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What is Happiness? National Cheng Kung University Graduate Institute of Education Professor: 饒夢霞 博士

Happiness is getting together with your friends.

Happiness is finding someone you like at the front door.

Happiness is one dollar for the movie, 35 cents for popcorn and 15 cents for a candy bar.

Happiness is sharing.

Happiness is having someone to solve your problems.

Happiness is knowing you have a pretty face.

Happiness is expecting someone special.

Happiness is an invitation to a party.

Happiness is finding someone to type your term paper.

Happiness is being glad you’re you.

Happiness is your first kiss in the rain.

Happiness is one thing to one person and another thing to another person.

影響快樂的 [ 7大因素 ] 家庭關係 2. 財務狀況 3. 工作 4. 社群和朋友 5. 健康 6. 個人自由 7. 個人價值觀 (Richard Layard. Happiness: Lessons from a New Science (2005) ) 1.

快樂的小事, 幸福的能量 BHUTAN 的 國民所得稅不高, 物質的享受也很 低, 但是有 97% 的人民認為自己很幸福 v.s. 日本的國民所得稅有超過 $40,000美金, 但是 每年卻有 30,000 國民自殺. =>Gross Domestic Products (GDP) v.s. 幸福指數  構成幸福的條件是什麼? 1. 累積許多快樂的小事 (Example: 能力被老闆肯 定, 受同事們的愛戴, 吃到好吃的食物..等等) 2. 10/5 Way 

快樂的小事, 幸福的能量 如何增加幸福? 1. 每天花幾分鐘寫下 3件 你最感恩的事 2. 昨天所發生有意義的事情 3. 送一個正向的訊息給你的親朋好友 4. 運動 10 分鐘 5. 冥想………..  針對職場壓力, 社會的支持才是最佳良方.  結論: [給] (Provider), 即 [從服務他人身上得 到自我肯定與自我價值, 從而擁有社會的支持, 提昇幸福的能量]. 



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