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Objective I seek an opportunity to work in your esteemed organization in a post which can utilize my skills and knowledge. If you could consider my application positively, I assure my complete dedication to the organization. I am currently on the look out of a rewarding career which is reciprocally beneficial to the employer and me. I am hardworking as well as a result oriented person who constantly strive to keep myself posted in the industry.

Employment History in Saudi Arabia Project Company Position Duration

: : : :

JSDP Project Nesma and Partners Jeddah Civil Site Engineer August 2011 to Dec 2011

Project Company Position Duration

: : : :

Jabla Umar Project Nesma Trading Company Civil Engineer Jan 2010 May 2010

Project Company Position Duration

: : : :

king Fahad Jamya Suad University Saudi Bin Ladin Civil Site Engineer March 2008 to Sep 2009

Employment History in Pakistan Company Position Duration

: : :

Descon Engineering Co. Pvt. Civil Site Engineer August 2005 Nov 2006


Construction of multi-storied commercial and residential buildings. Working in preparation of padding arrangement, Elevation checks. Checking and review of cost proposal for the items submitted by contractor / sub contractor for their prices quantities and valuation of variation order. Ensure that project construction activities are conducted in accordance with quality system. Review plans and quantity to ensure that there is no conflict on every plant unit for the daily requirement. Review and approval of on-going construction drawings as per site requirement. Assist the engineering department for preparation of new construction drawing.

• • • • • • • • • • • •

Correspondence with client and contractors about construction activities. Review and approval of technical quarries received from contractors. Develop Construction Methodologies and Traffic Management Plan for every stage of works. Involves in design and drawing of Fabricated Steel Formworks for the Super structure of the building. Assists in estimating/quantifying the Structural, Civil and Architectural works/materials required for the entire project and then preparing Material Requisition and Material Delivery Schedule. PreparesBill of Material and Bill of Quantities for Change Order of the project. Evaluates Bid proposals and answer Technical Queries thru Bid Bulletin from subcontractors scope of works. Coordinate with Electro-Mechanical Contractors for the tie-end point and/or inter phasing works Responsible for the supervision of construction of structural frames. Includes Day-to-day project monitoring, liaison with all parties involved in the project, includes Main Contractor, Sub-contractors, and Suppliers etc. Preparation of work schedules, monitoring of work progress, and coordination with all parties involved to ensure work progress smoothly and completed within target time. Carry out inspections on the work s in progress to ensure proper quality control and checks. Responsible for assuring Health, Safety & Environment program to be followed on the project during construction. Ensure that safety instructions and procedures are observed by all workers.

Responsibilities of Civil Site Engineer • • • • • • • • •

• • • • • • • • • • • • •

Review and Approval of Project specifications, Procedures, Method statements, ITP (Inspection and Test Plan) and Material approval request. Location and elevation inspection of equipment foundations which includes anchor bolts and embedded plates. Inspection of works carried out by contractor and use surveillance report to document both acceptable and deficient works found at the time of inspection. Coordination with client and contractor, attending weekly and monthly meeting. Verify all samples, certificates of laborites and field test and maintain all filling system for all quality control procedures, record, report etc. Verify all samples, certificates of laborites and field test and maintain all filling system for all quality control procedures, record, report etc. Inspection of earthwork and concreting jobs. Make sure that In-charge / foreman understand and follow the work procedure approved by the client. Check the quality of samples of materials submitted by the suppliers performing appropriate test of each samples. Monitoring excavation, compaction, and Field Density Test (FDT) prior to lean concrete work. Monitoring form and Reinforcement work for footings and foundation. Monitoring the concrete pouring work including air content test, slump test and temperature of concrete and also ensure that enough number of vibrators are used for concrete work. Experience in Quality Control Works and quality assurance for the products with the relevant standards. Monitoring and inspection of honey comb rectification on concreted area prior to surface preparation Responsible for excavation work. Dewatering of the excavated areas. Daily reporting to manager for progress work. Make daily reports and submit to the immediate supervisors. Inspection of formwork and reinforcement work for footings and foundation prior to concrete and giving clearance for concrete works. Monitoring and inspection of substructure (greed beam, pile, pile cap) construction of the building. Daily checking the quality of aggregate, bricks, steels, concrete and relative materials. Review all construction drawings to ensure that they contain the necessary quality related requirements prior to releasefor construction. Verify all samples, certificates of laboratories and field test for all quality control procedures, records & reports.

Educational Qualification

Diploma of Associate Engineer (Civil Technology)

Technical Qualification Civil Drafting , Auto Cad Civil Survey with total station Microsoft Office-2007 MS Excel PowerPoint internet

The above stated information's are true and accurate. If you give an opportunity to work with your esteemed organization definitely I will serve my part as well and assist to growth of the organization with fully attention and honesty. It should need your kind attention.

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English, Urdu, Arabic



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