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Sylvania Franciscan Sisters of St. Francis OF Sylvania, Ohio Development Report WINTER 2013

2012-2013 Year of Faith

Pope Benedict XVI declared October 11, 2012 to November 24, 2013 a “Year of Faith” in commemoration of the 50th anniversary of the Second Vatican Council and the 20th anniversary of the Catechism of the Catholic Church. He announced this special year so “we as the Church might renew our enthusiasm of believing in Jesus Christ, the Savior of the world, revive our joy walking the path Jesus pointed out to us and to bear a tangible witness to the transforming power of our faith”. Following, are responses from a few Sylvania Franciscans about how they have lived their faith in “fullness, confidence, hope and conviction”.

Mission Statement

“In today’s world, with so much violence around us, sometimes it is hard to live your faith. I try to live it to the fullest knowing that maybe this is the last day that God is going to give to me to share His love with others. I am confident that my life, as seen in the eyes of others, is a sign of hope that there is more to come if we only believe. I try to give hope to those who are suffering by bringing the Eucharist to them, which is the source of our life. I am convinced that all of the things we experience every day of our lives are in God’s plan for us individually as well as for the world to use every means possible to come closer to Him. Living my faith really doesn’t depend on being a Sylvania Franciscan because I believe that it started at my baptism and, through that, I grow in all the qualities mentioned: fullness, confidence, hope and conviction. However, being a Sylvania Franciscan, I know with all my heart, that I am not in it alone…I have my Sisters to help me live my faith.” Sister Claudia Bronsing, Pastoral Associate St. Mary’s Catholic Church, Vermilion, Ohio

Called like Francis of Assisi to live the Gospel in joyful servanthood among all people, the Sisters of St. Francis of Sylvania, Ohio, as messengers of peace, commit themselves to works that reverence human dignity, embrace the poor and marginalized, “We have been called by Pope Benedict to celebrate this Year of Faith. As I have reflected and respect the gift of on this celebration, I feel blessed that I began my journey of religious life right in the all creation. middle of the Second Vatican Council. The Franciscan women who inspired me to become a Sylvania Franciscan have continued to encourage me to have confidence, hope and conviction in this inward journey toward a deeper and always authentic relationship with all who reflect God to me in challenging and renewed ways.” Sister Rachel Nijakowski, PhD, Executive Director Sophia Counseling Center, Sylvania, Ohio

“I see Faith as a strong allegiance to God and His Church, and the “Year of Faith” as a renewal of this allegiance. The Sisters of St. Francis of Sylvania nurtured faith in my grade school years. I came to Sylvania with a lively interest in the Fathers of the Church, sparked by teachers from Sylvania. My postulancy and novitiate gave me, through Duns Scotus Library, the chance to study the works of St. Bonaventure, St. Augustine, and other great saints of the Church. Since then, my conviction was deepened by the example of the Sisters with whom I lived.” Sister Eucharista Ward, Writing Ministry Holy Cross Parish, Minneapolis, Minn. “All praise and thanks to God our Father for this “Year of Faith”. In humility, may we come to know his Truth and put it into action through faith and love.” Sister M. Philothea Chirpich, Retired, Sisters of St. Francis Motherhouse

Message from the Congregational Minister

Our Lady of Grace Assisted Living Facility Opens for Residents

Touching the Hearts of Others

As an early Christmas gift, 11 Sylvania Franciscan Sisters moved into the newly-constructed assisted living facility on the Motherhouse grounds on December 18, 2012. Attached to Rosary Care, the 24-hour nursing center for Sisters, the single-story building includes 17 home-like suites complete with living and sleeping areas, a kitchenette and full bathroom, plus a dining room and common area for residents to gather.

Dear Friends, May the glory of the Christmas star fall upon each of us and may the Newborn Savior be light in our lives throughout this New Year. A story written by Fr. Ed Hays was shared with me many years ago. I would like to share a summary with you to see if it, too, speaks to your heart as it did mine. Our scripture reveals that there was a star that called the Magi to follow to find the newborn Christ child. This is where my summary story begins. “Once upon a time”, like all good stories begin, in a small town where folks lived and went about their daily lives and seemed very content, there was a new excitement! One evening, it was observed that a new star appeared in the sky and seemed to be moving to the East. Astronomers and other observers were fascinated by this star that they had never seen before. It became the talk of the town and many of the people were so curious that they suggested that they follow the star. A pilgrimage of the town folks was organized and they began the journey. Among the folks were three astrologers, the Magi, who led the town’s folks on this unusual journey. The folks continued to follow the star for a very long time. They moved by night and rested by day. By this point, the folks were becoming very disheartened and wanted to discuss the continuation of the pilgrimage. Meetings were called, discussions held and after all of that took place, the folks decided to turn back and only the Magi proceeded. They traveled on for a long time following this unusual star. They, too, were growing tired and wondering if there would ever be a completion to their journey; would they ever know where the star was leading them and why? One very dark night, noticing they had lost sight of the star, they found themselves in a small town. When they looked at the sky, they could no longer see the star and they felt very cold and empty. The town seemed very poor. Some of the town’s folks approached the Magi and began begging for food and goods. These folks were by sight very poor and dirty. One of the Magi commented, the journey is over, the star is gone, let’s give them everything and so they did! The Magi began talking to the folks, laughing with them, helping them. And before their eyes, the star re-appeared and the bright rays came down upon them and the folks of the town. The outcome from the original story stated and I quote: “The Magi never found Christmas; The Magi became Christmas!” When do we ‘become’ Christmas? When we are each able to move into a relationship that brings God’s gifts alive, we come to find and recognize the truth of life, of love and ways to celebrate the reality around us. We, the Sisters of St. Francis, have been showered by the blessings of your relationship with us. We are grateful for your gifts of friendship and supportive responses to us and to our mission. We continue to hold one another in prayer as we enter this New Year. We are called to recognize the need around and among us and do what we can to be Christmas to our brothers and sisters all year long. Christ came among us, created the Gospel model to show paths for us to follow. In response to this model, we can and will bring a peace into our world. The babe in Bethlehem, as a little child and a grown man, Son of God, taught us how to be Christmas. May the rays of our stars touch the hearts of our brothers and sisters. May this New Year bring you each a new Peace. In the peace of Francis and Clare,


Sister Mary Jon Wagner, OSF

Residents gather for lunch in the assisted living facility’s dining room. The high ceiling and large windows give the space a warm and open feeling that make the Sisters feel right at home.

Sister Ruth Marie Kachelek works on a crossword puzzle and Sister La Donna Marie Pinkelman reads the newspaper in the gathering area near the fireplace.

Ornament Tree We are happy that so many of you rely on the prayers we promise throughout the year in daily Mass, our community, personal prayer and by our Sisters at the House of Prayer. The ornaments on the tree in the picture represent a small portion of the requests we have received. Each day those requests are lifted up to God in prayer by our Sisters in the Rosary Care Center Chapel. May you know continued blessings in the New Year as we pray for one another. Pictured from left, are Notre Dame Sister Joetta Sneider, and Sylvania Franciscan Sisters Maurice Wodarski, and Elizabeth Zielinski.

