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Sylvania Franciscan Sisters of St. Francis OF Sylvania, Ohio Development Report WINTER 2014

Respecting God’s Gift of Creation

St. Francis was called to rebuild the church. Sylvania Franciscan Sister Rosine Sobczak heard the call to help “Mother Earth.” For 25 years she has been in the forefront of the Sisters of St. Francis of Sylvania’s stand on “care for creation.” During that time, hundreds of students and adults have been exposed to the wonders of nature and have learned what we can do to make sure we save planet Earth for future generations. Sister Rosine started the Life Lab at Lourdes University in 1988 as a way to introduce all, but especially inner city youth, to the beauty of nature, because many of them weren’t exposed to it by virtue of where they lived. She targeted pre-school to eighth grade students with one-day field trips that focused on an appreciation of plants and animals and how they interact with each other in nature. A year later, she started a Summer Science Camp program that offered students from fifth Mission Statement through tenth grade one-week programs on a variety of subjects from the life cycle of butterflies, and the crayfish in Ten Mile Creek that runs through the Motherhouse grounds to how to plant a Called like Francis of Assisi garden, grow your own fresh vegetables and live sustainably. to live the Gospel in joyful “Young children are the salvation of Earth,” said Sister Rosine. “We need to get them outside and away from all those computer games so they can experience nature up close and personal. If they servanthood among aren’t interested in how Earth works, they won’t value it and want to preserve it when they grow up. all people, the Sisters of If that happens, we might as well shut the lights off, because it won’t be there for anybody’s great St. Francis of Sylvania, grandchildren to enjoy.” Ohio, as messengers of In 1990, Sister Rosine co-founded SAVE (Science Alliance for Valuing the Environment, Inc.) peace, commit themselves because she was concerned people had lost their connection with nature and were negatively impacting the environment. SAVE’s goal is to foster awareness and respect for the link between ecology and to works that reverence spirituality. The group believes the preservation of human dignity, embrace planet Earth is in many hands because we are the the poor and marginalized, caretakers of God’s gift of creation. Since SAVE started, hundreds of people have heard lectures and respect the gift of ranging from how bats impact nature and creating all creation. agriculture that is sustainable to what makes the ‘Great Lakes great.’ Each year SAVE acknowledges the work of organizations, companies, individuals and schools that are ecologically friendly because, when people who have shared values get together, disasters can be avoided and the beauty of nature can be preserved. (continued on page 2)

St. Francis of Assisi is known for his love for all of creation—Brothers Sun, Wind and Air, Sisters Moon, Stars and Water, and most importantly, Mother

Earth, who sustains and governs us, producing fruit, flowers and herbs.

Message from the Congregational Minister

Franciscan Spirituality Blooms with New Opportunity Dear Friends,

Spring is not far off and, at the same time, our Church calls us to the season of Lent, a time of renewal, reconciliation and growth. This is a time to spread the ‘Good News’, the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We are given many opportunities of spiritual growth, to change through prayer, fasting, and other means of personal conversion. A very important response to our mission personally, and in the spirit of sharing, is our Franciscan Spirituality. In the last issue of this publication, I shared with you about the Sylvania Franciscan Village and the goal to invite God’s people to walk with us and share in our spirit, on our campus, in our programs, celebrations and ministry. I want to introduce you to the opportunities offered by our newly renovated Regina Spirituality and Conference Center. This center expands our Sylvania Franciscan experiences which currently include: daily Mass at Queen of Peace Chapel, hermitages which provide a contemplative experience, reflective walks around this spiritual environment to visit the shrines and the prayer garden, and share the beauty of God’s gift of nature. The Regina Spirituality and Conference Center offers rooms for conferences, reflection, prayer, small meetings, retreats, spiritual direction and provides overnight accommodations, including private rooms with full baths. Our director plans, facilitates, and supports opportunities to deepen individual and group spirituality activities through multi-experiences. For specific information, please contact Sister Joan Jurski,, telephone 419-824-3528, or visit our website, The Sylvania Franciscan Village, through the Sisters of St. Francis, Lourdes University and Sylvania Franciscan Health, offer many programs and conferences to enhance our growth. We continue to invite you to Village with us. Another hallmark of our Franciscan life is our gratitude. We are grateful to you for your presence in our lives, and for your gifts which energize our ministries and renew our buildings. We thank God for each of you and appreciate your willingness to help us continue our mission and ministry. In the Peace of Francis and Clare,


Sister Mary Jon Wagner, OSF

(continued from cover)

In recent years, Sister Rosine has introduced an idea called the “Cosmic Walk”. Through the work of scientists, we have learned how the universe has evolved over the last 13.7 billion years. We are now entering a phase where humans will consciously shape the next phase of our evolution. They can choose advancement through co-operation and co-creation or self-destruction through separateness and competition. The choice is ours. How will we decide? “There has been an explosion of scientific understanding of evolution,” said Sister Rosine. “The discovery of the Higgs particle, sometimes known as the God particle, directly connects human beings to the beginning of the Fireball or the “Great Mystery,” as I like to call it. These are exciting times, important times. We can destroy our life support systems or we can move forward in a hope-filled future of immeasurable possibilities.” Sister Rosine says she is glad to follow in St. Francis’ footsteps and spread the message of her patron saint’s love for all of creation. Her biggest accomplishments have been raising the awareness of God’s continuing hand in the wonders of the Cosmos and helping people better understand what our Franciscan focus is today, so we can be more sensitive to preserving the Earth and its resources. Her biggest hope is that enough of us understand the message of our ‘Great Work’ as humans in this evolving 13.7 billion year epic of God’s creation. As Franciscans, she hopes we learn from Luke 12:49: “I have come to light a fire on the earth. How I wish the blaze was ignited!” We are truly living in exciting times and Sister Rosine is glad to be a part of them.

If you want to learn more about SAVE or any of the other ways you can help preserve our planet, call Sister at 419-824-3691 or email her at

Sister Rosine with students and some of the animals in her Life Lab, located in the former St. Agnes Hall, now known as the Lourdes University Learning Center. This is where, for years, she helped students appreciate how plants and animals interacted in nature.

Justice and Peace Ministry

Bethany House Marks 30 Years Serving Victims of Domestic Violence

Bethany House, a long-term shelter for victims of domestic violence and a sponsored ministry of the Sisters of St. Francis of Sylvania, is observing 30 years of serving the needs of women and children in the greater Toledo area. Founded in 1984 by Sylvania Franciscan Sister Rose Therese Lange, Bethany House is one of only a handful of facilities in the country that provides long-term, transitional housing for victims of domestic abuse. Most shelters offer emergency housing for a month or two, while residents of Bethany House can stay for as long as two years. In addition to apartment-style transitional housing, residents receive counseling, education and support services. They also have access to community, legal and social service resources. Residents learn parenting and job skills and some get cars supplied by a local foundation so they have transportation to get to and from work. Children learn how to identify with their feelings and minimize any sense of shame, isolation, guilt or victimization. The staff tries to reduce stress and provide a sense of normalcy for the children through fun, recreational activities and events. “Bethany House is a very special place that offers life-saving and life-transforming services during a very dangerous and vulnerable time for victims of domestic violence and their children,” said Deidra Lashley, executive director of Bethany House. “I feel honored to be able to follow in the footsteps of Sister Rose Therese and continue to carry out her vision to meet the needs of survivors of abuse.” In 2013 Bethany House served 31 adults and 48 children and the average length of stay was seven-and-a-half months. The need for safe, free, long-term transitional shelter has not diminished in the 30 years since Bethany opened its doors and has always had a waiting list for its services. “When Bethany House was founded, there were only three long-term shelters in the United States for abused women and their children,” said Sylvania Franciscan Sister Faith Cosky, who was executive director from 1990 to 1997. “While ministering there, I came to realize that the children were the “second victims”. We worked hard to make it a supportive environment. We found joy in celebrating birthdays and holidays, and trips to Chuck E. Cheese’s for good report cards.” In addition to serving their own residents, staff provides education and training on domestic violence for community groups and homeless shelters and serves as a public advocate for the safety of women and children across northwest Ohio. Bethany House stays in contact with former residents to ensure their continued emotional and physical well-being.

