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HIGHWAY-NIGHT There was a gang of slums hiding behind the bushes sided next to the highway. KOKI, a member standing in the middle of the gang, with his tight black jeans and his black t-shirt. He looks very bulked and very feisty. PARK, stands right behind KOKI, acting like the second man of the slum gangs. The gang gathers together to talk about the night plan. KOKI Alright guys were going for the next car thats driving through the highway. PARK Are you sure about this Koki? (Looking him in the eyes) We haven’t tried this and your going for our first attempt? KOKI How are we going to live off if we dont do this? We need money PARK!!!. (pointing his finger at PARK). THE OTHER GANG MEMBERS KOKI….(everyone looking at each other whether to say it or not) I think PARK is right. I dont think this is a good idea. KOKI (Walking in front of the gang member) I dont care what you guys are thinking, but i need to do this. Sorry guys if your in come with me if not you guys can go home. PARK and THE OTHER GANG MEMBERS (PARK takes the last drag of his cigarette and throws it away and follows KOKI). If KOKI’s going you know Im going. Decide you fools, or you can sit there all there you want. OTHER GANG MEMBERS Dude, what are we doing, we’re going with them no matter what. OTHER GANG MEMBERS YEAH!!! Were going with you KOKI. We got your back (chasing KOKI and PARK). Dude we got this. Don’t worry KOKI is gona be all fine just because of us. KOKI Alright were going for this truck thats coming right now. Yo guys get ready. Give me the rocks. Fast fast!!!! (KOKI throws a fastball towards the car, the driver loses balance and crashes into the tree) KOKI, PARK, OTHER GANG MEMBMERS NICE SHOT!!!!!. We got one. PARK (Slowly jogging towards KOKI) Nice shot. This aint a bad idea after all. KOKI

(smiling at PARK) I told you, hahaha it aint bad after all huh? Lets go to the car and start collecting some goods for tonight. (Looking behind at the other gang members) Guys!!! What the hell are you doing. Move! Move. You know what to do!!!! KOKI PARK!!!! Go get the drivers wallet!!!! and you, the rest of the guys, find anything valuable in the car so we can sell some goods for money. Now move fast fast fast!!!! PARK (shocked and looking as he is about to cry) OH MY …. KOKI!!!! KOKI!!! Come here!!! you have to look at this. You wont believe it. OH NO!!!!! OH NO!!!!! (cries PARK) KOKI What are you crying about (runs towards the car)!!!. STOOOO…….P crying…….!!! OH NO!!!!!!. Father!!!! NO!!!!! Father what happened.!!!! GANG MEMBERS Guys….whats wrong?? what happened. GANG MEMBERS Dude…..KOKI just killed his own father……

KOKI (Hugging his father and crying) Father!!!! WHY!!! Why……. PARK (In a hurry) KOKI we have to go. People are going to see us. (looking at the other gang members) Guys start running!!! I’ll take care of KOKI….GO!!! Run!!!!! OTHER GANG MEMBERS NO!!! We’re not going without you.!!!! Park c’mon lets go!! What are you doing!!!! KOKI (Still crying and panicking) FATHER!!!... I am so sorryyyyyyyy PARK KOKI I told you we have to go. (Drags KOKI from hugging his father). I can not believe I am carrying you out of this. Lets go KOKI stand on your legs…. Wake up!!!! (slaps his face) Lets go…. PARK (Looks at KOKI as he stands up) That’s right my man…. Lets go people are going to find out.

The Son  

A member, KOKI from a gang of slums intends to do some dangerous activity which causes him in deep trouble which may last forever