Sisters in Ministry

Too Busy to Grow Old

Teacher, councilor, department head, retreat master, fundraiser, librarian, grant writer…Sister Rosamond Jasinski has worn many hats since she entered the Sisters of St. Francis of Sylvania in 1951. And, like that old Timex watch John Cameron Swayze used to tout, she just keeps on ticking no matter what kind of challenge comes her way. While most people Sister Rosamond’s age are retired, that word isn’t even in her vocabulary. Five days a week you will find her on her computer researching new grant opportunities or finalizing the details of one she has in the works. You could also just as easily get an email from her at 10 p.m. as at 11 in the morning. Faith, hard work, music and overcoming obstacles are traits she inherited from her family. The Sylvania Franciscans who taught her at Central Catholic High School in Toledo were her role models for prayer and study. She credits her fellow Sisters and partners in the Congregation’s sponsored ministries for the energy that keeps her going. Sister Rosamond has successfully raised almost $150,000 for Rosary Care Center, the skilled nursing facility for Sisters on the motherhouse grounds. Since 1994 she has received 12 grants (the 13th one is in progress) from SOAR! (Support Our Aging Religious), a Washington D.C. nonprofit that helps Catholic religious maintain financial stability for the care of their elderly and infirmed members. The money has been used to buy a variety of items like motorized beds, lift chairs, a whirlpool and therapeutic equipment. She recently received a grant from the Toledo Rotary Foundation to buy 100 portable water purification machines for Haiti. A team of doctors and nurses went there in January to teach Haitians how to use them who live on the mountain of Pestel, 90 miles west of Port-au-Prince, where the Sylvania Franciscans minister. She solicited a grant from the Conrad Hilton Fund for Sisters to purchase a satellite dish for communication purposes and another one to set up a sewing center for residents. Sister Rosamond received her bachelor’s and master’s degrees from the University of Detroit/Mercy. She taught upper elementary grades and was a department head in high schools in Ohio, Michigan and Minnesota for more than 30 years. She received her training in development and grant writing from the National Catholic Development Conference. She was the Congregation’s director of development for seven years and created and managed the Wholistic Resource Center, a Franciscan library for Sisters and Associates, for nine years. During most of those years she doubled researching and writing grants.

“My spiritual life gives me energy,” said Sister Rosamond. “I have come to realize that each Sister and every human being has a unique gift to share with the world. We are all companions on the journey and we need to take time each day to meet our God in prayer. Most of all, we grow old when we stop making time to play.”

The industrious, hardworking Haitians are able to support their families with the help of the sewing machines purchased with grant money.

Sister M. Alacoque Skoney, a retired Sister residing in Rosary Care Center, enjoys a book along with the motorized chair purchased with SOAR! grant funds

Sister Rosamond Jasinski, OSF at work in her office.


Five Congregation Fundraiser Supporting the Ministries of Catholic Sisters Featuring the Toledo Symphony Chamber Orchestra

Toledo Symphony Chamber String Orchestra performs Vivaldi’s “Four Seasons”

2 p.m. Sunday, April 21, 2013 at Toledo’s Valentine Theatre 410 Adams, St. Toledo, Ohio 43604

Proceeds benefit ministries of Little Sisters of the Poor Sisters of Notre Dame Sisters of St. Francis – Sylvania Sisters of St. Francis – Tiffin Ursuline Sisters

Sylvania Franciscans Honor Two at Gala

Kathy Griffin, Executive Director of Bethany House, a long-term transitional shelter in Toledo for battered women and children, received the St. Francis Award at the 2012 Sylvania Franciscan Gala, and Dr. Ben Fredrick, a Penn State physician who regularly visits our Haitian ministry, was honored with the St. Clare Award. Both were chosen for their effort to help the Sisters fulfill their mission of being “joyful servants among all people”. Ms. Griffin was nominated by Sylvania Franciscan Sister Faith Cosky, a chaplain at St. Joseph Mercy Hospital in Ann Arbor, Michigan because “she has devoted herself to helping women regain their self-esteem and build a better life for themselves and their children”. Dr. Fredrick, who has been going to Haiti since 2007 to assist the Sylvania Franciscans working there with their healthcare ministry, was nominated by Sister Fidelis Rubbo. “He has a heart for the poor and a boundless energy for serving them,” said Sister Fidelis. “He is humble about it all and is constantly amazed to see how God is using him to do His work.” The honors were presented at the 13th Annual Franciscan Gala, held Sept. 22 at the Franciscan Center in Sylvania. More than 300 people attended the once-a-year fundraiser that featured delicious food, a silent auction, and dancing. The Gala celebrates the many ways the Sisters of St. Francis live their mission of “joyful servanthood among all people.”

For more information, contact Bill Cook, 419-698-4331, or George Mezinko, 419-724-1352

Sister Joy Barker, a member of the Sylvania Franciscan Haiti committee, left, with Jennifer and Dr. Ben Fredrick, recipient of the St. Clare Award.

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Featuring original art, lovely handmade items, jewelry, natural soaps and lotions, and much more. Kathy Griffin, St. Francis awardee, left, with Sister Patricia Gardner, Treasurer, Leadership Team for the Sisters of St. Francis, and Sister Faith Cosky, Chaplain at St. Joseph Mercy Hospital in Ann Arbor.

Donation Income 2012 Through the generous support of friends, family and benefactors, the Sisters of St. Francis of Sylvania, Ohio raised the following money in 2012 to support their mission and ministries.

On the grounds of the Sisters of St. Francis 419-824-3749 Monday – Friday 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Saturday 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Shop our online store: 4

Operating Fund Franciscan Gala Gifts-In-Kind Retirement Fund * Facilities and Grounds Ministry Fund (includes Haiti mission) TOTAL

$82,960 $100,446 $22,113 $342,051 $228,474 $56,288 $832,332

*Includes National Religious Retirement Office Grant.

Our 2013 Jubilarians

Platinum 75 Years Diamond 60 Years

Sister M. Gervase Lochotzki Sister Jeanette Zielinski

Sister Joan Jurski

Sister Brenda Rose Szegedy Sister Carol Hoffman Sister Carol Ann Grace Sister Dorothy Mrock

Sister Geraldine Nowak

Sister M. Jean Clare Pietrzak, OSF

Sister M. Jean Clare Pietrzak (Evelyn) died November 20, 2012 in Rosary Care Center. Born in Toledo, Ohio in 1926, she entered the Sylvania Franciscans in 1941 and made her final vows in 1949. Her 66 years in religious life were spent teaching in elementary schools in Michigan, Minnesota, and Ohio. She loved teaching, especially working with small children. Sister Jean Clare had a great love for the Blessed Mother and her Polish heritage. To those who knew her well, she will be remembered for her stories about life on mission, her friendship with Mother Adelaide Sandusky, the Foundress of the Order, and her love of animals, especially dogs.

Sister M. David Narog Sister M. Austin Onisko Sister Eleanore Furman

Gold 50 Years

In Memoriam

Sister Janet Snyder Sister M. Jeremias Stinson Sister Josephine Dybza

Sister Michelle Gillespie, OSF

Sister Michelle Gillespie (Elizabeth) died on her favorite holiday, All Saints Eve, October 31, 2012. Born in Detroit, Michigan in 1934, she entered the Sylvania Franciscans in 1952 and made her final vows in 1958. Her 58 years of service to God’s people were spent in a variety of ministries. She taught in elementary schools in Minnesota, Ohio, and Michigan and was a principal in schools in Port Clinton, Toledo, and Steubenville, Ohio. She was director of a retreat center in Bloomington, Ohio and served as a chaplain in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Sister Michelle spent her last 12 years of active ministry at Mercy-St. Vincent Medical Center in Toledo, Ohio where she specialized in neo-natal pastoral care, a ministry she loved and enjoyed. Sister Michelle will be remembered for her gracious manner, her welcoming smile, and her love of celebrations both planned and spontaneous.

Sister M. Patrick Gillen, OSF

Sister M. Josina Antolak

Silver 25 Years

Sister Julie Myers

Sister Mary Thill

Sister Patricia Zielinski

We have promised great things, but far greater things have been promised to us by God. Let us keep those promises which we have made, and let us aspire with confidence to those things which have been promised to us. - The Little Flowers of St. Francis

Sister M. Patrick Gillen (Lola Jean) died August 26, 2012 in Rosary Care Center. Born in Steubenville, Ohio in 1934, she entered the Sylvania Franciscans in 1954 and made her final vows in 1957. Sister Patrick spent most of her life in ministry as an elementary school teacher in Ohio, Michigan, and Maryland. She was also a principal in New Orleans, Louisiana. For the last 13 years, she also served as Chaplain at Trinity Health System in Steubenville. She was loved by many and was described as “a rare and precious gift in the lives of countless people, always putting others first.”