It costs about $25 a day, per resident, to provide safe, long-term transitional housing for victims of domestic violence. Bethany House operates through funding from individuals, private foundations, government agencies and organizations. To donate, volunteer, or for more information, go to


Our 2014 Jubilarians In Memoriam Diamond 60 Years

Sister M. David Narog, OSF

Sr. M. Clarinda Coffel Sr. M. Maurice Wodarski Sr. M. Rosalma Kmiec Sr. M. Rosamond Jasinski

Gold 50 Years

Sr. M. Catherine Labouré Busam

Sr. M. Margretta Wojcik Sr. Mary Peter Kaminski

Sr. Nora Klewicki

Sister David (Frances Rose) died January 31, 2014 in Rosary Care Center, where she had lived for the last 13 years. Born in Minneapolis, Minnesota in 1918, she entered the Sylvania Franciscans in1932 and made her final vows in 1941. She celebrated her 75th jubilee in 2013 and spent most of her religious life in education, teaching for 37 years in Ohio and Michigan and an additional 11 years as a principal. She worked in administration at Lourdes University for five years and in the business department for the Sisters for six years before moving to Rosary Care where she was a minister of prayer. Sister David enjoyed working with children and parents during her time as a teacher and principal. She taught everything from history and economics to the humanities and ethics. Her Polish heritage was always evident. Even in recent years she still read and translated letters from her family and friends in Poland. Stolat!

Helping Stop Modern-Day Slavery Human trafficking, commonly known as 21st century slavery, is the fastest growing criminal industry in America. Sister Geraldine Nowak, who ministers in Justice, Peace, and the Integrity of Creation for the Sylvania Franciscans, is actively involved with a local organization created by Sisters from four women’s religious communities in the Toledo area to educate and advocate for victims of this crime. STOP! (Stop Trafficking of Persons) was formed in 2006 by the Sylvania and Tiffin Franciscans, Notre Dame and Ursuline Sisters as part of their commitment to nonviolence and respect for the inherent dignity of each person. Their ministry includes conducting workshops to educate social workers, counselors, pastors and people who work in the hotel industry, about this insidious activity. They conduct monthly talks to church groups, schools, hospitals, civic organizations, and women’s groups. In January, Sister Geraldine helped conduct a prayer service as part of Human Trafficking Awareness month. Almost 100 people attended the annual service at the Historic Church of St. Patrick’s in downtown Toledo. It had a global perspective; candles were lit for the seven continents in the world, for the almost 21 million victims of human trafficking. “People often think we are involved with human trafficking for political reasons,” said Sister Geraldine. “We do these things because they address a core theme of Catholic social teaching—life and dignity of the human person—which is the basis of building a just society and living lives of holiness among the challenges of modern society. This prayer service provided a place and a time for folks to come together to ask God’s blessing and assistance with this sensitive issue.”

To learn more about STOP! and ways you could help stem this pervasive crime, go to


Sylvania Franciscan Sister Geraldine Nowak, the assistant for Justice and Peace activities for the Sisters of St. Francis, stands with Ohio Representative Teresa Fedor, (D-Toledo) who is spearheading human trafficking legislation through the state legislature, and Notre Dame Sister Ann-Marie Borgess, a member of STOP!, after the January 10 prayer service at Historic Church of St. Patrick in downtown Toledo.

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Brown, Emily A. Campbell, Gary Cheng, Pete Clements, Patrick & Phyllis DeMola, Francis & Patricia Dunnigan, John & Nancy Durkee, Lloyd & Sally Erickson, William & Robin Gingras, Raymond & Barbara Gurriere, A. James & Antoinette Hammer, Patricia A. Jollitz, Walter & Victoria Keefe, Joseph & Nancy Lancour, Harvard & Jacquelyn Mack, Marie C. McCoy, Surgent Neubauer, Sally Rubbo Family Rubbo, Helen Shaw, Mary Lou Simms, Carl & Janice Valade, Alan & Kristine Yeager, John & Dixie Wilfred & Fredia Davenport Davenport, Troy J. Rita DeGuire DeGuire, Ron Mrs. DeMain Holmes, Michael & Cynthia Mr. & Mrs. Dembowski Gorny, Ronald R. Alice DeSloover Krupp, OSF, Dorothy Jayne Helen Dietz Johnson, Sophie G. Dave Dipofr Brown, Timothy & Denise Helen Dobrovocky Davenport, Troy J. Patty Dobson Davenport, Troy J. Edward J. Domansky Dunkle, Dr. A. J. Fisher, Craig & Marian Kasprzak, Kathleen M. Ledesma, Tobiah E. Nelson, Richard & Kathryn Nowak, Cynthia J. Westmeyer, Kimberly A. David Dombeck Dombeck, Ronald & Audrey Rita Dorr Dorr, John Ruth Drake Deeter, Michelle M. Elrose Drewitt Smith, Janice M. Sister M. Marcelline Drewniak, OSF Schhedin, Jean Virginia Drozdowicz Drozdowicz, Michael & Dianne Helen Dubrovocky Davenport, Troy J. Frank & Doris Dudek Dudek, Daniel Genevieve Dudek Gerken, George E. Florence J. Duffy Duffy, Thomas E. Ray & Merle Duffy Duffy, Thomas E. William & Marion Dunn Dunn, OSF, Penny Paul & Irene Duquette Cater, Susan M. Patricia Durkin Durkin, Michael & Mary

Bernice B. Dziekciowski Chock, Ann Marie Dziekciowski, Daniel & Sonja Hartwell, Nate & Patricia Stan & Elizabeth Dziekciowski Dziekciowski, Thomas & Marilyn Irene Dzierzawski Dzierzawski, Nancy H. Winifred Garrison Eckel, OSF, Diana Lynn Maurice Edgington Cook, Michael B. Sis Engler Engler, Daniel & Lisa Anthony Eskra Eskra, Jance C. Warren & Betty Eurenius George, Harold & Mary Mr. & Mrs. Charles Everett, Sr. Everett, Charles & Patricia Edward L. Fackelman Fackelman, Elizabeth Rose Farmer Farmer, James & MaryHelen Florence May Farr Cooper, June Jacqueline Fijal Fijal, Walter Rose Konst Filek Wilhelm, Elizabeth A. Gilberta Anne Finch Sauppe, Laura M. James R. Findlay Schaefer, Pamela J. Hazel Fisse Schmich, Richard & Mary Sister M. Patricia Florkowski, OSF Malinowski, Bernard & Hyacinth White, John Owen & Lucille Flynn Flynn, Francis E. Gary A. Ford Ford, Mary Elizabeth Biddy Fowler Fowler, Charles & Catherine Frank & Vickie Fredericks Fredericks, Janice J. Elmer & Marie Friedell McGovern, Rosemary F. Frisco Loved Ones Frisco, Gene P. Sister M. Constantia Fudali, OSF Fudali, Richard Wiercinski, Mary Ann Joseph & Angela Gacek Misura, Myllin & Joan Gacek Family Members Winkelmann, Lynn M. Henry & Nancy Gadula Gadula, Ethel J. Peter & Anita Garcia Reucher, James John & Helen Gargulinski Gargulinski, Greg & Marcy Gaskell Family Parents Gaskell, Donald & Lucille Janice Mielcarek Gauthier Williams, Adelaide M. Adolph Gazda Birkenmeier, Dorothy B. Sister Pauline Gazda, OSF Birkenmeier, Dorothy B. Donald & Mary George George, Harold & Mary

Thank You to our Donors Gerold Family Members Gerold, Theresa A. Sister Marie John Gesicki, OSF Reho, John & Mary Ann Nancy Gillaspy Williams, Adelaide M. Sister M. Patrick Gillen, OSF Columbus, John Morates, Mary Roberts, Suzanne M. Swope, Joan M. Sister Michelle Gillespie, OSF Savine, Dawn B. Schirtzinger Family Taris, Marie Schirtzinger Frank & Mary Giza Giza, Edward T. Johanna Golkiewicz Price Delphine R. Mr. & Mrs. Gorny Gorny, Ronald R. Sister M. Felice Gorny, OSF Gorny, Ronald R. Heinrichs, Mr. & Mrs. James M. Masten, Philip & Amy Carl Greene Aquilina, Terri L. C. Richard Griffith Griffith, Patricia A. Ben Grilli Retort, Michaelina Josephine Grilli Retort, Michaelina Rev. Bernard Gruba Stuttgen, Eleanore M. Sister M. Bernard Gruba, OSF Rudy, Michael & Karen Stuttgen, Eleanore M. Hyacinth Gruba Stuttgen, Eleanore M. Ursula Gruba Stuttgen, Eleanore M. Frank & Dona Gruse Birkenmeier, Loren & Kris Kathy Guenther Meier, John & Ann Tony & Anne Haak Haak, Eugene & Terese Rev. Robert Haas Meyer, Vincenz Marie Lucille Halker Shaw, Lori Marilyn Halker Shaw, Lori Eleanor Harris Cox, Barbara J. Peter & Jennie Hartfelder Hartfelder, Henry D. Paul Harvan Harvan, Susan E. Stewart & Adelaide Hedley Hedley, James & Mikell Sister M. Lorenzo Herubin, OSF Herubin, John & Therese Joy, Frank & Anna Lillian Himburg Himburg, William & Anita Sister M. Francis Hintz O’Brien, Helen C. Jacqueline Hirsch Thomas, Dale & Janice Joe & Marian Hobday Hobday, Robert & Sue Jack Hobright Hobright, Mary Jane Lloyd & Marjorie Hoffman Hoffman, Maureen C.

