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Activation process guideline Sygic FLEET trial version


Dear Business Partner Thank you for your interest in Sygic Fleet Navigation Software. To enjoy the benefits of trial version please DOWNLOAD all the links provided by the sales contact and follow the instructions in this document.


Activation guideline of the trial version Copy the attached .mlm file from the e-mail we have sent you to the Maps folder.

In Settings.ini file choose the type of drive you want to assign navigation app to – the device or the SD card. Settings.ini file is stored in the Drive subfolder. Open the file and in the Device=Default\ line write Driver.dll, sdcard.dll or mac.dll to assign your license to Driver, SD card or MAC address, for example Device=Default\ sdcard.dll. For Android platforms please, use Device=sdcard to assign your license to the SD card or Device=MAC to assign your license to your MAC address.


Copy all files – Res, Drive & Maps including the stored .mlm file to the SD card or to the device (according to the drive you have specified in Settings.ini).

Before you execute the application, please make sure you have set correct time and date on your device. The trial version of our product will be active only for the specific period of time.


Run the Sygic FLEET application by executing the Drive.exe file located in the subfolder of the Drive folder. On Android platforms you need to have a file browser installed prior to installing the Sygic Fleet. On devices with Android OS, please perform this operation by executing SygicFleet.apk located in the Software folder.

Activate Sygic FLEET through manual activation. When you’ll be asked if you want to activate your product, press “Activate” button.


The application will demand “Your activation code”. Please enter trial code and tap on “Done” button. Use trial code which the Sales Account Manager has sent you together with all essential files for trial version activation.

Activation of the trial version of Sygic FLEET will be successful when you press “Continue” button.


Dear Business Partner For more details about the installation, first steps and functions, please refer to the documentation: If you are experiencing some problems installing trial version of our product, or you have unanswered questions, please contact our Sales Account Manager. Thank you for your cooperation.


Activation process guideline Sygic FLEET trial version