Thank You to our Donors

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Sicillano, Huberta Schlappa Smogonovich, Cheryl D. Stapleton, Suzanne Swope, Joan Trinity Health System Images Department, Steubenville, OH Trinity Health System School of Nursing Faculty and Staff, Steubenville, OH Vargas, M.D., Belen P. Watrol, Robert P. Ziklo, Vivan A. Sister Michelle Gillespie, OSF Fadden, Linda A. Fisse, Robert & Florence Kohler, Margaret C. Kohler, Thomas & Carolyn Lemon, Bruce & Betty Meyer, Vincenz Marie Roesner, John & Rosemary Sarnowski, Eleanore Segan, Nancy A. Vogel, Donald & Nancy Sister M. Agatha Glowczak, OSF Ciancetta, Victor C. Sister M. Felice Gorny, OSF Gorny, Ronald R. Masten, Philip & Amy Gorrell Family Members Gorrell, Larry & Sherry Goyings Grandparents Goyings, Diane Patricia Grondin Holllister, Agnes Sister M. Bernard Gruba, OSF Roszkowiak, Elizabeth Rudy, Michael & Karen Sister M. Lorenzo Herubin, OSF Dejulio, Ronald & Diane Herubin, John & Therese Joy, Frank & Anna Donald W. Hramiec Hramiec, Elizabeth A. Sophie Teresa Hudzinski Hudzinski, Leonard G. Jablonski Family Members Wodarski, Barbara Sister M. Margaret Janowiec, OSF Pierce, Francis & Linda Dorothy Jurski Jurski, Wallace J. Sister M. Angelita Kaczmarzyk, OSF Kaymark Family Kaymark, Irene Smith, Brian Sylvania Franciscan Health Tozer, Jane M. Kaitaniak Family Members Kaitaniak, Melvin & Dolores Arthur and Ann Kapanke Kapanke, Dolores Sister M. Gonzaga Kazek, OSF Braun, Joanne Betty Kehres Kehres, Charles J. Sister M. Anselma Kolasinski, OSF Ciancetta, Victor C. Mary Kolinski Kolinski, James & Susan Sister M. Matthias Kolinski, OSF Anonymous Busch, Richard & Mary Ciancetta, Victor C. Kolinski, Edward & Mary Kolinski, George & Elaine Sarnowski, Eleanore Sister M. Arcadia Kondziolka, OSF Steichen, Stephen & Gretchen

Sister M. Lorraine Kondziolka, OSF Steichen, Stephen & Gretchen Dick Kott Kott, Dorothy Wayne Kott Kott, Dorothy Paul J. Krasniewski Cox, Barbara J. Sylvia Krempa Lompis, Elaine A. Sister M. Gregory Kubik, OSF Mueller, Glen & Sophie Johnson, Sophie G. Mary Kubik Johnson, Sophie G. Stanley and Louise Kubik Mueller, Glen & Sophie Stella Kubik Johnson, Sophie G. Kim Kuhlman Schramm, Kathryn A. Sister M. Charlotte Kukielka, OSF Braun, Joan M. Sister M. Augustine Kwitchen, OSF Kavanagh, Marina Sister M. Damien Kwitchen, OSF Kavanagh, Marina Phyllis L. Lacure Welter, Karen J. Andrew Latimore Latimore, Irene V. Donna Lauvrey Lauvray, Timothy L. Louis and Phyllis Linenkugel Cappiello, Marrianne Diane Loucks Lashley, Linda Sister Mildred Siena Lemm, OSF Aubart, Mary K. Sylvester Lubiatowski Lubiatowski, Marjorie A. Michael Paul Maciejewski Maciejewski, Robert & Mabel Michael and Mabel Maciejewski Slizewski, Kathryn M. Marvin and Mary Lou Mandly Arend, Donald & Susan Diana McAllan Miller, Robert & Heather James W. McKeen McKeen,Nancy Sister M. Lucille Metro, OSF Kollar, Richard Sister Mary Metro, OSF Kollar, Richard Sister M. Albertina Mielcarek, OSF Williams, Adelaide M. Sister M. Gemma Mikolay, OSF Mikolajczyk, Michael & Rebecca Frank and Annette Miller Gerold, Theresa A. Donald J. Mills Ford, Gary & Mary George Morates Morates, Mary Nancy Morris Dolyk, Walter & Wendy Sister M. Corinne Mroszczak, OSF Werne, Roger & Lani Sister M. Rose Angela Muskala, OSF Misura, Myllin & Joan Trzesniowski, Stephen M. Sister M. Faber Narog, OSF Gargulinski, Greg & Marcy Joncas, Theresa J. Weglinski, Rita T.


Thank You to our Donors

John Narog Chorzempa, Elizabeth Chorzempa, Frances Sister M. Rozetta Niemiec, OSF Niemiec, Sr., Walter J. Tacheny, Thomas & Judith Mary Alice Nisch Nisch, Frank K. John and Genevieve Olender Hughes, Jerry & Teresa Sister M. Ladislaus Oleszkowicz, OSF Bielawski, Paul & Anne Oleszkowicz, Mary & Cynthia Howard and Mildred Painter Painter, OSF, Laureen Marie Mildred Painter O’Connell, John & Donna Painter Family Painter, Karen Tracz, Robert & Ann-Marie Sister M. Anton Marie Parker, OSF Nathan, Deborah A. Pietruska Wiercinski, Jerzy & Mary Ann Francis Pasdon Bujak, Carol A. Sister M. Roberta Pelc, OSF Peltz, Richard & Helen Mary Richard Gerald Peltz Peltz, Richard & Helen Mary Ervin and Margaret Peterson Kraus, Gerald & Elizabeth Stephen and Catherine Petretich Petretich, Catherine A. Sister M. Jean Clare Pietrzak, OSF Day, Richard & Kathleen Sarnowski, Eleanore Piotrowski Family Members Piotrowski, Judith A. Sister M. Natalie Pluta, OSF Lentz, Julianne M. Louis D. Ponzi, Jr. Ponzi, Lawrence & Tina Louise J. (Gesicki) Reho Reho, John W. Corrine L. Reineke Reineke, William F. Frank and Mary Reucher Reucher, James Edwin and Irene Rogalski Overberg, Dorothy M. Stella Rogowski Rogowski, Jo Ann M. James Rokicki Rokicki, Sr., Richard S. Denise Rosa Williams, Adelaide M. Marie Rossler Lubiatowski, Marjorie A. Raymond Roszkowiak Roszkowiak, Elizabeth A. Rev. Mr. Leonard E. Roth Roth, Kathleen D. Terrence Rozanski Rozanski, Joseph & Theresa Sister Joan LaVerne Rutz, OSF Burkholder, Carolyn G. Gauthier, Gary & Mary Lou Kennedy, Elizabeth P. Matthys, Daniel & Cecilia McDonald, Eloise M. McDonald Family Seniors of St. Helena, Minneapolis, MN Sister M. Clementine Rybinski, OSF LeBrun, William & Patricia Sister M. Paschal Rybinski, OSF LeBrun, William & Patricia


Sister M. Isabelle Rygwalski, OSF Wilkins, Leo L. Mother M. Adelaide Sandusky, OSF Niemiec, Sr., Walter J. Dionne Sartor Girolamo, Dave & Michelle Andrew Scarnato Resnick, Gerald & Dolores Paul and Catherine Schaefer Schaefer, John & Martha Jo J.P. Scott Scott, Mary Vesta Marston Louis and Rose Sczies Rozanski, Joseph & Theresa Miquel Sebastian, Sr. Sebastian, Felicitas S. John Selow Betley, Robert & Eileen Judy Sepanski Sepanski, Mark A. Harry Earl Shockey Shockey, Jere & Susan Patricia Flaherty Siefried Seifried, George B. Sister M. Aquin Sienko, OSF Julkowski, Helen M. Sister M. Danielle Sienko, OSF Julkowski, Helen M. George Sienko Julkowski, Helen M. Joseph and Sophie Sienko Julkowski, Helen M. Sister M. Melanie Sienko, OSF Julkowski, Helen M. Thomas and Mary Sienko Julkowski, Helen M. Richard W. Smith Smith, Geraldine Ronald Smith Rocheleau, Duane & Linda Smith, Janice M. Marlene Snyder Snyder, Estella I. Bernard & Fernanda Sobczak Sobczak, OSF, Rosine Phil and Sadie Spino Roome, Robert & Carolyn Frank Stanford Betley, Robert & Eileen Gerald Steck Bujak, Carol A. Stan and Helen Stopczynski Stopczynski, Thomas E. Sister M. Yolanda Stout, OSF Jaminski, M/M Edward Joan Stuhltrager Stuhltrager, Philip & Barbara Ann Surma Adjowcz, Tom & Sharina Belanger, Lorraine Borkowski, OSF, Barbara Ann Burnett, Gail R. Commons of Providence, Sandusky, OH Connolly, Colleen M. Cynar Family Fischer, B.J. Franciscan Living Communities, Toledo, OH Gessel, Barbara Hudgin, Barry & Denise Keeton, Jo-Ann Kuhn, Emma Marshall, Bill Meyers, Holly L. Mike, OSF, Mary Jo Mulvihill, Jerry & Margery Mulvihill, Tom & Janet