Mr. & Mrs. Gerald Holscher Holscher, Carol Ann Carl & Chip Hugebeck Hugebeck, Mary C. Clarence Hubeck Hugebeck, Mary C. Janice L. Humes Kashmer, Michael & Karen Anton & Bernice Jablonowski Jablonowski, Rose Tony Jablonowski Jablonowski, Rose Jerry Jablonski Wodarski, Barbara Martha Jablonski Wodarski, Barbara Al & Agnes Jackowski Mrozek, Henry & Carol Joseph & Katherine Jagodzinski Niedbala, Joseph & Victoria Edward & Stephanie Jaje Mucci, Dennis & Margaret Sister M. Constance Jakubowski, OSF Pisula, Richard & Isabella Sister M. Rufina Janowiec, OSF Kurzawa, Thomas A. Virginia Jaworski Jaworski, Dennis & Cathy Mr. & Mrs. Harry O. Jedd Everett, Charles & Patricia Pauline Jeziorowski Urbanski, Melvin & Geraldine Natalie Rae Johnson Johnson, Sophie G. Dorothy Jurski Jurski, Wallace J. Irene Kajtaniak Conklin, George & Susan Arthur & Ann Kapanke Kapanke, Dolores A. Alex & Anna Kashmer Kashmer, Michael & Karen Sister M. Josephine Katafiasz, OSF Fowler, Robert & Marion Kaufman Parents Kaufman, Rev. Kent Louise C. Kaza Kaza, Sophia M. Kehres, Betty Kehres, Charles (Bud) Kehres Siblings Kehres, Charles (Bud) John & Dorothy Kelly Kelly, Patricia A. Rev. William M. Kennedy Fisse, Robert & Florence Deacon Bill Keran Keran, Christine M. Sister M. Patrice Keran, OSF Angel, Joseph & Theresa Bourgeois, Nina Bretzloff, W. Frederick & Margaret Buckley, John & Sarah Calabrese, Don & Alice Cater, Susan M. Cutshall, Willilam & Susan Emerson, Edwin & Barbara Fadden, Linda A. Fitzpatrick, Edwin & Nancee Franciscan Living Communities Geis Family Geis, Jean C. Hall, John & Yolanda Householder, Cynthia Lajiness, Jerry & Kathy

Lampkowski, Michael & Gayle McHugh, Rosemary M. Meyer, Vincenz Marie Meyers, Holly L. Minnick, Joseph & Darlene Navarro, Barbara A. O’Connell, John & Donna Palicki, Walter R. Pletcher, Rita Roesner, John & Rosemary Ryan, Carole A. Ryan Rick G. Sarnowski, Eleanor Schuessler, Terence & Jane Shockey, Jere & Susan Short, Peter & Pamela Stapleton, Suzanne E. Vento, Kurt M. Virnig, Thomas & Kathryn Waters, William & Ann Welly, Thomas & Ann Wittgenstein, Jr., Victor A. Wodarski, Barbara Wold, Michael & Pamela John Khosinski Klosowski, Carol Joseph & Louise Kijek Schaldenbrand, Peter & Florence Geraldine Schmenk Klemm Klemm, Steven R. Michael Klemm Klemm, Steven R. Leonard & Esther Klocinski Parents Klocinski, Esther Schedin, Jean Stanley Kluska Family Members Schedin, Wallace & Jean Anna Koblinski Tatro, Mary Jean Edward A. Koblinski Tatro, Mary Jean Joseph & Margaret Kolinski Hardenburgh, Amy W. Mary Kolinski Kolinski, James R. Sister M. Matthias Kolinski, OSF Kolinski, George P. Harvey Komasinski Cox, Barbara J. Anne Koniar Koniar, OSF, Gwendolin Jerry Koniar Koniar, OSF, Gwendolin John Koniar Koniar, OSF, Gwendolin John & Sophia Kondziolka Kondziolka, Stanley J. Joseph & Valerie Kos Kos, Therese Ann Laurie Koslowski Witkowski, Loretta M. Sharon Kouri Dombeck, Ronald & Audrey Robert & Victoria Kovoleski Kovoleski, Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Alex & Selma Kozlowski Williams, Adelaide M. Paul J. Krasniewski Cox, Barbara J. Helen Krumel Anonymous Roehrig, Nancy Howard & Viola Krupp Krupp, OSF, Dorothy Jayne Stanley & Patricia Kruzel Nyitray, Sharon

John & Lottie Krysiak Michalski, Eugene S. Sister M. Gregory Kubik, OSF #1 Gates, Doyle & Manda Johnson, Sophie G. Sister M. Gregory Kubik, OSF #2 Johnson, Sophie G. Frank & Theresa Kucharski Raszka, Eleanor R. Leonard & Rose Kuczajda Chrostowski, James & Karen Stella Kuduk Anonymous Sister M. Ruth Kuduk, OSF Tabaka, Gertrude P. Joseph Kukielka Kukielka, Diane Sister M. Matthew Kulik, OSF Malinowski, Bernard & Hyacinth Leo & Stella Kulkman Daniel, John E. Stephen & Anna Kupka Masten, Philip & Amy Marilyn Kurtzman Kurtzman, John L. Carl & Elise Kwapisz Kwapisz, Ronald C. John Kwiatkowski Poturalski, Robert J. Phyllis Lacure Welter, Karen Jo Janet Carol LaFramboise Engler, Daniel & Lisa Charles Langenderfer Langenderfer, Melba J. Rosemary LaVoy LaVoy, Robert C. Marjorie Lewis Olson, Victoria A. Jo Light Light, Diane Gervase Lochotzki Lochotzki, OSF, M. Gervase Urban & Barbara Lochotzki Lochotzki, OSF, M. Gervase Therese Lojek Romanski, Marie Sister M. Victoriann Lopata, OSF Ulman, Rev. Stanley A. Maurice & Clara Louagie Thornell, Robert & Diane Louviaux Family Members Louviaux, Helena Andrew & Anna Lubeck Lubeck, OSF, M. Samuel Anna J. Lubeck Glodek, OSF, Cecile D. Kunz, OSF, Gretchen Lubeck, Andrew Samsel, OSF, M. Irenaeus Sylvester J. Lubiatowski Lubiatowski, Marjorie A. George Lupke Warsecke, Joseph & Kara Marie Francis & Amy Maidment Schaefer, Pamela J. Guerino & Rosalie Malcom Morates, Mary Bernard & Sophia Malinowski Malinowski, Bernard & Hyacinth Marvin & Mary Lou Mandley Arend, Don & Sue Mankowski Family Members Winkelmann, Lynn M.

Julia Many Holmes, Michael & Cynthia Clyde & Shirley Masten Masten, Philip & Amy Matkowski Family Members Matkowski, Eugene & Geraldine Kathleen Matthew Bretzloff, Margaret E. Joyce Ann Matuszewski Matuszewski, Victor & Constance Stella Matuszewski Matuszewski, Victor & Constance McAlear Parents McAlear, Patrick & Marilyn James G. McCutchan McCutchan-Vernier, Pat George & Lena McDonald Palkert, Lawrence L. Leo & Emily McHue McHue, Denise M. Helen McInerny Hobright, Mary Jane Dr. Maurice McInerny Hobright, Mary Jane James S. McKeen McKeen, Nancy McManus Family Members Alexander, Ann T. Ruth McVicker Shaw, Lori James A. Meyer Meyer, Michael J. Meyer, Vincenz Marie Mary Ann Meyer Meyer, Michael J. Arnie & Pauline Michael Blevins, OSF, Paula M. Steve Michalak Nadolski, Jerome & Loretta Walter Michalak Nadolski, Jerome & Loretta Charles & Jenny Michalski Michalski, Eugene S. Gerri & Joanne Michalski Michalski, Eugene S. Sister M. Albertina Mielcarek, OSF Williams, Adelaide M. Sister M. Gemma (Mikolajczyk) Mikolay, OSF Mikolajczyk, Michael & Rebecca Ed & Ruby Miller Haak, Eugene & Terese Jeff Miller Wise, Elizabeth T. William & Elizabeth Miller Myers, Clifford & Elizabeth Raymond & Stella Misura Misura, Myllin & Joan Sister M. Mercedes Mleczko, OSF Rymanowski, Albert Charles & Lucille Monaghan Monaghan, Richard & Beatrice Robert Monaghan Monaghan, Richard & Beatrice George Morates Morates, Mary Rudolph & Josephine Mravec Kashmer, Michael & Karen Sister M. Corinne Mroszczak, OSF Werne, Roger & Lani Sister M. Bonaventure Mroz, OSF Mruz-Partyka, Doris M.


