaine Gartner, Maureen J. Krupa, Raymond E. Kulpa, Thomas Scavo, Maria Stock, Frank & Camille Wawerczak, Virginia Wozniak, Sophie Zacharias, Timothy & Lynne Thorn and Jean Zacharias Leonard, Richard & Lori Sister M. Beatrice Zawisza, OSF Nycz, Joseph & Marilyn Shutt, Lewis & Elaine John Zawisza Nycz, Joseph & Marilyn Chester Zielinski Bentley, Judith A. Edward Zielinski Bentley, Judith A. Madeleine Zielinski Bentley, Judith A. Pearl Zielinski Bentley, Judith A. Zielinski Family Members Lompis, Elaine Sister M. Alma Zigment, OSF Bruns, Frances B. Codding, J. David & Lisa Kupka Family Members Sarnowski, Eleanore Kupka, David & Linda Whelihan, Nicholas & Rose Gayle A. Lampkowski Sister M. Honoria Zwolski, OSF Thompson, Janice Wick, Mary Sister M. Theophila Zwolski, OSF McManus Family Alexander, Ann T. Wick, Mary Sister Margaret Metro, OSF Kollar, Richard & Janeen Tributes Sister M. David Narog, OSF Alexander Family Oberg, William C. Alexander, Ann T. Sister Ann Lorette Piekarz, OSF Baranowski Family Members Schaefer, Michael & Colleen Pluta, Thomas & Patricia Pluta Family Members Binsaak Family Members Pluta, Thomas & Patricia Kupka, David & Linda Sister Ritamary Pyzick, OSF Sister M. Digna Chirpich, OSF Rocheleau, Linda M. Hartman, Robert & Martha Sister M. Philothea Chirpich, OSF Margaret Rabideau’s Children and Sister Hartman, Robert & Martha Rabideau, Margaret Sister Marie Andree Chorzempa, OSF Sister Rita Jane Radecki, OSF Chorzempa, Frances C. Carleski, James & Rita Ann Daniel J. Dziekciowski Dziekciowski, Thomas & Marilyn

“Rebuild my Church”, is a commitment of the Sisters of St. Francis as messengers of peace in joyful servanthood. Your donation is an affirmation to lay the foundation to continue and provide for our ministries of out-reach into the complexities of the world. We can build the Kingdom of God together.

Sister Joan LaVerne Rutz, OSF Church of St. Helena, Minneapolis, MN Frakie, Roger & Janice Schott, Gary & Shelley Sister M. Jordan Schaefer, OSF Olms, Peter & Cynthia Sister Shannon Schrein, OSF Snyder, Ann C. Sienko Family Julkowski, Helen M. Sister Juliana Sienko, OSF Anonymous Sylvania Franciscan Leadership Team Wilhelm, Rev. Robert J. Sylvania Franciscans at Presentation of Mary Garrity, Therese Sylvania Franciscans who taught at St. Francis Education Center, Sylvania, OH in the 1980s Baldwin, Christopher & Rachael Sylvania Franciscans who served at St. Francis Hospital, Detroit, MI Stock, Camille A. Sylvania Franciscans who served at St. Joseph School, Crestline, OH Gordon, Edward & Brenda Sylvania Franciscans who taught at St. Ladislaus School, Hamtramck, MI Slizewski, Kathryn M. Stock, Camille A. Sylvania Franciscans who served at St. Stanislaus School, Wyandotte, MI in the 1950s-1960s Rudowski, Richard M. Tollison Family Tollison, Joanne K. Tucholski Family Tollison, Joanne K. Sister M. Cabrini Warpeha, OSF Geer, Cheryl E. Wodarski Family Wodarski, Barbara Sister Patricia Zielinski, OSF Karasek, Rev. Ed Maryon and Theophila Zwolski Wick, Mary


Eckel, Marquarite D. Koerber, Rev. George M.


Anonymous Sylvania Franciscan Associates


Alice Ann DeSloover IHM Karner Blue Mission Unit Meyer, Vincenz Marie


Ackermon, Sharon All Good Things, Sylvania, OH Anderson’s, Inc. Anonymous Bartz Viviano Flowers & Gifts, Inc. BCSN Belt, Jeni A. Boyd, Chris Brahier Oil Brahier, James R. Brieschke Bakery Brieschke, Don & Bonnie Brown, Paula Celek, Kristen C’est La Vie