O’Connell, John & Donna Ostalecki, Mary Iris Paradise, Tim & Susan Poppema, Marci Pyles, Helen Rembacki, James Rudor, Rick & Terri Schuessler, Terence & Jane Small, Linda A. Thread Marketing Group, Toledo, OH Tracz, Robert & Ann-Marie Van Wert, Terrence & Brenda Lillian Swierczek Manders, Rosalind A. Manders, Ruthann Manders, Ronald Oswalt, Renee Nowak, Cynthia Sobczak, David & Ruth Sobczak, OSF, Rosine Todd, Carla Sister M. Inez Tabaka, OSF Tabaka, Heidrun G. Sister M. Laetitia Tchorzynski, OSF Groscost, James & Susan Krycia, Frank & Diane John Tellez Kohler, Margaret C. Max Alan Timperley Sloan, Timothy & Laura Tomaszewski Parents Gaskell, Donald & Lucille Sister M. Blandina Tomchek, OSF Kowalczyk, Rev. Zygmunt C. Joan Tucholski Tucholski, Edward Sister M. Priscilla Tykwinski, OSF Sovell, Donald K. Doug Ulmer Deeter, Michelle M. Urban Family Members Urban, OSF, M. Grace Ellen Virginia Zeminski Walenga Bobash, Lawrence & Cynthia Joe and Anne Ward Ward, Craig M. Sister Alice Warrick, OSF Potts, Mary M. Gerald Welter Welter, Karen J. Bob Wilczynski Wilczynski, Bernadette Sister M. Eugene Wilk, OSF Ciancetta, Victor C. Wodarski Family Members Wodarski, Barbara Tina Woods Woods, Phillip Jack Yeager Yeager, Jerry Tom Yeager Yeager, Jerry Sister M. Justin Yourish, OSF Wehrung, Gary & Barbara Sister M. Norbertine Zacharias, OSF Crane, Harry Romanczuk, Paul & Kathleen Stamey, Regis-Marie Zacharias Zacharias, Amy Sister M. Leonilla Zak, OSF Mutchler, David & Mary Sister M. Vincent Zarembski, OSF Clark, Harold & Dolores Groscost, James & Susan Sarnowski, Eleanore Zawisza Family Members Kaitaniak, Melvin & Dolores

Sister Beatrice Zawisza, OSF Kaitaniak, Melvin & Dolores Shutt, Lewis & Elaine Edward Zielinski Wolanin, Helen M. Zielinski Family Members Lompis, Elaine A. Sister M. Alma Zigment, OSF Ciancetta, Victor C. Ziulek Family Members Urban, OSF, M. Grace Ellen

T ​ ributes Baldwin Friends and Family Baldwin, Christopher & Rachel Mary Anne Boyce Brady, Paula K. Sister Julitta M. Campbell, OSF Trustheim, Janice K. Pamela Carter Carter, Michael Darga Family Gac, Diana D. Sister Penny Dunn, OSF Trustheim, Janice K. Gac Family Gac, Diana D. Goings Parents Goyings, Diane Sister Carol Ann Grace, OSF Roth, Kathleen D. Helen J. Julkowski Hanson, Richard & Mary Ellen Edward Kolinski Kolinski, James & Susan Sister M. Benita Kordiak, OSF Frakie, Janice Holy Cross Rosary Guild (English Unit), Minneapolis, MN Sister Donna Kordiak, OSF Frakie, Janice Holy Cross Rosary Guild (English Unit), Minneapolis, MN Sharon Kruse Kruse, William & Julie Sister M. Felicitas Magon, OSF Stuckey, Robert & Patricia McAlear Parents, Grandparents and Children McAlear, Patrick & Marilyn Sister Brigid O’Shea Merriman, OSF Garn, Mary Kay Sister Margaret Metro, OSF Kollar, Richard Vincenz Marie Meyer Smirin, Larry & Laura Sister M. Pierre Ostroski, OSF Krupp, Dan & Diane Sister Kathleen Ottrock, OSF Dorr, Robert & Dianne Sister Rita Mary Radecki, OSF Carleski, James & Rita Ann Sister M. Jordan Schaefer, OSF Olms, Peter & Cynthia Sister Juliana Sienko, OSF Julkowski, Helen M. Sisters of St. Francis of Sylvania, OH Niemiec, Michael J. Dick and Sue Snare Paluszak, OSF, M. Aloise Paluszak, OSF, Geraldine

Sister Rosine Sobczak, OSF McHue, Denise M. Sister Maria Goretti Sodd, OSF Herubin, John & Therese St. Joseph School Children in Jifna, Israel St. Joseph School Student Council, Lake Orion, MI Sylvania Franciscans who served at St. Francis Hospital, Hamtramck, MI Stock, Frank & Camile Sylvania Franciscans who taught at St. Hyacinth School, Toledo, OH from 1940-1948 Knapik, Gerald Sylvania Franciscans who served at St. Joseph, Crestline, OH Gordon, Edward & Brenda Sylvania Franciscans who served at St. Ladislaus, Hamtramck, MI Cahill, Patrick & Leslie Root, Linda A. Stock, Frank & Camille Sylvania Franciscans who served at Our Lady Queen of Heaven, Detroit, MI Root, Linda A. Sister Patricia Taube, OSF Lane, Noelle Sister Mary Thill, OSF Bolanda, Roberta A. Sister M. Grace Ellen Urban, OSF Kirk, OSF, Germaine G. Ann L. Welly Welly, Thomas J. Wise Nephews and Nieces Wise, Elizabeth T. Jill Wrobel Wrobel, Bonnie J. Sister Marge Zacharias, OSF Crane, Harry


Decowski, Bernice Dudek, Genevieve McClure, Very Rev. John A.


Andersen, David & Sharon Anonymous Associates of the Sisters of St. Francis of Sylvania, OH Fall 2012 Local Chapter Conference Local Chapter Conference C LCWR Minnesota Local Chapter Conference Hall, Msgr. John F. Kappa Gamma Pi, Toledo Chapter Palinski, Don & Judy Rose, Daniel J. Smith, Michael & Mary Wendy’s, Sylvania, OH


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Dorothy L. Altenburger Smith, Michael & Mary Florence Reardon Smith, Michael & Mary


