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Encouraging good posture for our children For many years the children in our schools have been seated on a variety of polypropylene or wooden chairs,which are manufactured in different styles and sizes. Provided these chairs are strong and safe, they have been welcomed into our classrooms. Each chair manufacturer has their own agenda for their chairs,some are manufactured to a price, some to a style and others to a best value compromise. The Titan chair was designed & manufactured to comply with the new EN1729 European standards (Parts 1 and 2) for school furniture, for which it holds current certification. EN1729 is the standard being adopted in a growing number of Countries and although it does not replace any existing Australia/NZ standards, it is perceived as a more complete and updated standard.


Part 1 This European Standard is based on the principle that chairs and tables,intended for use in educational institutions for general-purpose education, should be designed to encourage good posture. While EN1729 is not the current standard in Australia it does represent the latest and best thinking by educators and professional ergonomists throughout the world. Based on over ten years collection of anthropometric data; i.e. measuring the changing sizes of school students. EN1729 for the first time combines both physical measurements with ergonomic recommendations. For instance it is the only standard which insists on a lumbar support being designed into the chair at a given position. It also defines a set of colour codes for size ranges which allows students to understand which size ( coloured Titan logo) is the best

fit for them. It does not specify design,but only those dimensions which promote good posture for either fixed height or adjustable furniture. The need for ergonomic design in the office has been well established for many years and has been well justified on the basis of improved productivity. Thus it is surprising that only now are the same concepts being embraced for students. In many ways the needs in schools and colleges are much greater than in the typical office environment. Students have a wide variability of body sizes, the need to adopt fixed postures for prolonged times and yet have growing and developing musculo-skeletal frames which need the best of ergonomics. Part 2 Specifies safety requirements and test methods.

Good posture not only means our children will be healthier it also means that they should be more attentive in class

Ergonomic Design - To correct children’s posture & maintain a healthy spine

Classroom Safe - No sharp edges

1 Piece chair - Manufactured from ‘high impact’ polypropylene

Portable & Stackable - Up to 12 high when not in use

Unique ‘S’ Shaped Back - To comply with EN1729 Part 1

Superior Strength - To withstand the toughest of environments




Titan 3 5-7 Years

Overall Width 360mm x Overall Depth 320mm Red




Overall Height 655mm

Seat Height 350mm

Seat Height 310mm

Overall Height 560mm

Titan 2 3-5 Years

Overall Width 431mm x Overall Depth 377mm Red



Good posture = better concentration



Overall Width 482mm x Overall Depth 470mm Charcoal



Overall Height 824mm

Seat Height 460mm


Titan 6 13+ Years

Seat Height 430mm

Seat Height 380mm

Overall Width 431mm x Overall Depth 377mm

Overall Height 794mm

Titan 5 9-13 Years

Overall Height 685mm

Titan 4 7-9 Years

Overall Width 487mm x Overall Depth 470mm Charcoal




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Titan Chairs - Australia  

The Titan chair was designed & manufacturedto comply with the newEN1729 European standards (Parts 1and 2) for school furniture, for whichit...

Titan Chairs - Australia  

The Titan chair was designed & manufacturedto comply with the newEN1729 European standards (Parts 1and 2) for school furniture, for whichit...