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Ted & Donna Mrozek Mrozek, Henry & Carol Amol & Anne Mucci Mucci, Dennis & Margaret Gladys Basara Murray Partyka, John & Lorraine Muskala Family Members Winkelmann, Lynn M. Sister Marie Muskala, OSF Misura, Myllin & Joan Romanski, Marie Sarnowski, Eleanor Sylvania Franciscan Health Sister M. Rose Angela Muskala, OSF Misura, Myllin & Joan John Mustafaga Mustafaga, Evelyn P. Barbara Myers Reucher, James Francis & Elizabeth Myers Myers, Clifford & Elizabeth Norbert Nadolski Nadolski, Jerome & Loretta Matthew & Ann Najmowicz Siniarski, Michael & Susan Sister M. Faber Narog, OSF Chock, Ann M. Dziekciowski, Thomas & Marilyn Hugebeck, Mary C. Joncas, Theresa J. Thompson, Paul & Susan Weglinski, Rita Joseph & Rozalia Narog Chock, Ann M. Joncas, Theresa J. Sister M. Catherine Nawrocki, OSF Halleron, Ursula A. Sister M. Magdalene Nawrocki, OSF Halleron, Ursula A. Sister M. Suzanne Nawrocki, OSF Halleron, Ursula A. Roland & Ellen Ness Kondziolka, Stanley J. Anthony & Magdalene Niedbala Niedbala, Joseph & Victoria Niedbala, Theodore J. Helen Niedbala Niedbala, Theodore J. John Niemiec Niemiec, Michael J. Walter J. Niemiec Digges, Joyce Jones, Robert E. Karr, Shannon Knight, Byron & Karen Petersen, Kris & Esta Pinger, June B. Sophie Nijakowski Lompis, Elaine A. Helen Nowak Lompis, Elaine A. Caroline Nussel Nussel, Edward & Lorraine Edward Nussel Nussel, Lorraine Emily Nussel Nussel, Edward & Lorraine Ed & Anne Nycz Nycz, Joseph & Marilyn Mr. & Mrs. Nicholas Oberle Rabideau, Margaret Oberski, Lillian Shaw, Lori Ochab Family Members Matkowski, Eugene & Geraldine


Dr. Thomas O’Grady O’Grady, Inez Selma Oleniczak Tozer, Jane M. Sister M. Ladislas Oleszkowicz, OSF Bielawski, Paul & Jill Virginia Oleszkowicz Oleszkowicz, Mark & Cynthia Thomas & Michaeline Ondrey Sitarz, Jann M. Tom Ondrey, Jr. Sitarz, Jann M. Sister M. Florian O’Shesky, OSF Wojcik, Robert Anton & Alice Ottrock Ottrock, OSF, Kathleen Louis & Anne Palkert Palkert, Lawrence L. Walter & Mary Palicki Palicki, Walter R. Sister Anton Marie Parker, OSF Wiercinski, Mary Ann Edward Partyka Mruz-Partyka, Doris M. Frank & Mary Pasiowitz Pasiowitz, OSF, Bernice Barbara Paszek Paszek, John Edwin & Stephanie Patalon Zacharias, Frank & Margaret Pastewski Loved Ones Pastewski, Geraldine T. Charles & Jacqueline Pavlik Pavlik, Rochelle A. Dennis Pavlik Pavlik, Rochelle A. Helen Pawlowiec Giera, Lorraine A. Ignattous & Victoria Pelc Peltz, Helen Mary Sister M. Roberta Pelc, OSF Peltz, Helen Mary Richard G. Peltz Peltz, Helen Mary Sister M. Stephen (Pendzimas) Pendmas, OSF Rymanowski, Albert Sister M. Xavier (Pendzimas) Pendmas, OSF Rymanowski, Albert Stephen & Catherine Petretich Petretich, Catherine A. Adelle Petsolt Dombeck, Ronald & Audrey Sister M. Frances Pieczynski, OSF Murphy, Ann M. Steve & Lottie Piekarz Piekarz, OSF, Ann Lorette Anna Piesiak Heide, Jane A. Krystyna Piesiak Heide, Jane A. Stanislaw Piesiak Heide, Jane A. Ken Pigott Pigott, Ronald & Patricia Jason & Anna Pilch Niedbala, Theodore J. Piotrowski, Michael Piotrowski, Lynn M. Anna R. Pivarnyis Dzierzawski, Nancy H. Ann Pluta Pluta, Thomas & Patricia John & Julia Pluta Ciesielski, OSF, Myra John Pojedynski Pojedynski, Virginia P.

Charles & Claire Poposki Poposki, Patricia Joseph Poposki Poposki, Patricia Victoria Price Price, Delphine R. Edmund & Helen Prisby Gargulinski, Greg & Marcy Pruzyaski Family Members Rybinski, Joseph A. Rev. Joseph J. Przybysz Matuszewski, Victor & Constance Roessle, Sophia R. Trautman, Kerry Yenrick, David & Carolyn Mr. & Mrs. William Rabideau Rabideau, Margaret Jane R. Radecki Carleski, James & Rita Ann John F. Radecki Carleski, James & Rita Ann Louise J. Reho Reho, John & Mary Ann Corrine L. Reineke Reineke, Sr., William F. Sister M. Germaine Restuk, OSF Kurzawa, Thomas A. James Restek Merlitti, Roberta J. Josephine Restek Merlitti, Roberta J. William Restek Merlitti, Roberta J. Frank & Mary Janet Reucher Reucher, James Margaret Revard Revard, James P. Eugene Rice Rice, Edith Alice Woit Rich Wells, Shirley A. Elizabeth A. Riems Sheibley, Mary Lou Angie Ripsin Hennessy, Jane Dr. Ranieri Rocchi Rocchi, Jean Dolores J. Rochelle Spilis, Ronald & Florence Consuelo Rodriguez Kaza, Sophia M. Edwin & Irene Rogalski Overberg, Dorothy M. Henry Rokicki Rokicki, Richard & Leatrice Sister M. Aquinas Rolek, OSF Sitarz, Jann M. Francis & Frances Rolek Sitarz, Robert & Jann Louise Rollet Kaza, Sophia M. Anna Romanczuk Romanczuk, Paul R. Ed & Loretta Rostrather Witkowski, Loretta M. Marion & Jeanette Rowinski Rowinski, Jeanne M. Rowinski, Joanne T. Olive Bradley Rubbo Rubbo, Salvatore & Gloria Frank J. Rudzki Rudzki, Wanda C. Dorothy Rurak Tylinski, Doris A. John Rurak Tylinski, Doris A.

Celine Rushowski Root, Linda A. Sister Joan LaVerne Rutz, OSF Burkholder, Gary & Carolyn Carlson, Philip & Suzanne Daniels Frakie, Roger & Janice Matthys, Daniel & Ceclia Sister M. Clementine Rybinski, OSF Rybinski, Agnes Rybinski, Joseph A. Sister M. Paschal Rybinski, OSF Rybinski, Agnes Rybinski, Joseph A. Rosella Rybinski Rybinski, Joseph A. Rybinski Family Members Rybinski, Joseph A. Edward & Josephine Rydzewski Henson, Donna M. Wanda Rykowski Suchy, Patrick & Juanita David Samsel Samsel, OSF, M. Irenaeus, Parents of Sister M. Irenaeus Samsel Samsel, OSF, M. Irenaeus Stephen & Anne Santo Santo, David C. Roger & Joanne Scally Light Diane Francis E. Schaefer Schaefer, Pamela J. F. Edward Schaefer Schaefer, Pamela J. Frank & Cecilia Schaefer Hugebeck, Mary C. Owen & Dorothy Schaefer Schaefer, OSF, M. Jordan Lauretta Schafer Farmer, James & MaryHelen Fred & Eleanor Schlotier Hedley, James & Mikell Christina Schmenk Schmenk, Msgr. Cleo S. Henry Schmenk Schmenk, Msgr. Cleo S. Clifford & Betty Schrein Schrein, OSF, Shannon Clifford G. Schrein Bingle, Beverly A. Brubaker, Bill & Carla Campbell, Robert F. Corwin, William & Beverly Cox Media Group, Atlanta, GA Douglas, Henry & Mary Freeman, Bo Gimple, James J. Grothjan, Harry & Emily Hayward, John F. Hoff, Gregory & Mary Howard, Jill Huffman, John C. June, Ronald & Elizabeth Kest, Jr., Joseph H. Kirk, Germaine G. Krzyminski, Steve & Allison Kulakowski, Michael & Julie Lench, Leigh Meyer, Vincenz Marie Morris, Christopher & Christine Noe, Melissa Noe, Thomas Reaman, Eugene M. Retort, Michelina Ritter, Thomas & Cynthia Roccia, William & Sandra

