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Sygic Update Assistant v 3.0

map and content updater for not connected PNDs, tablets and In-Dash devices Sygic Update Assistant is a specially designed tool which updates maps or speed cameras stored on the PND or SD card to the latest versions and even enables additional map purchase directly from this application, all in multilingual environment.

Available maps

Enjoy multilingual environment

Maps are updated twice a year and are offered for the following regions:

Sygic Update Assistant is available in the following languages:







Western Europe

North America

Australia & New Zealand




Eastern Europe

South America

Southeast Asia





Portuguese (PT)


Payment option

Reasons for updating to the newest maps:

All payment transactions are secured by PayPal, a widely trusted international online payment system.

• • • •

Newest map data provides the most dependable routing Newest Point of Interests Newest speed camera databases Newest 3D cities and landscapes

Fast and easy updates

Comfortable and simple installation

Sygic Update Assistant connects your device directly to the Sygic server and enables fast and easy map and software updates.

The following steps will guide you through the installation and update process:

Software updates

1. Please go to, download and install Sygic Update Assistant.

Map updates

In case a new version of software is available, the Utility will upgrade your device. 1. Update your software to the latest version. 2. Discover and enjoy the latest software features. 3. Enhance your software with the latest bug fixes.

Enjoy easy access to free or paid* map updates.

*depending upon project specification

Try out comfortable purchase of additional maps and safe payment using PayPal account. Uninstall maps you do not currently need and restore them later to save space on your device.

2. Connect your device to the computer or insert the storage card into the card reader. Sygic Update Assistant will run automatically. Please select the device you want to update. 3. Login to your account (same as at If you do not have an account yet, you can create it by clicking on “Create new account” button. 4. Software update options will be offered if it’s available for your device. After your software has updated, you will be allowed to update the maps stored on your device.

System and software requirements Supporting versions of Sygic software

Computer OS requirements

Device requirements

Sygic Drive 10s version 8.32 or higher, Sygic 12.0 or higher

Windows XP or higher

WinCE and Android platform Connection via mass storage mode or SD card

Continent & Region

Name of the device

5. Map update options available for your version will be offered: 5.1 Free download in case of prepaid updates from your supplier. 5.2 Buy now button to buy new updates or region. 5.3 Restore or Uninstall button to manage your maps on your device. In case of an issue, please contact our support team at:

Storage information & progress bar

Region details

Log off & languages

About Sygic Business Solutions Sygic Business Solutions is a specialized division of Sygic Company, the international leader in offline navigation and location based software. We focus on developing professional navigation with SDK and other solutions for customers in fields of transportation, logistics, mobile workforce, automotive, utilities, emergency and communal services. Every day Sygic navigates over 100 000 professional drivers in 115 countries.

Sygic Update Assistant  

Updating tool for not connected PNDs, tablets and In-Dash devices.

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