Cole, Thomas Country Grains Bread Company Cutshall, Susan Body Defined Body Fitness Spa & Boutique Davey Tree Expert Company Dawson Design, Maumee, OH Dawson, Mary Dimech Services, Inc. Jelinger, Amy Kirby, Scott Leo Dick and Sons Drewicz, Norene L. Franciscan Living Communities French, Michael & Robin Gehring, Sue Gerdeman, James Geswein, Gregory & Rose Handels Ice Cream Happ, Sue Head Over Heels Leo Dick & Sons, Canton, OH Loma Linda’s Mexican Restaurant, Swanton, OH Marks, Emil & Penny Martens, Rob Michael’s Gourmet Catering, Inc. Monaco, Jerome & Mary Ellen Palicki, Walter R. Paula Brown Shop Payeff, Julie Pope, James & Mary Profota, Rev. James Rabideau, Margaret Romanchik, Kathleen Ryan, Rick G. Sheahan, Roger Sodd, Sarah A. Sophia Center, Inc., Sylvania, OH St. Leonard Franciscan Living Community, Centerville, OH Sylvania Franciscan Health Sylvania Veterinary Hospital The Toledo Symphony Tireman Auto Service Center, Sylvania, OH Village Glass Viviano, Frank P. Volpi, Kathy Wallace, Mike Waters, William & Ann Wistinghausen, Sue


Ripsin, Eileen Rosswick, George & Sue


All Good Things, Sylvania, OH All Green, Inc., Toledo, OH Anonymous Brouillard, IHM, Camille Brzuchalski, James & Patricia Buchanan, Frank & Lillian Carleski, James & Rita Ann Chidester, Sharon C. Chorzempa, Frances Chorzempa, Matthew & Kathy Chorzempa, Michael & Stepanie Chorzempa, Thomas Church of St. Odilia, Shoreview, MN Colbert, Barbara A. Cosky, M.D., Alicia C. Daniewicz, John & Kathleen Dege, Richard & Victory DeRosier, Mary Ann Emmert, Lawrence & Marilyn Finn, David & Karen Fonseca, Jocelyn S. Gallagher, Rev. F. Anthony Glodek, Thomas & Sandra Haas, Philip & Diane


Heller, Mark & Ann Hibbs, Louis & Eleanor Holy Trinity Catholic Church, Swanton, OH Jean, DPM, Edna M. Large, Keith Leiter, Raymond & Frances Lund, Kathleen R. Mohn, MaryLou G. Mossing, Denver & Sally Pacer, Rose Marie Ritzert, Roger & Nancy Smallman, Dennis & Alice Smallman, Jeremy & Jessica Southers, James & Virginia Tartaglia, M.D., Louis A. Transfiguration of the Lord Catholic Church, Upper Sandusky, OH Wilson, Bruce & Deborah Wohl, Geraldine J.


Reverend Dr. William Chidester Mossing, Sally J. Alice Ann DeSloover Anonymous Flameygh, Pascal Kawczynski, Mitch & Shelley Krupp, OSF, Dorothy Jayne Linder, Paul & Joan Noland, William & Terrie Rinker, DPM, Andrea R. Songco, M.D., Dr. and Mrs. Anthony B. Sister Alice Warrick, OSF Carleski, James & Rita Ann


Sister Janeen Sobczak, OSF Markiewicz, James & Lorraine


Thomas, Mary Jane


2011 Jubilarians Mike, OSF, Mary Jo


Zacharias, Frank & Margaret St. Ladislaus Rainbow Seniors, Hamtramck, MI

PLANT FUND Memorials

Alfred Kowalenski Zacharias, Frank Helen Scur St. Ladislaus Rainbow Seniors, Hamtramck, MI Zacharias, Frank & Margaret Sister M. Eugene Wilk, OSF Zacharias, Frank Sister M. Norbertine Zacharias, OSF Huseltine, Helen F. Marasovich, Josephine Rogowski, Jo Ann M. Waldowski Family Waldowski, Wanda Williams, Mr. & Mrs. Walter Zacharias, Frank & Marge

