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I decided to choose the song called “cigarette” from the band Yellowcard. This song was a song that I really enjoyed listening back in the days when I was a middle schooler. The first image that I posted sort of introduces the whole story of my project. As you can see from the image there are numbers of cigarette rolled all over the table next to the cigarette box. There is also a set of poker chips that is behind the cigarettes. All five pictures are changed into black and white. I decided to make it go all black and white because cigarette and gambling can be both seen as bad things so I wanted to go with the aesthetic style of gloomy and dark. The second picture shows an image of a cigarette placed at an ash tray. This picture is conveying the message from the lyrics “Watching the days burning out like a cigarette”. The picture that was taken resembles the lyrics. I tried to concentrate on the cigarette more to make it my main subject, therefore I blurred the background a little bid and focused more on the cigarette with the smokes. The third picture displays a player who is playing poker and also smoking a cigarette. His facial expressions seem as if he is very cocky and arrogant. This picture is suppose to convey the message that he is winning. “Just a few drags to go. You built me up”. As you can see in the picture, the player has a few drags to finish his cigarette and his facial expression shows that he is built up from winning. The fourth picture is an image of the player expressing his emotions of sadness. In the song “cigarette”, there is a verse “And you broke me down, Somehow, Everything just seemed so clear to me nothing left to know”. This photo was taken from a top view angle as if you were looking down from the sky. In this photo the player has lost all of his money and is grabbing his head due to frustration. You may not see his expressions by looking at the face but the way he his

grabbing his head and a thick layer of smoke is coming out from his mouth which can mean he took a huge drag due to frustration. Being frustrated, many things can be going on his head and the stuff such as the tea, newspaper, water bottles, and empty cigarette boxes resembles the frustration of him. The last picture is a photo back to concentrating on the cigarette and his love for the game of poker. This picture was also shot from a top angle view. If you see the last photo, it may look very similar to the first picture. However this picture resembles the line “I'll love you right and I'll love you pure, right now.� Slightly different from the first photo, this image shows the result. As u can see cigarettes are all done and the poker chips are all over the place. This conveys the message of showing how much love he has for poker.

Song: Cigarette Artist: Yellowcard Watching the days burning out like a cigarette, Just a few drags to go. You built me up And you broke me down, Somehow.

Everything just seemed so clear to me Nothing left to know. I'll love you right and I'll love you pure, Right now.

T206 Midterm Project  
T206 Midterm Project  

A midterm Project displaying 5 photos