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a small wardrobe

ecal / sylvain aebischer

industrial design graduation project 02-06.2013

a small wardrobe roommate is a small wardrobe without metal fittings, built with four wooden planks and a hylite速 sheet. this rigid composite material may become flexible where needed and works both as bearing element, hinges and doors. the five elements fit together and each one is essential for the good working of the assembly. i chose to focus on the way a wardrobe is built, with aims like minimizing the inside and outside components, offering an easier storage and assembly. without forgetting its function and the amount of used materials.

components of the wardrobe


assembly step by step


size & surface variations



dimensions & weight 1830 x 900 x 530 mm 48,5 kg

aKNowledGemeNTs GLAESER-WOGG AG mark werder martin weiss manuel tschann christian maier MIVELAZ BOIS SA ismaËl mivelaz ECAL jÖrg boner pierre charpin lucien gumy arnault weber And anja jenny aude jenny-morzier marie-claire & dominique aebischer


a small wardrobe

Roommate ECAL/Sylvain Aebischer  

Graduation Project 2013, Industrial Design, Roommate, a small wardrobe.

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