Doering Fleet Management, Milwaukee, WI Dolyk, Zack & Wendy Timothy Sisters’ rETIREMENT Dressman, Dreup, Ruth FUND Drewicz, Norene L. Beery, Paul Joseph & Donna Drozdowicz, Michael & Dianne Bollinger, Marilyn Dryovage, Kathleen Hanson, Donna Marie Dubuc, Nancy J. Hobright, Mary Jane Duling, Robert & Catherine Kwapisz, Ronald C. Eitle, Nikki Matkowski, Eugene & Geraldine Erftmier, Don & Adelaide Modesette, Liz Ernst & Young, Toledo, OH Pacer, Rose Marie Everett, M.D., Dr. & Mrs. Charles Rogowski, M.D., Richard M. Faist, Dick & Kathy Sirignano, Mary Louise R. Fetters, Mark Urbanski, Leonard & Alice Filip, Mitchell M. Sisters’ rETIREMENT Findley Davies, Inc., Toledo, OH Finn, Michael F. FUND Memorials Fitzpatrick, Timothy E. Sister M. Hilary Biernat, OSF Flasck, Richard & Mary Biernat, Bart F. Flowers, Nancy Sister M. Virgilia Choy, OSF Franciscan Living Communities, Sarnowski, Eleanore Toledo, OH Sister M. Antonelle Slostech, OSF French, Michael & Robin Ehling, Mark Garone, Nina G. Lathrop, Mary T. Garson, John E. Lathrop, Sara J. Gatliff, SND, Delores Sister Alice Warrick, OSF Geswein, Gregory & Rose Sylvania Franciscan Health Glodek, Thomas & Sandra Sisters’ RETIREMENT Gorny, Ronald R. Grozde, George & Judith FUND Tributes Sister Mary Ann Grzeskowiak, OSF Haener, Rev. Robert W. Hall, Rev. John F. Gomez, R. Patrick & Sandra Hall, M.D., Dr. John & Yolanda Sister Pauline Herbert, OSF Hammer, Patricia L. Erftmier, Don & Adelaide Haupt, Andrea Hauser, David & Carol SYLVANIA Hayes, Albert & Marcella FRANCISCAN GALA Allegheny Financial Group, LTD. Heck, Rich & Margie Helm, Theodore & Priscilla Pittsburgh, PA Helmer, Robert & Linda All Green, Inc., Toledo, OH Hershberger, Pamela Ajlouny, Delores Himburg, William & Anita Altenburger, Jack & Barbara Homewood Press, Inc., Toledo, OH Arend, Dana & Caroline Hosinski, Christine Austin, Wendy Bazeley,M.D., Dr. Stephen & Cathy Huntington National Bank, Toledo, OH Bedell, Cleo Hylant, Sandra M. Belt, Jenifer A. Iffland, Alisa K. Berger, Adam Integrity Asset Management, LLC Biggie, Evelyn P. Isenhath, Donald M. Blum, Dorothy Jacob, Karen A. Sukowski Borelli, Msgr. Anthony Jakubiec, Stephanie Bosinger, James & Linda Julian, Thomas & Jean Brandt, Issa T. Breidenbach, OSU, M. Bernarda Jurski, Genevieve Kaliszuk, James Brieschke, Donald & Bonnie Kazmierczak, Dan & Diane Brower, Fred B. Keller, Marianne Brown, Thomas & Leona Kelley, Donald & Diane Brunner, John & Mary Ellen Killian, Michael & Beth Burrer, Wayne Campbell, Rev. Mr. John & Mary Kirby, Scott Knueven, Laurie Carroll, William & Catherine Kochendoerfer, Christine M. Casura, Robert A. Koenig, David & Cheryl Cencula, Rev. Leonard T. Kowalczyk, Rev. Sigismund Chmielewski, Edward & Judith Kozlowski, Linda K. Cedoz Chojnowski, Carolyn M. Klemm, Steven R. Chorzempa, Matthew Krakowiak, Jeff & Christina Collaborative, Inc., Toledo, OH Kulakowski, Michael & Julie Commons of Sandusky, OH Kummer, Rev. John R. Cook, Howard & Cathy Kurtzman, John L. Cook, D.D.S., Dr. Michael B. Lampkowski, Michael & Gayle Cox, Helen F. Large, Keith Cultrona, Mildred M. LCG Associates, Inc., Atlanta, GA Dame, Janet Legends In Time, Sylvania, OH Darnell, James & Donna Leonardi, Connie Davey Tree Expert Company, Lesher, Sally Toledo, OH Livingston, Laurie Day, Richard & Kathleen Long, Leah Dawson Design/Mary Dawson Dimech Services, Inc., Toledo, OH Louis Thomas Masterson & Company, Westlake, OH Dixon, Ralph & Christine

Lourdes University, Sylvania, OH Mack, Joseph & Catherine Malinowski, Msgr. John C. Marks, Emil & Penny Masten, William & Barbara Masterson, Louis Thomas McCabe, Deborah K. McCloskey, Kevin & Carol McDonough, Dorothy A. McNett, Bill McNulty, Yvonne Meier, John & Ann Meyer, Daniel & Linda Meyer, Vincenz Marie Meyers, Kent & Holly Miller, Caroline R.