Abate, L. Anthony & Stephanie Abuelos Accardo, Michael & Colleen ACE Hardware, Sylvania, OH Adragna, John & Tamie Alban Family Alban, Matthew & Deanna Alessandro, John & Pam Alexander, Mark & Maureen Allen, Jim & Janice All Good Things, Sylvania, OH Altenberger, Thomas & Jeri Andersons, Inc. Anonymous Bagley, Maryanne Bauer, Geoff & Deborah Bauss, David & Jennifer Bazeley, Stephen & Cathy Benavidez, Marge Benore, Michael & & Annette Beran, Brian & Ann Marie Biringer, Bernie & Donna Bettinger, Bob & Barbara Blaszczyk, Martin & Mary Blint, David & Michelle Bloomgren, Michael & Deborah Borgula, Thomas & Theresa Brieschke’s Bakery Brieschke, Don & Bonnie Brook Hauck Salon Brooks, Jamie Paula Brown Shop Brown, Paula Brownell, Donald & Kristin Buckeye Store & More Buday, Terry & Paula Budreau, John & Sarah Burkhart, Gary & Cecilia Calverly, Janelle Carlson, Donald & Tanya Carron, Thomas & Jean Cavanagh, Robert & Maryanne C’est La Vie Chartrant, Thomas & Kelli Chiuchiarelli, Michael & Lisa Church, Judy Ciao! Ristorante Ciccone, Rocco & Phyllis Ciszewski, John & Denise Coffin, Mark & Christine Cole, James & Renee Commons of Providence, Sandusky, OH Cox, John & Mary Country Grains Bread Company D’Alessandro, Daniel & Annette Damschroeder, James Davey Tree Expert Company DeGroat, Eric & Kendra DeMartinis, Antonio & Sharon DeTone, Michael & Amy Doljaj, Kola & Violet Dolyk, Wendy Dominski, John & Kathleen Doneth, Patrick & Monica Donley, Mike & Karen Doud, Stephen & Lisa Dowd, Timothy & Kelly Doyle, Larry & Joanne Drake, Michael & Marilyn Dressman, Timothy

Drewicz, Norene Dunlap, Dorothy Duerr, Michael & Dawn Durack, Matthew & Victoria Durham, Raynard & Therese Durkin, Michael & Mary Eisbrenner, Thomas & Holly Element 112, Sylvania, OH Ellis, Jerry & Van Engler, Dan & Lisa Everhard, Edward & Shannon Falkowski, Alan & Diane Fazzini, David & Suzie Ferstle, Neil & Donna Fiddle Stix Boutique & Gallery First Choice Haircutters Fischer, Horst & Nancy Fontana, Robert & Karen Franciscan Care Center, Sylvania, OH Franciscan Living Communities French, Michael & Robin Fresard, Fred & Rene Fullerton, Teresa Gac, Diana Galbraith, Robert & Maria Galvin, Kevin & Cynthia Gardner, James & Christina Geswein, Gregory & Rose Goff, Thomas & Dianne Greene, Kyle & Heather Guella, Jeff & Martha Hardenburgh, Stephen & Amy Harrington, Andrew & Vicki Harris, Clark & Leslie Hatcher, Douglas & Judy Hensley, Karen Herrgott, Robert & Jenny Hibbler, John & Nancy Hoeppner, Robert & Christine Hurst, Roger & Cathy Idziak, Gene & Pat Ignagni, David & Debbie Johanson, Bert & Catherine Johnson, Ann Joseph’s Beverage Center, Toledo, OH Kane, John & Nancy Karaba, Matthew & Shannon Kassin, Albert & Elsie Keele, Jason & Nicole Kelley, Howard & Jennifer Kirby, Scott Kish, Patti Klingler, Tom & Kathy Kochanski, Bob & Shirley Kochanski, Kevin & Catherine Koenig, Eric & Sonia Krawczyk, David & Amy Kudla, Charles Kuyoth, Christopher & Nicole LaBarge, Edward & Maureen Lanni, Angelo & Paula Lemaster, Richard & Maureen Lily’s Inspiration for your Home and Garden, Perrysburg, OH Lourdes University, Sylvania, OH Lundberg, Brian & Cheryl Maas, Marilyn MacDougall, Bonnie Marcial, Adam & Julie Marcos Pizza Margevicius, Joseph & Sandra Santarossa Marks, Emil & Penny Ann Martino, Joseph & Susan McCabe, Debbie McClarren, Russell & Mary

McEvilly, Patrick & Darby McKissen, Rick & Joyce Mergel, Carolyn Meyers, Holly L. Michael, Daniel & Marilyn Michalec, Steven & Annemarie Michael’s Gourmet Catering, Inc. Milosch, Don & Gerry Morley, Chad & Tracy Morse, Dorothy Myers, Jon & Kim Nazareth Hall, Grand Rapids, OH Nguyen, Lawrence & Nga O’Hagan, Mary Oller, William & Nancy Ott, Darrel Palicki, Walter R. Patterson, Chris Pennanen, Paul & Dana Phalen, Rev. John Leo Placzek, Jeffrey & Laura Pohlman, Matthew & Cheryl Polsinelli, Mario & Lorianne Pope, James & Mary Powers, John & Marie Profota, Rev. James Pullis, Rev. Stephen Puzio, Robert & Brenda Ranbhise, Surendra & Priya Rancilio, Gregory & Melina Reed, Heidi Reid, James & Patricia Renkola, Bob & Mary Roberts, Bill & Carmen Romanchik, Kathleen Rotole, Paul & Lesley Ryan, Rick G. Sadecki, Mark & Michele Sanchez, Marge Sautter, James Sautter’s Market, Sylvania, OH Schemel, Beth Schlievert, Jill Schuller, Robyn Shango, Steven & Gaynor Shelton, Doug Siekkinen, Bruce & Yvette Skee, Blanche Skelly, David & Christine Skok, Stephen & Victoria Skoney, D.D.S., James F. Smolek, Jeffrey & Kristin Sophia Center, Inc., Sylvania, OH Spagnola, Dave & Judi Spengler, John & Patricia Spevetz, Paul & Catherine Stewart, Jim & Sandy St. Joseph Parish, Lake Orion, MI St. Joseph School, Lake Orion, MI St. Leonard’s Senior Village, Centerville, OH Sugrue, Dennis & Bernadette Superior Impressions, Toledo, OH Sylvania Franciscan Health Szymanski, Andrew & Marie Taylor, Aaron Taylor Hyundai, Perrysburg, OH Taylor, Stephen Thomas, Mechel Thomas, Michael & Judy Tireman, Sylvania, OH Tompkins, Brent & Melissa Tracz, Anne-Marie Tuttle, Stephen & Michelle Tuttle, Lenny & Kristin Verschaeve, Rev. C. Michael Vito’s Pizza Walker, William & Jennifer

Ward, M/M Gary Warsecke, Joseph & Kara Watza, Donald & Linda Weber, Sean & Jennifer Welper, Dale & Rosanne Welter, Frank Wencley, Stan & Doris Weymouth, Mark & Lori Williams, Jesse & Linda Winiarski, Richard & Laura Wintermantel, Warren & Sharon Wisniewski, Thomas I. Wistinghausen, Susan Wolfe, Matthew & Kim Wotlinski, Richard & Nicole Wrobel, Thomas & Nancy Zaraga, Dia & Tamara Zeoli, Sebastiano & Nancy Jo


St. Paul’s Lutheran Church, Maumee, OH Tartaglia, M.D., Louis A. Toledo Rotary Foundation Transfiguration of the Lord Catholic Parish, Upper Sandusky, OH Wilson, Bruce & Deborah Zak, Rev. Daniel J.


Sister M. Fidelis Rubbo, OSF Havenac, Melvin & Ruthmarie Rubbo, James & Rose Rubbo, Joseph & Mary Rubbo, Michael & Rebecca Rev. Daniel J. Zak Theriault, OSF, M. Kateri

Ministry Fund

Merriman, John & Linda R.J.S. Rough Landscaping Rudolph/Libbe, Inc. Rudolph, William St. Francis Guild, Sylvania, OH Stultz, Robert J. Sullivan, James & Barbara

Berger, Adam Doering Leasing Company



Eugene and Naomi Fondren Fondren, Mark & Sharon


All Good Things, Sylvania, OH Anonymous Bick, M.D., Linda Gray Bishop, James G. Borger, Msgr. Marvin Breay Associates, Indian Hills, CO Breay, Sharon Carleski, James & Rita Ann Chorzempa, Frances Chorzempa, Matthew & Kathy Chorzempa, Mike & Stephanie Chorzempa, Thomas Coffelt, Larry & M. Diane Heller, Mark & Ann Conrad N. Hilton Fund for Sisters Cosky, Alicia C. Czerniakowski, Raymond S. Dege, Richard & Victory Flasck, Richard & Mary Glodek, Thomas & Sandra Gorny, Ronald Hadnagy, OFM, Conv., Rev. John Raphael Hall, Rosaleen T. Johnson, Virginia C. Lampkowski, Michael & Gayle Leitter, Raymond & Frances Monaghan, Richard & Beatrice Moor, Fred Novascone, Mary Ann Ostrowski, Barbara Otto, Raymond & Sheila Price, Dorothy Reynolds, Frank J. Robinson, Dorothy Rubbo, Michael & Rebecca Saint Rose Parish, Perrysburg, OH Saint Rose Peace and Justice, Perrysburg, OH Sisters of St. Francis of Philadelphia Aston, PA