Rohr, Jay & Therese Rohr, Mary Rose Schrein, Joanne C. Schrein, Ronald & Margaret Schubargo, James & Linda Snyder, Ann Sullivan, Maureen A. Tressler, Michael & Josephine Ward, James & Edith Wilhelm, Rev. Robert J. Patricia Flaherty Seifried Seifried, George B. Bernard & Rose Seldon Malinowski, Bernard & Hyacinth Sister M. Trinita Seliga, OSF Skelton, Agnes James Sheahan Sheahan, Roger Dean W. Sheibley Sheibley, Mary Lou Grace Chassir Shelton Rubbo, Salvatore & Gloria Christine Sidzing Himburg, William & Anita Anna Sienkiewicz Trzesniowski, Stephen M. Sister M. Aquin Sienko, OSF Sienko, Frank A. Wittrock, Thomas & Therese Sister M. Danielle Sienko, OSF Sienko, Frank A. Wittrock, Thomas & Therese Sister M. Melanie Sienko, OSF Sienko, Frank A. Wittrock, Thomas & Therese Charles D. Singler Singler, Msgr. Charles E. Mary Siniarski Siniarski, Michael & Susan Joseph Sitarz Sitarz, Jann M. Mary Lou Skoney Skoney, M.D., Joseph A. Lawrence Slobbodian Taylor, William & Charlene Sister M. Antonelle Slostech, OSF Ehling, Kenneth & Jean Sister Evelyn Slovik, OSF Gates, Doyle & Manda James, Mary Anne Jamie Smith Smith, Janice M. Richard W. Smith Smith, Geraldine Ron Smith Smith, Janice M. Rosetta Elizabeth Smith Kertesz, Catherine L. Ben Smitkowski Dombeck, Ronald & Audrey Bernard & Frances Sneider Sneider, SND, M. Joetta Bernard & Fernanda Sobczak Sobczak, OSF, Rosine John & Rose Sokolowski Sokolowski, OSF, Jeanine Sister M. Ethelbert Solnik, OSF Trif, Viorel & Phyllis Barbara Sovell Sovell, Donald K. Thad Speier Speier, Lucille B. Carl Spencer Spencer, Loretta Phil & Sadie Spino Steele, Robert & Phyllis

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Sadie Spino Steele, Robert & Phyllis Leslie Stanek Stanek, Rose Ann F. John & Mary Starzyk Starzyk, Elaine Barbara Steele Steele, Robert & Phyllis Sister M. Rose Stetz, OSF Kurzawa, Thomas A. Frances. Stolski Stanek, Rose Ann F. Stan & Helen Stopczynski Stopczynski, Thomas E. Raymond Stopera Stopera, Anne B. Robert Edwin & Phyllis Jean Stough Stough, Craig & Barbara Gertrude Suchy Suchy, Patrick & Juanita Charles & Mary Ann Sullivan Sullivan, SND, M. Bernarda Mike Sullivan Drewicz, Norene Lucille Suplica Suplica, Edward P. Ann Surma Dajnowicz, Thomas & Sharina Rudd, Rick & Terri Greg & Mary Jo Surma Parents Surma, Greg & Mary Jo Sister M. Josepha Swapinski, OSF Slattery, Susan M. Swiderski Family Members Swiderski, Edward & Florence Felix & Catherine Swiderski Swiderski, Edward & Florence Lillian M. Swierczek Mustafaga, Evelyn P. Sylvania Franciscans who died in 2012 Ciancetta, Victor C. Linda Szmania Szmania, Thomas J. Victor & Anna Szydlowski Rossi, Lillian Sister M. Inez Tabaka, OSF Hugebeck, Mary C. Tabaka, Gertrude P. Frank A. Tarnowski, Sr. Tarnowski, Alice M. Edgar J. Tatro Tatro, Mary Jean Frank & Virginia Thell Hobday, Robert & Sue Tom & Betty Thomas Thomas, Dale & Janice Donna Thompson Dombeck, Ronald & Audrey Deanne Shelton Tillman Rubbo, Slavatore & Gloria Max Alan Timperley Sloan, Timothy & Laura Tollison Relatives & Friends Tollison, Joanne K. Tomaszewski Family Parents Gaskell, Donald & Lucille Tomaszewski Family Members Tomaszewski, Pamela Sister M. Alfreda Tomczak, OSF Brandenburg, Susan M. Dorothy Tozer Tozer, Jane M. Florence Schnetzler Tressler Tressler, Michael & Josephine Eleanor Anne Trzesniewski Trzesniowski, Stephen M.

Rosalia Trzesniowski Trzesniowski, Stephen M. Tucholski Relatives & Friends Tollison, Joanna K. Sister M. Priscilla Tykwinski, OSF Sovell, Donald K. Doug Ulmer Deeter, Michelle M. Edward & Sophie Urban Urban, OSF, Adrienne Urban, OSF, M. Grace Ellen Agnes Urbanski Matuszewski, Victor & Constance Lottie Urbanski Urbanski, Melvin & Geraldine Victor Utykanski Utykanski, David & Elisa William Van Koughnet Van Koughnet, Theresa G. Diane Vas Kashmer, Michael & Karen Ann L. Vernier McCutchan-Vernier, Pat Joan Wadsten Dombeck, Ronald & Audrey Allene Walicki Poissant, Gerald R. Regina M. Ware Brian, Timothy & Lynn Sister Alice Warrick, OSF Hugebeck, Mary C. Virginia Wawerczak Formella, Herbert & Dorothy Sister M. Sebastian Wawrzyniak, OSF Woods, Roberta W. Bill Weber Weber, Mary Anne Catherine Weglinski Klosowski, Carol Joseph Weglinski Klosowski, Carol Jerry Welter Welter, Karen Jo Eugene G. Wenson Adams Family Adams, Mark & Jennifer Badyna, Mildred Bartczak, Rita Brothers, Dennis & Renae Fadden, Linda A. Felosak, Tamara Foyt, Garey & Mary Grace, Dennis & Alma Greer, Alva Lloyd Grosz, Marlene Hornik, Tom & Pam Hurl, Gary & Marsha Jossefides, Derry & Vivian Jakubiak Family Jakubiak, Peter & Kathleen Maloney, Larry & Mary Mankowski, Angeline McCloskey, Kevin & Carol Stout, Donald & Denise Waske, Leonard & Teresa Wennimaker, Pat Wenson, Richard Zak, Frank Zane, Mike & Chris Zukowski, Larry & Terry John K. Werner Kashmer, Michael & Karen Mravec, Rudy & Josie Rose Ethel Violet White Malinowski, Bernard & Hyacinth

Hattie Wieczorek Niemiec, Michael J. Sister M. Eugene Wilk, OSF Wilk, Anthony John & Mary Wilkins Jablonowski, Rose Roslyn Jurski Wilson Jurski, Genevieve Winkelmann Family Members Winkelmann, Lynn M. Jeannette Winkelmann Winkelmann, Lynn M. Frank & Valeria Witkowski Witt, OSF, M. Ricarda Gene Witkowski Witkowski, Loretta M. Joseph Witkowski Witkowski, Loretta M. John & Rita Witkowski Witkowski, Loretta M. Kathy Witkowski Witkowski, Loretta M. Tim Witkowski Witkowski, Loretta M. Janice A. Woda Cox, Barbara J. Ollie & Hattie Wodarski Wodarski, Barbara Gertrude H. Woit Wells, Shirley A. Sister M. Emelia Wojciak, OSF Roberts, Suzanne M. Sister M. Stephanie Wotowiec, OSF Murphy, Ann M. Marion Davis Wright Holmes, Michael & Cynthia Alex Yokanovich Hankes, Margaret E. Sister M. Justin Yourish, OSF Frame, Martha Maurer, David & Diane Wehrung, Gary & Barbara Bernard & Alfreda Zacharias Zacharias, Stanley & Helen Sister M. Norbertine Zacharias, OSF Crane, Harry Felczak, Edwin & Rita Kurzawa, Thomas A. Romanski, Marie Sobanski, Sylvia Sobanski, Thomas Zacharias, Stanley & Helen Stanley & Stella Zacharias Zacharias, Frank & Margaret Sister M. Caroline Zajac, OSF Pisula, Richard & Isabella Sister M. Leonilla Zak, OSF Mutchler, David & Mary George J. Zaker McCloskey, Kevin & Carol Clara Zalecki Parents Zalecki, Clara John & Mary Zamborsky Batcho, Rita M. Joseph Zarembski Zarembski, Elizabeth Sister Beatrice Zawisza, OSF Nehr, Frank & Elizabeth John Zawisza Zawisza, Nancy J. Steve Zawisza Family Members Kaitaniak, Melvin & Dolores Steven & Stella Zawisza Zawisza, Nancy J. Stanley & Helen Zbanski Zarembski, Elizabeth Catherine Zdybek Davenport, Troy J.