Millon, Candace S. Moore, Patrick Morgan, Susan E. Mouch, Geraldine M. Murray, James & Patricia Oedy Musso, Lewis & Kathleen Nathan, Deborah A. Pietruska Newis, John & Melinda Northern Trust Company, Bloomfield Hills, MI O’Connell, John & Donna Olsen, Harold & Janice Omnicare of NW Ohio, Perrysburg, OH Osinski, Barry K. Pacer, Rose Marie Palicki, Walter R. Pezzin, John J. Pfitzer, Anthony Plante & Moran, PLLC, Cleveland, OH Pollex, Donna Pollex, The Honorable Robert C. Pope, James & Mary Poulsen, Karen Thompson Program Solutions Group, Perrysburg, OH Prouty, Diana Prus, Rev. Edward J. Rabideau, Margaret C. Raftery, Jennifer RCM Capital Management, San Francisco, CA Reimann, Jack & Joan Reineke, Sr., William F. Rinaldi, Joanne R. Ritter, Rev. Edward Ruddy, Martin & Karen Rutz, Christine Ryan, Mary Ann Ritter, David Ryan, Rick G. Santo, David C.

Savage, Kate Schaefer, Michael & Colleen Schalk, Eugene & Elizabeth Schutzman, Raymond Schluender, Leo & Patricia Schmenk, Avel M. Schmenk, Msgr. Cleo S. Schmenk, Irene Schmenk, Michael & Kathleen Schuessler, Terence & Jane Seagate Office Products, Holland, OH Senik, Daniel & Carole Shindler, Jr. James V. Sheahan, Roger Shumaker, Loop & Kendrick, LLP, Toledo, OH Signature Bank, N.A., Toledo, OH Smith, Janice M. Smith, Michael & Mary Sobczak, David & Ruth Sonntag, Eleanor Sophia Center, Inc., Sylvania, OH Springer, Ingrid J. Steele, Robert & Phyllis Steele, William R. Stephanoff, James & Patricia St. Leonard Franciscan Living Community, Centerville, OH Stevens, Steven & Ann Marie Stough, The Honorable Craig A. & Barbara Sullivan, Brian T. St. Joseph Regional Health System, Bryan, TX Sylvania Chamber of Commerce, Sylvania, OH Sylvania Franciscan Health, Sylvania, OH Szuch, John & Yolanda Szymanski, Edward Tartaglia, M.D., Dr. Louis A. Taylor, Stephen & Julie TCW Metropolitan West Asset Management, LLC, Los Angeles, CA Thibodeau, Janice Thomas, Dale & Janice Thompson, Bernadette A. Thompson, James & Susan Thornell, Robert & Alma Thornell, Robert & Diane Tomaszewski, Gerald Towers Watson, Southfield, MI Tracz, Robert & Anne-Marie Tressler, Michael & JoAnne Trinity Health System, Steubenville, OH Ulrich, Larry & Kathleen Ulrich, Nick Ulrich Pinciotti Design Group, Toledo, OH Ursuline Convent of the Sacred Heart, Toledo, OH Waddell & Reed Companies, Overland Park, KS Waters, William & Ann Webster, Lawrence Wedge Capital Management, Charlotte, NC Weis, Jason Wells, Shirley A. Welter, Karen Jo Wilhelm, Rev. Robert J. Winner, Cristine M. Wisniewski Funeral Home, Toledo, OH Wisniewski, Thomas & Karen Wistinghausen, Susan M. Zak, Rev. Daniel J.


Sisters of St. Francis of Sylvania, Ohio 6832 Convent Boulevard Sylvania, Ohio 43560

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We communicate more than just through this twice-a-year newsletter. We stay in touch with our friends, families and benefactors through a number of electronic messages throughout the year. One is called e-Poverello and it is an every-other-month e-newsletter with news, events and activities about the Sisters of St. Francis. If you would like to receive our electronic offerings go to our website and click on the “Sign up for our Newsletter” button on the middle of the page.

We have recently changed the format for making donations on the Sisters of St. Francis website. We are now using a service that is easy to use and doesn’t require you to sign up for an account. It’s a one-page form and all you have to do is fill in the amount, your name, mailing address, e-mail address, and the usual credit card information. It is processed through a secure server so nobody can get your personal information and, if you supply an e-mail address, you will receive an immediate response to your generosity. To see how it works, go to and click on the “Donate” button at the bottom of the page.

We graciously thank you for all your support and ask you to

Save the Date...

The Sisters of St. Francis of Sylvania, Ohio invite you to celebrate, honor and support our diverse ministries in education, social work, health and human services, religious, parish and spiritual direction.

13th Annual Sylvania Franciscan

Fundraising Gala

Saturday, September 22, 2012 5 - 9 p.m. An evening of fine food, festivities, friendship and dancing to the KGB Motown Band.

For ticket or sponsorship information, contact Sister Carol Ann Grace, OSF, at or 419.824.3625 12

Sylvania Franciscan Winter 2012  

For the first time in 50 years the Sisters of St. Francis are embarking on a major renovation project to promote education, spirituality and...

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