Sister M. Patrick Gillen, OSF Lampkowski, Michael & Gayle

2012 Jubilarians Mike, OSF, Mary Jo Sister Diana Lynn Eckel, OSF Lampkowski, Michael & Gayle

PLANT and facilites FUND Alder, Rev. Ronald Anderson, Margaret M. Anonymous Atchison, Brian & Nancy Balicki, William & Doris Bosinger, James & Linda Brandenburg, Susan M. Braun, Joanne M. Buerke, David & Joanne Burkhart, William & Barbara Burmis, John & Heidi Call, Archie & Cheryl Casey, Sandra J. Cech, Robert & Charlotte Croci, Albert & Sharon Davis, Jane L. Dean, Janet Drlik, David Drozdowicz, Michael & Dianne Emmert, Lawrence & Marilyn Fackelman, Elizabeth Fresch, Albert & Marylin Garrity, Therese Giacci, William & Teresa Giza, Edward Gorr, Rose Marie T. Grozde, George & Judith Hadnagy, OSF, Conv., Rev. John Raphael Hartfelder, Henry D. Hobright, Mary Jane Holzemer, James M.


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Hummer, Kenneth & Janice Jaros, Rev. Joseph P. Jarosz, Fred & Christine Johnson, Robert C. Julkowski, Helen M. Knapik, Gerald F. Kohart, Ken & Denise Kordel, Chester Koziel, Kathleen M. Lovegren, William & Joanne Machesky, Ronald & Mary Maciag, John & Irene Mazur, Eugene & Rosemarie Mbaso, Chiamaka N. McCloskey, Kevin & Carol Meehan, Thomas & Mary Jo Middaugh, Marjorie A. Miksa, Sophia Miller, David L. Mueller, Sophie R. Mustafaga, Evelyn P. Myers, Clifford & Elizabeth Nordan, David & Judith Nusselt, John & Mary Kay Osinski, Barry K. Ostrowski, Anne Partyka, Stanley & Mary Jane Peters, Rita W. Polanic, Robert & Eleanor Postlewaite, Candace Prosser, Irene Resurrection Parish, Lexington, OH Sacrificial Giving Committee Rice, Edith Ricker, Michael Roessle, Sophia R. Rudzki, Wanda C. Russell, Denise R. Rysz, Diane L. Schmenk, Msgr. Cleo S. Schneider, Vincent & Judy Schroeder, Rev. Dennis Sikora, Kasimira Sopiak, Donald A. Sussman, Arthur P. Swaincott, Lisa Sylvester, Anna C. Theiler, Janice A. Thomas, Dale & Janice Thompson, Bernadette A. Tollison, Joanne K. Transfiguration of the Lord Catholic Parish, Upper Sandusky, OH Urbanski, Melvin & Geraldine Van Koughnet, Theresa G. Weiss, Harry & Patricia Wenson, Gerard & Deborah Wenson, Richard S. Wittersheim, Gerard & Helen Wojtas, Carl & Diane Zachel, Katherine A. Zacharias, Frank & Marge Zak, George & Jessie Zakrzewski, Raymond & Carole Zalecki, Clara Zaleski, Ramona M. Zebrowski, Helen M.

For it is in giving that we receive. – Francis of Assisi 10


Sister M. Avila Antczak, OSF Smith, Geraldine Eugene Baca Motyka, Cynthia Smolak, Anthony W. Barnowski Family Members Pluta, Thomas & Patricia Herb and Dorothy Becker Lange, Kathryn E. Sister M. Louis Bielat, OSF Bennett, Robert & Mary John and Jennie Bzdziuch Bzdziuch, Henry E. George and Louise Chirtos Kranz, Eugene F. Sister M. Virgilia Choy, OSF Janas, Paul & Roberta Zoucha, Dr. & Mrs. Adam Sophia Chylinski Chylinski, Joseph L. Tom Coogan Bentley, Judith A. Dick Dalton Freiheit, Anton & Beverly Bernice Decowski Anonymous Rita Dorr Dorr, John Genevieve Dudek Shank, Catherine M. Swiderski, Edward & Florence Florence J. Duffy Duffy, Thomas E. Sister M. Laurentine Dupla, OSF Hungate, Mary D. Warren and Kathryn (Betty) Eurenius George, Harold & Mary Frank and Marie Exel Monaghan, Richard & Beatrice Joanne Fitzpatrick Apel, Mary E. Sister M. Rosanne Gacek, OSF Borkowski, Thomas S. Ciancetta, Victor C. Our Lady Queen of Heaven Class of 1946 Phillips, Rozanne A. Romanchik, Kathleen P. Rowinski, Jeanne M. Rowinski, Joanne T. Sarnowski, Eleanore Norman Gallus Gallus, Geraldine Johnson, Sophie G. Sister M. Patrick Gillen, OSF Axtol, Nancy Beck, Helen V. Nalodka Burrer, Wayne & Gayle Fordyce, Glenda Gillen, Leo Ivanovic, Angela Kolanko, Joseph & Rose Mallinger, Marlene H. Moffet, Cheryl O’Connell, John & Donna Program Solutions Group, LLC Richards, Mike & Carol Sarnowski, Eleanore Trinity Medical Center East, Steubenville, OH Tucholski, Edward Wodarski, Barbara

Sister M. Felice Gorny, OSF Gorny, Ronald Sister M. Lorenzo Herubin, OSF Herubin, John & Therese Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Holscher Holscher, Carol Ann Rose Jasper Frakie, Roger & Janice Catherine Johnston Kohler, Margaret C. Sister M. Angelita Kaczmmarzyk, OSF Anonymous Beaver, Thomas & Karen Ciancetta, Victor C. Dyla, Wanda C. Grabowski, Arthur & Amelia Kacsmaryk, Mary Kaymark, Irene Markiewicz, James & Lorraine Ostrowski, Mary L. Reardon, Vivian R. Rohrbacker, John & Carolyn Sarnowski, Eleanore Wells, Shirley A. Arthur and Ann Kapanke Kapanke, Dolores John and Rose Kijek Schaldenbrand, Peter & Florence Joseph and Louise Kijek Schaldenbrand, Peter & Florence Kathleen Kohler Kohler, Margaret C. Mary Kolinski Busch, Richard & Mary Early, John N. Kolinski, Edward J. Mattson, Allen J. Sister M. Matthias Kolinski, OSF Kolinski, Edward J. Kolinski, George & Elaine Mattson, Allen J. Rev. George Kovalik Anonymous Stanek, Rose Ann Marilyn Kurtzman Kurtzman, John L. Harlan Lange Lange, Kathryn E. Sister M. Siena Lemm, OSF Schaefer, Stephen & Mary Aubart Sister M. Victorine Lopata, OSF Shelland, Patricia E. Joyce Ann Matuszewski Matuszewski, Victor & Constance Agnes (Nancy) McDade Williams, Adelaide M. James A. Meyer Meyer, Vincenz Marie Sister M. Gemma Mikolay, OSF Stuckey, Matthew P. Sister M. Rose Angela Muskala, OSF Garn, Steven & Patricia Janas, Paul & Roberta Sister M. Faber Narog, OSF Dziekciowski, Thomas & Marilyn Gargulinski, Greg & Marcy Humecke, Cecilia N. Weglinski, Rita W. Herb Norbeck Norbeck, Frances Sister M. Delphine Ocmocki, OSF Kurzawa, Thomas Anton Ottrock Krugler, Judith A. Louis and Anne Palkert Palkert, OSF, Lois Anne