Sister M. DeChantel Zembal, OSF Kurzawa, Thomas A. Edward Zielinski Wolanin, Helen M. Theresa Zielinski Lompis, Elaine A. Sister M. Alma Zigment, OSF Whelihan, Nicholas & Rose Anthony Zukowski Zukowski, Frank S. Joanne Zukowski Zukowski, Frank S. Julianne Zukowski Anonymous Sister M. Theophila Zwolski, OSF Gates, Doyle & Manda Zych Family Members Swiderski, Edward & Florence Marcel & Mary Zych Swiderski, Edward & Florence Catherine Zydbek Davenport, Troy J.

​T ributes Leamond A. Allen Allen, Leamond A. John & Rita Batcho Family Batcho, Rita M. Dolores Bauerschmidt Kehres, Charles J. Thomas & Patricia Bennett Bittel, Angela C. Bodette Family Calabrese, Alice U. Charles & Polly Bonczyk Poposki, Patricia Jane Bonczyk Poposki, Patricia Boyce Family Brady, Paula Boyle Family Jennewine, Sheila Boyle Ralph & Patricia Brickner Brickner, Daniel & Karen Bernadette Butler Family Butler, Bernadette Calabrese Family Calabrese, Alice U. Sister M. Philothea Chirpich, OSF Drewicz, Norene L. Ann Marie Chock Dziekciowski, Thomas & Marilyn Sister Marie Andree Chorzempa, OSF Chorzempa, Frances C. Chorzempa, Matthew & Kathy Sister M. Clarinda Coffel, OSF Skluzacek, Rev. Michael St. John the Baptist Catholic Church, New Brighton, MN Sister Theresa Darga Cannon, Joanna E. Reid, Jim & Patricia Timothy & Carolyn Davenport Davenport, Troy J. Wendy Dolyk’s Mother Dolyk, Wendy L. Dominican Sister Teachers at St. Alphonsus, Dearborn, MI Monaghan, Richard & Beatrice Sister Josephine Dybza, OSF Hassen, Marianne Sister Diana Lynn Eckel, OSF Reimann, Joan Janet Eskra Suplica, Edward P. Family Fowler, Robert & Marion

Family & Friends LaBadie, SND, M. Maurus Su Franzmeier Paluszak, OSF, Geraldine Winifred Garrison Eckel, OSF, Diana Lynn Sister Carol Ann Grace, OSF Miller, Robert & Heather Kurzawa, Thomas A. Lampkowski, Michael & Gayle Thomas, Dale & Janice Zak, George & Jessie C. Richard Griffith Griffith, Patricia A. Sister Mary Ann Grzeskowiak, OSF Gabrik, Thomas & Peggy Gomez, R. Patrick & Sandra Elsie Harvan Harvan, Susan E. Sister Sharon Havelak, OSF Beresnyak, Timothy, TOR Franciscan Friars, TOR, Hollidaysburg, PA John Hirsch Thomas, Dale & Janice Hramiec Family Hramiec, Donald & Elizabeth Jubilarians of 2013 Aldahondo, Teresa Sister Joan Jurski, OSF DuCharme, Melissa Jurski, Genevieve Walsh, Kathleen Jeanette Kappe Zelazny, Jean Ann Edward Kelly Matthews, Todd Dr. Jeanne Ketley & Dr. Jan Bowman Grande Mary Klisz Family Kupka, David & Linda Kolanko Family Kolanko, Joseph & Rose Edward Kolinski Kolinski, James R. Helen R. Kurmel Krumel, Don Sharon L. Kruse Kruse Family Kruse, William & Julie Sister Gretchen Kunz, OSF Smith, Al & Bette Kupka Family Kupka, David & Linda Kurtzman Daughters Kurtzman, John L. Kurtzman Grandchildren Kurtzman, John L. Sister M. Verona Kurtzman, OSF Kurtzman, John L. Anne LaForge Heiter, Jerrilyn L. Gayle Lampkowski Thompson, Janice LCWR (Leadership Conference of Women Religious) Surma, Greg & Mary Jo Sister M. Felicitas Magon, OSF Miara, Rev. James L. P. Frances McCutchan McCutchan-Vernier, Pat Sister Brigid O’Shea Merriman, OSF Merriman, John & Linda Ernest & Betty Miller Miller, Dennis & Janet


Thank You to our Donors

Rita A. Mills Ford, Gary & Mary Regina Moran Nussel, Edward & Lorraine Mularski Family Mularski, Leonard J. Clifford & Elizabeth Myers Myers, OSF, Julie Sister M. David Narog, OSF Anonymous Dec, Michael M. Leonard & Jeanne Newis Newis, John & Melinda Wanda Niemiec Niemiec, Michael J. Sister Kathleen Ottrock, OSF Dorr, Robert & Dianne Sister Geraldine Paluszak, OSF Sery, William J. Charles & Jacqueline Pavlik Pavlik, Rochelle A. Dennis Pavlik Pavlik, Rochelle A. Jerome Phillips Family Phillips, Ann Max & Flossie Phillips Family Phillips, Ann Rev. Roger Pierre Schaffhausen, Ann-Marie Pokorski Family Pokorski, Al & Mary Louis D. Ponzi, Jr. Ponzi, Lawrence & Tina Charles & Claire Poposki Poposki, Patricia Joseph Poposki Poposki, Patricia Candace Postlewaite Niece who has ALS Postlewaite, Candace Karen Poulsen Thompson, Janice Bruce Proper Kwapisz, Ronald C. Lisa Proper Kwapisz, Ronald C. Kirsten & Paige Proper Kwapisz, Ronald C. Sister Rita Jane Radecki, OSF Carleski, James & Rita Ann Dr. Janet Robinson Warpeha, OSF, M. Cabrini Rogge Family Rogge, Mary Sister M. Fidelis Rubbo, OSF Hassen, Marianne Sister M. Thomas More Ruffing, OSF Collins, Patricia Sister M. Irenaeus Samsel, OSF Nycz, Joseph & Mariyn Sister M. Jordan Schaefer, OSF Olms, Peter & Cynthia Jean M. Schatt Dzierzawski, Nancy H. Rev. F. Schill Phillips, Ann Monsignor Cleo S. Schmenk Miller, Robert & Heather Servants, Patricia, Karen & George Shuff, Anne M. Sister Juliana Sienko, OSF Jukowski Family Julkowski, Helen M. Sienko, Frank A. Wittrock, Thomas & Therese Rita J. Singler Singler, Msgr. Charles E.


Sisters of St. Francis of Sylvania, OH Kurzawa, Thomas A. Lechlak, OSF, Emily Reynolds, Robert & Roberta Sisters of St. Francis of Sylvania, OH who ministered at St. Ann Parish, Cincinnati, OH Dorrmann, Rev. William J. Sisters of St. Francis of Sylvania, OH at St. Francis Hospital, Hamtramck, MI Stock, Frank & Camille Sisters of St. Francis of Sylvania, OH who taught at St. Hyacinth School,Toledo, OH from 1940-1947 Knapik, Gerald F. Sisters of St. Francis of Sylvania, OH who served at St. Joseph School, Crestline, OH Gordon, Ed Sisters of St. Francis of Sylvania, OH who served at St. Ladislaus School, Hamtramck, MI Hawk, Mary Ann Stock, Frank & Camille Wolyniak, Cecilia M. Sisters of St. Francis of Sylvania, OH who taught at Sts. Peter & Paul School, Sandusky, OH Egger, Robert & Patricia Sisters of St. Joseph Nicholson, Margaret A. Kelley Slamke Giera, Lorraine A. Ted & Pat Smith Newis, John & Melinda Sobieniak Family Kolanko, Joseph & Rose Sister Jane Mary Sorosiak, OSF Beresnyak, TOR, Timothy Franciscan Friars, TOR, Hollidaysburg, PA Sosnowski Family Wisz, Richard & Dolores Walter & Olga Stanek Stanek, Rose Ann Sister M. Jeremias Stinson, OSF Kurzawa, Thomas A. Pezzin, John J. Suplica Children Suplica, Edward P. Sister Nancy Ann Surma, OSF Surma, Greg & Mary Jo Ann Szych Drozdowicz, Michael & Dianne Sister Patricia Taube, OSF Segan, Nancy A. Sister M. Kateri Theriault, OSF Dressman, Timothy Sister Mary Thill, OSF Conley, Cheryl J. Robert & Alma Thornell Miller, Dennis & Janet Thornell, Robert & Diane Sister Adrienne Urban, OSF Pezzin, John J. Sister M. Grace Ellen Urban, OSF Pezzin, John J. Vensel Family Mularski, Leonard J. Sister Mary Jon Wagner, OSF Broski, Richard & Annette Sister M. Cabrini Warpeha, OSF Michael, Gerard & Linda Ed & Anna Weithman Family Phillips, Ann