Sister M. Stephen Pendmas, OSF Burchett, Thomas & Jane Pluta Family Members Pluta, Thomas & Patricia Helen Pokowski Tintinalli, Judith E. Frank and Mary Reucher Reucher, James Sister Joan LaVerne Rutz, OSF Burkholder, Gary & Carol Ciancetta, Victor C. Duffy, Ann L. Frakie, Roger & Janice Root, Linda A. Sarnowski, Eleanore Mother Mary Adelaide Sandusky, OSF Ciancetta, Victor C. Helen C. Saunders Granata, Pamela Sister Sheila Shea, OSF Holscher, Carol Ann Maria Goretti Sodd, OSF Patricia Flaherty Seifried Seifried, George B. Sister M. Aquin Sienko, OSF Sienko, Frank A. Sister M. Danielle Sienko, OSF Sienko, Frank A. Sister M. Dorothy Sienko, OSF Sienko, Stanley & Agnes Sister M. Melanie Sienko, OSF Sienko, Frank A. Edward J. Skawski Skawski, Margaret Eric Skawski Skawski, Margaret Mark Skawski Skawski, Margaret Sister M. Antonelle Slostech, OSF Ehling, Kenneth & Jean Philip and Sadie Spino Roome, Robert & Carolyn Sadie Spino Steele, Robert & Phyllis Sylvania Franciscans who ministered at St. Francis Hospital, Hamtramck, MI Stock, Camille A. Sylvania Franciscans who ministered at St. Ladislaus School, Hamtramck, MI Stock, Camille A. Sister M. Inez Tabaka, OSF Mack, Catherine Sister M. Priscilla Tykwinski, OSF Sovell, Donald K. George Walczak Walczak, Richard & Valeria Geraldine E. Warda Wojtas, Carl & Diane Sister Alice Warrick, OSF Jacobs, M.D., Sonia Ramirez Jerry Wasielewski Norbeck, Frances Sister Lois Wasielewski, OSF Norbeck, Frances Shelland, Patricia E. Stanley Wasielewski Norbeck, Frances Shirley Watrol Watrol, Robert P. Mother M. Stanislas Watty, OSF Ciancetta, Victor C. Gerald R. Welter Welter, Karen J. Dolores Wenson Wenson, Eugene G.

Mrs. Wojcik Schaldenbrand, Peter & Florence Sophie Wozniak Kurzawa, Thomas A. Sister M. Jerome Zajak, OSF Janas, Paul & Roberta Kurzawa, Thomas A. Sister M. Vincent Zarembski, OSF Anonymous Bennett, Robert & Mary Ciancetta, Victor C. Groscost Family Groscost, James & Susan Johnson, Sophie G. Pietrowski, Helen A. Weglinski, Rita Sister Beatrice Zawisza, OSF Shutt, Lewis & Elaine


Barnowski Family Members Pluta, Thomas & Patricia Marie Bonk Tollison, Joanne K. Sister Sharon Derivan, OSF Lioi, Honorable Sara E. Patricia Grondin Hollister, Agnes T. Gary Hurl McCloskey, Kevin & Carol Sister M. Ursula Jay, OSF Tadych, Brenda A. 2012 Jubilarians Schwartz, Carol A. Sister Joan Jurski, OSF Aldahondo, Teresa H. Sister Patrice Kerin, OSF Bretzloff, Margaret E. Kassuba, Charlotte M. Sister Emily Lechlak, OSF Diggs, William B. Wolyniak, Cecilia M. McCabe Family McCabe, Owen & Judith Sister Brigid O’Shea Merriman, OSF Bretzloff, Margaret E. Sister Margaret Metro, OSF Kollar, Richard & Janeen Ginger Pica McCloskey, Kevin & Carol Sister M. Dominica Niedbala, OSF Niedbala, Joseph & Victoria Pluta Family Members Pluta, Thomas & Patricia Sister Rita Jane Radecki, OSF Carleski, James & Rita Ann Sister M. Irenaeus Samsel, OSF Nycz, Joseph & Marilyn Sister Shannon Schrein, OSF Bretzloff, Margaret E. Irvin Schulte McCloskey, Kevin & Carol Sister Juliana Sienko, OSF Sienko, Frank A. Sister Maria Goretti Sodd, OSF Holscher, Carol Ann Mrozek, Henry & Carol Stauffer Family McCabe, Owen & Judith Sister Nancy Surma, OSF Surma, Gregory & Mary Jo Sylvania Franciscans who served at St. Francis Hospital, Hamtramck, MI Stock, Frank & Camille

Thank You to our Donors

Sylvania Franciscans who served at St. Hedwig, Toledo, OH Niemiec, Michael J. Sylvania Franciscans who served at St. Ladislaus School, Hamtramck, MI Stock, Frank & Camille Sister M. Winifred Templin, OSF Darnell, James & Donna Kassuba, Charlotte M. Thanksgiving for a Good Health Report Zalecki, Clara Sophia Trombka Tintinalli, Judith E. Sister M. Grace Ellen Urban, OSF Kurzawa, Thomas A. McHugh, III, John J. Sister M. Ricarda Witt, OSF Klonica, Rita Women Seeking Catholic Social Justice Strobel, Glen Sister Marge Zacharias, OSF Romanczuk, Paul R. Sister M. Vincent Zarembski, OSF Johnson, Sophie G.


Bollinger, Marilyn Casura, Robert & Rita Haunsz, Richard W. Halker, R.W. Lane, Gerald & Sylvia Merriman, John & Linda Our Lady of Loretto Parish, Redford, MI Pacer, Rose Marie Pizzo, Kathleen Risher, Warren & Martha Warpeha, Walter & Mary Wold, Michael


Sister M. Hilary Biernat, OSF Biernat, Bart F. Eugene Borkowski Williams, Adelaide M. Sister M. Patrick Gillen, OSF Eckel, OSF, Diana Lynn Mary Jane Kozar Williams, Adelaide, M. Very Rev. John A. McClure Billian, Msgr. Michael R. Laverne Okos Norris, Tom W.

The Sisters of St. Francis left an indelible mark on my life...May He continue to sustain your efforts. – Donna Henson Shelby Twp., MI


Sister Theresa Darga, OSF St. Joseph Church, Lake Orion, MI

Sylvania franciscan gala

Abel, Dennis & Marcia Aldahondo, Teresa H. Allegheny Financial Group, Pittsburgh, PA All Green, Inc., Toledo, OH Altenburger, Jack & Barbara Anonymous Arend, Dana & Caroline Arend, Don & Sue Austin, Wendy Barry, Steve & Debbie Bazeley, Dr. Stephen & Cathy Bedo, Paul & Linda Belt, Jenifer A. Bland, Irene Bober, Aloysius & Rosemarie Bohn, Jim & Nancy Book, William & Mary Borrelli, Msgr. Anthony Brandt, Issa Breidenbach, OSF, Bernarda Breitner, Becky Brieschke’s Bakery Brieschke, Don & Bonnie Brower, Fred B. Buckley, John & Sarah Bukovics, Caroline M. Burrer, Wayne Byers, Lisa C. Callahan, C.D. Campbell, John & Mary Carson, Christopher Cencula, Rev. Leonard T. Champa, Greg & Martha Chmielewski, Edward & Judith Ciancetta, Victor C. The Collaborative, Inc., Toledo, OH Commons of Providence, Sandusky, OH Cook, D.D.S., Michael Croll, Suzette Cutshall, Wiliam & Susan Czerniakowski, Raymond S. Dahlquist, Angela M. Daly, Lynn D’Aoust, Bob Darnell, Donna M. Dawson, Mary Davey Tree Expert Company, Toledo, OH Davlin Family Day, Kate Dimech Services, Inc., Toledo, OH Ditmyer, Jerome & Deborah Drewicz, Norene L. Dryovage, Kathleen Duffey, Michael & Barbara Duffy, Thomas E. Duling, Robert & Catherine Durack, Matthew & Victoria Dynamic Dies, Inc., Holland, OH Earl, Rose F. Ellerbrock, Timothy & Teresa Emon, Clarence & Rosalyn Erftmier, Don & Adelaide Ernst & Young, Toledo, OH Everett, Dr. Charles & Patricia Faist, Richard & Kathleen Fetters, Mark Fifth Third Bank, Toledo, OH