Rev. Robert Weithman Phillips, Ann Thomas I. Wisniewski Brecher, Arthur S. Wisc Family Wisz, Richard & Dolores Wojnac Family Kolanko, Joseph & Rose Frank & Marge Zachariras Zacharias, Frank & Marge Sister Marge Zacharias, OSF Crane, Harry


Estate of Genevieve Dudek Estate of the Very Rev. John A. McClure Estate of Allene Walicki Estate of Julianne Zukowski


Anonymous Kappa Gamma Pi, Lourdes University, Sylvania, OH Local Chapter Conference A Local Chapter Conference B Local Chapter Conference C Local Chapter Conference D Local Chapter Conference N Local Chapter Conference S


Kempel, Peter & Kathy Khan, D.D.S., Nadeem Kirby, Scott Lampkowski, Michael & Gayle Marks, Emil & Penny Metro Salon, Toledo, OH Palicki, Walter R. Pope, Jim & Mary Profota, Rev. James RJS Rough Landscaping, Swanton, OH Ryan, Rick G. Shelton, Doug Sisters of St. Francis of Sylvania, OH Sophia Center, Inc., Sylvania, OH Steele, Harvey J. Stultz, Robert Superior Impressions, Inc., Toledo, OH Sylvania Automotive, Sylvania, OH Sylvania Franciscan Associates Sylvania Franciscan Health Theater League, Kansas City, MO T. J. Irwin T.J. Irwin Photography, Toledo, OH Tomase Dental Care, Toledo, OH Tomase, D.D.S., Timothy Tracz, Robert & Ann-Marie Wehbi, Arbid Zingo’s, Perrysburg, OH


Sister Eleanore Furman, OSF Jurski, OSF, Joan Sister Joan Jurski, OSF Anonymous Sister M. Gervase Lochotzki, OSF Jurski, OSF, Joan Sister Geraldine Nowak, OSF Anonymous Sister M. Austin Onisko, OSF Jurski, OSF, Joan Deborah Schwartz Warpeha, OSF, M. Cabrini Sister Jeanette Zielinski, OSF Jurski, OSF, Joan

RJS Rough Landscaping, Swanton, OH Stultz, Robert J.



All Good Things, Sylvania, OH Alverno Studio, Sylvania, OH Anderson’s Inc., Maumee, OH Bartz Viviano Flowers, Toledo, OH Brieschke’s Bakery, Sylvania, OH Brieschke, Don & Bonnie Ron Charles Chicago Bears Football Club, Lake Forest, IL Cleveland Browns, Berea, OH Commons of Providence, Sandusky, OH Country Grains from the Great Plains, Sylvania, OH Davey Tree Expert Company, Toledo, OH Delucia, Marcy Detroit Red Wings, Detroit, MI Dolyk, Wendy Drewicz, Norene L. Edelman, Mark Franciscan Living Communities, Toledo, OH French, Michael & Robin Geswein, Gregory & Rose Grape Leaf Restaurant, Holland, OH Great Smiles Dentistry, Toledo, OH Hensley, Karen K-100 Shores & Steele


Jocelyn Carlson Welles, Ethelyn L. Joe & June Eby Manley, Paul & Rosemary Franklin & Lucille Ott & Family Fred Ott, Inc., Berkey, OH Ott, Darrel Patricia Flaherty Seifried Seifried, George B.

Sister Patrice Kerin, OSF McHugh, III, John J. Sister M. Jeremias Stinson, OSF Pezzin, John J. Sister M. Grace Ellen Urban, OSF McHugh, III, John J.


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Glodek, Thomas & Sandra Hadnagy, OFM, Conv., Rev. John-Raphael Hassen, Marianne Hudgin, Barry & Denise Large, Keith Litten, Shawn Maier, Rev. Paul J. Novascone, Mary Ann Price, Dorothy M. Quinn, Florence E. Ray, Connie Renda, Gloria J. Resurrection Parish, Lexington, OH Rispalje, Philip & Nancy Robinson, Joanne Rubbo Family Rubbo, Mark & Laura Schlievert, Jill Sisters of St. Francis, Aston, PA Sisters, Servants of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, Monroe, MI St. Clare Commons, Perrysburg, OH Steele, Robert & Phyllis St. Rose Catholic Church, Perrysburg, OH St. Rose Peace and Justice, Perrysburg, OH Sylvania Franciscan Health Tartaglia, M.D., Louis A. The Ministry of Caring, Inc., Wilimington, DE Thriving Villages International, Inc., Mechanicsburg, PA Transfiguration of the Lord Catholic Church, Upper Sandusky, OH Trinity Medical Center, Steubenville, OH Wilson, Bruce & Deborah


Sister M. Patrice Kerin, OSF Wilson, Bruce & Deborah Janet Logsdon Grafmiller, Frank & Lori Moon, L. Jean S. Steyer, Mr. & Mrs. Donald Charles & Lucille Monaghan Monaghan, Richard & Beatrice Robert Monaghan Monaghan, Richard & Beatrice

PLANT and facilites FUND

Belt, Jenifer A. Burrer, Wayne Program Solutions Group, LLC, Perrysburg, OH Shumaker, Loop & Kendrick, LLP, Toledo, OH Zacharias, Frank & Margaret


Julianne Zukowski Zukowski, David P. Camille A. Stock Zacharias, Frank & Margaret Sister M. Priscilla Tykwinski, OSF Tykwinski, David & Bessie


Sister M. Irenaeus Samsel, OSF Nycz, Joseph & Marilyn

Thank You to our Donors


Brown Advisory Charitable Foundation, Inc., Baltimore, MD Brown, Thomas & Leona Antczak, Danuta Diane T. Buckley, John & Sarah Betzold, Margaret Johnson Burrer, Wayne & Gayle Bollinger, Marilyn Burroughs, Diane Book, William & Mary Cencula, Rev. Leonard T. Casura, Robert & Rita Chojnowski, Carol Henson, Donna M. Ciccone, D.D.S., Dr. & Mrs. Rocco Norris, Jr. Tom Collaborative, Inc., Toledo, OH Risher, Warren & Martha Commons of Providence, Schmenk, Michael & Kathleen Sandusky, OH Stelmaszewski, Donna J. Condon, Nancy K. Urbanski, Leonard & Alice Cox, Helen Warpeha, Walter & Mary Croll, Suzette Weiss, Harry & Patricia Daly, Lynn Zachel, Katherine A. Daniewicz, John & Kathleen SISTERS’ RETIREMENT Davey Tree Expert Company, FUND Memorials Toledo, OH Sister Elaine Marie Baca, OSF Dawson, Mary Zachel, Katherine A. Day, Rachel Sister M. Hilary Biernat, OSF Day, Richard & Kate Biernat, Bart F. Derivan, Thomas Jocelyn Carlson Doering Leasing Company, Grindatti, Jacqueline M. Milwaukee, WI Winifred C. Garrison Dolyk, Wendy Eckel, OSF, Diana Lynn Dorrmann, Rev. William J. Allen Hall Donnelly, Most Rev. Robert W. Sullivan, Maureen A. Doyle, OP, Janet Sister M. Patrice Kerin, OSF Drewicz, Norene L. Anonymous Duling, Robert & Catherine Sylvania Franciscan Health Dunn, Thomas & Judith Michael M. Lypka Erftmier, Don & Adelaide Lypka, Dolores Ernst & Young, LLP, Toledo, OH Patricia Flaherty Seifried Everett, M.D., Dr. Charles & Seifried, George B. Patricia Findley Davies, Inc., Toledo, OH RETIREMENT FUND Flasck, Richard & Mary Tributes Franciscan Living Communities, Sister Pauline Herbert, OSF Toledo, OH Erftmier, Adelaide French, Michael & Robin Sister M. Rosamond Jasinski, OSF Gallagher, Rev. F. Anthony Ansara, Kristina M. Gates, Pamela Jim and Peggy Malone Gillen, Leo & Rose Beeler, Kathleen M. Glodek, Thomas & Sandra Sister Laureen Marie Painter, OSF Grabowski, Amelia L. Beeler, Kathleen M. Grozde, George & Judith Hadley, Nedra Sylvania Haener, Rev. Robert W. franciscan gala Hall, Rev. John F. Aldahondo, Teresa H. Hamilton, Rev. Terence Allegheny Financial Group, Hammer, Patricia A. Pittsburgh, PA Hassen, Marianne All Green Inc., Toledo, OH Haudan, James & Michelle Altenburger, Jack & Barbara Heyza, Ruth M. Anonymous Householder, Ann M. Arend, Dana & Caroline Huntington National Bank, Arquette, Robert & Mary Toledo, OH Aubart, Mary K. Hylant, Sandra M. Austin, Wendy Integrity Asset Management, LLC Baranowski, Art Rocky River, OH Barry, Debbie Isenhath, Donald M. Baum, Jerold Jackson, Darrick Baumgartner, Holly Jakubec, Richard Bazeley, Stephen & Cathy Jaros, Rev. Joseph P. B.C. Ziegler and Company, Johnson, Sophie G. Chicago, IL Kantner, Robert & Elizabeth Beeler, Kathleen M. Kaufman, Rev. Kent R. Belt, Jenifer A. Kehunle, Rhonda Berger, Adam Kelly, Patricia A. Best, David Kieffer, Kathleen S. Beville, Randy Kijek, OSF, Margaret Blanke, John Kirby, Scott & Karen Bolano, Odette Kohart, Ken & Denise Brandywine Global Investment Kolanko, Joseph & Rose Management, LLC, Kowalczyk, Rev. Zygmunt Chester Philadelphia, PA Kramer, Ralph & Carol Breidenbach, OSU, M. Bernarda Kreienkamp, David Brower, Fred B. Kummer, Rev. John R.

Kurtzman, John L. Large, Keith LCG Associates, Inc., Atlanta, GA Lesher, Sally Lincoln Financial Group, Gahanna, OH Livingston, David & Joan Long, Leah M. Lourdes University, Sylvania, OH Lubiatowski, Marjorie Mains Construction, Ann Arbor, MI Mains, Gil & Michelle Malinowski, Msgr. John C. Marchiniak, John & Florence Marks, Emil & Penny Mason, Jason McCloskey, Kevin & Carol McNett, William McNulty, Yvonne McWeeny, Philip & Johnna Medical Mutual of Ohio, Toledo, OH Meier, John & Ann Metzger, Msgr. Dennis Meyer, Daniel & Linda Meyer, Vincenz Marie Meyers, Holly L. Millon, Candace S. Morgan, Susan Morris, Theresa Murray, James & Patricia Muse, Michael Musso, Lewis & Kathleen Nachtrab, Joseph Nachtrab, Luke Najarian, Donna Pollex Neeb, Carl & Rita Niemczewski, Frank Oksienik, Ed Omnicare Pharmacy of NW Ohio, Perrysburg, OH Palicki, Walter R. Palkert, Lawrence & Gladys Plante Moran, PLLC, Cleveland, OH

Pluto, Elizabeth (Betty) Pope, James & Mary Poulsen, Karen Price, Dorothy Proctor, Claire A. Program Solutions Group, LLC, Perrysburg, OH Prouty, Diane Prus, Edward J. Quirk, Karen Rabideau, Margaret Recknagel, Keith & Julie Reineke, Sr., William F. Resnick, Gerald & Dolores Rinaldi, Charles & Joanne Ritter, David D. Robinson, Gene & Janet Rocheleau, Linda Ryan, Rick G. Schlachter, Kevin Schmenk, Avel Schmenk, Msgr. Cleo S. Schmenk, Irene E. Schmenk, Michael & Kathleen Schmidlin, Coleta B. Schraw, Andrea Schutzman, Raymond Senik, Daniel & Carole Shremshock Architects, Inc., Columbus, OH Shumaker, Loop & Kendrick, LLP, Toledo, OH Signature Bank, N.A., Toledo, OH Smith, Janice M. Sonntag, Eleanor Stanek, Rose Ann F. Stapleton, Suzanne E. Steele, Kara Steele, Robert & Phyllis Stephanoff, James & Patricia Stesch, I. Alisa Stevens, Steven & Ann Marie Stevens Moving & Storage, Toledo, OH

St. Joseph Regional Health System, Bryan, TX Stough, Craig & Barbara Sulkowski, Dolores M. Sulkowski-Jacob, Karen A. Sullivan, Brian Sylvania Franciscan Health Szabo, Louis & Aimee Taylor, Stephen & Julie TCW Metropolitan West Asset Management, LLC, Los Angeles, CA Thibodeau, Jan Thomas, Dale & Janice Thornell, Robert & Diane Toledo Mirror & Glass, Toledo, OH Tooman, Mark Tower Watson, Southfield, MI Trinity Health System, Steubenville, OH Trusso, Natalie Ursuline Convent of the Sacred Heart, Toledo, OH Vick, David Waddell & Reed Companies, Shawnee Mission, KS Wagner, Paul Walle, Judy Weber, Christine Webster, Jerome E. Webster, Lawrence Wedge Capital Management, LLP, Charlotte, NC Wehinger, Rev. Thomas E. Wells, Shirley A. Welly, Thomas & Ann White, Susan Whiteman, James & Lois Wicks, Mel & Annette Wilkinson, Lora Wisniewski, Thomas & Karen Young, Douglas & Carol Zak, Rev. Daniel J. Zaski, David Zembal, Edward & Paz

Donation Income 2013

Through the generous support of friends, family and benefactors, the Sisters of St. Francis of Sylvania, Ohio raised the following money in 2013 to support their mission and ministries. Operating Fund $98,530 Franciscan Gala $106,277 Gifts-In-Kind $20,643 Retirement Fund* $490,060 Facilities and Grounds $119,658 Ministry Fund (Includes Haiti mission) $60,169 TOTAL $895,337 *Includes National Religious Retirement Office Grant.



Sisters of St. Francis of Sylvania, Ohio 6832 Convent Boulevard Sylvania, Ohio 43560



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Franciscan Gala Supports Sisters’ Ministries

Sisters of St. Francis of Sylvania, Ohio 6832 Convent Boulevard Sylvania, Ohio 43560 Phone: 419-882-2016 Fax: 419-885-8643 Web: The Sylvania Franciscan newsletter is a publication of the Development Office of the Sisters of St. Francis of Sylvania, Ohio. Sister Mary Jon Wagner, OSF Congregational Minister Sister Theresa Darga, OSF Assistant Congregational Minister Sister Sharon Derivan, OSF Councilor/Congregational Secretary

More than 300 people attended the 14th annual Franciscan Gala on September 28, 2013. Held in the Franciscan Center on the grounds of the Motherhouse of the Sisters of St. Francis of Sylvania and Lourdes University, this year’s event included a first-time raffle, silent auction, a delicious dinner and an evening of music and dancing. Marcie Black won the top raffle prize of $5,000; Valerie Scott took home $3,000 and Daniel Kuna, $2,000. Because of the hard work of committee members Norene Drewicz, Rose Geswein, Karen Hensley, Penny Marks, Mary Pope, Helen Pyles, and Ann-Marie Tracz, the Gala was a success, netting its best ever $106,300. Sister Carol Ann Grace, director of development for the Sylvania Franciscans, expressed her gratitude on behalf of the Sisters to all their partners in ministry, benefactors and friends for making the Gala such a special evening. Fr. Robert Wilhelm, chaplain of Queen of Peace Chapel, and Sylvania business leader Joseph Nachtrab were honored with the St. Clare and St. Francis awards for modeling the Franciscan values in their daily lives.

Mark your calendar and join the Sisters for the 15th Annual Franciscan Gala on Saturday, September 27, 2014 at the Franciscan Center for an evening of fine food, festivities, friendship and dancing. Contact Andrea Schraw for more information, 419-824-3624,

Sister Patricia Gardner, OSF Councilor/Congregational Treasurer Sister Rachel Marie Nijakowski, OSF Councilor

Fr. Robert Wilhelm, Congregational Minister Sister Mary Jon Wagner, and Joseph Nachtrab at the Gala.

Fun and festivities were had by all at the 14th annual gala honoring and supporting the diverse ministries of the Sylvania Franciscans.

Feeling Lucky? Take a chance on a Franciscan Gala raffle ticket.

$50 gets you a chance to win $5,000, $3,000 or $2,000. The drawing takes place at the September 27th Franciscan Gala (need not be present to win). Tickets will be available in July.


Sylvania Franciscan Newsletter Winter 2014  
Sylvania Franciscan Newsletter Winter 2014