Findley Davies, Inc., Toledo, OH Finn, Michael F. Flasck, Richard & Mary Flick, Ronald & Mary Lu Fodor, Delphine C. Franciscan Academy of Lourdes University, Sylvania, OH Franciscan Care Center, Sylvania, OH Franciscan Living Communities, Toledo, OH French, Michael & Robin Fuerst, Kathy Gallagher, Rev. F. Anthony Galvin, Kevin & Cynthia Gardner, Catherine A. Gates, Pam Gessel, Barbara Geswein, Gregory & Rose Giza, Edward T. Glodek, Thomas & Sandra Grozde, George & Judith Hall, Allen & Gertude Hall, Msgr. John F. Hall, Dr. John & Yolanda Hamilton, Rev. Terence J. Hammer, Patricia A. Handel, Thomas & Roberta Hassen, Marianne Haudan, Jim Helm, Theodore & Priscilla Henson Donna M. Hershberger, Pamela Himburg, William & Anita Hollenbeck, Paul & Pamela Homewood Press, Inc., Toledo, OH Huffstetler, Anna T. Hugebeck, Mary C. Huntington National Bank, Toledo, OH Hylant, Sandra M. Integrity Asset Management, LLC, Birmingham, MI Isenhath, Donald M. Jacob, Karen Sulkowski Jaksetic, Thomas & Carolyn Jurich, Michael & JoAnn Kasprzak, Elsie Kazmierczak, Daniel & Diane Kelly, Patricia A. Khedam, Srinivas Killian, Michael & Beth King, James & Joan Kirby, Scott Kleman, OSF/T, Diana Klemm, Steven R. Knueven, Laurie Kochendoerfer, Christine M. Kochendoerfer Family Koenig, David Kohart, Ken & Denise Kohler, Margaret C. Kowalczyk, Rev. Sigismund C. Kreigenkamp, David & Kristen Kulakowski, Michael & Julie Kummer, Rev. John R. Kurtzman, John L. Lampkowski, Michael & Gayle Large, Keith & Julie Lawther, Dr. Christopher & Mary LCG Associates, Inc., Atlanta, GA Lentz, Sandra R. Lesher, Ronald & Sally Lincoln Financial Group, Gahanna, OH Lloyd, Tony Long, Leah Lourdes University, Sylvania, OH

Luetke, Mark & Sandy Malikowski, Joanne Malinowski, Msgr. John C. Marchiniak, John & Florence Marks, Emil & Penny Ann Mason, Jason & Rachel McClellan, Jason & Stephanie McCloskey, Kevin & Carol McNett, Bill McNulty, Yvonne A. Meier, John & Ann Meyer, Daniel & Linda Meyer, Vincenz Marie Millon, Candace S. Morgan, Susan E. Mucci, Dennis & Margaret Mustafaga, Evelyn P. Myers, Clifford & Elizabeth Najarian, Donna Pollex Neal, Terry & Debbie Norbeck, Frances Northern Trust Company, Bloomfield Hills, MI Northwest Group Services, Inc., Maumee, OH Nussel, Edward & Lorraine Ochiagha, Ifeanyi & Rowena O’Connell, John & Donna Ogdahl, Brian & Charlotte Olsen, Harold & Janice Olszewski, Michael & Dr. Colleen Omnicare Pharmacy of NW Ohio Onisko, Loretta J. Palicki, Walter R. Palkert, Lawrence & Gladys Parker, Rev. William C. Peters, Rita W. Place, Christopher Plante Moran, PLLC, Cleveland, OH Pope, James & Mary Program Solutions Group, LLC, Perrysburg, OH Prosser, Irene Prus, Rev. Edward J. Rabideau, Margaret RCM Capital Management, San Francisco, CA Readdy, Padmaja Reimann, Jack & Joan Reitter, Elaine Resnick, Gerald & Dolores Rinaldi, Charles & Joanne Ring, Rev. Daniel J. Ritter, David Ritter, Rev. Edward W. Rohr, Jeffrey & Michele Ryan, Rick G. Rybinski, Joseph A. Samson, Donald & Mira Santo, David C. Savage, Mary K. Schaldenbrand, Peter & Florence Schlievert, Jill Schluender, Leo & Patricia Schmenk, Avel M. Schmenk, Msgr. Cleo S. Schmenk, Michael & Kathleen Schneider, Suzanne M. Schuessler, Terence & Jane Schutzman, Raymond Seliski, Ronald & Bernadette Senik, Daniel & Carole Shah, Sanjay S. Sheahan, Roger Shindler, Rita R. Shumaker, Loop & Kendrick, LLP, Toledo, OH

Signature Bank, Toledo, OH Skoney, Drs. Daniel & Sophie Skoney, Dr. Joseph A. Slowinski, Dolores Smith, Janice M. Sobczak, James & Beth Sonntag, Eleanor Sophia Center, Inc., Sylvania, OH Springer, Ingrid J. Steele, Robert & Phyllis Stephanoff, Patricia A. Stevens, Steven & Ann Marie St. Joseph Regional Health System, Bryan, TX Stockwell, Marc Stough, Honorable Craig A. & Barbara Sulkowski, Dolores Sullivan, Brian T. Sylvania Franciscan Health, Toledo, OH Tartaglia, M.D., Louis A. TCW Metropolitan West Asset Management, Los Angeles, CA Texas Associates Thibodeau, Janice Thomas, Dale & Janice Thornell, Robert & Alma Thornell, Robert & Diane Towers Watson, Southfield, MI Tracz, Robert & Anne-Marie Trinity Health System, Steubenville, OH Ulrich, Nick Ulrich Pinciotti, Toledo, OH Ursuline Sisters of the Sacred Heart, Toledo, OH Vick, David Vituccio, David & Mary Waddell & Reed Companies, Shawnee Mission, KS Webster, Lawrence Wedge Capital Management, LLP, Charlotte, NC Wells, Roger & Mary Margaret Wells, Shirley A. Wieck, John & Christine Wilhelm, Rev. Robert J. Wilkinson, Lora Williams, Adelaide M. Winner, Cristine M. Wisniewski, Thomas & Karen Wrobel, Bonnie J. Young, Douglas & Carolyn Zak, Rev. Daniel J. Zatko, Eric & Lisa B.C. Ziegler and Company, Chicago, IL



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Investing in the Future

A Charitable Gift Annuity is an investment for the future. This type of giving option provides you with regular income for life and the Sisters of St. Francis of Sylvania with a one-time gift as its beneficiary. Annuity interest rates vary with age but are typically much higher than savings accounts or CD’s. (For example, a person 65 years old could receive up to 5.7% annually. The initial investment may be tax-deductible up to the current tax limit, and a portion of the income payments may be tax-free. Consult your tax advisor for more specifics.) While you receive income for life, your generosity helps us fulfill our mission to be messengers of peace who are committed to works that reverence human dignity, embrace the poor and marginalized and An evening of fine food, festivities, friendship and respect the gift of all creation. dancing to the KGB Motown Band. If you would like to discuss setting up a The Sisters of St. Francis of Sylvania, Ohio invite you Charitable Gift Annuity or other giving to celebrate, honor and support our diverse ministries options, please feel free to contact me. in education, social work, health and human services, Thank you for your continued support. religious, parish and spiritual direction. Sister Carol Ann Grace Director of Development For ticket or sponsorship information, contact Administrator of Sister Carol Ann Grace, OSF, Congregational Advancement at or 419.824.3625 419-824-3625

14th Annual Sylvania Franciscan Fundraising Gala

Saturday, September 28 5 - 9 p.m.

Winter 2013 Sylvania Franciscan Newsletter  

Called like Franics of Assisi to live the Gospel in joyful servanthood among all people, the Sisters of St. Francis of Sylvania, Ohio, as me...

Winter 2013 Sylvania Franciscan Newsletter  

Called like Franics of Assisi to live the Gospel in joyful servanthood among all people, the Sisters of St. Francis of Sylvania, Ohio, as me...